Chapter 1:

My life is really THAT interesting?

Capivarito Adventures

It was around 8 PM, i was at the bar having my daily dose of conversation with my old buddy, Esperança. He's a monkey that works as a bartender around here, this guy REALLY knows how to make a good drink; I'm not the only one having a great time, there a bunch of other animals just chitchatting or laying around doing absolutely nothing... I'm not here to judge anyone, so I'll keep quiet.Bookmark here

— Capivarito, you seem to be having a lot of fun with the little cousin your aunt gave to you, huh? — Esperança said it while serving me a cup of tea.Bookmark here

 — Yeah, that little guy have a bunch of energy. He likes exploring, but that's normal for a 15 weeks old capybara.
Bookmark here

In the middle of the conversation, Pombajato entered the bar screaming my name. When he saw me, the little guy just come flying in my direction and sited on the chair on my right. He is a pigeon, and the one responsible for delivering letters, no matter the distance. Really, that guy can take a card to ANYWHERE you want.Bookmark here

— I knew you would be here! I have a letter from your friend, Orso Rosso. — He said taking the little rucksack off his back and putting it on the table right on his front.Bookmark here

— Orso...? Oh yeah, he's the bear from Russia that swear we are lost brothers. I wonder how he managed to even find me. — While I talked, Pombajato was looking for the letter in his rucksack.Bookmark here

— Well, i already told you about this. He just asked about a capybara named Capivarito. It was extremely odd, after all the community with intelligent animals are pretty closed. — The little guy jumped inside his rucksack. Did i mentioned that the rucksack is almost twice his height? Yep.Bookmark here

— I think that marks the beginning of a adventure, Capivarito. Everything happens with a purpose, and I'm really interested to see what's behind all this. — Esperança was always hopeful with his philosophy, and that's the meaning behind the name he holds. Esperança is literally hope in portuguese from Brazil.  Bookmark here

— Your point of views always make things look much brighter. — I finally drank the tea he gave me, that was lemon with spearmint. Delicious as always! Bookmark here

— Haha, i found it! — Pombajato jumps out the bag and gives me the letter. Bookmark here

— If you want some privacy we can leave, Capivarito. — The monkey said while he was cleaning the cup i just used. Bookmark here

— No problem, i bet you two are very curious to what that crazy bear wrote to me!Bookmark here

The letter was written in a simple paper, it was our first contact. Besides the random comments Pomba makes, I barely know this bear. Bookmark here

— All right, it's kind long. I'm going to read it, so pay attention!Bookmark here

Orso Rosso Bookmark here

Hey, Capivarito! Salutations from mother Russia. I'm going to write that letter in english, but please be aware that this is not me native language, so ignore the errors. Pombajato talked a lot about you In his last visit here. It was July from 2020, not that far away from today, right?! Hahaha.Bookmark here

Well, I'm sending you this letter for a very good reason. I'm writing a novel, but my ideas are pretty bad; everything that comes to my head are isekais with big boobs women. Yeah, what is the problem with it? It's perfect, but overused. Because of it I had the idea of describing my life for humans, but it would be extremely boring. So, why not asking my brazilian brother from Amazônia? I bet you have a lot of good stories to tell about the daily life there.Bookmark here

So, can you write a diary and send it to me when it hits around 50 thousand words? That will mean a lot to me. Oh, and before I say goodbye, there is a albino bear that was taken to Brazil with a circus. Before he offered himself to it, he asked me to tell you about this... Don't ask me why, alright?Bookmark here

I will be waiting to read about your amazing daily life. Goodbye, brother!Bookmark here

— Is that for real? I don't even know how to write in english properly. And what is a novel? Half of what he said didn't make sense to me. — I was surely lost.Bookmark here

— Woah, seriously?! Man, you are totally disconnected with the other animals, I bet even Esperança are into this things. Do you even know what anime is? — Pombajato looked extremely surprised and the monkey was laughing.Bookmark here

— I heard about it, but never watched. Is the novel something like a script for it? — That's my only guess. Bookmark here

— Yes, exactly. The good part is that you don't need to adapt it to a script, just write normally and someone else will do the hard job. — Yeah, and creating a story is a walk in the forest.Bookmark here

— That bear, Orso. How he have contact with humans? After all, the media we consume are from them. — Esperança asked.Bookmark here

Russians, that's all I can say. Capivarito, what do you say about that? Writing a diary would be fun. — He's not wrong, but... Bookmark here

— Don't forget about the english thing, and my life is really THAT interesting? All I do is babysit my little cousin while my aunt is working. — I got be honest. Bookmark here

— You should try, Capivarito. This conversation can be the prologue, you just need to describe the ambient and it will be perfect.Bookmark here

After that we talked a little more, and they convinced me to write a diary. Pretty obvious, or you wouldn't be reading anything right now. It was around midnight when i decided to go home. I exited the bar that is located inside an old giant tree and started walking around the dark amazonian rainforest, there's a lot of wood houses around our city, and lights to guide around the trails. On my way home I found a lot of nocturnal animals, like the jupará monkeys, they act like sirens to predators close to the community. When I finally reached my house one of the juparás started screaming.Bookmark here


