Chapter 1:

The Jungle

Journal From The Lost

This Journal may just end up on my shelf back home collecting dust, but I'm going to write in this anyway, it'll give me something to do and keep me sane while I'm on this trip.Bookmark here

My Name is Kerry Thomas and I've been assigned by my... boss to explore a jungle in the middle of nowhere to document flower and plant species. Bookmark here

Apparently, he's looking for a particular one for something, I don't know what, I just need the money.     Bookmark here

I was just dropped off by helicopter, the date and time are 10:00 AM 7/6/1994. Bookmark here

I'm scheduled to meet at a designated pickup zone across the jungle in one month, sounds easy enough. I have enough food for the trip if I ration well and enough water for a week. Bookmark here

I would take more but my pack is so heavy as it is ill just have to find a stream to refill my supply. Bookmark here

Right now I'm working on getting my bearings before I head off for about 6-7 hours. I'll update then.Bookmark here

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bookmark here

Man, this pack is so heavy. Bookmark here

Its been about 2 hours and I can barely feel my legs, but at least the scenery is beautiful. The plant life here is just breathtaking! I've already documented at least 5 species that are like nothing I've seen before. I've taken samples of them, but I just can't stop admiring them. One flower I found is this beautiful shade of red with elegant long petals that spiral into the middle. Bookmark here

This jungle is amazing, but there is something odd about it. Every about 30 minutes the jungle just goes completely silent for approximately 3 seconds. The only sounds I could hear were my footsteps and the light wind blowing on my back. My guess is that there is something like a large predator in this jungle that is messing with the ecology, but that's just me talking out of my ass. Bookmark here

Never said I was a professional. Bookmark here

Either way, I'm keeping my eyes peeled. Bookmark here

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bookmark here

Alright, it's been another 2 hours or so and it's currently 2:30 PM.Bookmark here

Not much has changed since last time. I have 2 new species, but that's pretty much it. I'll start setting up camp probably around 5-6 once I find a good spot. The weird occurrence I talked about at my last stop has slowed down to about once in every 45 minutes. I hope that's a good sign. Bookmark here

I'm so glad I've packed a few bottles of bug spray because when I was near that stream I felt like I was being swarmed, luckily now that I've strayed away it's soooooo much better. Bookmark here

Anyway, I've been thinking. Bookmark here

Why send only me? I mean this jungle is huge, why not send a large team to search the whole jungle? They would certainly do it way faster than me. Bookmark here

Oh well. Bookmark here

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bookmark here

I'm so pooped! it's 5:30 PM and I've finally found a good spot for the night. Bookmark here

After coming through some thick brush I discovered a cave! it seems to be unoccupied, I've found no trace of large animal tracks anywhere in the area. just to be safe I'm going to explore the inside though. If it's clear like I think it is this will be a total score!Bookmark here

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bookmark here

Ok, this is crazy, I went inside and the cave seems to be HUGE! I went inside for about 20 minutes but couldn't find any end to it. that and based on how much wind flows through the thing I bet it stretches on for miles underground. Scary, but still no signs of large animals so I think I'm going to stay here the night. Bookmark here

I brought a hammock but it doesn't seem like I'll need it tonight so ill be just resting my head on my pack to sleep, not ideal but it'll do. Bookmark here

The occurrences from earlier have completely stopped at this point. Thank god, I was starting to get freaked out.Bookmark here

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bookmark here

FUCK! Bookmark here

Ok, so it's currently 6:40 AM and I woke up with my pack dragged about 20 Feet into the cave with half my food missing. I portioned it out the best I could but I still only have enough for 20 days. Fuck! I'm not hurt or anything either, some animal somehow was able to steal the food without waking me. Bookmark here

I need to get moving if I'm going to make it to the pickup zone in time. Bookmark here

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bookmark here

9:15 AM, That weird occurrence from yesterday is back, but now it's about once and every 10 minutes. If you think I'm weird for being scared you need to understand something, imagine you were walking in a busy street with cars and people everywhere and suddenly everything just stopped for a few seconds to just start again like nothing happened. you would piss yourself. Bookmark here

It's making my studies increasingly hard to accomplish but I need to come back with results or I may get left here. Bookmark here

I was told the pickup zone was north of my dropzone, so if I just keep going with my compass I'll be ok.Bookmark here

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bookmark here

BREAKING NEWS: According to officials they have located where they believe Kerry Thomas ended up. Tracks have been found in a cave system nearby where her journal was found. A team has already been sent inside to find her. stay tuned for more information as it comes in.  Bookmark here

====================================================Bookmark here

Authors NotesBookmark here

This will be the only time I will be interjecting in this particular story because even for me it just kills the mood. I hope you all enjoy this new story idea and thank you for any support. Bookmark here

Expect this story to be updated rarely until my current story Every NIght Has a Star is completed, I just wanted to give you all something until the next chapter is ready. Bookmark here

Any and all criticism or thoughts are very appreciated, thank you in advance. I update my profile extremely often with what to expect and future projects.  Bookmark here

Bye Bye!Bookmark here


Journal From The Lost

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