Chapter 17:

The Briefing

Azure Sins (Sin Ver.)


Inside the large Audience Chamber of a nobleman's home, many mercenaries filled the hall. The majority stood around the large area, others closer to the entrance. Different mercenaries stood around while within a glance few could be seen wearing similar armor hinting at their private groups. They stood conversing with others, some leaning silently against walls while others sat mixed and inside their groups. Aisellia and Miyaura strolled into the large floorspace, looking around for a spot together. Aisellia's eyes glanced over the crowd. Seeing the difference in weapons and equipment quality between different people.

(So many people. It looks like people old and new to this are here. If it's difficult enough to need this many people, wouldn't it make sense to pay only professionals to get it done? This means they're aiming for gathering numbers...are they making something like a small army?)

The girls soon found a space by a window to stand. Aisellia gazed over to Miyaura who happily followed and stood beside her wearing a bright smile on her face which in turn revealed a smile of Aisellia's own.

(She's too adorable. I know she's just happy to be doing this together, she doesn't really care what the mission is. The mercenary system is pretty technical but she wants to do this. if I can make it easier so that she can have fun, then doing the brain work is not a problem for me. You don't have to worry about a thing Miyaura, all this technical stuff is more up my alley anyway. You just let me do the hard work on this side for you. She has that adorable smile when she's happy, I'll do whatever it takes to keep her from losing it again. She's been through more than enough already before we even met.)

The sound of a trumpet horn filled the halls gathering everyone's attention. On the second-floor balcony overlooking the crowd were two trumpet players, standing beside the staircase connecting the first and second floors. Next to the trumpet player three nobles stepped past him and walk onto the balcony.

Noble 1:
"Silence is preferred so that we may keep this briefing quick. With that said let us begin."

Noble 2:
"You all are likely wondering why a single job, I originally processed through the guild, has grown into a full mission with the rewards of the accumulative wealth of three nobles behind it. A kidnapping, strung together by an envious old acquaintance of mine has schemed against my wealth and fortune since our days of young. Of course, I hired mercenaries but they died from investigating these matters. From there I hired an official guild. As it turns out an old acquaintance isn't working alone, having allied with a band of less than desirables who in turn had become quite an issue for my business partner next to me."

The second noble gestured his hand toward the other side of the first noble who stood center of the three. The one on the other side began his speech where the other had left off.

Noble 3: "That group originated as a small crime organization near my home city. They had hired smaller bandit groups for their expendable shady dealings. Murder, Theft, Assault, Obstruction of proper justice, human and demi-human trafficking, you name it and they've done it. A few months ago several cargo shipments have been going missing en route to the city. Somehow they've gained enough weapons and money to arm even the bandits and even hire ex-mercenaries into their ranks. Meaning they're building a small army force for something big. After investigation, we were able to find out that neither was the mastermind behind their collaboration. Which lead to the three of us meeting to discover the bigger picture of it. A third party pulling the strings."

The two nobles took a step back allowing the first noble between them to step forward, bringing him to everyone's full attention.

Noble 1:
"If you're native to this city or these nearby lands, you may be aware of certain rumors. Ones pertaining to a sinister group of demon worshipers. Who has been responsible for many recent missing people and brutal murder crimes! Since the destruction of their base by an esteemed guild near my city, they seemed to disappear, but now it's only apparent they were preparing things in other locations. This group of fanatics praises the demons as their superiors, solely focused on some sort of ritual which we can assume these lunatics believe can influence demons by sacrificing the innocent. Delusional as they may be they are not the main threat here, the gathered military force is. We're unsure of their actual numbers but with bandits and ex mercenaries it would be appropriate a force of mercenaries and official guild members is the best solution for that."

Aisellia & Miyaura:
(It's going to be a small-scale war!)