I just rushed in, extremely relieved. Slowly I walked to the room of my little cousin, he begged to sleep here today. The bed was empty and the house was horrifying quietly.Bookmark here

— Polo, where are you?! — I said rushing to the bathroom, there was no one there. Bookmark here

God Damnit!!!Bookmark here

I exited the house pretty fast and signaled to one of the juparás that something was wrong, they immediately started jumping around and communicating extremely fast. Each second was like an eternity for me, but finally one of them screamed something good for my ears.Bookmark here

— POLO IS RIGHT HERE! Bookmark here

I ran there and Polo was asleep under a tree. That lazy thing have no idea of what is going on right now. When I tried to wake him up, something started moving out of the bushes behind me... Slowly I turned my head and there was one jaguar, or Onça Pintada in our language.Bookmark here

— Hehe, two dishes without an effort. Today is my luck day! — Said the jaguar looking directly on my eyes. Bookmark here

— Listen to me, and listen carefully. I will give you one chance to leave here still walking properly. — While I was saying that, other 2 jaguars appeared from the darkness, one from the left and the other from the right. They where somewhat away from me.Bookmark here

— Make it easy for yourself and go out without suffering. It's your choi-Bookmark here

Fastly I got one piece of rock out of the floor and threw it with full force in the snout of the jaguar in my front, that stunned him a couple of seconds. The one on my right reacted first and tried jumping on me, I just rolled under him and punched is stomach mid air and pulled up his paw making that piece of garbage land on his snout. The one on my left was astonished, but my actions weren't enough to scare him away... Luckily one of the juparás threw a rock on his head and badly injured the guy, making him run away. Unfortunately the jaguar on my front recovered, he didn't immediately attacked. Instead he was just staring me with pure anger os his eyes...Bookmark here

— I shouldn't have underestimate you. Bookmark here

After saying it he just jumped back in the bushes and completely vanished. That coward didn't even bother trying to save his friend, not that we will do anything to that poor thing.Bookmark here

— I really hope that pathetic bastard isn't the leader of the pack. — i approached the one jaguar laying on the floor, he was completely knockout.Bookmark here

— What we should with him, Capivarito? — Said one of the juparás. Bookmark here

— Just take him somewhere close to the borders, one of the predators will save him. I still cannot believe the other two just abandoned him like that... — I guess survival scream more than loyalty for them.Bookmark here

You guys must be wondering what happened with my little cousin, right? He was still asleep. I just carried that troublemaker back to my house and finally had my beauty sleep. The night passed away extremely fast, and the morning comes knocking in the door... Literally.Bookmark here

— Capivarito, are you awake? Helloooo!!! — My aunt was on the door, I bet it's not even 7 am. Bookmark here

— Hey, I'm coming, I'm coming. — I opened the door and she just entered screaming for her son. Bookmark here

Pooooooolooooo~~~~ — God, I should have let the jaguars eat me. Bookmark here

— Polo, wake up. Capivarito will make an excellent breakfast for you. — Just hearing anything related to food makes him wakes up instantly (it does not apply when he's in the menu). Bookmark here

— Yay, food! — The little guy jumped out of the bed and run straighted to the kitchen. Bookmark here

— Sorry for coming here so soon, Capi. I was so worried about you and him, last night was something else! — Wild predators trying to attack are something somewhat rare, believe or not. Bookmark here

— Don't worry about it. He had an excellent night sleep, that's all. — I ain't lying. Bookmark here

— Good, good... Well, can we jump to the part where you make something good for us to eat?Bookmark here

In the kitchen I put me chef skills to test and made an incredible plate of sliced bananas covered with olives. The intense flavour of the olives and the small pieces of bananas makes an incredible good recipe! Bookmark here

— Woah, you always like to innovate with the recipes, don't you? This taste is marvelous! Bookmark here

My aunt always loved my food, and that's no different with my cousin. After having a good breakfast, it was time to my aunt go to her work. Her work have something to do with the food control in the area, for both herbivores and carnivores; because we live in something like a society, we have different areas of work that serves the purpose of balance and control, but nothing too complex. After all, it's just a small community doing their best to survive.Bookmark here

— Polo, be a good boy to Capivarito. — She said going to the front door. Bookmark here

— Ok, mom! I love you! — He said rushing to her and giving one good hug. Bookmark here

— I love you too, my dear Polo. Bye, Capi! — She leaved the house, and there was just i and that little troublemaker. Bookmark here

— All right, so... Can you explain to me why you slept outside yesterday? — After hearing my question he seemed surprised. Bookmark here

What?! Oh my... So that thing wasn't just a dream! — He ran to the front door. Bookmark here

— Follow me, you will not regret it! — The little guy opened the door and started running down the trails, my only option was to do what he said. Bookmark here

— Come on, slow down a little! — While running around our little town there was a lot of animals wandering around doing their things, but i was too busy trying to keep up the pace to say good morning to anyone.Bookmark here

— We are almost there, just a little more! — He said exiting the trails and entering the deep forest area.Bookmark here

Running in that terrain was easier for me, don't ask me why. 10 minutes of running, that's te exact time we took to reach the place that little guy was talking about.Bookmark here

