Chapter 20:

D-Class Mission

Azure Sins (Sin Ver.)

The Next Day...

Inside the inn, Karna was being watched by Miyaura in his deep slumber, resting in the center of the queen-sized bed. Miyaura and Aisellia were already awake readying themselves, getting dressed, and preparing for the day ahead of them. Miyaura proved able to easily slip on her attire, capable of dressing herself more quickly than Aisellia who held only the first layer of her complete outfit in her hand, standing casually in her undergarments.

"Hm. it looks surprisingly very breathable, The fabric is incredibly stretchy, especially around the chest area. Remi was right, Angelia does knows best! How does yours fit Miyaura? Now that we've had time to get used to our new ones?" Aisellia said while adjusting the skirt around her waist.

"Same here lady master! Of course, mine is naturally breathable with all the chest space but It looks similar but with more designs along the hem and lining of my top and skirt. Makes it look a little fancier like yours. Plus I'm LOOOOVING these black thigh-high socks! But my favorite part is the top itself! It carries my milkers comfy and snuggly! It has the perfect boob bag design!"

"Boob bag huh?"
(I know what you mean and it's a pretty accurate term for it.
Opposite to a rough bra holding them shifting around uncomfortably. It's why I personally go for soft lingerie of high quality. Even my personal bras are made specifically to my liking, removing the rough cup for a boob bag design. It's just strengthened to support my size through the heavy use of silk and other high-quality fabrics. I even rid myself of the wire in its design.)
"Yeah! With these clothes and last night, I'm full of energy, sexy, and combat-ready!"

Miyaura announced excitedly, flexing her arms to display her strength and confidence.

"Great, today's the big day. Let's do our best and show him how reliable we can be! We definitely need the payout."

Aisellia said giggling, her eyes peered over the bed to observe something, ensuring Karna continued to sleep without waking. In her peripheral vision, Aisellia caught sight of Miyaura's eyes looking intently over Aisellia's body, silently noting she had only finished putting on her lingerie, her body had quickly enthralled Miyaura leading the entranced woman to inspect Aisellia's body with elation. Aisellia's eyes curiously shifted from Karna to witness Miyaura, face blushed red, mouth subconsciously held slightly open, and her breathing gradually growing rather intensely. The noblewoman resumed watching her eyes enthusiastically move all over her own body. With curiosity Aisellia turned to one side, watching Miyaura's eyes follow her chest as Aisellia performed several small steps in order to complete her turn. Due to her design, Aisellia could feel her breasts jiggle within her bra. The boob bag design allowed the noblewoman's breasts to bounce almost freely as the material moved snugly with her breasts. Needless to see for herself, the smile that Miyaura quickly made told her the story. She silently let Miyaura ogle her body for a few seconds more. Keeping her sights on Miyaura, Aisellia turned the opposite way, this time angling her backside to the demon girl. Keeping her views on Miyaura by looking over her own shoulder Aisellia watched the other woman curiously as she could see her friend's eyes trail down her back down to her posterior, at that moment witnessing Miyaura involuntarily begin licking her lips.

(From what Angelia shared with me, their energy level affects them mentally and physically when it's high or low respectively. Initially, fulfilling that desire when it's high must somehow max their stored capacity and reserve it in their bodies. Not just to source their demonic energy for their enhanced physical feats but their mental stability as well. When low it becomes more similar to deprivation, a mentally painful "Thirst" for lack of a better word. Outside of a scientific sense. Their sins are lust so to balance internally they must indulge in their sin. The more intense their indulgence, the more they get out of it. As I've theorized last night, It's not just what they do to each other, but what I allow them to do with me as well. They're more powerful than average demons so they must require more to balance.)

A thought popped into Aisellia's mind as she thought out her hypothesis, seeing Miyaura still enjoying herself having a small amount of drool dripping from the corner of her slightly smiling lips, entirely in a trance. Seeing the look on Miyaura's face made her giggle at how cute she was fully entertained and satisfied just by looking.

(Since learning from Remi I've begun conducting my own physiological research to help me better understand both of them. I've complete confidence in my figure but I guess with my past and environment I've gotten very protective of it, I may be confident in myself but I'm grateful for both of them. In their way, they make a lonely girl feel pretty irresistible and protected, kind of like a queen, hee-hee! It feels marvelous honestly. Perhaps letting them have fun will be enjoyable for me as well. Last night was enlightening for me. It's a little shameful but if they like it, I think I can get used to this stress treatment hee-hee!)

Aisellia began smiling brightly, becoming overwhelmingly overjoyed with the feeling she spoke of, running through her memories of Miyaura and Karna complimenting her looks and even drooling over her body. The noblewoman happily bounced on her heels leading her hindquarters to bounce, Aisellia's posterior flesh jiggling uncontrollably. The amount of booty Aisellia carried easily gave Miyaura plenty to observe and more than her eyes could process all at once. Aisellia couldn't help but begin giggling as she watched Miyaura from over her shoulder whose open lips began to form an even greater smile that stretched ear to ear. Miyaura observed Aisellia's bounce, jiggling within the confines of her laced panties that covered Aisellia's hips concentrated as a thin fabric that gently rested between the crevice of her posterior. Leaving plenty of availability for everything to jiggle freely and even more so, left Miyaura with a great deal to watch and an abundance of pure happiness coursing through every fiber of her being. Aisellia came to a sudden stop, seeing Miyaura's eyes had been still happily watching her jiggle from the slightest movement.

