Chapter 5:


Azure Sins (Sin Ver.)

Aisellia's Vision...

Aisellia could feel herself coming back to consciousness, yet she was unable to open her eyes.

(Huh? I-I can't see...or feel my body. Where am I?)

She questioned, her consciousness enveloped in a dark void. As if were her own vision, she would suddenly begin seeing an out-of-body vision play out to her. Originating with a little girl sitting alone outside a small village shop, her eyes were empty, devoid of emotion or life. Her kimono-style attire was slightly tattered., having portions of her body unfortunately covered in dirt. From a single glance, anyone could spot an orphan such as this girl. The Surrounding villagers were lively around her as people passed along to their destinations and responsibilities. Across the small and narrow road through the center of the village, an older man stood further down accompanied by two women. Their conversation before led to laughter among them. The man's eyes caught sight of the little girl down the way, his face frowning from simply seeing her alone. The women's eyes sharply noticed something had caught his attention, and their eyes shifted, following the path led by his eyes to find themselves looking at the girl as well.

Village Man: "To think it's been a year since more demons started appearing in the forest heavily again...and only a few months since that small army of'em ransacked the village."

Village Woman 1: "And they took Miyaura's parents from her. To be that small and have that happen..."

Village Man: "Yeah but sadly that's the way it goes wherever there are demons. It's a miracle how she crossed a forest of demons, making it here when her house on watcher's cliff was destroyed. Since their numbers went up I hear the nobles of surrounding cities are going to take us off the merchant's trail path. *Sigh* Everyone's really focused on their own families right now."

Village Woman 2: "Our village has mostly survived on the people who pass through here. Whether for the merchants or for the fastest way into the border of  The country of Gallus through our mountain path. At least having one or the other would help keep us steady."

Village Man: "Mhm, without the money and trade of the merchants who pass through here, we have no way as a village to support this many of us much less protect everyone. With the demons in the forest, you never know if it might happen again. Some people have tried to leave but some of them were found not far off and butchered so it's gotten really bad."

Village Woman 1: "That's true. Even now we couldn't hire a demon hunter if we wanted to. Demon Hunter is the only words that poor girl has said in these few months."

Village Man: "Wishful thinking from the start honestly. They're pretty much extinct in my opinion. I travel as our village merchant and even alongside my father as a young man I can tell you, for almost the last few decades or so it's like most of them got killed or just realized how hopeless of a choice that is for some glory or pride and retired. Just one of those monsters is worth a dozen lumber workers in strength. In my dad's time, all the men would gather in numbers and clear out the forests close to the village of course people died, but demon hunters even then weren't found too often."

Village Woman 2: *Sigh* "That's what we need more now than ever. Nobody knows why the demons suddenly populated the forest more. We've all heard stories from our grandparents that it was never as populated even when they were kids. Oddly enough, since the last attack, they've steered clear of our village since."

Aisellia's vision went back to the small girl whose eyes were visibly devoid of life, hearing her mutter "Demon hunter" under her breath. The girl sat on a wooden bench alone, the building itself providing shade for her to hide from the hot sun Quickly a figure stopped in front of her, casting a shadow on the little girl.

"Your name is Miyaura right?"

Hearing her name being called, her eyes slowly rose with a continued blank stare toward the girl standing in front of her with a tray of food. Without a word, the girl stared blankly at the other small girl who had approached her.

"Thank you for waiting on me again today."

The excitedly smiling girl began to say while taking her seat next to Miyaura, sitting with the tray on her lap. Miyaura, stuck in her empty expression, looked forward to where the girl was standing no longer.

"It's only been a couple of days since we met're a lot nicer to me than most people here. There aren't many girls our age here so it's nice to have someone to talk to again. You could almost call us friends...hopefully."

Slowly Miyaura's head began to face the girl. Her eyes finally arrived at the other girl's face, and finally, their eyes met for the first time.


Miyaura responded. Hearing the word come from her greatly surprised the other girl, actually bringing tears of joy to form her eyes. Quickly wiping her tears, the girl began nodding her head in instant approval and joy.