— Here we are! — He said pointing out to a cave. The entrance was covered with tree roots, but someone small had opened some space. Bookmark here

Nossa! I mean, woah! Did you find it yesterday? — I asked walking closer to the cave, I wanted to enter there. Bookmark here

— Not exactly... Are you proud of me? After all I can be an explorer and help our community. — He said kind reluctant. Bookmark here

— Yes, I'm proud. But you know we are in predators area, right? I explained exactly where the border between the two kinds are. — That explain why the three jaguars attacked, but that opens another question: why they let him go? Bookmark here

— I know, that's because of it that I investigated this place for 2 weeks. No animal comes anywhere close to this cave, since we are so far away from everything. Oh, and don't worry, I remembered what you said about our scent and properly hide it. Yesterday was the day I finally approached this cave and opened up a passage, but it got dark and I made it to our town, but I was so tired... I just passed out. — Don't forget it's a small chubby capybara talking. Bookmark here

— Listen, you did a good job. But next time tell me about what you find, ok? It will be way more fun if we do that together! — He opened up a smile, I didn't want to make him cry. Bookmark here

OK, THANK YOU CAPIVARITO!  — He hugged me. Bookmark here

— All right, can we leave affection demonstration for later? I want to explore that cave! Bookmark here

He jumped back and looked really pumped. I approached the roots and removed it all in a couple of seconds from the cave entrance, for my cousin I can tell this was not an easy task since this things are somewhat heavy. Bookmark here

— You are really strong, Capi! — The cave wasn't completely dark, there are some small entrances with the sun light coming in. Bookmark here

— Stay close to me now!Bookmark here

At first glance that place didn't look much special, but I changed my mind after walking a little further. There was an entrance that looked exactly like a door, when we approached it one torch in the wall suddenly lighted, the fire on it had an blue tone that I never had seen; the area after the door was completely dark, so I just took the torch.Bookmark here

— Capi, that's so amazing! — He wasn't scared, I bet you guys are surprised. Bookmark here

— Yes, that's incredible.Bookmark here

I slowly explored that new area, this place looks MASSIVE. I can freely go to the the left or to the right and there's no sign of any wall. Suddenly I started to feel something strange coming from my heart, it was like each heartbeat made my body trembles. The blood rushing through my veins become much more warm, and my senses wanted to abandon me... But I insisted, I couldn't leave my little cousin alone here!Bookmark here

Well, well, well... What do we have here? You look like one of the few Intelligent animals that live in the surface. Since the blue torch recognized you as one compatible with the power on it, that means it belongs to you now. Bookmark here

—  P-...Polo, did you say something? — I said it looking at him, he had an worried face. Bookmark here

— No... Capi, the torch is going out!!Bookmark here

That was the moment the strange felling I had before become even more excruciating. I fell on the floor causing an loud noise, my mind was going crazy, it was like I had 1000 different thoughts at the same time, I did my best to not let my pain out.Bookmark here

CAPI! CAPI, WHAT'S HAPPENING?! — He was really scared. Bookmark here

— D-don't worry... I just....OH. I J-just stumbled. Bookmark here

Slowly my mind settled down, the only thing I wanted was to get out of that place. I got up and started moving, then all the pain I was felling started to become something totally different. Suddenly the darkness in the room become bright for my eyes and my heart calmed down.Bookmark here

Are you feeling it? The blue torch is burning in your heart. Now, you are destined to save me. I'm be waiting for you deep down in this dungeon. And before I forget, good luck fighting the guardians coming your way.Bookmark here

That voice sounded even more distorted and distant this time. I wonder what is hap-Bookmark here

CAPI... What are those things?! Bookmark here

From his point of view there was a lot of red eyes looking at us, and on my vision there was a lot of hungry wolves. Strangely I could see an aura coming from their body, the size and the color varied.Bookmark here

— Relax, I'll handle that.Bookmark here

I ran towards the pack, they looked really impressed with my audacity. Fastly they separated In groups of three, in total where 6 groups. Each group had an particular aura too, what made them an powerful trio. The teams with small auras all stayed away from me and tried attacking throwing rocks and other things on my direction, the other 3 groups with somewhat big auras and pure red colors come straight with bite attacks, which is an slow attack. The ones attacking from far away didn't had an good aim either, and there was some heavy friendly fire. One unlucky wolf got hit in the head and become dizzy, so I used his body like a weapon... In a matter of seconds everyone around me was flying around being hit by his teammate. Now THAT'S friendly fire, hahaha!Bookmark here

Are you okay, Capivarito?! — He was just hearing all that, don't forget it. Bookmark here

— Yeah!Bookmark here

After knocking out all the closer attackers it was time to the long range ones. But they made a run for it when they understood the situation. They ran to the end of the room and started hitting the wall. I didn't understand what where they doing, until the rock moved and opened like a door. An extremely big aura was coming out of that room even before I could see properly what was inside, but then two red eyes appeared really high above. Something between 2,5 - 3 meters.Bookmark here


And here it is, AN GIANT WOLF.Bookmark here

Oh shi-                                     Bookmark here

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