Chapter 0:


Skipped a Beat

Last day of Middle School, Friday, March 23rd, 2018. I'm about to go back home since there’s nothing to do here, no friends to hang out with.

Guess I'll just go home and wait for 2nd April to arrive because high school life oh yeah!

Not that it actually makes a difference for me since I'll just study like I did here in middle school and didn't join even a single club, because it's a pain in the ass and I don't like being around people. A vacant place is my comfort zone. Being in a class is also painful but I have to bear it every freakin day, always hoping that the bell would ring so I can run back to my house.

It's weird that I act so differently than others, so many people have tried to be friends with me since they think of me as a shy guy, so I don't have any friends. I also have gotten many love letter, what was it? 78th, 79th I guess, yeah, 79 love letters in middle school, and even many straight confessions, I stopped counting because it's pointless. I'm going to turn them down anyway as it's not a game to keep check of how many girls I have turned down.

Classmates say that I'm smart and handsome, and really famous among girls, which is retarded ‘cause I'm a nerd. Top-of-the-class student. How can I be handsome, I'm weak, an otaku, how can someone like me...I don't understand.

Speaking of confessions, here's another one, in my shoe locker, just like the old cliche style. "Meet me at the back of the gym..." Huh? Is this some sort of a fight letter or something? I suppose I must have pissed someone off with my ugly mug, oh well, I suppose I’ll just go to the gym and see what this is all about.

So, I walked up to the back of the gym, as I'm about to take a turn to the right (to the backside of the gym), I see a girl standing there… Oh, so the person who wrote the letter isn't here yet… I'll just wait here then. Probably don't want to get in her way. I think she might be waiting for someone? She must have given someone a love letter and is now waiting to meet that person. I shouldn't really get in her way with the fight that I'm about to have, don't want to ruin her confession.

Even though I hate couples and stuff, I don't get in other’s way because it's their choice. I don't get to decide if they can be in a relationship or not. But wait a minute…. What if she's the one who wrote the letter, does she want to fight me? How can she fight me? I’m a man and she's a girl. But shit...she actually looks rather athletic, and I... I’m weak as fuck; I don't stand a chance against her. No one's showing up, I guess I should go see for myself what she's doing, don't want to waste my precious otaku-time to watch anime. I started walking like I was just passing by pretending to ignore her.

"Mmm…. Ta...Takahashi-kun?! You came!"


Takahashi thought, wait…. She was waiting for me!?, Damnit, I have lost so much precious time while trying not to get in her confession, what a waste of time

"What do you want?"

"We have never talked in class"

Wait, she's from my class?! I have never seen her before!

"But I have really liked you since I saw how smart you were, and you are handsome too and"

oh, so it's a confession, for fucks sake I thought it was a bloody fight--no pun intended, well fuck me…

"I don't know what you think about me, but I was hoping we could go out sometime? You know, get to know each other a little"

Man, she isn't a shy one. Out of hundreds that I have seen, she's rather straightforward, but meh, I don't even know her name. The only girl I know in my class is Yua, only because she thinks of me as a rival since she's always second and I'm first. She has talked with me a lot. Now what do I do, I'll use the same technique I use every time on others to turn her down.

"(Takahashi pretending to be all cheerful and polite) Oh, so you like me… (chuckles)… lucky me, a beautiful woman has fallen for me… but I'm really sorry, I don't know your name, what's your name? You know since we have never talked, how could I know your name."

"Yeah, of course how could you know my name...ha ha(giggles)"

Sakura thought to herself, please don't ask how I know your name, or you'll find out that I have been stalking you for months, know that you are an otaku, also you have turned down every single girl that has ever confessed to you… but no worries it seems he likes me too. He's so polite, I don't think he'll reject me. Since I'm a beauty… HAHAHA (she's a proud bitch)

"My name's Sakura, Sakura Ich___"

"I just need your first name, so it's Sakura. Hmm… let's see, you'll either die, leaving me behind, gravely hurting my feelings, or you are useless as fuck!"

There, my technique! Since I'm an otaku, I ask that girl's name, then think of an anime character with that name, then judge her based on that character. I know it's completely stupid but that's my way of making the other person think that I'm just a stupid otaku kid. But I still wonder, I have been using the same technique for years but why does every single girl fall for it? Don’t they tell their friends that they were rejected and how they were rejected? Whatever, it's not my problem to think of that, I just have to use this technique and she'll run away in 3, 2, 1..."

"Wha? What the…? What kind of logic is that? Huh? What makes you think that I'll just die like that and also useless? You can't say stuff like that to someone you don't even know yet. You know what? Fuck you, I shouldn't have asked you in the first place."

"Hey, learn how to write a love letter before thinking of dating anyone. That isn't a love letter, that's an invite to a fist fight. Show a lil bit of feelings in it so that the receiver knows it's a love letter. You wasted my precious otaku-time, I thought that you were someone else and not the guy who called me to the fight, so I waited 20 mins! 20 MINUTES, that's one episode you know, if you skip ops* and_____"
(*Anime opening theme song, usually is of 1 minute 30 seconds)

"SHUT THE FUCK UP, what's wrong with you, you could have just said that you are not interested, I would have understood, and learn how to write a love letter? Yeah, like you know how to write one, dick head"

Well, I have received so many, I'm positive I know now how to write one

"And because of you I won't be dating for months, THANKS…" (And there she goes; the girl storms off)

Haha, how pathetic! Even with tears in her eyes she still won't let go of her pride. Seriously I'm so bored of this stupid shitty life, nothing new happens ever, not that I do anything to see a change in life anyway, guess I'll go home then. Although it did hurt when she said fuck you. Well, I deserve it after spouting shit like that. I knew where this was going anyway. Also, how did she know my name…? Probably because I'm always first in class, and they also gave me awards at the graduation ceremony today for being the first in class for straight 3 years. First year, first term is an exception though.

My name's Takahashi Tanjiro. I'm a 15-year-old, just finished middle school, about to turn 16 years old on 13th May. A smart, top-class student that does nothing but study and watch anime. I'm weak, can’t play any type of sports. Don't like company, prefer being alone. Reject every single girl that falls for me.
Guess I'll just go home then.

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