(My final deduction, is I drive them and they drive each other into a highly lustful state. So in a way, I make them stronger by both teasing their lust for me and keeping their thirst balanced as well. Karna seems tamed with Miyaura's efforts and my passes for him but if he gets any more dangerous...will Miyaura's efforts be enough? Although It's not like I'm fully against the thought of doing why can't I? After last night I knew what I felt in my heart. She puts a thousand percent with a smile all because her sweet soul loves doing it herself and for both of us. It seems like enough for him but...I can't rid myself of feeling like I should do more to carry my weight. I'm no fighter so they defend me. As their leader and friend, I'll have to step up. I'll have to do my part in everyone's comfort and survival just like them. Since they handle all of the security and protection I want to outperform them with happiness and our quality of life.)

"A-Aisellia your body is just too good, so much my body's getting kind of hot. I want to be good and not annoy you but...I don't know if I can resist much longer if you take longer getting dressed..."

Miyaura said, placing a finger seductively to her lips causing Aisellia to blush, looking rather happy yet embarrassed by the compliment.

(G-geez! I guess it's still pretty embarrassing to hear them say it directly to me! I noticed After a short time being touched by her feels...slightly intoxicating. It's so lewd but It'll be alright if we both enjoy it right? After all, they have fun doing this all the time, I should be able to help and have fun too right? Yes?)

Aisellia raises her hands behind her head, brushing locks of her hair in front of her shoulders in the process, exposing her full back. Leaning forward slightly, Aisellia presented her behind towards Miyaura prior to turning around to face her directly

"W-we still have time s-so...You can touch it for a l-little while I-If you want. You've been great to me s-so you deserve some fun. After all, I kinda flaunt it in front of you so I can imagine what a tease I must be like, it's not my intention at all but I feel like it's not fair to you. I d-don't pay you anything so this should be a fair trade right?"

Just as she finished speaking, her eyes wandered, looking down to her breasts to see Miyaura's face already nuzzled deep into her cleavage, snuggling her face between Aisellia's breasts joyously with a hidden grand smile and humming a happy tune in her excitement. Knowing she should have expected Miyaura wouldn't waste even half a second, Miyaura already rubbed her face from side to side within her bosom causing Aisellia to begin giggling. The side-to-side movement of Miyaura's face tickled Aisellia slightly while her friend's head shifted her breasts around. Her bra kept plenty of flesh exposed yet covered and supported her where she needed in its design. Miyaura had stopped her movement. Simply now resting her smothered face where it was. Noting the woman had stopped, Aisellia endearingly began running her fingers through Miyaura's long hair.

(She has such nice silky hair. I wash her hair personally when we bathe so I guess that makes sense. If I let down my hair it goes slightly past the middle of my back. If she didn't tie hers up, it naturally goes past her butt easily.)

Suddenly her eyes widened and her body stiffened up, feeling Miyaura squeezing firmly on her hindquarters with both hands, her soft endowments easily filling out the space of Miyaura's palms as she squeezed into it. Miyaura couldn't help but giggle, barely able to contain her excitement or more so her enjoyment of feeling noble flesh bountiful enough to squish between each of her fingers with much more booty escaping the limitations of how much she could grasp with her hands. Aisellia looked down meeting eyes with Miyaura once again, the noble peered down at Miyaura who looked up with a bright smile. While their eyes locked onto one another Aisellia witnessed the sparkles in her friend's eyes, showing her extraordinary happiness and merriment.

"He was right! Oooo you have such a nice big bubble booty! Oh gawsh, you're just the greatest person ever to exist Aisellia!"

"Hee-Hee! Thanks, Miyaura. I hope one day I can be greater than I am now."

She said, stroking Miyaura's hair, toying with strands between her fingers.
Miyaura was surprised by her words. Keeping her hands secured where they were but created some distance between their faces to get a more clear look at the noblewoman. Seeing Aisellia gazing off to the side, seemingly looking through the wall of their room yet it was obvious to Miyaura that Aisellia's eyes were simply wandering while her mind withdrew deep into her own thoughts. Suddenly a hand gripped the back of Miyaura's head, Aisellia forced Miyaura's face back into her bosom, sending a worried Miyaura back into her happily humming state, reaffirming her grip on Aisellia rump. Smiling and blushing like a newlywed bride, Aisellia said gently-

"I'm just too used to being cautious against people touching me. for good reasons believe me but...I don't want to be that way with you. Here's a secret for you. I like how this feels too! I can work my way up to other things if you're willing to help me get there. Even with him, I've felt more...connected with him lately. I don't understand all the supernatural parts but I'm quite sure of this feeling today."

Without hesitation, Miyaura began nodding her head rapidly, her forehead repeatedly bouncing off of Aisellia's chest.

A few hours later...