"Pulling all of our resources, we've found where they're also keeping current captives or simply who remained alive. We'll be marching in just a few days so prepare well. Not everyone who signed up is here since they were briefed earlier. We asked to brief those below B class and Guild Members and above separately. You'll be working in squadrons, with our tactics they will have nowhere to run and no choice but to be defeated. Each Unit will be led by a B class or higher official Guild Member. We Nobles have paid for inn and guild services for the two nights so food, drinks, and sleep accommodations are taken care of for each mercenary or guild member. With the Union's help, while you all gather to relax the nights ahead before we march, the Union Hall has forms for you all to reference as to who's your Unit captain. That information will be there for you early tomorrow morning. Do be cautious, this alliance of theirs could cost you your life if any of you aren't careful out there. We depart in just a few days. This gathering is concluded, you are all dismissed"

Thirty Minutes Later...

Back inside the inn, Aisellia and Miyaura sat side by side on the bed's edge, it being in the corner of the room left little space between the bed and the wall on the opposite side of the girls. Miyaura lay back on the bed looking up at the ceiling. Aisellia looked over their new mercenary ID's before placing them in her small bag. Sitting it along the wall close to the bed when she was done.

"Well, we've gathered everything we need for preparation. The sun's almost down but he's still not back though." Aisellia said.

"He looked pretty fired up when he left. Maybe he's working dummy hard to find those guys?" Miyaura responded.

"You may be right. The last time he agreed to a deal he saved our lives."

"True, he's very motivated when it comes to us."

"Hm, that makes him a little TOO easy to persuade. Do you think he's as wild with any woman he came across before we met him? From what Angelia told us, he sounded like a handful."

"Oh, we've talked. He's certainly been going around flirting with any cute girls with impressive figures. I also got the feeling he's kinda picky, so combined with what Angelia told us, not many caught his full interest. Normally he'll be impressed with one stand-out feature like a pretty face, a nice booty, or even less big milkers. So with us being by his side, basically having us to feel on and letting his eyes wander as much as he pleases is enough for him to care less about general girls since we're to his special tastes."

"Hm, he does like mentioning how much he enjoys our bodies and faces if we bring it up, so technically we both already have an advantage over him. With his twisted mind, he lets likes it when we take advantage of that very fact. So basically having two ten out of tens keeps his overall attention from harassing other girls...because he enjoys how we willingly occupy enough of his harassment as is?"

"Exactly!  If he hasn't said it enough already, we have all of the above plus more! So If another girl is as pleasant to his tastes as we are, then that woman will get his attention for sure, but I must approve of her if I'm going to let her be a part of paradise!"

"So he doesn't just have one girl perfectly fitting to all of his interests in a woman but instead he has two. Not just two bodies but two pretty faces and two personalities that fit his ideal woman. Hmm, curious. So What is this paradise you and Karna keep talking about anyway?"

"It's easiest to describe it as a way of life, or a concept of living we envisioned when he saved me a long time ago. Being able to live a life of happiness. Years ago when we first met he told me of a dream. I can't remember what it was about exactly but he wanted to live a life similar to a king or something. It's living happily every moment's enjoying your life with the people who help make it so beautiful to your eyes. Surround yourself with people who love him and that he himself loves as well. A goal and a dream aren't physical things but I want to turn our life in this world into our paradise. I don't have some grand power or anything like that but I can still give him the greatest part of that dream for his mind, body, and spirit to support him."

"What's that?"

"A harem of sexy bitches!" She exclaimed pointing a finger to the sky.

"It might be adding competition but I need to prove to myself I can be best girl even with other drop-dead gorgeous girls around! And every second of every day we all can bury him in our love and happiness!"

She said jumping to her feet and standing proudly. Prancing on her toes in front of Aisellia being full of excitement from just the thought. Miyaura soon stopped herself right in front of Aisellia. A massive sensual smile on her face

"Pluuus it would be a gift for me too!" Miyaura stated. Winking her eye playfully at Aisellia who returned with a short giggle and a smile.