"Yes...if you'd have a lowly daughter of a pig farmer as a friend."

Even though her eyes were still blank looking at the girl, Miyaura mustered a slight nod of her head to the girl.

" Eileen?"

"You WERE listening...and you remembered my name?!"

Once again Miyaura gently nodded.

"We could do...friend things!"


"I don't exactly know what those things are, other kids just find it fun me names. So I've never been able to find out what friends do. But now I can do them with you Miyaura! That is...if you would like to."

Miyaura looked at the girl next to her. The signs of life returned to her, the color of a vibrant violet returned to her eyes as well as she caught herself seeing Eileen smile so happily at their newly declared friendship.

"Ah! But before that! I still have some money my parents had before...before it happened. I'd be eating alone so I'm glad you'll eat with me again. I can't have my friend go hungry now can I?"

Eileen said jokingly, giggling as she reached down to the tray and brought a skewer of meat to Miyaura's lips, keeping a hand under it in case anything dropped off.

"Here my friend! You have to eat and we'll have all the energy to do friend stuff every day!"

Eileen said with a smile. Miyaura nodded once again before hesitantly taking a bite off the skewer. Seeing Miyaura eat brought a smile to Eileen's face. Miyaura's eyes shifted to the side noticing the girl's enjoyment just from watching her eat. Although Eileen couldn't see it, Miyaura secretively smiled slightly.

Seven Years Later...

Two young men stood at the village gate.

Village Guard 1: "Hey are you excited about the festival tonight? The new merchant's route along the main road brings in a good amount of money since the chief started the road station a few years ago now."

Village Guard 2: "Hell yeah I'm excited! What kind of question is that? Everyone takes the day off and when the night comes, we all party in the new great hall the chief had built, the place is huge! And let's not forget as much Ale as you could want! Everyone is dancing and the best part is when everyone finds a little someone and makes off for a little fun! A day of real freedom to enjoy one night, free of responsibilities and free to go wild."

"Let's not forget the best part! People like us who risk their lives protecting the village as guards and hunters get a chance to be picked for the Hero's Honor this time. Praise from the chief and more importantly getting to choose any girl in the village to marry and screw, having her all to yourself."

"It's weird to call it Hero's Rite but our tradition insists practically making a girl be your wife. It's a little immoral. Not very hero-like right?"

The two young men began walking into the village, two other guards moving in to start their shift beyond the small village entrance. Just as the guards stepped past the limits of the gate, two young women were immediately caught in their sights. The young men stared as the girls exited a small building belonging to a family food establishment. Each carries a skewer with food on them. The pair of male eyes gazed at the women in awe, aggressively lost in their ignorance, and large grins formed on their faces. One of the women had notably long silky raven-colored hair that reached down the length of her back. The other however stylishly held her brunette hair pinned up with a hair ornament. Both notably wore matching blue yukata-like attire, having attached knee-length skirts that visually separated them from other women in the village.  The guards grinned, nudging each other playfully as they admired the girls from afar.

"The village is around seventy percent male, so they all want a woman. Sadly with everyone coming at them all the time, they're already married or less often just very selective. On the other hand, this year is the year, at seventeen we gain our right as legal adults to join the celebration!  Those two might be a year older than us but they're the best looking out of young and older girls all through the village. No contest easy."

"Our village grew in size and people in the last five years too but it's obvious. All of the men, even the married ones want those two but all wives scorn them for basically being young and attractive. Even dunce guys like us can see any of those married men would slip up if given the chance. Plenty of men have already tried, married or not."

"That caused more insecure problems than you would think around here. They've rejected practically any guy who tried and even so the village wives still scorn them so they always stick together. I guess it works out for them since those two have lived together and survived together for years I hear. I heard a rumor one was orphaned at the swarm and the other lost her parents to some bandits after getting out of the forest right on the road."

