Chapter 4:


The meaning

29th September

“Well, let’s get started.” Said John while staring at us with a warm smile.

We begun informing the rest of the club by turns in clockwise direction about what we had discovered.

Marie was the first one, although she hadn’t made any progress. Then, it was my turn. I told them about Johnson, the Basketbal club member that takes days off every month or two but that was everything I had discovered. 

Thirdly, it was Kane’s turn, who, as Marie, hadn’t made any progress.

“Could it be that only Bella and us can share interesting information? Are they even taking seriously their own club?”

Bella’s turn was an interesting one. She said she had asked her parents by phone  call, as they also studied in this college, if anything weird happened when they were academics. Seemingly, her mom answered her with a strong “no”. But then, she was approached by her husband and started discussing, trying not to be heard by their daughter. However, Bella heard some interesting pieces:

“Why don’t … tell…?”

“… isn’t … to know! …  imagined if she discovered … of the university suicided! … making conspiracies like we did!”

“I agree … just remember … fun we had! Also, we didn’t find anything … college, so … telling …?”

“A suicide? I’ve never heard anything about that…”

Then her parents came to an agreement, and decided not to say a thing, so they said goodbye.

We started discussing what Bella told us, but I saw John muttering to himself, as if he was starting to see the big picture. After clearing up his ideas, he centered everyone’s attention upon him.

“I’ve also discovered something interesting. My grandpa works at Union’s police department, and came over to say hello. I asked him what he was doing here, and told me he had an arrangement with the Rector of the university, an ex police inspector.”

Now, that’s surely interesting. I’m starting to believe I could end up having a really funny year in this club.”

Bella should’ve noticed what I was thinking because she stared at me like saying “what’s with that silly grin you are trying to hide over there?

After some more taking we parted ways. However, before going to sleep I had to buy some food for this week’s dinners(dinners aren’t included in the college program). 

As buying food is as boring as… well, buying food is, I started to connect the dots.

“Someone suicided, but it was never stated in the news. The rector of this university was an inspector.Bella’s parents also made conspiracies, but didn’t find anything.”

That made some sense to me. I could start to understand what was going on but… Johnson missing for a few days every month or two? I couldn’t yet figured that part out.

“Sir, it’s 20 dollars. Sir…?”

“Oh yes, here you have.”

While I was coming back, I found a cinema. There were some interesting movies, so I decided I’d go some day. Just when I was about to get moving again, I realized something.

Wait… I… I’ve come up with the perfect name for the villain!  DoUgLaS. I’ll tell the club the next time I see them.”

Wait, wait, I didn’t think that stupid thing. It was Marie, who was focused in… thinking a name for the villain while also looking to the movies schedule?

I decided I’ll quickly disappear before she could see me, but I was happy she was at least taking the club seriously, as she was one of the founders. I mean, if I didn’t take it seriously nothing would’ve happened, but if one of the founders didn’t…

After a long day, I went to sleep.

The meaning