"Ha ha! So the harem is for your enjoyment too? You know I really look up to your honesty Miyaura, not just with me but with yourself too. You know yourself and what you want, looks like I'm still learning a lot from you. Even Karna is the same when it comes to you two being honest about things or in this case...people you want." 


"For example, I'll catch a guy staring at me then lie and pretend they were looking or say something gross. Karna on the other hand will stare at my chest. If I ask was he peeking down my shirt when he's standing over me, he'll simply tell me he was then asks if he can touch them. I always so no but he still asks and doesn't get super angry like other guys. I might just appreciate the fact that he asks for my permission and even when he tries, he does it slow enough to give me a chance to stop him. I'm no fool, if he wanted our bodies...someone like him could just force us but that's something he really has a thing against doing..."

"Yes, I enjoy the things he does but I know...just looking at us gets that fire burning..."

Miyaura ended up looking slightly saddened. It was then her words triggered a memory in Aisellia's mind. Their conversation had led the noblewoman to recall the words of Leonel, the demon boy inside Miyaura's home village. Becoming cursed alongside Miyaura yet unlike the girl, he endured his internal hunger for the flesh as a Lust Demon. 


"A lust demon gets stronger by forcing their harmful will on whatever it preys on...a lust demon becomes stronger by...that's still no reason to force your desires on those people!!"

"My unquenchable thirst as a demon is reason enough. If you lived long enough you would see. The urge and pain are inescapable for us. It will build and build until the desire destroys us from the inside, burning, scratching at our flesh. What we suffer in a few days dwarfs the hunger of a human going weeks without food or thirst seemingly unquenchable more than a human lost for weeks in the harshest deserts. That pain...grows far greater than you could imagine. We are doomed to suffer one way or another."

Present Day...

"You've been paying him a lot of attention to notice things like that about him. If you keep this up you might be rewarded by him with a kiss soon!"

Aisellia said playfully. Quickly Miyaura's eye color shifted to their crimson shade like she'd seen before as she leaned forward bringing their faces close to one another. Miyaura looked deep into Aisellia's eyes, the demon girl's cheeks filled with air like she was pouting.

"I still get pretty embarrassed thinking about it so I want to keep getting used to his touch...maybe one day soon...I can get over my nervousness to do more for him..."

"What could you possibly want, if you feel the need to get more comfortable with his hands and eyes being all over you more than they already are?"

"I-I w-want him to fuck me silly! My body is durable since I'm like him, he can rattle my brain and my body can take such a beating it'll be great! I'm not into any serious BDSM stuff but I like a little rough treatment during intimate moments. I have a high pain tolerance now!"

Suddenly Miyaura blushed and placed her hands on her cheeks as she began squirming around where she stood, seeming lost in her fantasy while Aisellia awkwardly laughed under her breath. She was obviously at a loss for words from her friend's outburst.

"I-isn't beating a little aggressive sounding?!"

"Hm? Maybe. How about I want it rough and I'll take all of his big meat pounding my insides while I take it like a champ?"

"Um? That's better?"

"I'm sure he'll do whatever you think about randomly too!"

"I-I have no such thoughts!"

"Really? You seemed really into him this morning."

Aisellia visually looked shocked at the statement, her cheeks turning blush from her embarrassment. Miyaura's teasing smile only let her know that she was awake to witness Aisellia enjoy the pleasures of Karna just this morning. Revealing to Aisellia that she was so into her sensations she did not notice Miyaura peeking and then pretending to still be asleep.

"Right on! Make him realize who the real boss is! Make him earn it! Like when you made him kneel! A man with so much power kneeling to you HAD to have turned you on, even just a little bit. Feels great doesn't it."

"Exactly...WAIT NO!"

"Too late! You already didn't just say what you might admit. It's what you definitely didn't say right?"

