Chapter 9:

Magical Meiko-chan

Diary of a Lost Wish

My name is Meiko Ebihara, and I'm a 16-year-old high school student. Since some days ago, a magical panda appeared and told me to be a magical girl so I can beat the evil demons.

Today I'm going out with my best friend Kanako, even though I'm a magic girl I need to keep my identity a secret and act like a normal high school student.

“Meiko, you need to watch this series is so cool,” Kanako is talking about random things.

“Sure, I will watch it later.”

Suddenly I hear a scream “Ahhhhh!”

I see my teacher, Ms. Yukari being attacked by some giant ants.

“Hey, Kanako! Isn't that actor from that movie about gangsters we saw the other day?” I point to a random location.

“Ah, are you sure?! I will go to find him then, see you later Meiko.”

I use the distraction to change into my magical girl suit. Pakya, my little panda companion, dances around me while I change with some flashes coming out of nowhere, and I have some weird scenes of fanservice.

“I will defeat the evil and the sadness, I'm magical Meiko chan, Pakya~” I use my pose.

Then with my magic wand, I use some fire magic and kill an ant, but the other ants try to attack me.

But what the ants never suspected is that I can lay fire mines and put them while running. The ants took the bait, and they die burning.

“Thanks, magical Meiko-chan! you remind me of Meiko-chan, but that must be a coincidence.” Ms. Yukari water some plants while talking.

“No problem, every time I see anyone in danger, I help them, Pakya~” I use that pose again.

I think this is all work of the ant demon Jason, I need to find him to stop this ant problem.

I don't know where the ant demon is, so I search for his past comrades to see if they know anything.

I first ask the lazy demon Kentaro, but he doesn't know, then the exercise demon Takeshi be he also don't know. I see the sorrow demon Maya in the store, and she tells me that the cat demon Yukino might know where is Jason.

While searching for the cat demon, I see my friend Hana being attacked by some ants. I burn them with my magic, and I save her.

“Thank you magical Meiko-chan! You look like senpai, but you are way cooler” Hana looks really happy.

I continue my search, but I can't find Yukino or Jason.

I then see Richard, he's an ape, and an ally of the justice, fighting against some giant ants.

He punches them, and they fly away as if they were made of paper.

“Greetings, you have to be careful, we have a plague of giant ants.” Richard has a big smile.

“I know, I will defeat them too!” I answer while doing a pose.

Then an ant appears out of nowhere and tries to attack me.

“Watch out,” Richard protects me and punches the ant.

“Thank you,” I'm relieved, “by the way, I need to find who is causing this, can you watch out the town while I search the mastermind behind the ants?”

“Sure, little girl, I will do it.”

Then I say goodbye to Richard.

I walk for one more hour, and I'm tired, but I finally see the cat demon Yukino.

“Would you tell me where is the evil ant demon?” I tell her while being tired.

“He is in the mountain with the mechanical fortune-teller.”

I travel to the mountain, and I see the ant demon burning the mechanical fortune-teller.

“I will defeat you Jason, and I will stop the ant invasion! Pakya~” I point him and then I pose.

“I'm not a demon, I'm the ant master!” he then moves his fingers to his forehead and makes a pose like they were ant antennas.

We finally fight, Jason uses his ants, but I set a lot of fire mines on the ground, so I defeat them without any problem.

Jason's ants die, and it looks like he runs out of magic. Finally, I can have a one on one fight with him.

Jason is fast, and he crawls like an ant, he is dodging each of my attacks, and he also dodges the mines.

He starts attacking, but I'm also fast, so I can dodge every attack he makes.

He looks confidant, and it looks like he thinks he can beat me but what Jason doesn't know is that I have some more tricks, my wand can turn into a motorcycle, so I can be faster than him, also I can shoot fire with it.

Jason can't dodge any of my attacks, and I'm so fast he can't run away. I burn him with my motorcycle's flamethrower but don't worry, my fire can't kill people.

“Surrender now! Your ant reign ends today, Pakya~” I do a magical girl pose again.

“Fine, but I just hope my ant friends don't get sad because of it,” the ant demon then yells at me, “but I'm not the one you should be worried about!”

He passed out, and I finally defeat that guy, I decided to go back with Kanako.

“Meiko I didn't saw that actor!” Kanako is angry.

“Sorry I think I just confused him.”

We then go to school, and our day ends like every common day of magical Meiko-chan.

I think I defeated all the demons, and some become my friends, but now I just need to find their leader. The problem is that I'm still worried about the ant demon words.

I'm in my room thinking about who might be the leader or how I could find it. Out of nowhere, my magic friend, Pakya attacks me.

“You defeated all the demons now I can conquer the world! Pakya~” my panda companion got mad.

I couldn't believe it, how that cute panda with horns is evil.

“I'm the demon panda, now I will defeat you Meiko, Pakya~”

Pakya's face then transforms into a blurry man's face, he is now the mysterious man I've been dreaming of lately.

Then I wake up. This was a weird dream, maybe the play made me had it. I see Pakya close to my bed, and I felt scared of that panda because of that dream.

At least it was only a dream, I just hope to not be magical Meiko-chan again.