Chapter 30:

Memories of A Slayer

Azure Sins (Sin Ver.)

Karna found himself standing at a cliff's edge, high noon sunshine illuminating the vast landscape before him... Hearing footsteps, the person turned to gaze over their shoulder, seeing an older male slowly approaching them from behind. The older man had gray hair atop his head matching the long beard descending from his chin, which waved by the graceful breeze currently blowing. The elder male silently stepped up beside the younger person. His vision having to look upwards to meet eyes with the man of whom shifted his gaze to meet with his before returning to looking beyond the cliff's edge. In their sites, a large village surrounds by vast grasslands. At the village's back was a single large building. In front of it a large group of young teens undergoing training exercises, lead by another elderly man. In a separate group of sparring individuals, a young girl engaged against several other students surrounding her, being visibly one of the youngest there yet her skill depicted she was one of the best present. With an excellent display of her martial arts ability, defending against and neutralized each of her attackers quickly. Letting out a deep exhale, bringing her hands together in focus while her classmates laid on the ground around her. Relaxing herself, she smirked looking at her success. She began walking off to the side, being finished with her exercise, a sight of Karna and an elderly male standing at the cliff overlooking the village.

It was then the vision escaped the first-person perspective, allowing Karna to view the vision as a spectator, seeing a younger him standing beside the elder male.

"I hear you refuse to train with the others?"

The elderly man questioned.

"We both know I'm stronger and faster than any of them..."

"Given your demon genetics, I would think so too. Well as far as the students go anyways. I also couldn't help but notice you haven't been very social. Thinking about it I guess you've never been quite social since I found you and brought you here."

"Sensei...according to the other masters you're pretty good at isolating yourself too."

"That's different. They just want to talk about old people's things. The masters and I joined together to form this village. Training slayers of various walks of life and suffering. Half of the students here have come from some tragedy and were brought here for a second chance. Passing down centuries worth of Artes from many different traditions and teachings of slayers from across the world. However, I work more efficiently alone. All these years I had refused to take on an apprentice until I found you of course."

"Why choose me as an apprentice? Every master will turn against you if they ever found out what I am."

"We both only discovered your genetics together just a few years past. If that's how you must consider it, it may be what you are, but only you can decide WHO you are."

The elderly man said, placing a hand on his chest.

"The scar has healed but it's strange. No matter what someone may categorize you are my student...and just as human as the rest of us as far as I'm concerned. You know, minus the glowing eyes."

He ended saying with a smile, prompting Karna to share in the laugh himself.

"Yet I think it won't do well for you to be so isolated from the others. This is why I've decided to join the Master's Council of the village and personally select the students who will participate. They've been pursuing me as an official Master in their society for so long, an old man can only be hassled so much before he gives in."

"You're acknowledged as the best of Slayers, you're practically a legend. It doesn't sound strange they would let you pick from their students."

"What? I expected more of a protest?"

"Hm? Why would I? I won't be there."

"Oh yes, you will..."


"You may be naturally more physically gifted but your technique is still flawed. You're still a novice compared to me, but you and the ones I've selected hold greater potential than any of the masters or me."

The elder man said as he spun around and began walking down the hill.

"Plus a new student arrived two weeks ago...We'll see how long you remain the best of my apprentices. Oh! but if I recall someone swore they would be stronger than even myself and kill every demon in our world or something to that effect."

The man stopped for a moment, taking a second to stroke his beard in thought before simply shrugging his shoulders.

"Oh well can't remember! Must have been some poor weak chump Ohohoho!"

Karna watched the elder male walk away laughing but his humor brought a smirk to Karna's face.

"Hm. That's right...I will. Sensei, you told me your power comes from protecting those you don't want to lose...but I'm a demon so...I can't have that...So if I can't protect someone I might care about by being by their side, then I'll learn how to dominate and become a Demon King to force demons to stop preying on humans and Deimos. If they refuse, then I'll destroy every last one of them myself."

The vision of Karna ended, the color and pupils returning to his eyes. Gaze meeting instantly with Aisellia's whose hand stretched out for him.

(No, it didn't work! I'm too weak after all. I'm sorry everybody...I-I couldn't do it. I knew someone like me couldn't force a contract for my own pathetic soul!)

"What? What is this horrible pain! It feels like something is burning inside me! Ah!"

Spontaneously Aisellia appeared calm. prompting Leiliana to quickly direct her attention to the girl.

"No...stupid girl, she has made a contract with a demon with her soul. I thought it impossible..."

Gently removing Miyaura from her lap and onto the ground. Leiliana watched in silence, seeing Aisellia own eyes glowing.

"She's calm? No looking at her eyes...this is possession, but I don't sense any sin like in the other girl. Is she being possessed by a user of artes? I've never heard of such an arte capable of possession like demons."

