Chapter 13:


Waking up in a new world without any memories

"I congratulate you on your victory!", Cyril said in a completely exaggerated way. "Unfortunately, I have to admit that you are a capable fighter, but I promise you that I will outbid you at some point and I will defeat you in our next fight!", Said Ikarus confidently. "We'll see, but first we should get out of here and lwarn the  king that the elves have betrayed us, or at least the twins, as I doubt the elvenking would betray us like that. At least he didn't seem to give that impression, especially how he had saved me from Admeus and the twins at the time," Taiki interjected. "We'll see soon. Nodin! You've heard your new pack leader! Lead us out of the abyss! You will have a new home and support us in our task!", Ikarus turned now to Nodin, whereupon the white wolf grumbled up and went ahead, as well as Osiris, who then followed him.

In the castle of the elves, where the current elvenking withdrew early to get ready for the approaching battle.

There was a knock on the door. "Come in!", Replied the elvenking. Admeus and his children then stepped through the doors. They now stood in front of the entrance of the royal chamber. The bed was covered with an expensive, purple silk scarf. The upholstery was dipped in a fresh forest green. The window, which was located directly opposite the door at the other end of the room, offered a good overview of the capital of the elves, which was now quite busy. The elvenking stood in front of a mirror as he had just awoken from his sleep and was now combing his hair. "We have to talk, Father!", Leika began to speak first. "All right. What is it about,", her father replied calmly. "It's about.....", Leika wanted to say, who was immediately interrupted by Leiko: "It's about the demons! We cannot defeat them! Even with the support of the humans, this would hardly be possible! I've already told you and the king of men that only we could survive the ambush because we were just lucky! Even the second half of our group was destroyed by an avalanche triggered by the demon heads! I will never forget these screams! I can still hear theml! It was horrifying! Perhaps we should consider joining forces with the demons to survive!" 

Shizen seemed calm, although everything was boiling in him again. His father calmly replied: "I understand your worries and fears. And the fact that the adventurers unfortunately fell to their deaths also hit me hard, especially because this Taiki had to go through so much and still kept going! He doesn't deserve that! Nevertheless, I will not make it easy for the demons! They want to destroy peace and order with their war! But I'm not going to let them go through that so easily!" "Why are you always so damn stubborn! Can´t you see that we have no chance!", Shouted Leiko in anger, as his father disagreed. Shizen clenched his fists. He didn't want to have an outburst of anger. He calmed down again. "We can't just let it happen! Please understand, my son! The duty of a king is to defend and protect his people, until their last breath!", Replied the elvenking. Suddenly, a sword stabbed the elvenking's back. He gasped for air. Blood splashed out of his body. 

Slowly, he turned to the left of which the stitch came, whereby he saw his own son. His own flesh and blood raised his sword against him and stabbed him. Admeus and Leika were frozen in terror. They absolutely did not expect Leiko to kill his father. "Why? Leiko! Why?!", Shizen wanted to know, while he was spitting out his lifeblood. "Your reign ends here! You were a weak king who was not worthy of the title of a true nobleman! You have treated everyone equally, although we are much better and more important than others from the higher level. I will now rule together with Leika and we will join the demons to fight against the humans. That is the only way! We can never defeat the demons! Why are you so stubborn?! Then I would never have had to do that!", Said Leiko reproachfully, whereupon he tore his blade out of his father. The elvenking went to the ground, bleeding. He panted. The pain stung through his entire body. 

"I gave you love and security, even a good childhood! I even treated you both equally well! If only your mother had never been, who had raised you in the beginning, you wouldn`t behave that way! It was your mother who taught you this nobility and higher class crap. That's why you became like this! I only wanted the best for my children, but apparently I was punished for.......for my deeds......", Were the last words of the elvenking before he went to the ground and the light in his eyes went out slowly. He was dead. Leiko stood above his dead father, still holding his bloody blade. He grinned. His face was also smeared with some blood. Admeus and Leika didn't know what to say. After that, Leiko turned to the two of them and said: "This remains among us! Admeus! Make the corpse disappear! And Leika! You follow me now! We must tell the people about the death of the king who was killed by humans so that the people follow us unconditionally!", The elvenprince ordered, whereupon Leiko first cleaned his blade and himself and then went with Leika to the balcony of the royal house to spread the news.

"My dear citizens! Unfortunately, I have to announce to you that our beloved king was murdered by the humans in cold blood! They must be punished for this! That is why I have made a deal with the demons in order to destroy the people and invade their land! It is only with a heavy heart that I accept this task to be your king! I will do my best! I promise that from now on you will not lack anything! The elves will shine to their new splendour and never perish!", Leiko addressed to the people. His sister stood worried behind her brother. The news that their king died at the hands of the humans and that their elvenprince now swears revenge on them was accompanied by loud applause. After the speech, Leiko whispered in his sister's ear: "Go to Lord Bachus, Lord Tenor and Lord Armor! Tell them to get ready for a war against the humankingdom!" 

