Chapter 1:

Aoi Sakamoto

Skipped a Beat

"Wake up Takahashi, it's 08: 30 already, you are going to be late for school, Seriously, even though you are a high school student now, can't even set your own alarms"Bookmark here

Huh… it's my mom. She's angry because I'm late for school. Well, whatever, last night I spent watching anime was the best! Wait, it's Sunday…Bookmark here

"But it's Sunday mom, no school until tomorrow"Bookmark here

"IT'S MONDAY, get up, wash your face, you are still half sleeping"Bookmark here

I check the clock, it is Monday. How could I miss a whole day? I guess I just couldn't keep track of days after I graduated middle school.Bookmark here

My head feels heavy. Man, I shouldn't have stayed up that late, when was it, 3 at night? 4? Whatever thinking about it is not going to change anything might as well change into uniform. aamm… the uniform looks different, idk but something's strange, now I regret staying up that late, it's bugging me a lot, and my head hurts too, I should stay home today… NO, I can't. I have to attend the first day of highschool no matter what.Bookmark here

I usually ride my bike to school but sometimes like to just walk to school, this one's not that far either. Today, I guess I should ride my bike since I don't want to be late on my first day of highschool.Bookmark here

(After arriving at the school)Bookmark here

WOW, that's a huge crowd, probably for the class list, maybe I should wait a little more till the crowd goes away, don't want to get pushed by the crowd like a toy.Bookmark here

(After 15 mins)Bookmark here

Let's see, Takahashi… Takahashi Tanjiro… I should be at the top of the first class list, 1 - A, but I can't seem to find my name in the first list. Takahashi…. Nope, checked from 1 - A to 1 - E, and I can't find my name. Bookmark here

Great! First day of highschool and I'm going through bullshit already. Wait, what's that? Takahashi Tanjiro, in class 2 – A !?!? What the hell? This is clearly a big mistake; I should go to the staff room and ask a teacher. Bookmark here

I walked towards the staff room, and had to ask other students because I'm new, but for some reason, when I asked, they were confused like why I am asking this, but they gave directions anyway. Then I finally found the staff room. I open the doorBookmark here

"Come in Takahashi, what's wrong? Can’t find your name in the list?"(teacher)Bookmark here

Wait, he knows my name already, weirdBookmark here

"Yes Sir! Something like that. Actually I did find my name but in the class 2 - A. I'm a first year new student here"Bookmark here

"What do you mean? You are Takahashi Tanjiro, right? You passed first year, what are you talking about, still sleeping during the day? What were you doing last night mister? Didn't you get your full sleep ?"Bookmark here

Huh… what’s he talking about, I passed 1st year? I just finished middle school… something's wrong. Wait, that calendar on the table, it's set to 2019. This dude must be on weed or somethingBookmark here

"Sir, your calendar, it's set to 2019, but it's 2018 right now"Bookmark here

"Boy do you have a fever? Go to the nurse's office immediately! something's wrong with you"Bookmark here

"But sir, look at this (while pulling out his cellphone from his pocket) on my phone, it's clearly 2018 (shows the lockscreen to the teacher without even looking at it himself)"Bookmark here

"CLEARLY HUH?"Bookmark here

Why's he looking at me like that…. (Flips the phone) OH THE FUCK, MY PHONE SAYS IT'S 2019, ok… something's clearly wrong with my phone, and this is bad he seems pissed, can't make a bad reputation on the first day of my school, I should just say it was a joke and scramBookmark here

"HaHa… April fools. I'll be going bye..."
Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Teacher thought to himself what's wrong with him today, must be hard maintaining high scores for such a long time, must be getting to his headBookmark here

I need to figure out what's going on, I just asked two more students what year it is, they both laughed and said 2019. And I don't think there's something wrong with my phone, it's clearly 2019. BUT HOW? Bookmark here