Outside the city gates, Mercenaries all gathered near the entrance to the stone-walled city, filling a great portion of the area with their numbers. Massive squads were already moving on their march in varying squad sizes dictated by their orders. Some were small, made of a couple of handfuls of mercenaries while others were large enough to accurately depict the imagery of small armies. In the crowd, Aisellia and Miyaura stood looking at the many people around them. Soon, however, Elanor and Shingen located the women inside the crowd and approached them. Both girls greeted their acquaintances with bright smiles before they all set off together exiting the gate's remaining crowd. However just as they greeted one another, the remaining force of mercenaries began splintering off into smaller squads. Their group however began their march aftermost.

"You two look extremely happy and energized today! You must have slept wonderfully!"

Elanor said smiling. Aisellia and Miyaura's cheeks immediately burned red, their eyes meeting Elanor's then quickly shifting to another random direction spontaneously. Miyaura nonchalantly began whistling a tune displaying her apparent secrecy but Aisellia's expression revealed her great embarrassment although she was not ashamed yet something had triggered her blushing withdrawal.

The Night Before...

In a dark room, the light of the moon entered the darkness, illuminating the space just enough for three figures on a bed to be seen, the heavy rainfall drowned drowning out all sound outside of the room. The water heavy and contact beating against the wooden building itself also silenced any sound coming out of the room, preventing any guest of the inn to be oblivious to what was occurring in the night. The moonlight graced a great deal of its light on parts of their bodies yet its estranged rays through the heavy rain and their window left few portions of their bodies to the darkness. In a brief flash of lightning, Miyaura could be seen leaning forward on the bed, her head lowered. On her knees Miyaura positioned herself, her upper body lowered down yet her ass lifted into the air, balancing her body up by her knees. Miyaura's lips were inches away, she came to a stop but her hesitation only lasted a few seconds before her lips slowly parted, extending her wet tongue from between her open lips and licking the tip of the object of her affection. The warmth of her touch shot through the man of her attention.

One, two, three tempered licks from her small tongue. The male twisted around at the prickling pleasure, though he desperately wanted more yet he didn't try to rush her. The male wanted to observe Miyaura willingly take his hardened member in her mouth.


As she licked, Miyaura gradually increased the area of contact between her tongue and his appendage. At first, it had been little more than tongue-tip pokes, but soon she'd moved on to full, daring licks. Miyaura glanced up at him to check his reaction as she boldly crawled her tongue over his tip. She seemed to be trying to work out which actions brought him the most pleasure. She continued to fumble through the motions before at last tapering her tongue and running it up the backside of his shaft. From his reaction, she could tell where best pleased him. The tip of her tongue wiggled left and right, continuously stimulating his sensitive spots. They both knew what she was doing as she searched. Her eyes gauged his reactions yet also gave a display and a gentle look in her eyes that begged for it all. Purposely looking unsure if she could take his thing in its entirety. In truth, the longer she held it in her hand, the more unsure she really became that she could. Taking a few seconds to press it firmly against her cheek while she pondered, soon smacking herself in the face with it. Miyaura was voluntarily degrading herself just for his pleasure and this purposeful action satisfied him on a different level than mere physical pleasure.


Miyaura wrapped her lips around the length of his appendage, slowly dragging her lips slowly upward until her lips were lifted from it. She rained kisses along with it, a downpour of pecks, her wet tongue excitedly sliding along its length. Her soft lifts nibbled at his hardened rod as her tongue feverishly crawled. A flush came over her face as if excited by her own actions. The skin under her eyes burned red, and her tongue moved far smoother than at the start. It was now Miyaura who looked up at him questionably. Seeing the man's weakened state and expression left delight written all over her own face. Having covered his cock from base to tip in saliva, Miyaura gleefully opened her mouth and swallowed his thing whole.

Heated breath tickled his glands as her wet lips slid down over it. Before long tongue, cheeks, and upper palate embraced his cock from all directions. Her enthusiasm was high, and full-bodied pleasure still coursed through him. Unable to take it deep in her mouth, she began to bob her head over the tip and partial shaft alone. Every time her narrowed lips moved down over the head of his appendage, her trembling breath would tickle his abdomen. Though he imagined it wasn't intentional, her tongue would occasionally lick along the underside of his shaft. His member would twitch up in response. His glands were overwhelmed where they rubbed the roof of her mouth. To his surprise, Miyaura tried to pin his cock down with her cheeks but this just led to her sucking down harder.


Though her first time was clumsy, she was putting in all the effort she could. Her passion and enthusiasm compensate for her lack of technique greatly. With her movements growing gradually smoother, she also began to take his member further into her mouth. Though her actions were still gentle his tip was now being swallowed to the back of her throat. However, he could still feel half his length exposed to the air, it seemed unlikely to Miyaura that she'd be able to gobble down the whole thing.


His saliva-smeared cock moved back and forth between her wet, glossy lips. The sensation merged in his mind with Miyaura's obscene slurping sounds, and the lust within the man multiplied, Miyaura becoming more and more excited to the feeling of his stiffened member twitching inside her mouth with every motion her lips and tongue unified to make. Unable to endure the desires itching away at him, the man began to move his hips. His tip slid back past her soft lips, then he used the recoil to push into her mouth again. Miyaura's eyes went wide.


