Chapter 20:

Chapter 20- To Fern and I! & A Treachery to our Friendship

The Husband and Hero

Pacing around the room I find my heart conflicted.

Part of me feels as though Erebus is the only person I can truly trust, and another part of me feels as though he's betrayed our Kingdom.

When I think about all the little things that he said or has done it definitely raises suspicion. He openly admitted to me that he doesn't agree with his kingdom's objective, and he seems oddly too well trained to just be a herbalist. When I think back to the city of Bomi, there still the question of how Shinkyo and Killian knew Crowriff would be there and how Killian got away.

Biting my lip I know in my heart that there's a high chance he truly is general Birch. Thinking of his features in the novel they're exactly like his.

If I follow Fern's plan there's a chance that I will lead Erebus to his death, even if he isn’t a traitor. Clearly Fern has been trying to remove him for a while.

If he's a traitor then who cares what happens to him.

This crude voice appears back in my head again. 

Whenever I'm trying to make a decision it appears and feels as though it is taking over me. Most of the time I don't feel like I'm the same person anymore.

But even if he is a traitor, he's been my friend for so many years, I can't imagine just throwing him away.

We need to stand by Fern That's all that matters.

I stand by Fern?

You need to follow her objective. You need to make sure that we protect the people of Frostala. 

You want to be a hero, right?

Yeah, yeah, yeah! I'm going to be a hero. And I need to put my feelings away so that I can protect the people of Frostala.

Then if this is my decision, I'm going to have to test Erebus. I can only hope that it isn't true.

Glancing down at my hands I think about all the blood that's been splattered so far. Who cares if I add one more victim?


Softly sitting onto the top of a hillside, Erebus peacefully looks out into the vast field in front of him. Looking at him from this distance, he seems like any male lead in a fairy tale. His silver like hair is swiftly flowing with the light breeze. He looks as though he's reminiscing happy thoughts.

After spending the whole day thinking about how to approach him I came up with a way to figure out if he's truly stands aside Robal or Frostala.

I'm going to give him true information that would cause Queen Shinkyo to revise their plan of attack for the next battle.

Devilynn: "Mind if I sit down next to you? "

Erebus glance towards my way and lets out a smile. His smile is always so bright and welcoming. Even if he is a traitor, this is how I want to remember him.

Erebus: "For sure. You don't have to ask."

I place myself close beside him. My hands feel oddly clammy as I sit down.

Devilynn: "What are you doing over here?"

Erebus: "I just have a lot to think about."

Devilynn: "What's one of the things you're thinking about? If you want I can listen."

Inching my way closer to him, I put on the best pleading face I can. I'm so nervous that it almost turns it to a frown.

Erebus: "You sure? I wouldn't want to bother you too much. I know after Fern said that we can't have emotions that you've been taking them by heart."

Devilynn: "I don't mind."

Erebus let's out a big sigh. There’s clearly something that has been heavily weighing on his mind.

Erebus: "I'm wondering what I should do after the war."

Surprised by his sudden answer, I find myself also thinking of what I'll do after the war.

Erebus: "I'm excited to see old friends again, but I'm worried about what will happen to all my friends here."

I nod my head in agreement, even though I cannot relate. The only friends I have are the ones here at war with me, there's truly no one back home waiting for me.

Erebus: "I've also had something else I've been thinking about for a while."

Devilynn: "What is it?"

Looking quite serious, Erebus brings his face closer to mine.

Erebus: "I've been looking for someone for a while and I think I found them."

My eyes widen as he finishes his statement. 

Devilynn: "Who have you been looking for? You could have told me and I could have helped you. I know all of the members of our troop and-"

Erebus: "No... I don't think you could have helped me."

Silence falls heavily between us, as a sense of regret rushes over Erebus' face. The vision of his darken face is still placed in my mind. Whoever he is looking for, he must not like very much.

Erebus: "Please forget what I said. I'm really sorry if that sounded rude."

Switching his gaze away from me, Erebus is taking deep breaths quietly. He seems rather flustered.

While he is in a moment like this, where he is full of emotions, It's the perfect time to try to trick him. But as I get ready to tell him what I've come up with, my heart feels unsettled. Erebus has always stood beside me. He's someone I want to believe in.

You only need to believe in Fern.

My head feels as though it's being bombarded. That's right, even if I want to trust him, I have to do this to be sure.

Devilynn: Erebus?"

My heart is trembling as I open my mouth to speak.

Erebus: "What is it?"

Devilynn: "Tomorrow night we will be ambushing a nearby station that Robal set up”

Erebus’ eyes widen as he listens to me talk. Although his face remains neutral, his eyes are revealing his real emotions.

Erebus: “Why a new battle so soon? It’s possible that the war will end soon, so why go through the trouble of ambushing a station that would-“

Devilynn: “If we ambush them now, they won’t be a problem for us in the future.”

Hardening himself, Erebus looks at me devastated. Gripping the edge of his gloves, Erebus’ tone takes a drastic change.

Erebus: “There’s no reason to aggravate them to attack. We should save our energy and our resources when a true threat appears. It would be the smarter strategy and-“

Devilynn: “This is what Fern and I want to do, Erebus. As your commander and your friend, I wanted to let you know so that you can prepare to go off. We will be informing the other troops later tonight.”