"Hey hush up, The Swarm is still a big topic for a lot of people. If you want to talk about big topics to talk about we can speak rumors all day but the largest ones here are-"

One said, both their eyes glancing over one of their chests, being the one of the two. having longer hair and noticeably larger breast size. Although the long raven-colored hair girl's chest was covered, her well-endowed chest was notably larger than the average woman's within the village.  Being easily noticeable from a distance through her clothes by the prominent mounds extending from her figure.

"Best figure ever I should say but the other has the beauty and hair of a princess. I mean, look at her silky brunette hair, that flawless skin, and those pretty eyes!"

"With experience, you'll learn there's a lot of ways to enjoy those there."

A voice interjected into the conversation from behind the two young men, shocking them both. An older muscular man forcibly made his way between the two young guards and joined them in looking at the women.

Village Guard 1 & 2: "Captain?!"

Guard Captain: "Our town grew more this year than any other which means the new guys have had a year to gawk, plan and fail at impressing either of those two. Since they're getting older and looking more like women every day, more are going to try this year at the celebration so you two better kick it up a few notches. They've got more body than you boys would know what to do with."

He said laughing as he forced pushed his way forward between the two. Looking over his shoulder to listen to the two guards now standing slightly behind him.

Village Guard 2: "So you're going for it...why didn't you just try last year, give us a shot or something."

Guard Captain: "They skipped last year when they became adults so tonight is my best shot to show those girls how a man performs, I'm in my early thirties, it would've been creepy as hell anyways."

Village Guard 1: "You only waited one year. You'll see, I'll be the one to see how perfect that ass-"

Suddenly the guard stopped in the middle of a comedic gripping gesture, being nudged by his fellow guard. The guard and captain looked at the nudging young man, who looked rather embarrassed while his gaze was stuck looking beyond the guard captain. Both guards and the captain looked ahead, seeing the two girls glaring directly at the three of them. Their eyes pierced into the men like daggers, causing them all to drawback in shock and embarrassment. No one else had appeared to hear them, but the two girls were already aggressively staring them down, hearing all of the words they spoke of them.

"Creepers..." The ladies said simultaneously before walking off further into the village.

A few moments later...

Miyaura and Eileen would be continuing their walk, side by side they finished their food along the way.

"We know they're thinking it, it's like guys think they're being sneaky with looking a little too much and long, but I don't think they ever notice they're hunched over drooling with their mouth open."

Miyaura stated begrudgingly.

"Guys will be guys, but it's hard to blame them, it's human attraction at its best, and no one has a body really like you Miyaura. Even under your clothes, your figure is still quite noticeable."

Miyaura curiously looked down to her chest, Peaking into her own clothes, watching herself bounce with each step she took.

"Fair point, I do have a soft body type but I think you're much prettier and kinder than me though. They're right about you being as beautiful as a princess Eileen."

"Oh thank you! I am quite pretty aren't I?"

Eileen said giggling; bringing a smile to Miyaura's face. Arriving at their destination the two walked inside their small home. Eileen took a seat at their dining table while Miyaura decided to keep standing near her.

Aisellia Rae: (I've seen that house, it didn't look exactly the same as before but...but I'm sure that's the same house we were at with Eileen!)

Having sat, Eileen let out a deep breath, relaxing in her seat. Casually she began looking around. Her eyes almost immediately came to a stop on Miyaura who stood. beginning to stretch her aching muscles. With Miyaura standing close to her, it was almost inevitable Eileen's eyes became glued to her friend's chest. Watching her breast sway while transitioning from one stretch to another.

"I just keep wondering how do your boobs keep the same size with the hard exercise you do every day?  You would think they would shrink with weight loss. In fact, I think they're still growing!"

Eileen exclaimed, poking one of Miyaura's breasts repeatedly from her seat at their small dining table, but it did not seem to bother Miyaura that her friend had continued poking her. Continuing to raise her hands above her head to perform another stretch.

"I don't know but I hope they are! I'm happy my boobs haven't gotten any smaller!"