He was careful not to thrust into her throat too forcefully, but he couldn't stop his hips from moving nor one of his hands from immediately gripping firmly onto the hair directly on the back of her head. Miyaura's surprise only lasted a few seconds before she complied with his actions. As she tightened her lips to strengthen the pleasure, she looked up at him with narrowed eyes to gauge his reaction. While she sucked on the tip, her tongue licked along his shaft, greeting it at different angles every time it moved back and forth. Being a lustfully clever girl she was searching for his weak points. Suddenly her tongue dove under his tip, supporting his entire rod on top of it. It wriggled around the underside of his stiffened cock, teasing every sensitive area she discovered from tip to base sending a numbing pleasure through his waist. To her extreme joy, her actions caused the man to groan from the pleasure, to which Miyaura pulled in her cheeks and used her tongue more enthusiastically. Every time he thrust his cock between her narrowed lips, aggressively beating the walls of her throat, her saliva-laden tongue greeted it, caressing him until he pulled his hips back.

Miyaura joyfully had her cheeks stuffed with his cock, creating lewd sounds as she feverishly moved her tongue, and yet the tinge of embarrassment still hadn't faded from her face. Taking this man's cock voluntarily had turned Miyaura on as well, in her mind arguably more than the man and she was now rubbing her thighs together yet it still wasn't enough to get over her bashfulness. The difference between her expressions and her actions had him fiercely aroused. Uncontrollable waves of lust filled the room. Miyaura curiously looked up towards his face as if to gauge how well she was doing yet their eyes met as soon as she looked up, the man silently mouthing his words to her, she gleefully nodded with her eyes.
Her lips loosened, and she slowly withdrew herself from the object of her affection. Transparent liquid stretched between his glistening tip and her parted lips, the lines of mixed-in saliva didn't sever even as she pulled away. Her eyes locked onto the strands, the slight alone heating the woman's body even further in pure delight heating her entire body in a flush of red.

"Oh no!"

She exclaimed looking slightly troubled. Cheeks red, Miyaura wiped her lips in a fluster. Without even attempting to lick her lips, she wrapped her mouth around his thing once more. Audible slurps filled the air as she sucked up the sticky substance covering him. Apparently to her, that was insufficient, as she soon took it fully into her mouth once again and cleaned it with her tongue. It seemed with each movement of her tongue Miyaura grew more aroused as well. To finish up, she tightened her lips around him, Miyaura raised her head with a great smile on her face.

"My mouth was so full! Who's a lucky girl? I'm definitely the luckiest girl Hee-hee!"

Her expression showed simple joy, an incredible contrast to the vulgarity of what she had been doing. Pushing it against her face while lovingly caressing it with one hand. Taking the man by surprise, Miyaura suddenly parted her lips and threw her head onto him, taking his appendage deep into her throat in one quick descent, her excitement only multiplying at the sudden sensation of his girth being forcefully shoved down her own throat. The shock of pain & pleasure stunned her for a moment, even though it was her own doing, she could feel the itch of desire within her breasts and lower body grow to a near unbearable magnitude that instantly cause her legs to buckle, shoving the stiff member further down her throat prompting her to aggressively choke and gag. The temporary emptiness of her mind instantly synchronized with the conglomerate of pain and pleasure that riddled her body leaving Miyaura immobile for a second with her eyes shooting to the back of her skull. Miyaura's eyes returned to their normal position after her second of immobilization she re-positioned herself again, cupping her breasts onto the man's lower body and enveloping the man's member between them, the length of him remaining under her full control during so, prompting herself into using her tongue and lips to the best of her ability.

Miyaura's head sensually bobbed up and down repeatedly, her audible sound of euphoria was muffled by the object she held filling the space of her throat. Ensuring her supple pink lips remained wrapped around her inspiration of lust no matter how her head or breasts moved with it. The girl's huge breasts move in synchronization with her head. The unmistakable fullness of her breasts effortlessly revealed how soft they were with the sounds of her flesh repeatedly smacking onto flesh with each descent she made. The girl suddenly shoved her head all the way down, causing her to gag yet she held strong. Her face pushing deep, her own endowments enveloping her face as well. The male appendage pushed as far down as her body was allowing her to lustfully push herself further, taking in more and more for her pleasure. Evident for once she hit bottom, she let her breasts fall free and gripped tightly onto the man's thighs to brave and brace herself. The demon girl's violet-colored eyes began to roll back. Miyaura endured several seconds of it in refusal to give up. She would choke but still hold her ground firmly nonetheless through shallow breaths. Unable to hold any longer her head shot up towards the sky. Hastily withdrawing it from her lips and taking in several panted breaths.

"Ara Ara! It feels so warm! Does this feel good master?"