As I finish my statement, a strange feeling confides itself within me. I’ve noticed the changing of my tone and the cruder atmosphere I’ve created around myself. Feeling somewhat harsh, I want to apologize. However, my pride takes over me and I swallow my emotions instead.

Picking myself up, I stand away from Erebus who is giving me a look of disbelief.

Devilynn: “Now, if you excuse me, I have a date to finish.”

Turning my back slowly, I take one last glance at Erebus. 

His eyes are seething with an embodiment of frustration. Taking my leave, I know in my heart that I don’t have to see the result of my words to know the truth.

 I don’t know who exactly you are Erebus. But…you must be part of Robal.


With his hands clasping onto his forehead, Erebus lets out a muffled groan.

Erebus: “She’s manipulated him.”

Disheveled, Erebus picks himself up and begins to dart his eyes around his surroundings. Aside from the knights who are too busy with the horses nearby to notice him, there appears to be no one around.

Erebus: “I need to move quickly.”

Picking up his feet, Erebus quietly makes his ways into the nearby forest. Wildflowers fill the grassy fields that his feet stomp over. As he walks, he hastily writes a note on a scrap of paper.

The note reads: Planned Ambush on Station 4. Immediately Need Assistance.

As he is writing the note with rapid speed, the message becomes nearly illegible.

???: “What are you doing there?”

Pausing in his tracks, Erebus heart sinks. The sound of her ever so frightening voice, echoes throughout the forests’ deep path.

While still facing away, he swiftly places the note inside his pocket.

???: “You know you should really look and listen when someone’s talking to you. Especially when that person is your Kingdom’s Princess.”

Finally turning his head around, Erebus finds himself standing face to face with Fern, who is holding a sharp blade close to her face.

She has a bewildered look on her face; it’s the type of look a predator makes when they’ve caught their prey.

Erebus: “I was just taking a walk Lady Fern.”

Fern: “A walk? You were going quite fast for a walk.

Erebus: “Fine, not a walk. A light jog, is that better, your majesty?”

Swinging her knife around in a circle, Fern squints her eyes at Erebus.

Fern: “You sure you weren’t writing something? I could have sworn that I saw something in your hands.”

Erebus: “Ah! You must have seen my feather pen in my hands. I realized moments ago that I have brought it in my pocket along with my ink.”

Laughing slightly Fern’s eyes lock onto his. It’s impossible to make a move without her noticing.

Fern: “Ha, please example to me Erebus how does one make sure a mistake?”

Erebus: “Well our ever so lamentable princess, we can’t all be perfect like you. Now can we?”

Erebus puts on a clear counterfeit of a smile and brings himself a step closer to Fern.

Erebus: “Now if you’ll excuse me, I must be going. I must prepare herbs before the next battle occurs. We wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt, now, would we?”

Playing up his fib, Erebus continues to takes steps past Fern until he is stopped by the sound of a knife digging its way through a tree.

Fern: “You can go once you show me what’s in your pockets.”

Erebus: “Well now, isn’t that an invasion of my privacy? I never knew the Princess was such a pervert.”

Fern moves her body over to Erebus in a brisk movement. Grabbing his hand with one of her hands, she begins to pull at his sleeve with the another.

Trepidation fills inside Erebus’ eyes at her sudden movements. Taking his hands away from her, Erebus takes everything out of his pockets.

Looking down at the items he took out of his pockets, there lies a feather pen, a bottle of ink, a blue ribbon crumpled up, a crushed packet of crackers, and a training whistle.

Fern: “That’s all you have in your pockets? Where’s the note? I saw it in your hands.”

Erebus: “I’m not sure what you mean Lady Fern. I didn’t even have a piece of paper in my hands, nevertheless a note.”

With a cheeky smile, Erebus begins picking up his things and throwing them into his pockets. Clearly irritated, Fern puts her knife away and begins to stomp away from him.

Fern: “Hurry up! Training starts as soon as we get back! That’s an order Erebus!”


The sound of a whistle echoes loudly. 

Turning her head back towards Erebus, who is holding the training whistle to his lips, Fern is approached by the sight of a black crow sweeping down to the forest's grass. The crow grasps tightly to an object on the ground and before Fern’s feet can move, it takes off in the opposite direction.

Putting his training whistle back in his pocket, Erebus looks over at Fern wearing a pleased expression.

Erebus: “How crazy, looks like this whistle really does attract birds.”

Giving off a savage look, Fern brings her back straight and opens her mouth to talk in an aggressive manner.

Fern: “I don’t know who you think you are, but when I find out whatever you’re doing I will make sure to string you and the rest of that filthy kingdom to a fate worst then death.”

Letting out a nefarious laugh, Erebus directs his eyes at Fern. A huge menacing smile comes across his face.

Erebus: “Whatever could you mean Fern? I’m Erebus. One of your beloved knights. Or rather one of your father’s knights. You don’t truly have the kingdom in your hands just yet.”

Taking his leave, Erebus once again makes his way past her. 

Biting her lip, Fern decides to stay quiet and let him take his leave.