Miyaura said with a playful wink of her eye and smile. Noticing her friend's words agreeing to it being something she "wasn't" admitting, the two shared a laugh together before going to bed for the night. Suddenly thinking about all they had just talked about, Aisellia's expression suddenly appeared saddened.

" you-?

"Don't get me wrong-"

Miyaura started to say, interrupting Aisellia

"You're super smart so I know the thought might cross your mind but as my best friend, let me be honest and clear with you. I throw myself at him and let him grope me however and whenever he desires because I want to as my fullest desire. I don't do it so he won't attack us. As much as a good reason as that is, and I'll admit it is a small part of it, overall it's just because I like it and want him to. I'd sacrifice myself for you Aisellia but never think I'm suffering, letting him use my body as a personal plaything, or eventually whoring myself out to him so he doesn't come after you. I just want you to know it's all my will so never think I suffer him because of you."

"...Understood. Heh, loud and clear Miyaura darling. Then I'll do the same, not the touching stuff but not so conscious about outside perspectives. As long as I'm enjoying myself and I'm happy doing it, it shouldn't matter what my personal lifestyle looks like from the outside because what matters is that I'm enjoying my life the way I make it with you two."

"Yup yup! Take me for example. I don't like when other guys stare or even look at my big mommy milkers or my plump thighs but what I wear is for Karna so I cover up a little more when we're out, ya know I pull the shoulders all the way up but it still leaves a lot of cleavage exposed. With my short skirt, many see me as some type of whore for the way I dress but it doesn't really bother me because I dress in a way that my love enjoys as much as I do. It also makes it easier for him to touch skin and not work through a bunch of clothes like pants or a bra or something else that gets in the way of him enjoying himself the moment the urge takes him over. It's simple really."

"And here I am in the desert country, hot as hell could possibly be and I'm still wearing too many layers of clothing. I'm constantly burning up just to save myself from a few perverted gazes like back at home. Out here Karna wouldn't possibly let anyone else look at us like that. I HAVE noticed he might be a little selfish with us but that's fine. Keeps the nuisances away from us so I really only have to worry about him and his peeking isn't that bothersome to me anymore. So while we're with him, even if I wore less and got a few glances, Karna will try to secretly make sure our personalities and bodies are things only he gets to enjoy so no one really has a chance to see anything. Huh, maybe I can dress lighter than usual. I've seen firsthand how quick he was the other day with your skirt."

"Oh, when after we fought those demons and my skirt got stuck!"

"Mhm, your booty is so plump after your kick it literally got stuck resting on the top of your booty, and before anyone could see he quickly pulled it down for you so no one else would see but him."

"Or whenever we're getting dressed he stands proper guard to make sure no one sneaks a peek!"

"But he always ends up the main one trying to peek. *Giggle* He's even honest about that. I called him out for it and all had to say was admit he was. Then asking if he can just look instead of peeking because the door gets in his way. Or his cute little pouting when I tell him no. Even without the perverted stuff, he's still pretty funny without them. His humor is weird but it's very entertaining. I've dealt with plenty of creeps and perverts back home so why is it so different with him for me?"

Aisellia pondered, raising a finger to her chin in thought, allowing her eyes to wander around. It was then Miyaura had something to say in regards to the noblewoman's question.

"Maybe we see his pervertedness like he sees us and our booty's? Sure every girl has one, like plenty of men, but not all, will be obvious perverts or creepy perverts just like not all booty's make him want to cop a feel. But our big mommy milkers and juicy booty belong to us and it makes them special for him to enjoy. While even though he may be as perverted or even more than people we've unfortunately met, it's him being the pervert to us. It comes from him and his honesty about it makes it special for us to enjoy?"

"That makes soooo much sense now! He loves boobs and yes our sizes may be incredibly rare to find, but it's not just that. It's the fact we could be everything he wants in a woman but if these boobs were on anyone else, given what Remi had to say about his habits, no matter what I thought before now, It's not just the boobs or the fat ass that keeps him on our tails but it's who they are on that makes such features all the more special and pleasing to him. He doesn't hide his being enamored with our bodies but just because he likes talking about sexual things, potential sexual pleasure isn't all he sees us for."