Ok, it's 09: 15 already I need to decide whether to go back home and figure this shit out or attend the class today like a normal second year highschool student. No, I can't go back home, mom will get suspicious, and I can't just say oh it seems that I have somehow skipped a whole year and don't know what the fuck to do now. I have to attend the class, it's my only option.Bookmark here

(While sitting in the classroom)Bookmark here

Ah Man… why's this happening to me? No point in thinking about it, I'll just sit here, 09: 25 right now. Ok, I just have to sit till 15: 30 and then I can go home. Yeah, not that hard, it's the usual me. This is basically what I did in middle school. Bookmark here

I have missed homeroom… Great! Oh, another student just came in, she's late, I wonder what's her story. Bookmark here

Wait, she's coming towards me…Bookmark here

Shit, she is sitting in front of me, I should change my seat, wait… I can't, there aren't any free chairs left… DAMNITBookmark here

"Takahashi, we are in the same class again this year, isn't that great!"Bookmark here

What the Hellllllll… She's talking to me like we are friends, and she even used my first name, wait… this is probably because I have skipped the first year, I might know her from before or something. I don't even know her name, what am I going to do, ok act all friendly and then ask her who she isBookmark here

"Where were you around 08: 50, I couldn't find you near the class list area."(the girl)Bookmark here

"I just had to talk to a teacher about something..."Bookmark here

"I see"Bookmark here

"Can I ask you something?"Bookmark here

"What is it?"Bookmark here

"Who are you?"Bookmark here

"Haha, April fools, I get it. It's not funny you know"Bookmark here

"No, I'm actually serious, I don't remember you"Bookmark here

Now I can't just say I forgot about you, the way she talks, we are clearly more than friends, which is complete bullcrap because why would I become friends with someone? Did she change me? Did I become a completely different person in highschool? I have to find out without hurting her feelings. Bookmark here

"You see, some weeks ago I got into an accident, and because of that, I have lost some of my memories. Doctors said it's temporary and that I'll regain my memories for sure but don't know when, so I was hoping you could tell me who you are… since I don't remember..."Bookmark here

Crap! She seems like she's about to burst into tears, who is she? I'm afraid but this might be a relationship, maybe I'm her boyfriend? Ughhh, that thought alone kills me, I can't stand this. What if she's actually my girlfriend? This is bad… really bad…Bookmark here

"Oh gosh! Were you hurt? Did you get any bruises? How did it happen? When did it happen ?Why didn't you tell me ?"Bookmark here

This one's an Idiot! How could I even remember to call you after the accident if I had lost my memories and can't even remember you!Bookmark here

"I'm fine, the doctors said that I have only lost my memories, no damage to the brain, so no problem, and I seem to remember my family, so it wasn't much of a problem for me, so… who are you?"Bookmark here

Crap, she's super dumb, if I had accident weeks ago, I would have been absent in the last days of first year, if she knows me, she would have seen through this obvious lie. Either she's pretending which doesn't seem like an option here, or she's straight up just dumbBookmark here

"Ok… ah geez, it’s first year all over again, My name's Aoi Sakamoto, I'm 16 years old, my birthday's on 10th October, and...Bookmark here

GIRLFRIEND"Bookmark here

OH FUCK… She’s actually my girlfriend…Bookmark here


Oh shit… I shouldn’t have said that out loud….Bookmark here

"You..."(Aoi)Bookmark here

Fuck, I shouldn't have done that, now she's actually crying and the whole class is looking at usBookmark here

"What is wrong with you, you lost your memories, not your humanity, what's this suddenly? Yes, I'm dumb sometimes"Bookmark here

Not sometimes, you clearly are an Idiot… But NO, this is bad. I should apologize. I didn't mean it. Maybe I can tell her my situation she'll hear right? What’s with me all of a sudden, even though I have hurt so many girls in the past, and almost every single one shouts, but this one's different. I should apologize, but how, I have never apologized after turning down a girl, how do you apologize??? Bookmark here

