Chapter 3:


The meaning

During the next few days I tried to look for something weird in this college, just in case the Secret club was right.

“If they are right, I don’t think I could realize it in a few days tho”

Almost a week passed, but nothing interesting happened. I’m starting to get on well with Kerr and Zack, the two basketball club’s members that tried to recruit me on my first day, although I haven’t seen the other guy who was with them. I let them know I wouldn’t join their club, but we end up hanging out twice during last week.

About the Secret club, I’ve been going to their meetings every two days, and they’ve been telling us (Bella and me)  more about who their enemy was and why they believed there was one to begin with, but I’m yet skeptical.

Today, however, something made me a little bit confused about this whole secret club thing. I was eating with a classmate, Albert, who happened to be from my hometown (Union College is located in Union city, which is like 2 hours away by plane from my hometown).

We didn’t know each other before, but got on well during the first week because of having our hometown in common. Then, Kerr and Zack showed up, and asked us if they could eat with us, to what we answered yes.

After a little chitchat, I finally decided to ask them about their other club friend, as I was starting to get concerned about him.

“You mean Johnson? He is taking a few days off. He almost had to repeat his first year because of his bad grades, and had the remedial exam the day before you got here. However, he usually takes a few days off every month or two, so don’t worry.” said Kerr.

A few days off every month or two? That’s weird… If what the Secret club said was true…” I thought.

After some more chatting, we parted ways and went to our respective lessons.

At night, I decided to go out by myself so that I could know a little bit better Union city. I walked through the busy streets hearing some music, and after like 30 minutes, I came across Bella, who was looking to her phone, sitting in a bank.

“What are you doing?” I asked her.

“I was looking for some places of interest in this city, and you?”

“Exactly the same. Have you found any? I haven’t yet.”

“I think so, wanna come?”


I followed her through the now not so busy streets of Union city, until we got to some kind of… jazz club?

“It’s here.”

“You like jazz?”

“Huh? Oh, that’s not where I meant.”

“Oh…” I replied embarrassed.

“It’s there.” She said pointing to a very high building.

We got into the building, and went to the highest floor by elevator. Then we got passed some prohibited sign and got to the roof.

“What’s this place?”

“It’s a lookout. Well, it’s not a lookout, but my parents told me that, if I could, I should come here at night and take a look at the city.”

I walked until  I got to a point where I could see the rest of Union, and thanks God for making me come across Bella tonight. The view was simply wonderful. I could see every place: our college, the airport, the gym, a beautifully lightened fountain in the city’s main square, a park where couples could be seen having dates…

It was at that moment, that I realized Bella was having a look at the city too, and while she was illuminated by the light of the moon, I also realized what a beautiful woman she really was...

Wow wow wow wow, calm down, you can’t simply do that. You could end up harming her.” I said to myself.

“Your parents were right, this place is beautiful…”


After like 20 minutes of silence, just enjoying the view, we decided to come back together, as it was getting late.

“Oh, I just remembered. Remember how John told us about the weird pattern the “villain” was following?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Well… I’ve been told today about a guy that usually takes a few days off every month or two. I thought it was weird.”


“What’s so funny?”

“So after all that chuunibyos thing you told me the first day, you’ve been doing your research huh?”

“Well… I just thought it would be interesting if…”

“I get it, I get it hahahaha. You at the bottom of your heart wish for the villain to be true, so that you could have some fun, right?”

Wow, she’s read me pretty easy. She really reminds me off… No. Nothing.

“I’ve discovered some things too, but I’ll save them for tomorrow’s meeting.” Bella told me.

Some interesting things? This is really starting to get bizarre. There couldn’t possibly be something weird happening here, right?”

We parted ways as we got to my room, and I went to sleep just after looking to the calendar for like 5 minutes.