Chapter 1:

Darkness' Bid


   The dramaturgical theory states that life is like a play that never ends, and we as people, are the actors. We all play a variety of roles, but what if we are torn between one role and another? Will our true nature guide us to the correct option, or will we let a director choose for us?
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      Even though my life hasn't exactly been the kindest to me, I've made sure to keep a positive attitude for the most part. So, tell me, what did I do to deserve this?Bookmark here

      My name is Kisho Hatoko, and standing before me is something that I physically cannot explain. It's some type of humanoid creature completely black in color. Around it seems to be distorted in some way and it's tall as hell. I could try and pass it off as some sort of sleep paralysis demon, but considering I can move that won't exactly check out. I'm keeping a brave face on right now, though I don't know how long I can keep this up. This creature doesn't even have eyes so I don't even know if it's correct to say that I'm staring it down...Bookmark here

      "Oh... well this is interesting," the creature spoke in a deep voice. It hunched over towards me as if to get a closer look. My very soul feels like it's being peered into right now. The creature continued to speak, "I shall return to you soon. You're exactly what I've been looking for my friend." The creature laughed as it seemingly faded into the shadows.
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      My heart is beating out of my chest at the moment. The way I'm feeling at this moment... there's no chance that was a dream, so just what was that thing? It mentioned visiting again, so perhaps I should just wait until then. I'm not particularly jumping for joy at the thought of conversing with it, but I don't think I'm going to get much of a choice in that regard anyhow. It wasn't showing any real hostility. Maybe it's actually friendly? For my sake, I hope it is. Bookmark here

      I hoped to be able to get a good night's sleep, but I think I'm past that point. I wasn't able to get a single wink after that thing appeared. My day of the new school year is going to start with me falling asleep during the assembly at this rate.Bookmark here

     After putting on my uniform, I grabbed my bag and went downstairs to set out for school. Before I could leave, however, my father called out to me. Bookmark here

      "Good morning Kisho. Is it really time for school to start up again?" he asked.
      I replied bluntly, "Yup. Just like every year.
      He tried to keep the conversation going, "Well, you still have plenty of time. Why not eat some breakfast?"
      "You know I'm not a big breakfast person. Regardless, I just want to get there a bit early to make sure I know where I'm going for classes."
      "Ok, I understand... I love you. You know that right?"
      "I know dad." 
      After I said that, I left the home. Our relationship has always been an awkward one. He treats me kindly enough, but my issue with him lies with my mother. I have no memories of her. All I know is that she died when I was young and that's it. I've tried to figure out how she died so many times, but I just can't seem to dig up the answer. Nothing about it is online, and anytime I ask my father he refuses to talk about it. An eye for an eye in a sense. He's giving me the cold shoulder, so I do it to him. It's childish, but I want to know what I want to know. My desire isn't basic, it's something I deserve to know.Bookmark here

      I arrived at school and made my way up to my assigned classroom. I was in class 2-3. There were a few people that I knew in this class, though I don't know if I'd really call them friends. I talked to people on occasion at school. I'm not a complete loner type. The issue I guess is that after high school I seriously doubt I'll keep in contact with any of them, so maybe I am a bit more alone than I make it seem. 
      Walking into the classroom I can see that it's the average desk arrangement. I don't know what else I expected. 
      "Hey there young man! Seats are assigned up here on the board," said a man in a slightly raised voice. I'm guessing he's my teacher. My seat is in the back corner farthest from the window, which is probably for the best. If I was sat next to the window seat I would probably just stare out of it as most people do. I sat in my seat and was about to pass the remaining time until the opening ceremony by getting on my phone, but then someone walked up to me.
      "Hi there!" said the mystery girl who came up to my desk.
      "Uh, hello?" I replied, "I don't know if I've seen you before actually. Are you new here?"
      "I actually just transferred in this year, so it makes sense you don't know me. My name is Kaede Hana. I take it by the seat assignments on the board that you're Kisho Hatoko?"
      "That would be me, yes. Can I help you with something Hana?"
      "Well, Kisho, you can be my first friend here."
      "First name basis already huh?"
      "Yep! And you'll be calling me Kaede, not Hana."
      "It would seem as if I have been forced into a friendship here."
      "I need to make friends somehow right? What better way than to find the lone wolf and use that to my advantage." She laughed after that statement.
      "Considering we're about half an hour away from the start of anything happening here, I'm surprised you already pegged me as a 'lone wolf.' Insults probably aren't the best way to begin a healthy friendship."
      "I didn't mean it as an insult. You're free to be alone if you really want to. Society is really bad about calling some personal preferences into question."
      "You're a weird one aren't you? I guess I'll be seeing you around this desk a lot based on this first encounter."
      "You can complain about insults and then call me weird not twenty seconds later. I will be around this desk a lot though considering I sit in front of you."
      She laughed at my surprised face. With a wave, she walked away to talk to some of the other students coming into the room. If I had to guess, we probably won't talk much throughout the year. This was most likely an anomaly. Right? Bookmark here

      After the opening ceremony, I gathered my things and started to head home immediately. I encountered a road bump soon after. 
      "We meet again Kisho." 
      It was Kaede Hana once again. 
      "Ah, uh, hello?"
      "Is that any way to greet your friend?"
      "I can't say I was expecting to be talked to again so soon."
      "I saw you walk this way towards school, so I was wondering if we lived close by each other. I guess what I really want to ask is if you want to walk home together?" I didn't really know how to respond to this, but I guess it wouldn't be so bad.
      "Sure, but if our paths diverge earlier than expected, I'm not changing course."
      "How cold. Deal."
      Along the way, the talking was mainly done by her. Just a bit more teasing on her end, accompanied by a witty response from myself in return. As it turns out, she lives about ten minutes from my home. I never really go over to that area so I didn't realize someone new was going to be moving in. Well, I guess I was wrong about not talking to her anymore.Bookmark here

      "I'm home!" I shouted. No response... I guess my dad is still at work. It wasn't rare for him to stay over since he needs to support both of us. I've offered to get a job in the past, but he insists that he can handle things just fine. I walked up to my room, sat my bag down, and got changed. Just as I sat down on the bed, however...

      "Hello there," the dark figure said, standing tall at the door of my room, "I don't believe we got the proper chance to introduce ourselves last time."
      "I guess you did say you'd be back soon..."Bookmark here

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Just what the hell does this thing want...      

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