She questioned him teasingly with a smile on her face. Miyaura's eyes raised toward the person she spoke to those whose lower body she embraced lovingly with her own figure. The moonlight-filled space returned, the figures continuing to move in the darkness. Another pan of moonlight returned, revealing Aisellia sitting at the head of the bed, her back against the headboard. Allowing her legs to comfortably bow outward but also enabling the torso of the male figure to lie between her thighs, the top of the figure's head pressing gently against her stomach. Aisellia wore a thin tank top, silk short shorts, and knee-high socks she had packed with their other belongings. The person's head is directly beneath Aisellia's breasts allowing them to rest a portion of their weight on the man's head. Watching every move, every position, and even mesmerized by the girl's body herself, Aisellia could not remove her gaze from Miyaura's body nor their shared object of interest. Witnessing it all while feeling the man's head gently pressing her lower abdomen, her breasts resting over his eyes, made her hands involuntarily move around the male's face, shoulders, and bare chest. The noblewoman's body growing ever hotter she subconsciously scratched at his skin from these new intense sensations coursing through her. On occasion jolting her body into leaning over into her face more, as a result pressing her breasts into fully enveloping his face. The young noble's tank top revealed to her just how thin it was, she easily felt his lips and panted breath on them through the thin material of her shirt. Lewd whimpers involuntarily escaped from Aisellia, prompting her to place a hand on what was exposed on the figure's jawline while the other slid under between the man's head and Aisellia's own shorts. Aisellia could be beside herself as she gently pressed her finger center between her own thighs.

(This will be my first...her third. I noticed Miyaura, when you fell limp, it happened already for you again. From this act alone, his smell, having such a lewd part of him in you was enough for you...and you still push on.)

Aisellia thought to herself, her hand stroking the male's chest yet her eyes were curiously locked on what happened with Miyaura. More specifically her eyes never left the man's hard member, having watched it be vulgarly handled by Miyaura. Although she initially watched with curiosity, her mind and body became intoxicated by the act, gradually watching more intently with a hint of envious lust in her facial expression. As if Miyaura toyed with something she craved like a starving man would watch a rich eat his full right in front of him. Her sense of sight was well occupied, the combination of her sense of touch being stimulated by the means of reaction to the other girl's action but the feel of his face and firm muscles as well. Mixing with her own mental stimulation of it all along paired with the sounds that came from Miyaura stimulated Aisellia on a different spectrum of her reality. She was in a state of bliss, there he was ensnared willingly in their grasps. For a brief second, both women met eyes, triggering them to simultaneously show each other a grand smile. He was theirs to enjoy in this intoxicating fashion and theirs alone. Unable to withdraw her enjoyment in seeing Miyaura take it on right in front of her but also playing a part partaking in pleasing their man. Her mind and body began to heat up, feeling the itch of desire these two shared. Her mind grew more and more focused on the sensations coursing through her, overwriting her concern of being turned on by simply watching and leading the hand she still held against herself to grow more active.

(How did Miyaura talk me into this? I guess I have to take some responsibility for agreeing. Maybe part of me wanted this all for a while. Even just watching her Mmph! Seeing Miyaura's little lips wrap around it-AH! It's so deep in I-I-I-I!)

Suddenly a vulnerable moan involuntarily escaped the nobles lips, the sensation shocking her body, and causing her back to quickly arch. Aisellia moved a hand hastily from his jaw and firmly grip tightly onto the bed in order to stabilize herself. The male's arms reached up, wrapping around the noble woman's back leading her to hunch over forward. Once again squishing the entirety of her breasts down onto the male's face. One available Aisellia's hand replanted firmly onto the man as she enabled her fingers to wrap under the male's chin, pulling him tightly into her bust.

(I feel his lips on them...his breath going through my shirt, warming my skin. caressing the tip with his tongue! It's just the nipple but it feels so amazing. My body is tingling from head to toe from just this...H-how am I c-cu-Mmm! That thing he does with his tongue, this is r-r-ridiculous!)
"I-Im, Mmmph--Aaah! "

Aiseliia spoke aloud at the end, Unable to contain herself within her mind any longer. Aisellia's legs trembled underneath the male's torso, the rest of her body quivering all the same as she tightly held the man's head in place, completely enveloped into her chest. The other hand launched forward. The nobles sky blue painted nails clawing at the man's chest.

"Please! I want to taste all of you! Please, don't I deserve it? Your milker girl?" Miyaura seductively cried out.

"Our g-gift to y-you"

Aisellia said in her quivering voice. Miyaura began moving herself against what she held between her breasts, jiggling her breasts watching the mans large appendage be enveloped between them playfully at her leisure. Opening her mouth widely, extending and whirling her tongue onto the object before immediately shoving her head down towards her chest, plunging it forcefully deep into her mouth.

Miyaura proved vigilant in her desires. Rapidly punishing herself by forcing it all in against her own struggle. Her muffled sound soon turned to slurps, her saliva only drenching her plaything more and more as she continued. The gagging sounds heard from Miyaura, as a result of her repeatedly choking herself with it, wore her pleasure evident by her smiling face each time she came up for practically no air at all. Feminine moans filled their room as did the pleasing grunts and groans from Karna who was seen between them.