Suddenly something pulsed deep down inside Aisellia's core as she stood, her hand extended towards him, a graceful aura of light flowing around her body.

(I can help you...)

A voice within her mind said.

"I am thou, thou art I..."

On the back of her hand, one part of the symbol faded from her skin.

"Wings of my rebellion that shall breaketh thy chains of captivity! Embrace your oath and annihilate all who hinder my path. Spirit and sin by command of your Queen, Exterminate thou before you!"

Karna took in his final sight of the girls before the demon's beam enveloped his entire body. Leiliana turned away from Aisellia. Quickly enough to catch what final glimpse of Karna she could before the sight of him was overtaken by the beam. Her eyes shifted towards the distant ground where he formerly stood, something immediately shocking her once she took notice. Below the beam lied deeply imprinted, footprints of something far from human, watching the steam rise from the azure scorched earth. The shock almost causing her to miss the sudden appearance of another print on the side of the beam. Immediately footprints began appearing rapidly, the source invisible to the naked eye. Yet she proved barely able to keep up with their pace. Soon multiple steps behind as they appeared beside the beam, curving all the way back to the demon itself just as the beam began dissipating. By the time she could tell where the prints were leading she altered her gaze directly at the demon. Seeing it staring down another demonic creature in front of it. A creature whose body was engulfed in a deep shroud of darkness. Lacking facial features save for white lights seemingly peering through its darkness-shaping eyes. Its mouth is only shaped by darkness giving the appearance of jagged teeth. In the second Leiliana laid eyes on them, the creature of darkness swung its hand, the aura shaped into claws of which is used to swipe at the demon. Without hesitation, its body appeared to vibrate and disappear from sight just before the attack landed. Leiliana fell onto her rear next to the other girls at what she saw next.

The evaded swipe did not go without effect. Slicing not just through the air but also carving incredibly four deep slashes in the earth. A result of the being's sheer power alone before it disappeared in chase of the other demon. Aisellia suddenly dropped to her knees panting heavily.


Leiliana called out, shifting onto all fours next to her.


Aisellia muttered.

"Shh, just rest. You've exhausted every ounce of stamina in your body...and even that's an understatement. The same happens to those of us who use too many or too powerful Artes. You should be dead using something that far beyond what your body and spirit can create."

Aisellia who appeared drained of all energy fell back from her knees down onto her rear. Her lips quivered fiercely as she attempted to speak but evidently, she had no energy for words to even be spoken. Leiliana crawled behind her, gently pulling her back against the hunter's chest, allowing Aisellia to rest on her.

"Don't try speaking, even that may be the death of you. You're lucky to be alive right now as we speak. That demon...or man you trust. You two obviously trust him with your's up to him now..."

With Leiliana's words spoken into her ear, Aisellia's body began relaxing. This allowed her weight to fall completely against Leiliana, almost passing out on the spot, yet she fought to hold her eyes open, looking forward to where the battle commenced.

Scorched footprints rapidly moved around the battlefield. Every other second they would stop just before an audible boom filled the air and space followed by a shock-wave that even the girls could feel the resulting breeze created from it. Immediately after the footprints quickly traveled a moderate distance before such effects occurred again. The pace in between rapidly shortened, although none of them could visibly see what was happening, they all knew without thought. Each made by the two demons clashing against one another. By the time the collision created physical damage to the earth, they had already collided in another area.

"I can't keep up..."

Leiliana admitted hesitantly to herself. Her inferiority quickly became irrelevant. The sounds of Aisellia's growing labored breathing became prominent, breathing from her mouth but with each breath, a painful groan escaped her lips.


Before Leiliana could finish, she caught the sound of something flying through the air towards them. Turning her head to see the oncoming debris from the battle flying towards them. She quickly used her body to cover Aisellia, causing the debris to repeatedly strike and be deterred by the hunter's back. Each rock tearing away at her uniform, scratching and bruising her back before the final one struck the back of the head causing her body to go limp. Her tenacity allowed her to catch herself slipping out of consciousness but through willpower alone, she regained herself back.

"Are you hurt...don't answer that."

She said before a feeling left her with a curious expression. Reaching her fingers towards her head she realized, by the blood on her fingers, that she was bleeding. Looking down into Aisellia's eyes she could see the girl's eyes focused on her own.

"Really, I've survived worse than this."

With her words, she could see Aisellia begin calming down physically. Her eyes sluggishly returning to the direction of the battle. Leiliana quickly got behind Aisellia to let her rest against her once again.

"I see. You want to see it to the end as well-"

A sudden movement in the corner of her eye caught Leiliana's attention. Miyaura struggling, crawling beside them. In one final stretch, lunging herself as much as she could, successfully grabbing onto the sword embedded in the ground. A gratified smile on her face before allowing her head to drop to the ground.

