Chapter 1:

The Hydrangea

Hydrangea Blues

Have you ever wondered what the meaning of a hydrangea was? 
I think that it's a very beautiful flower. It might be one of my favorites and it's used in many special occasions, weddings, engagements, and other events that unites people. 

It even has many colors and it's quite easy to grow, colors such as pink, white, purple and blue.
Despite being such a wonderful flower did you know that it's meaning is quite sad?

Even though it's meaning involves love, purity, and gratitude, there's also a darker side to it. A side in which you would want to keep hidden.

Depending on the flower's color they also have different meanings.
For example white means purity and grace, but it can also mean boasting. Purple signifies the feeling of wanting to understand someone better, although it seems to be a nice emotion it can also be something bad. 


Simply because of the events surrounding it. Perhaps you have gotten into a fight with a loved one, and a big one at that. You just can't seem to compromise, and so you would wish to understand them better, so that you can come together again... 

If you can't seem to understand each other, would it just end that way? With regrets?

Aside from this, the pink hydrangea seems to be the only one with a positive side as it signifies romance, love and marriage. But you never know, as there might also be both sides for everything. For example, what if you had no love and you were just lonely? In those circumstances the hydrangea might remind you of something that you wouldn't want to remember or perhaps an emotion that makes you long for something that you do not have. And sometimes, you may also get tired of waiting...

But most of all, I like the blue hydrangea the most. 2nd place comes with the purple hydrangea as I too, would like to understand someone better. The reason why I like the blue hydrangea may be because of it's color. But not only that, I also like it's meaning... 

Not focusing on 1st half of it's meaning which is turning down a romantic proposal, the part that I like and can relate to is asking for forgiveness and expressing regret.

I believe that these emotions, seeking for forgiveness, seeking for approval, and expressing regret after something you have done or failed to do- are quite common emotions.

One may seek forgiveness to continue on living without guilt, one may seek approval to be finally content with one's self and one might be filled with regret after doing something one should not have done. If not that, it would be something that one has decided not to do due to a change of emotions. Either way all these emotions... are very sad emotions.

They are very sad emotions but one will still most likely choose to live on anyway, unless one has reached their breaking point. But even though one has reached their breaking point, some will still choose to live on.

And so I believe that the hydrangea may be a representation of human emotions. It may be beautiful- it may look like the person is fine. But on the inside, there might a darker, and sadder story to it. All you need to do, is find its meaning.


Hydrangea Blues