"But that doesn't mean that I don't deserve a lover, and since you remember that I'm such a stupid girl, well FUCK YOU for remembering that"Bookmark here

Anyone can figure that out after talking with you for like 10 mins, you are that simple… what am I thinking, APOLOGIZE APOLOGIZE APOLOGIZE, for some reason I think I'll regret it if I don't apologize right now. BUT HOW….?!Bookmark here

"don't even think about talking with me, we are done!"Bookmark here

(The whole class talking)Bookmark here

"What's wrong with Takahashi today?" (boy)Bookmark here

"I think he didn't get much sleep last night or something" (boy)Bookmark here

"Takahashi... what's he doing? He’s the worst, talking like that to a girl..." (girl)Bookmark here

"Yeah, and he's not even apologizing, his face clearly says he made a mistake" (girl)Bookmark here

"DAMN, class couple, Takahashi and Aoi are done, Hahahahaha" (boy)Bookmark here

"Yeah, the spots open now, hey Shinichi, you can confess your love now HaHa!" (boy)Bookmark here

"Shut up, I told you, I don't even like her, she's not my type, moreover, she's not going to start dating right after a breakup" (Shinichi)Bookmark here

"True" (boys)Bookmark here

Huh… the teacher’s here, someone must have called him here. He looks madBookmark here

"Quiet, everyone, and you Takahashi, what's wrong with you? You and Aoi, go to the staff room and wait there RIGHT NOW" (Teacher)Bookmark here

we both walked towards the staff room, not even saying a single wordBookmark here

This is awkward, why am I feeling like this, I have to apologize… Bookmark here

"Aoi…."Bookmark here

"..." Bookmark here

She's not saying anything, damn, her eyes are red, she must have really liked me. Man, I can't even look at her face anymore…Bookmark here

(Takahashi finally musters up courage to apologize while waiting outside the staff room)Bookmark here

"Sorry… I'm sorry..." I said in a feeble voiceBookmark here

*Aoi slaps him*Bookmark here

"What…." (Takahashi)Bookmark here

"Don't ever even think of calling me by my first name, EVER AGAIN!"Bookmark here

Man, she's really angry, but I just apologized, what did I do wrong this time? I… fuck it I'm going homeBookmark here

As I was about to dash towards the main gate of the school...Bookmark here

"Hold it, takahashi, where do you think you are going? You don't want to be expelled, do you? Come with me to the staff room"Bookmark here

...Teacher saw me leaving and caught me. Now I'm in the staff roomBookmark here

"Takahashi, your actions are not forgivable, you will be suspended for a week. And Aoi, it’s up to you whether you want to continue today or go home"Bookmark here

“I’ll go home”Bookmark here

“I see... as you wish”Bookmark here

After this I just walked back home wondering what to do now? She was my only option to know about the first year me, damnit. Though if I think about this, if I had a girlfriend in first year, I must have some friends, I could ask them, but I can't use the same bluff over and over again, she was dumb so she didn't notice that I was lying, what should I do. I guess for now I should just relax, I have a week to think about this. No need to rush things.Bookmark here

"I'm home!"Bookmark here

"Oh Takahashi, you're back so early? What wrong?" (Mom)Bookmark here

"Nothing, I just had a fight with a friend, now I'm suspended for a week..."Bookmark here

"Who? Who did you fight with?"Bookmark here

"Aoi Sakamoto"Bookmark here

"Oh, so you had a fight with your girlfriend, that happens, what was it about?"Bookmark here

So even mom knows she's my girlfriend, Great!Bookmark here

"Mom, I don't want to talk about it. I'm going to my room, don't call me!"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Ah man this is frustrating, now she'll not stop asking about it for this week, everything’s fucked up, this had to happen in my high school life, I just wanted a normal high school life, like they show in anime. This sucks, guess I'll take a bath and go to bed for now.Bookmark here

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