Chapter 3:

Dark Aura

Dark Fantasy

(Alarm clock rings)Bookmark here

Surprize energetic eyes, Allure excited happy looking forward todayBookmark here

Allure: jumps up out of bed does quick stretches.Bookmark here

Allure: brush her teeth washes her faceBookmark here

Allure: Makes her way to the bed to lay down(the bed was made)Bookmark here

Allure:Puts Vr device onBookmark here

[Welcome to Dark Fantasy]Bookmark here

[Game initializeBookmark here

Allure at her favorite logout locationBookmark here

She awakens at the spot she logged out atBookmark here

A Mad bear was staring at herBookmark here

She makes a shock face but doesn't hesitate to move out the wayBookmark here

The bear slashed at her and hit the bark on the tree that allure was previously atBookmark here

Allure has gotten in a defensive stanceBookmark here

She bleeding on the shoulder, she didn’t move fast enough her speed slowBookmark here

The bear stood tall and striked againBookmark here

Allure blocked with a cheap small wooden shieldBookmark here

She was pinned down doing her best to hold out from the rapid strikesBookmark here

Chapter 3 (cont.)Bookmark here

She kneeling while blocking gritting her teethBookmark here

The shield broke from one of the strikes and left a gashed on her forearmBookmark here

Allure quickly use that moment as an opportunity to bounce backBookmark here

And jump up on her feet she bleeding from the left shoulder and left armBookmark here

She in a defensive attack stance allure only has her bronze sword up & ready.Bookmark here

Allure is a fair distance away from the madbear.Bookmark here

They glared at each other in the eyes.Bookmark here

Allure facial expression became a serious focus look.Bookmark here

The madbear was preparing for a final attack to end this fightBookmark here

Allure used the little bit of strength she had left in her left armBookmark here

To grab her bronze sword with both hands.Bookmark here

She raised the sword up by her head pointed at the madbearBookmark here

She widen her stance.Bookmark here

And Lowered her center of gravity slightly by bending her knees.Bookmark here

The madbear charge at AllureBookmark here

Allure bend her knees more.Bookmark here

The madbear pounced and Allure quickly made a last minute thrust attack for the madbear heart.Bookmark here

It pierced through, the bear and Allure was frozen in time for a moment. It look as if Allure was holding the bear up with her sword.the bear was defeated it soon started to fall on her. She dodges by letting go of the sword and rolling out the way.Bookmark here

She began to rest.Bookmark here

*rattle rattle*Bookmark here

She heard something in the Bushes and was on guard again. A mysterious person walks out holding a bag.Bookmark here

(Its Dayna avatar)Bookmark here

The mysterious person had a black hooded cloak on.Bookmark here

Avatar Dayna: “This bag has all your belongings from your previous build. The player who pkd you didn't take anything.”Bookmark here

Allure: is resting on the floor very weak she manage to stand and crosses her arms.Bookmark here

Her stance looked powerful and off putting. Her facial expression is a open book unlike herself in real life. She has a mean slightly disgusted look.Bookmark here

Allure:”I don't want it!”Bookmark here

Avatar Dayna:Starts to kneel putting her fist towards the ground and bowing her headBookmark here

Avatar dayna: “forgive me…..”Bookmark here

Avatar dayna: paused as if she was waiting for an answer.Bookmark here

Allure: wasn't pleased she got more irritated. It showed in her facial expressionBookmark here

Allure: -sigh- “yes, you're forgiven”Bookmark here

Avatar dayna: let me take you to my guild palace. We can heal you there.Bookmark here

Allure: “who are youu---?”Bookmark here

Avatar Dayna: was already in process of opening a blood portal to guild palace.Bookmark here

Avatar Dayna: looked around then cut her thumb with a dagger and gesture her hands in a circle where the blood portal manifest accordingly.Bookmark here

Avatar Dayna:” this is a blood portal, it's dark magic only a few know this method of creating portalsBookmark here

Thus dark magic.Bookmark here

Avatar Dayna: look at Allure briefly and paused with a calm plain face.then back at the portal.Bookmark here

Avatar Dayna: “come now”Bookmark here

Allure: goes forthBookmark here

Allure: enter a guild hall with a throne off in the distance.there were people standing in formation like they were awaiting for her.Bookmark here

Ketchler: “Dayanara!!!! Who is this imbecile?” saids angrily.Bookmark here

Kosher: “you brought a noob to our secret guild hall.”said’s condescending.Bookmark here

Cynthia: Hahaha ...oh Dayanara she does this manically and dark and continues laughing manically.Bookmark here

Veronica:” My sides hurts hahahaha”Bookmark here

Allure suddenly became engulf in a dark aura....Bookmark here

Bookmark here

{all the rest I recently added, I think must rewrite all of Dark Fantasy and try to plan it out but i may just continue as is and make that big 1st draft}Bookmark here

Allure suddenly became engulf in a dark aura, the dark aura came from various entry ways to the grand hall where everyone was. It shadow the room and you could hear loud strong and swift swooshes from the dark aura The Dark aura originated from the basement of the guild palace. The dark aura was entering into her through her mouth until she gritted her teeth and stopped it but it also was pepricatiing into her skin causing her skin to bleed. Demonic changes to her body was occuring Allure was in agony she soon gave in to the dark aura. As she came to be drawn to the power that she felt.Bookmark here

She stop resisting and fell to her knees.Bookmark here

The black fog made it difficult for the other to see allure. All they could see from it was her red eyes. All they can feel from it is her bloodlust. Everyone was on guard and on high alert. As the black fog dissipated you could see Allure slowly rise up.Bookmark here

Allure had a demon tail, demon wings, demon horns, demon skin, demon eyes. Bookmark here

Dark Fantasy

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