"Well, they're already quite literally almost the size of my head. I could say if they were to get any bigger you'd need more training for the strength to carry them, although you've never had any problems there so far I guess. You've got quite the strong back if I say so myself."

Eileen finished saying with a playful giggle at the end of her statement.

"Oh yes of course! I have to keep up with my training. That's what the monk who stopped by the village a few months ago said. It's cool and-"

"It helps you learn a way to keep me safe from the pervs that would snatch me away right?"

Miyaura nodded aggressively as if she agreed to her sworn duty, the smile on her face proved her joy. Miyaura excitedly clenched her fists before performing a high kick to show off to Eileen.

"He called it...uuuh."

"Martial Artes. An extremely rare form of self-defense based on discipline, technique, spirit, and heart. Making a stronger unity between mind, body, and he said it. He also said it's a difficult path of discipline so don't overdo it you hear?"

Eileen said. Save for her smiling, MIyaura seemed a little embarrassed as she slowly lowered her leg. Eileen smiled, feeling joy for Miyaura simply being herself. Both growing in many ways since they met six years ago.

"Well let's keep our deal then, I'll continue to work around the village. get us food, keep a home for us and you can keep training and always protect me. I'm no good at physical tasks much less fighting."

"Yeah, and I'm no good at people like you, so it works out."

"Miyaura people aren't as task..."

"Weeell..." They said simultaneously before bursting into laughter together, filling the walls of their home with their voices.

"Since it's a promise I'll tell you a secret! People were talking quite loudly at our favorite place to eat, and it turns out at the celebration of life tonight we'll be having a special guest!"

"Special Guest?"

"Yup! Our village getting back some of its old acknowledgment, A distant noble has found and paid for a Demon Hunter who'll celebrate tonight and do something to help protect the village from the demons. No one knows just what that is but it's demon-hunting so I doubt anyone would understand too well. After all, even travelers say they're so rare to see and find demon hunters have practically gone extinct."

"A real demon hunter?! The rich people never wanted to help people of the free marches, so that's more suspicious to me honestly."

"That may be Miyaura but their influence still reaches many places like regents in each country so if anyone were to find one, some noble makes sense to be the one to do it. Maybe they're finally trying to expand their influence more by helping places like ours?"

"Hmm, maybe. That does make sense, even if they don't care about the people they could help places out even a little bit."

"Whatever it is, I'm just glad there's a demon hunter. Maybe we'll be able to take walks through the forest soon. Anyways, I'll follow what you think Miyaura, you're way better at feeling dangerous things out than I am. Since we didn't go last year even though we were old enough, should we go to this one? I'm quite alright with staying home if you want to."

Seeing her friend, Miyaura seemed a bit saddened but her expression quickly shifted to one of determination.

"I say we go! Sure we don't usually be around many people, so if anything I think it's a good chance we go out and have some fun, even if it's just us having fun together. You work hard so I think you deserve a night of fun!"

She said before smiling, invoking a smile on Eileen's face and a nod of agreement.

"Hmm, Miyaura? Can I ask why you are fascinated with your boobs growing even more? If they grow anymore a bra won't be able to contain them from spilling out everywhere hee-hee."

Eileen giggled to herself towards her own joke.

"Well, I've never seriously dated anyone. I'm sure you remember those guys who turned out to be a real pain a few years ago. That ended as quickly as it began. He couldn't remember my name!  All he could say was *Wanna screw? Wanna screw here? Let's screw here. Can you show me your boobs?  Take your boobs out right here. Let me touch your boobs just once Camillia*. Who the hell is Camilla anyways?! After all that I'm happy to still say not a single man has seen or touched my boobs. Through it all, I thought I could just want any guy and let go of my little fantasy, but I've realized I already know who in this world I want to be with. I can feel that someone I'll love is out there ya know?"

"You're mystery savior from back then, your dark prince of love huh? Do you think after years he'd still be right for you? Many years can change people. Then again we've lived together for six years now and we couldn't be any closer."