Leika didn't say a word. She just nodded. When the new elvenking turned again to his people, who were still cheering with joy, he thought: "This stupid people! They always believe everything they want to believe! They are like good cur! That is why we nobles are always superior to the peasants in many ways! That is why we remain in power when the people believe they are preferred, even if they are not right!" Then he spoke to his sister again: "We personally set off again for the human kingdom before the first battle! An ally in the humankingdom is to eliminate the survivors of our ambush with the help of his magic and the humanking! A friend chirped that Taiki survived the fall with Cyril and Icarus. I don't want to miss out on how they are eliminated from this world by the king and how they can't do anything about it! I will certainly never forget this picture! Their despair shall last forever!" Leika stood frightened next to her brother. It was a part of the big plan. Nevertheless, she gradually became panicked about her own brother, whom she actually loved above all else. She suddenly saw not her brother, but a monster.

Two days later at the end of the forest at the foot of the mountain

Taiki marched out of the forest with his pack of wolves. In the distance you could already see the castle. His only thoughts were addressed to his friends, who split up before the attack. He hoped that they are alright. Nodin and Osiris were still dissatisfied with the fact that they were not led by a true warrior, not a true wolf. Apparently, the demons were so convinced of their victory that they did not even look to see if they might have survived the fall and the injuries. Before Taiki decided to go to the castle, he turned to the wolves and ordered: "You stay here! If we do not come back within a day, you are allowed to go your own way! I will not use you as my soldiers!" The wolves nodded, with Nodin and Osiris a little surprised. They were firm in their belief that he would use them like a coward, but they were quite wrong. So Cyril, Icarus and Taiki separated from the wolves, who dutifully hid in the bushes in front of the forest. Somehow Taiki got a strange feeling. Something was wrong here as he marched through the gate of the castle and continued through the street. 

All the residents seemed as if they were afraid of something. "I feel very queasy, Icarus," Cyril said, before he grabbed the boy's arm with fear, whereupon he shook the dragon away. "Hang on to the alpha wolf, but not to me,", Icarus ranted. The guards and soldiers of the city stared strangely at the three. "Be vigilant! Something evil is hidden here! I just can't determine where it is! Take care of yourself, my disciple!", Taiki heard the voice of the old dragon. Taiki took note of the warning, but he could not recognize the deceit in the castle. They continued to walk into the royal house, through the halls, until they arrived at the throne room, where the king was already waiting for them. His wife and son, as well as a little girl with whom the adventurers were not yet able to make acquaintance.

Particularly striking was her flawless face with her perfectly round, golden eyes and her blonde, long hair. She also wore a turquoise dress that shone in the infalling sun. Some other nobles, whom they had never seen before, such as an older man whispering something in the king's ear, were also in the throne room. "What's going on here?", Wondered Taiki. But no answer came. When their gaze wandered more closely over the throne room, they saw the elventwins with their bodyguard. In Taiki rose up hatred and resentment, which is why he hissed forwad to them without any warning. Bertinoff, who was also in the throne room, threw himself at the young boy and held him to the ground. Cyril and Icarus wanted to help him, but guards rushed in and stopped them. "Let me go! This pair of elves betrayed us! They betrayed us all! They killed Grindol and his dwarves and attacked us! They're in a cahoots together with the demons!", Yelled Taiki. 

But the old man next to the king replied: "This is a lie! You killed them, as did Rya, Chizu, Tsuyoshi and Luvin's group who were perished because of you. My omniscient eyes have seen it! You slaughtered them and the elvensiblings were able to stop you from committing further deeds! You are the culprit!" "Who are you?! These are lazy accusations! Just because they are nobles, can`t they betraya us or what!? Only because they are nobles, have they the right to accuse us for anything!?", Complained Taiki. However, the king raised his voice: "I could see the proof with my own eyes! My faithful magician was able to show me what was happening! You are under in cahoots together with the demons! This is treason!" "No! Listen to me! The real traitors are the elventwins!", The young boy wanted to object. But suddenly the king swung his hand, whereupon the soldiers whisk Icarus, Cyril and Taiki off. The three wanted to defend themselves, although unfortunately this was not crowned with success. 

Before they were dragged away from the throne room, Taiki and his two friends turned around one last time, only to see the little girl and the magician next to the king grinning contentedly. Leiko and Leika also seemed satisfied, even though that Leikas evil smile seemed fake. "So that's it! Not only the elvensiblings are traitors but also these two! We were all betrayed! Have I now also lost Tsuyoshi, Chizu and Rya? This can't be! I didn't want to lose anyone anymore! I will take revenge on them! I will retaliate,", Were Taikis last thoughts, before he was dragged out of the throne room. His anger was immeasurable. Even his master could not penetrate through this vortex inside him. "I have to do something, before a disaster happens,", The old master said to himself.