Suddenly Leiliana felt a surge of terror flow through her body as a horrific screech entered her ears instantly making her turn to the battle. The azure flame-covered humanoid unleashed a horrific shriek before lowering itself onto all fours. Immediately the beast kicked off the ground. Unleashing a burst air beginning its full charge towards the demon who in turn calmly flew backward through the air just above the ground. Its eyes locked onto the flaming demon charging for it. Extending a hand forward, energy began condensing into an orb in its palm once again unleashing a condensed ray of energy. The blast released his way, the eyes of the azure demon glanced over, its attention caught by Miyaura rising to her feet with his weapon in hand. In the glance alone, its sight fixated on Miyaura and Aisellia lying just behind her. Being witness to Miyaura's injuries and soon after Aisellia who struggled to even breathe triggered something inside of the azure demon. Leiliana stood with her gifted Angelo. Taking her weapon in a reverse grip as she lined her sights on the enemy demon. Getting into stance she raised her weapon to near eye level, lining up her shot before launching the weapon with what remained of her strength. Flying true, the demon being distracted was the opportunity she needed for her spear to find its way. The demon unleashed its attack but was swiftly interrupted by the spear piercing clear through its body, temporarily stunning the creature. Having a hole created through its torso.

Karna seemingly entranced before looking forward, discovering enough time to instinctively attempt to slow himself down yet it proved futile as the ray aimed to overtake his body. With the unleashed rays' path altered only slightly Just before impact, the flame enveloping Karna flickered. Karna throwing his body sideways, being mere inches from the attack. The flames substituting his body were overtaken by the energy ray. Karna's physical body returned to normal, shedding his cloak of flames and save for his crimson eyes and slightly elongated fangs. The ray was merely inches away from his body, keeping the momentum from his charge leaving him moving forward through the air. When the ray dissipated Karna's eyes caught sight of the demon looking towards the girls. Before it was able to react to the girls, Karna unleashed a burst of flames from his soles. His flames propelling him forward and adjusting his body upright placing his feet onto the ground. Not ceasing in his rapid dash forward earning the demon's prominent attention over the girl and the blade protruding from its side. The demon aimed both palms forward, performing its own hardened war cry, and with haste began rapidly charging and firing a volley of condensed orbs at Karna.

Karna fearlessly dashed forward, evading multiple orbs fired at him. Visibly angering the demon more, it increased the rate of creation and firing of the orbs. Karna weaving and acrobatically evaded the orbs, leaving them to explode on the impact on other surfaces surrounding him. With the suddenly increased output from the demon, the destructive orbs became more difficult to dodge yet it did not stop him from improvising. His body flickering in and out of sight while dashing forward appearing in one spot then the next. Seeing its destructive assault failing, the demon aimed its palm, using the other hand to grip onto its wrist quickly charging its next blast.

Just as the orb decompressed into the large blast the demon winced in pain, looking to see a spear had pierced clean through its body. Slowing its speed yet not well enough for its feet to remain off ground. Its eyes quickly finding the culprit, seeing Leiliana leaning forward from the follow-through of her throw. Her distraction drawing the demon's attention away from Karna long enough for him to evade the blast and quickly close the distance, forcing the spewing flames from his feet launching him forward accessing an incredible speed. Mid-air, Karna twisted his body, allowing the flames to erupt from his hands as well. Not just pushing him forward but also due to the way he positioned his body while casting the flames causing his body to rapidly rotate. Once within range, utilizing his rotating momentum, leading into an azure flamed kick, his leg smashing into the demon's torso. The attack connected further pushing the demon back who hardened his stance to resist the kick pushing against him. With a determined outburst from his mouth and a great burst of flames enveloping his leg, Karna pushed forward completing his kick and sending the demon soaring backward at even greater speed. Slowly spinning from his kick, he turned slowly in the air, rotating and facing towards the demon once again the instant one of his toes touched the ground and instantly disappearing from sight once again.

Karna moving quickly but not quick enough for the demon to lose track of him. Timing a swing of its clawed hand, its eyes tracking his movement to right in front of it. Just as its claws began to pierce Karna who suddenly entered everyone's sight again, his body suddenly combusting and being replaced by an azure flame leaving the demon's hands to unexpectedly swipe through the body of flames. Its eyes widened, the flames causing a small explosion increasing the speed of its flight path, and quickly began engulfing its body. Visibly causing pain and damage to its body, its attempt to defend against the flames by moving its limbs rapidly were futile. The demon remained too preoccupied. Oblivious to the man whose body remained cloaked by the azure flame standing a short distance away, behind the demon on its incoming flight path. Karna's silhouette remained visibly through the flames surrounding his body. A demonic red eye peering through the darkness of its figure. His left hand gripping tightly onto his sheathed katana, his thumb pressed underneath the weapons tsuba.