"Yup yup! Sure they help a lot but those are just what he physically enjoys"

"While or friendship, personalities, and who we are just being our natural selves are things he mentally enjoys. My god Miyaura we're literally his dream girls. Somehow instead of the single woman of his dreams, he has two! So when he's just happy to be with us, yes it includes his love for groping and looking lewdly at us, but with everything else he likes about us, he's quite serious when he says he enjoys our company. Geez, how well behaved will he be with a Paradise of girls?"

The two women locked eyes while smiling, thinking over Karna's antics, coming together in joyous laughter.

Two Days Later...

Aisellia and Miyaura would be walking around the shopping district, peering at a fruit stand on the busy street. Miyaura picked an apple from the stand while Aisellia exchanged a few coins for multiples while she did so. Afterward placing a few more apples inside of a satchel on her side.

Aisellia Rae:

"We leave for the mission tomorrow, it might be a good idea to bring a few snacks. They used the term marching, so we might be in for quite the travel."

"Looks like Karna's hard work helped. I guess he managed to find one of the bounties and turn them into the guards since he left one of the posters for us by the time we woke up."

"I admit he's done well to find one at least. I woke up earlier than you this morning Miyaura so I went to check it out with the guild and it was true and they paid us for it."

"Aw, you went somewhere without me?! We can't ever separate! We have to stick together!"

She cried out, sadness evident by her expression before a smug smile formed on her lips. Miyaura scooted closer to Aisellia, using her shoulder to teasingly nudge her friend's shoulder.

"Oooo a little worried he'll catch'em all?"

"Not at all I'll have you know! There are ten bounties in total, and he may be quick but I'm smarter. The last one is his own bounty and he likes causing trouble, he knows he can't from inside a cell. Haha!"

Aisellia revealed confidently with a smile before breaking into sinister laughter about the demon male. She seemed zoned out to Miyaura, Aisellia envisioning Karna wallowing in his defeat at the end of their deal.

(I can feel from here how much fun she's having with this bet, despite the consequences if she loses. I think him playing her games is a little turn-on for her. It's easy to see she likes it hee-hee.)

"Is that?! Excuse me please!"

Hearing a woman's voice behind them, the two girls turned around. Seeing a young woman and a young male with short black hair wearing a matching white cloak over their shoulders. The woman was of medium-length brunette hair while the male had short hair. At first glance, his hair appeared to be black but on closer inspection, it was simply a very deep shade of blue.

"Excuse me! Can I ask what type of weapon you have there on your hip?"

The short-haired brunette woman asked excitedly stepping closer to Aisellia. Miyaura looked on curiously but once the girl stepped too close Miyaura extended her arm between them seeming to surprise the girl, prompting her to step back and bow forgivingly to Miyaura.

Mystery Female Voice:
"My apologies!"

Mystery Male Voice:
"We're incredibly sorry. My friend here is somewhat of a weapon enthusiast!"

Elanor Martin:
"I'm more of a special weapon enthusiast! Oh, forgive me! Let me introduce both of us. I'm Elanor Martin and this is my partner Shingen Miyamaru!"

Shingen Miyamaru:
"You can call me Shin for short if you prefer."


"And you said you are partners? Are you guys mercenaries?"

Shingen Miyamaru:
"Oh no, we're members of a guild. The demon-hunting guild."

Aisellia Rae: "Demon Hunters? I thought the profession expired over a decade ago."

Elanor Martin: "You're correct, it as a profession ended long ago, but in recent years an official guild was started by a group of former demon hunters."

Aisellia Rae: "Hm, would you mind walking with us for a bit? I'd happily tell you about my gun if you can update me on this guild of yours, it sounds admirable. You can say I'm a worldly enthusiast I guess."