Chapter 2:

Stomach Growls

Dark Fantasy

(Alarm Clock) **ring**ring**ring**..........
Allure Eyes open wide.
Allure jumps out of bed and gets dress quickly to run to school.Bookmark here

Allure running to school swiftly, she bumps into someone but she does not fall
Allure twist around to look back for a second while keeping the momentum to see if the unknown person was okay.
They lock eye contact.
The unknown person blinks his eyes for a second while reaching his hand out to greet her.
Allure has already twisted around to continue running to school properly and not backward.
Allure didn't notice he was about to say something.
The unknown person is left hanging.Bookmark here

Allure makes it on time at school gates.
Allure resting for a bit, to catch her breath, she is panting.
There are some eyes on her.
*Someone is watching*Bookmark here

In the math classroom, its currently break time for lunch.
Allure sitting alone at her desk with a focused look
Unknown person goes to allure to introduce himself trying to be charming Bookmark here

"Hi, I'm Ben----"
Allure stomach growls
"Do you want-----"
Allure stomach growlsBookmark here

Other students in the class began looking at them
Whispers such as "why is the most popular guy talking to her" etc.
A group of mean girls was looking the leader Evon had a piss off look
Female classmate Dayna was observing with a thoughtful lookBookmark here

Allure notice people were  looking
Allure looks up and notice Ben
"Who are you?"
Ben:"You bump into----."
Allure stomach growls she immediately gets up.
Allure leaves class.
Ben is left hanging once again.Bookmark here

In English class teacher dismissing students saying have a good weekend.
Allure started walking home.Bookmark here

On her way, she sees someone from the distance, its Dayna.
Dayna was standing in wait for her with her arms crossed looking intimidating.Bookmark here

Allure stops walking.
"You didn't eat lunch or breakfast, did you?"
Allure stomach growls.
"I will get you something to eat."
"I don't bite come on......My name is Dayna."Bookmark here

Both at Wc Donalds at a table.
Allure has a hamburger combo with fries and drink.
Allure is eating the hamburger with both hands.
Dayna is only drinking cola.
Dayna is sipping her drink with a straw while having an intense thoughtful glare at allure
They sit in silence....Bookmark here

Allure finishes the hamburger she is now drinking  her cola
Allure puts the drink down. Bookmark here

"umm...thanks for the food.Bookmark here

Dayna nods her while still sipping on her drink.
"Those mean girls might try to do something to you. I'll be there when they do."
"So let's exchange numbers, So we can keep in touch."Bookmark here

"Umm okay"
They exchange numbers
"I'll walk you home now"
"....."Bookmark here

There in front of Allure's house
Allure: "Why are you doing this for me it's a bit too much"
Dayna: "Is it?"Bookmark here

It's time for them to go there separate ways.
Dayna walks away while waving back cool like and shouting
"Don't be afraid to call me!"Bookmark here

Allure in her bed now in pajamas She is thinking about Dayna.
"What was all that about?"
"Ehh whatever....."
"I can spend all day tomorrow leveling"
Allure yawns
"For now, I' ma sleep to have the energy for tomorrow."Bookmark here

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