"...Dark Slayer..."

Karna spoke out, his voice having a demonic affliction behind his normal voice. The demon being too occupied with the flames on its body to acknowledge its path enclosing on Karna. Taking in a breath while blinking, a final memory played in his mind. A dark rainy night within his small village. Flames that had engulfed the homes surrounding him persistently surviving the downpour of rain. A young Karna stood in the middle of an open area, standing silently in the rain with his head hung low. On his body, he adorned custom light armor built for him specifically. On the ground lied many corpses at his feet and throughout the area. His mentor approached from behind, calmly walking past the small sea of bodies. The corpse's blood mixing into the rain covering more of the ground they stood on. He could only bring himself a moderate distance away, his eyes looking down to see the young man's bare feet singed by what azure flame resisted being taken out from the rain. The elderly man calmly stroked his beard Karna continued to stand in silence a few seconds more before lifting his head towards the sky, allowing the rain to fall on his face.

"Whatever you may lose, you will find it again..."

He spoke.

"But what you throw away you will never get back Xaer..."

His teacher replied. In the present time, the flames surrounding Karna suddenly dispersed into the air. Shedding the flames from his body just as his eyes began opening, already having the incoming demon locked into his sights. Taking a step forward towards the demon who now would be no more than a few meters away.

The instant his foot touched ground Karna straightened the thumb he held pressed against the tsuba of his katana had caused it to extend slightly from its sheathe. Just as the click of the blade being partially freed emitted a sound, time visibly stopped around the two beings. Their altered time/space having a blue hue to it. Slowly from the sky fell bright azure feathers shaped from his flame. Their slow descent is graceful in nature being a source of illumination for their surroundings and only movement occurring in the zone. Quickly traces of lights rapidly appeared being riddled across the demon's body


Karna said in a barely audible voice. Restoring their perspectives of time once more allowing for time itself to continue as normal. Karna now stood ahead of the demon, who released a vicious roar as it now glared at the man's back. Its body became simultaneously sliced at various angles. Visibly cut apart, letting the azure flame burn its remains into the air as they continued flying from the demon's momentum and extinguishing themselves once nothing remained to be burned from existence.

Leiliana stared in awe and confusion about what she had witnessed. Miyaura falling on her rear next to Leiliana. Miyaura simply laughs, looking out, gazing happily at Karna who stood victorious on the battleground soaked with rain and blood. Suddenly surprising Miyaura and Leiliana, Aisellia inhaled a very deep breath and on exhaling, she began proving able to gradually begin controlling her breathing. Regaining enough of herself to push herself onto her rear with Leiliana's assistance. After catching her breath Aisellia lifted her head smiling at the two of them, causing them all to laugh and smile at one another out of relief. Having the ability to share a peaceful moment pleased them all. Enjoying the moment of ease until Karna appeared in front of them all.

"Never again...I deserve hazard pay!"

He said, standing before them all. They had heard his words but their attention was obviously elsewhere, their extremely blushed matching cheeks revealed all in their heads. Leiliana appeared awe-struck at the sight before their eyes, curiously leaning forward before quickly shielding her eyes and leaning away from him.

"W-w-whatever! Just have some decency lust demon and conceal that monster!"

Leiliana blurted out shielding her eyes with her hands. Taking a second to peek over her hand to look Karna in the eyes, using her hand to block the rest of him.

"How rude, I'd rather go with being called a demon than a monster. Makes me sound less horrible thank you very much."

He replied while chuckling, playful crossing his arms and adjusting his standing position. Leiliana subconsciously looked down as he moved, prompting her to once again lean away covering her eyes once more.

"Ah! Stop moving that's dangerous!"

She cried out.


He replied looking very confused. Miyaura however rested on all fours looking directly at his body, saliva dripping from the corner of her mouth having an intensely lustful gaze on her face.

"I like danger...and it's big danger at that hee-hee."


Miyaura chimed in with her opinion on the matter with Leiliana only able to question what she had heard, seeing this woman openly enjoying it. The more the girls commented the more he became visibly confused. It was then Aisellia spoke out, being embarrassed by having to deal with the situation and how close he was to them.

"Shut it and puts some clothes on perv!"

Karna was able to lose his look of confusion as he glanced down before breaking into nervous laughter.

"Haha! Believe it or not, I'm incredibly uncomfortable right now!"

He said with a smirk that portrayed otherwise. Without a hint Karna suddenly lost consciousness, leading his body to fall forward. Leiliana and Aisellia instinctively screaming and reaching out to protect themselves while Miyaura reached out all the same except with a lustful smile.