"Hee-hee, the only way to find out is to find him one day! I want the next time someone touches my body, it's a person that makes me feel like a dream comes true from their touch or even just staring into their eyes."

"Oooo, you're so romantic Mi-Mi! Tell me more! What's your love language?" 

Eileen said teasingly to her friend, causing Miyaura to blush shyly, clutching her arms to her chest excitedly as she close her eyes to happily visualize her thoughts.

"I want him to treat me like his gentle girl but not allow me to be weak. Able to feel my heart through my chest and trust me fully as a woman by his side!"

Speaking out loud, Miyaura began wiggling in place. Becoming too excited by her details and unknowingly rubbing her thighs together.

"Oooo just thinking about it fills me up with tummy butterflies! Oooo now I hope my boobs grow a few more sizes!"

"So where do your future huge boobs come into play?"

Suddenly Miyaura's expression looked determined, her cheeks still blushed red. Reaching under her breast, she began lifting them in the palms of her own hands, gently squeezing them.

"They're all for him to enjoy! He could play with them, rest his tired head on them, and I can smother him with them anytime he wants! He'll be in paradise! I wouldn't even be alive today to have them if he hadn't saved me that night of The Swarm."

Eileen looked surprised before she started giggling once again.

"My my Miyaura you're a naughty girl, saving all that pent-up frustration to overwhelm him. Hm, that settles it then, I'll help you find your prince then! I've only been with one person who was an ass too, so I think I'll save myself for some time and find my prince too. Until then, if we find yours, you wouldn't mind sharing right?"

Eileen said teasingly towards Miyaura, causing the raven-haired girl to look away shyly once again, this time her entire face turning a deep red. Thoughts flashed through her mind, and Miyaura began twiddling her fingers.

"Well...Since we're c-close a-and we're both women who need I really wouldn't mind you getting some time of my prince. Only because it's you, Eileen. I-I'm sure my prince wouldn't mind having separate time with someone beautiful like you. I know he'll deserve to enjoy two women."

"Two girls at the same time huh? What if I wanted to be smothered myself? Between both of your bodies at once?"

Miyaura's head lifted and her face clearly revealed her shock and embarrassment flooding over her.

"H-h-huh?! D-don't joke like that Eileen. You're really pretty...and you're the only one that knows... I like girls too."

"Hee-hee, alright then, It's fun teasing you. I can admire a lot about you Miyaura. You're a woman who knows what she wants and you're always open with me. I like seeing you flustered and honest. If we're being honest, girls are intriguing in many ways, and all the men I've met simply disgusted me. I've just been thinking, that even a girl who likes men enjoys seeing nice boobs or a cute booty and figure of a woman. It's like a lingering curiosity you make me think might be worth exploring one day. It's just nice to know now if I ever become more curious, you'll be here to teach me a little thing or two. Right? Hee-hee!"

"E-Ei-Eileeeeen!" Miyaura loudly whimpered, her embarrassment on overload which led her to shuffle her thighs against each other more rapidly. Miyaura held her face towards the ground, unable to look Eileen directly in the eyes. Eileen simply laughed and stood from her seat.

"Ok ok, I'll stop now. Hee-hee. We should probably start getting ready for the festive in a couple of hours. Pluuuus I know you don't like them, but I have this wonderful dress for you. I bought it from a traveling merchant and I think it would look wonderful on you!"

"But I can't fit in dresses!"

"Oh don't you worry your pretty head. Having learned a few lessons from the last few dresses I've gotten you. I've already made sure there's enough room in it for your boobs this time!"

Eileen said with a smile, placing her hand on her friend's shoulder. Miyaura could only frown and let a disappointed sigh escape from her lips. Thinking back on the other dresses saddened her, while the thought of trying a new one filled her with dread. Thoughts of the several times prior when her bust proved too large to properly fit inside a dress raced through her mind.

"Come now Mi-Mi! I'm sure I got it right this time. I spent quite a pretty sum just for the extra fabric!"

 With a shy nod, Miyaura agreed with her friend.