A muffled series of moan moans soon came from Miyaura as the space of her mouth and beyond was no more. The demon woman's cheeks began to forcibly stretch. The space of her throat rapidly overflowed into her mouth gifting a taste of what she mentally considered Karna's "Love Juice". Simultaneously her mouth and cheeks stretched to their limits as paralyzing euphoria overcame all feeling within her body. A repeated string of sensual whimpers came from Aisellia, her body quivering in place smothering Karna's head tightly into her bosom. Reaching out Aisellia instinctively dug her nails into Karna's chest, being overcome once again by the overwhelming shocking sensation that jolted her body from head to toe that sent her into a quivering frenzy. Her noble lips parted to make an opening due to her own rapid heavy breathing. Mentally, Aisellia could only acknowledge she must attempt to settle her own breath. Temporarily unable to move her muscles, she knew she couldn't stop the involuntary quivering or the sounds that escaped from her lips for that matter.

Miyaura leaned forward on her knees in her position. She adjusted her own breasts out of her way, placed both hands onto his pelvis, and began taking the entirety of her plaything as deep into her throat as she possibly could while she continued to bob her head from tip to base more aggressively and repeatedly. Drenching her toy in her saliva, provided Karna and Miyaura with an enjoyable sloppy experience. Miyaura became lustfully intoxicated from the taste she excitedly loved. Gulping down his sticky affection to the best of her ability before another large release replaced it at every twitch she felt it make behind her lips. As if their bodies linked to Aisellia's in an instant, her body quivered from the amount of pleasure coursing through all three of them simultaneously. Soon enough the girls were no longer able to hold themselves back. Their moans escalating to new heights as the sense of ecstasy and pleasure overwhelmed their senses, numbing their bodies and thoughts during a climax of the souls.

Aisellia Rea: "T-this is...I'm going to-A-ah-aaah!"

Miyaura: "M-me m-me! Nyaaaaa!"

Karna's hand gripped the hair on the back of Miyaura's head unyieldingly, forcing the entire appendage deep between her lips, shoving her head down until it could no more as he relished in his own climactic moment. Miyaura's mouth began hastily filling up once again, cheeks bloating to their limit, stimulating an even deeper sense of her own. The unfathomable sensation that continued to bring to and fro between consciousness caused her eyes to roll to the back of her head, displaying what of a smile she could muster in her blank-minded state. 

Aisellia's body quivered intensely, even after, unable to move, clutching Karna tightly into her breasts easily smothering his face. The noblewoman's body was unable to cease its quivering, the sensation still dominant through her body. Occasionally shocking her nervous system with a jolting burst of her climax causing a violent tremble of which she managed to somewhat control by digging her nails deeper into the man's chest and jaw. Her hands dragging up his chest as she indulged a futile effort to fight back against the euphoria, but it was a battle she quickly lost, her body becoming subdued by the pleasure. Aisellia quickly realized the sensation within her gradually blurred her mind as her eyes began to slowly roll back. Proving only able to speak extremely short incomplete words which involuntarily escaped from her lips. The feeling of her own drool seeping from the corners of her lips only excited her more, realizing she found herself no longer wishing for this feeling to stop nor for her mind to clear enough for her to return to her former state of consciousness. Aisellia's tongue stuck out from her open mouth, willingly giving herself to this new level of euphoria. Her acceptance of this enjoyment had clearly repeatedly increased her final climax several times over.

A few seconds passed before Miyaura's eyes returned forward with an immediate gaze fixated on Karna. She slowly lifted her head to the tip of her plaything, looking into his eyes, her cheeks bulging from the sides yet plenty now sealed in her cheeks as she made sure to capture every drop before removing herself from it. Her smiling lips visually showing how pleased she was. Her cheeks were swiftly hollowed from a series of gulps from Miyaura. Her eyes never leaving the man's as she did so, licking around her lips, wearing such a strongly satisfied smile, it seemed like a new permanent expression through it all

"Mmmmaaah! So delicious...Hee-Hee!!"

Miyaura's face could be seen illuminated by the moonlight, using her finger to wipe an excess substance from her lips directly into her mouth. Seductively licking her finger gently to ensure she got it all into her mouth before swallowing. Miyaura's crimson eyes glowed in the darkness, raising her body upright as she looked down at Karna.

"Thank you for the meal master! It was delicious hee-hee!"

It was at that sudden moment Karna realized Aisellia had already fallen over back against the headboard of the bed sleeping thus taking her breasts from over his eyes. Just as suddenly, he looked down his body to see she was followed quickly by Miyaura who fell forward onto his lower body, resting with a bright smile on her face. Both girls passing out from physical and mental exhaustion on top of Karna, both with smiles on their faces as they slept.

Present Time...

Miyaura: "Hee-hee! Something like that! Just a lot of fun taking on a monster di-"

Aisellia Rae: "Miyaura...please, not around other people."

Shingen: "Hm? A monster-?"

Eleanor: "A monster D? A monster demon?  Monster danger A monster di..."

Elanor's intelligence proved to be the bane of Aisellia, the two meeting eyes the second Eleanor stopped speaking. The look of a sophisticated woman was evidence to the demon hunter woman that Aisellia would be the type to be shy about intimate matters. What made Eleanor smile from ear to ear mischievously was knowing what happened involved all three of them at once and she knew Aisellia could tell she had figured it all out the deeper they looked into one another eyes.

