Chapter 10:

Hana's Problem

Diary of a Lost Wish

After having that weird dream, I decide to go to the company where my father works to see if I can find any clue about my first wish or the demon-looking creatures.

At the entrance, I can't notice anything strange in this company, but they can't let me in, suddenly a man with long red hair and a Hawaiian shirt talks to me, “Hey little girl, why do you want to enter there?”

“I wanted to ask something to the boss or whoever is in charge of this company,” I respond to him.

“But you are still young to work here, sell cookies instead.”

“I'm not here because of that! I just have a question about my father.”

“Oh, your father doesn't happen to be Shin Ebihara? He is a coworker of mine.”

“yes he is, well, maybe I can ask you instead, do you have had any weird work lately?”

“I think not, little girl, sorry just common and boring stuff,” the man then sees his cellphone, ”it's too late, sorry, but I have to get to work.”

“Well, thank you anyway,” I think that man looked strange. I'm better to get going because later I have to eat ramen with Kanako and Yukino.

I left the place, and on my way to the ramen restaurant, I see Ms. Yukari worry.

“Hey Ms. Yukari, did something happened?”

“Ah, hi Meiko-chan, no it's not me, is one of my students, you actually know her, is Hana.”

“What happened to Hana?”

“She's a good student, but lately I've seen her depressed, and some of her grades are getting worse. I don't know what happened to her.”

“I didn't notice her looking sad, but I will talk to her to see if I can help her.”

“That would be great! Thank you, Meiko.”

I call Hana on her phone to see if she wants to eat something, “Hey Hana, what's up? Do you want to eat some ramen?”

“Ah, yeah, hi, senpai! I didn't know who was calling, I do want to eat some ramen,” Hana sounded surprised.

“Good, I see you in 20 minutes in the ramen place we go most of the time, well, the only one in town.”

I go to the restaurant, I see that Yukino and Kanako are already there and I say hello to them, after 10 minutes Hana arrives, and we start to eat.

We talk and eat ramen for a while. Kanako, as always, is talking about some movies, Yukino and Hana didn't know what she is talking about, but they try to follow the conversation.

“by the way, what did all of you think about the play?” Kanako asks with a smile.

“I like it, Meiko is awesome,” Yukino responds.

“I also like it, senpai looked awesome, and the story was somewhat touching,” Hana responds.

“What about you Meiko? You were the star of the play,” Kanako ask me.

“Well I never felt so embarrassed in my life, but at least it was fun, and I think everyone was entertained,” I respond.

For some reason, they all laugh.

“If you all want, we can watch the movie at my house, I recorded every scene,” Kanako tells us.

“I can't now, I need to go out with my mother, so I think I'm free until tomorrow,” Yukino is busy.

“Me too, I need to be at home early, sorry. But I can until tomorrow,” Hana responds.

“If no one can now, then tomorrow,” I tell them.

We agree to watch the play tomorrow.

Some minutes later, we all part ways, but on the road, I see Hana, and I talk to her because of what Ms. Yukari said, “Hey Hana, is everything fine?”

“Ah, senpai, I thought you already left. Yeah, everything is fine, why do you ask?”

“Ms. Yukari told me that you had been sad lately, so I thought maybe I could help in some way.”

“Well if I'm being honest, I have a problem with my robots again, the ones I showed at the school festival. They are so erratic, and I don't know how to stop them.”

“Do you know why they are like that? If you want I can help you.”

“Maybe I made a mistake when I programmed them. I don't want you to get hurt or anything senpai, but if you want to help, then you can do it.”

We then arrive at Hana's home, but suddenly the robots left the house from the window.

“Senpai, watch out!”

The robots start to attack me, Hana is using her cellphone to change their code or something, but she can't.

Luckily I still have the fast shoes I used when I played with Yukino. I wished the other day for a switch, so I can change the speed on my shoes.

There are four robots, each one looks like a little animal. While I'm scaping Hana manages to stop two of them by changing their code, but the other two are still after me.

“Hana, does it matter if I destroy them?”

“Well yes! but right now, it doesn't matter.”

I run with all my speed to a wall on Hana's home, but I stop before I hit the wall, then one of the robots crash on the wall.

“Hey, Hana, where is the other robot?” I ask her, but I notice she is afraid because the robot is coming for her.

With all my speed, I go with the robot and catch it. While I'm holding the robot, Hana makes it stop with her cellphone.

“Thank you senpai, I was almost dead if it wasn't for you.”

“No problem Hana you can count on me every time,” I just hope this was the last robot.

“Well, senpai...” Suddenly a big robot like a lion gets out of Hana's house using the door.

“So there's another one?!”

“Yeah, but that one didn't move before, I'm not sure what happened to it. Let's run senpai!”

I take Hana's hand, and with my speed shoes, we can escape the big robot.

The problem is that the robot is fast and is getting close. Maybe I have luck today because I see Richard.

“Hi Richard, I don't have much time to talk, but can you defeat that big robot thing?” I ask him.

“Greetings, I will help you, that's my work!” he responds.

Richard then fights with that lion robot. The robot is fast, but Richard is stronger, and with two punches, he defeats it and blows it to pieces.

“Thank you, Richard, we didn't know how to stop it,” I tell him.

“Well now it won't hurt anyone, remember to clean this mess and be a good citizen,” he says that with a smile, and then he lefts.

Now I'm cleaning the place with Hana.

“Hey senpai, to be honest, I have another thing that it's bothering me, not just the robots,” Hana is talking while gathering the pieces of the robot.

“Oh, what is it? You can tell me everything.”

“Well my parents decided to move from this town, they said my father got a better job plus I can study at a better school. But I don't want it, at least for now, because I have friends here, including you.”

“That's too bad, I've always considered you my friend, so if you left I will feel bad, but maybe in some way it could be good for you, I mean having to go to a new and better school and then to a good college.”

“Yeah, but as I said I still want to be here with all my friends.”

“I think the same, when do you leave?”

“My dad told me that maybe in a year or so.”

“That's sad, but at least we have some time, I think we should create some memories at this time. And remember that anywhere you are, I will be your friend, also I could message you often, and I'm sure someday we see each other again.”

“That's true, thank you. I think I will always be your friend, and we can at least appreciate the rest of the time I'm here.”

I'm sad because Hana is going to leave in some time, but at least she knows that we can always talk.

After some minutes, we finish cleaning, and we part ways.

On the road to my home, I think of something. Why does Richard be the only ape that talks?

“Pakya, I wish that Richard can talk,” I make a wish to see if I already wished for that.

“No! You already wished for that, Pakya~”

So it turns out I wished for Richard to talk like a human, I'm not sure why.

That night I had another weird dream, I'm at the local zoo with Kanako, and some kids are throwing things at an ape called Richard.

“Hey! Stop it. If the ape could talk, then he will tell you to stop,” Kanako yells at those kids. Then kids runoff.

After some time, Kanako went for something to eat, so I take the opportunity to make a wish, “Pakya, I wish that Richard can talk and act like a person.”

Suddenly the ape started to talk, and someone in the park even liberated him and called him Richard like if he was a normal person.

But the dream doesn't end there, when Kanako comes with the food, she is accompanied by the mysterious guy with black hair, but he still has his face blurry.

I wake up and write all that dream in my diary, maybe Kanako knows something about him, so I will ask her later after we see the play.