Aisellia Rae: "MIYAURA!!"

Miyaura: "Ooops Tired us right out! Hee-hee!" Miyaura said, looking rather happy.

Half an hour later...

Miyaura and Aisellia now walked in a much smaller group. A squad of sixteen mercenaries. Twenty counting Aisellia & Miyaura with the two demon hunters,  Elanor & Shingen walking beside them. 

Miyaura: "Um you guys? Why did we split from the other people if we're going to the same place?"

Aisellia Rae: "It's a battle strategy. We're all going to their hideout in the end, spreading our ranks as we enclose prevents them from having escape routes and so we can approach them from multiple angles if the situation changes. It's an adaptable plan, keeps one's options open."

Shingen Miyamaru: "Each group has different responsibilities for this mission. Our captain and the general for this squadron are moving ahead of our destination. This also prevents the entire force from being in a single area and getting wiped out together if anything goes wrong."

Elanor Martin: "If everything goes smoothly we won't have to step in the middle of a large battle. We're here for possible demon threats during it all so that's why Demon Hunters were hired for the mission."

Aisellia Rae: "I see. Even a few lesser demons could completely turn the tide of the battle against us. Any more than a few could possibly wipe out a decent number of our force alone."

"Battle strategy huh? I'm good at battle but not strategy, but that's why I have a lovely genius mind by my side!"

Miyaura said excitedly patting Aisellia on the back prompting the two to confidently smile at each other.

"She's got the smarts for the both of us!"  She continued.

"And she's worked hard for the skill to protect the both of us."

Aisellia finished for her friend. Hearing this Shingen raised a brow in curiosity at their statement, prompting Shingen to propose his question for the girls.

"That does bring up a question. Aisellia you have an Angelo but Miyaura where is your weapon?"

"Right here of course!"

Miyaura responded swiftly demonstrating by slamming a fist into the palm of her other hand. Suggesting her fists were her weapon of choice.

Elanor Martin: "She fights with her fists?!"

Aisellia Rae: "She uses a way of fighting called Martial Arts. She has been practicing for a while and I can vouch for how good she is."

Miyaura: "Yup yup! Can't forget me Feetsies too!"

Shingen Miyamaru: "That's more impressive than you may think. There are many styles in Martial Arts although they are only taught to those a master of the style deems worthy since they are kept exclusive. A long time ago, Martial arts were various styles created by various slayer clans. Traditionally they are the first weapons able to slay demons, or they turn the user's own body into a weapon I should say. These special techniques are called Artes. Someone must have seen your potential. I've come across only two styles of Martial Artes, each has a name. Do you remember the Mantra or Element? A Mantra is representative of the spiritual stance the form takes while its element represents its discipline and movement."

Miyaura: "Element? I'm pretty sure he mentioned something about water? Or was I told to go get water? I don't know. I don't know what a mantra is but it's a mystery to me if he taught me one. He was only passing through my village so there wasn't much time to train. Just a few months."

Shingen Miyamaru: "Water huh? Swift as a coursing river, with all the strength of a great typhoon. Hm. Impressive."

Elanor Martin: "So that Katana you're wearing on your back is yours Aisellia?"

Miyaura: "It's our special treasure. It belongs to Karna but when we're separated we like to keep it close."

Elanor Martin: "Aww that's so cute! It's like he's protecting you from far away!"

Miyaura placed her hands on her cheeks, having a big smile on her face as she wiggled around happily as they walked.

Miyaura: "I knooow! It makes my heart go all Doki-Doki!"

Shingen Miyamaru: (How does a guy get so lucky? These girls have to be two of the hottest women I've ever seen or heard of and they're completely dedicated to him. This type of luck makes no sense! Maybe I should try to act less stiff and dignified all the time. That guy seems pretty no. Acting so envious feels shameful and disrespectful to my master's teachings as an honorable knight.)

Elanor curiously looked over to Shingen who in her eyes began to walk differently from his usual straight posture. Seeing him begin an awkward walk, letting his arms swing more loosely and attempting to walk with less of a bounce in his step. Elanor began laughing, inching closer to Shingen until they were nearly shoulder-to-shoulder.

"I think you're cool just the way you have been!"

Noticing he was caught, his face unintentionally displayed his thoughts and enabled Elanor to easily read him like a book. Shingen blushed and quickly rubbed the back of his head from embarrassment.

"You think so?"

"Of course! I've always thought you were the coolest guy around!" She had replied to Shingen with a bright smile, showing her honesty and confidence in her answer.

"Listen, I've just been thinking since we met those girls. Seeing one beautiful woman open to the man she loves, while the other has yet to admit she's already fallen for him. With my...past. They helped me realize something important about myself. That I've been resisting something myself."

"Hm? What is that Elanor?"

Elanor temporarily avoided his question with a short giggle before just smiling at him for several passing seconds. Shingen returned his look but his expression displayed his confusion as if he was supposed to know what it was.

"This world can be fun and it can be hell. We both know I'm not a fighter. Let's be honest, my only duty as a hunter here is as a medic and to keep you and the captain resourced with information and medical needs. This world can be fun and it can be hell, they've helped me decide I'm through with living in hell. I choose fun and happiness sooooo how about I tell you after the mission?"

"Um sure? If that's what you want El."

"Thanks. As a prize, I'll say only this. I may have been looking in the wrong direction for happiness. Looking everywhere except where I could find it! Where it was all along."

Shingen couldn't rid himself of his confusion, Elanor only throwing more on top of it. Quickly leaving his side with a smile, running to catch up and talk to Aisellia and Miyaura who were only several steps ahead of them.

An hour later...

The entirety of their unit plus another had converged in an abandoned town midway way to the enemy's hideout. Marching forward Aisellia and Miyaura's eyes scanned the location as they passed former homes and buildings that were now reduced to mere rubble and large portions missing from the stone buildings that partially remained. Aisellia surveyed their surrounding carefully analyzing the area. Seeing the remains of torn and burned clothes mixed in the stone and dirt beneath their feet.

(Another lost many lives were lost here...)

Suddenly Shingen stopped his movements, placing a hand on Elanor's shoulder to make her stop in her place as well. Miyaura looked over her shoulder curiously at Shingen and Elanor just behind them. Instead of speaking of her instincts, her face shifted to complete focus, quickly looking forward once again extending her arm, blocking Aisellia from moving forward, making her stop, and began stepping backward as suggested by feeling Miyaura's arm gently forcing her to move behind her.

"These footprints in the dirt...could this be-?"

All of a sudden Shingen wrapped his arm around Elanor's shoulders and dashed to the side with her. Elanor having complete trust in her partner did not hesitate to follow his lead allowing him to guide her from the group. Simultaneously Miyaura wrapped her arm around Aisellia's waist and quickly ran off in the same direction as Shingen. Aisellia trust in Miyaura could also be seen as she did not hesitate to allow herself to be taken by her friend, being sure she was leading her to safety even if she didn't know they were in danger herself. Unlike Shingen, Miyaura held the physical strength the carry Aisellia. The four leaped through a gaping hole into one of the abandoned homes.

"What happened?"

Just as Elanor's question got their shared attention, the answer became clear from the new deathly screams, bullet fire, and explosions that could be heard from outside. From the structure's northern side, some of the stone still remained to provide cover. As they peered over the small wall, the group could see bodies falling while war cries filled the air. What few mercenaries could afford began firing their guns into the air aiming for their targets and taking cover nearby. The others drew their swords and axes and charged into battle. From inside the building, Aisellia and Elanor peeked outside of a glass-less window, seeing the enemy group coming out of hiding from different spots around town. The few enemies on top of buildings rained gunfire while the bulk of their army charged forward with weapons in hand to match the Orion Alliance members.

Aisellia & Elanor: "It's an ambush!"

Miyaura: "What do we do?!"

Elanor Martin: "They're mowing everyone down! They must have had ambushes set up all through the city, other units might have been hit too."

Shingen Miyamaru: "Tch, hailing gunfire isn't something I can easily defend against with a sword. Maybe if one of them were distracted I could close in."

Elanor Martin: "We need a plan fast! Men are dropping on both sides fast but only they have the advantage. If they make it past those guys we're next with no reinforcement!"

Miyaura: "Aisellia are you alright?"

Miyaura questioned, seeing her friend cease peeking over the edge of the window holding her head. The sight of death brought the vivid visual of Sheilia and Cana's death into her mind. The memory of their lifeless bodies in that cave reoccurs before her eyes once again.

She was able to see it so clearly as if she was much closer to it occurring than she was at the time, the memory playing vividly fresh in her mind and before her eyes. Sheilia's body was held suspended in the air, her limbs futilely flailing, kicking, and grabbing only air in her constant attempt to escape the demon's grasp. The screams of pain escaped her as her small body became more physically bruised and damaged yet the demon would not stop. Shelia could only scream her words, her clothes tattered and torn, and her lower body exposed to the demon's own lower body as the demon continued pulling her lower body against its own. The impact of the force against Shelia's body echoed into Aisellia's ears mixed with Sheilia's painful yelps and gasps for air, tears flowing from her open eyes.

Her senses returning to the present, Aisellia remained silent and moved her hands to quickly cover her mouth while she ran to the opposite wall and vomited on the floor.

"I-I'm sorry, I didn't think to ask you about being in battle before this..."

Elanor quickly apologized to the sick Aisellia. Miyaura quickly ran over to her friend and began rubbing her back gently to help relieve her now that she had stopped vomiting. Elanor soon ran over to them, handing Aisellia her handkerchief which Aisellia quickly used to wipe her face, allowing Miyaura to comfort her by rubbing her back.

"It's going to be okay Aisellia..."

Aisellia took a few deep breaths before turning around.

"Thank you both. As you can tell, I'm really the most inexperienced here with seeing death. The volume of violence...I'm honestly not used to seeing it at all."

"It's alright. It's not a thing anyone should be used to. It turns a person's heart cold."

Elanor replied to Aisellia's confession. The noble looked towards the broken window and proceeded to close her eyes. One large inhale followed by a deep exhale. Opening her eyes once again, revealing a look of reaffirmed determination.

"Everyone gather up...I have a plan that might get us out of here."

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