Chapter 14:

The ressistance

Waking up in a new world without any memories

Cyril, Taiki and Icarus were violently dragged through the corridors of the castle. Everywhere they received despicable looks. Every soldier was firmly convinced that these three adventurers were traitors. At some point, the group came in front of a large iron door, which was already rusting a bit. Bertinoff opened the door, which made them see three chairs equipped with straps. The room itself was dark. Only a candle lit the room up a bit. In this room stood an elderly man who was wrapped in a hood. You could see his dirty, gray hair looking out of the hood, as well as a long, pointed nose. A wrinkled face smiled diabolically with a wide mouth. Green, blue eyes inspected the three adventurers closely. When the three were pushed into the room, the door behind them was closed and two guards remained there as well.

Then the old gentleman introduced himself: "My name is Klaus Tomon! I will now be your torturer until I get all the secrets out of you! Only after I am sure that you are neither lying to me nor omitting details, then I will give you death as a reward for your cooperation! I hate liars! They disgust me! If you lie, you will be tortured more, which is why I always advise you to tell the truth! Now everything has been said! Let us now begin the torture!" The three adventurers were dragged forward and each one was strapped to a chair, so that they would have no way to escape. When this was done, Klaus was looking for certain tools that were on a table, although the adventurers could not see which tools they were, as the lighting conditions did not allow this.

Then Klaus chose a tool, which Taiki unfortunately already knew. "That can't be... That must be a joke! I..... I....have to do something about it! It can't be that I lose everything again! I just wanted to live my life! Is this really such a bad sin that I am so hard-dusted for it?" asked Taiki inwardly. It was the poison that Orax had already used to kill Aimi, Ronin and Gloin. But then Klaus explained: "Don't be afraid! I can control this poison through my skill "Poison Mixer", which means that I can determine with my thoughts how strongly the poison works in you and whether it kills you! Don't be afraid! If you say exactly what I want to hear from you, then you don't have to be afraid!" As a result, a devilish smile was formed on his face, knowing that he would inflict immeasurable pain on the three. Slowly he put the syringe on Icarus. He injected the fabric. The kitten felt nothing, except a somewhat unpleasant tingling. He then injected the poison into Taiki and Cyril, who felt the same as Icarus. 

"Now we start with the first questions! How do you relate to the demonamy? Are you their spies or soldiers?", Klaus began his questioning. Taiki replied first: "We don't belong to the demonarmy! We wanted to fight them, but then we were betrayed by these dirty twins!" "You're lying! I see it in your eyes!", snorted her torturer. All of a once, Cyril and Icarus began to squirm in pain. Her blood was boiling. The pain was so severe that her eyes watered. "Stop! I tell the truth! We have nothing to do with them!", shrieked Taiki out of sheer desperation. He was afraid to lose his friends again. He saw in front of him how Aimi, Ronin and Gloin, were tormented until death. "Don't be afraid! I will come to you!", The voice of his Master tried to calm him down, but this was not crowned with success.

In addition to Cyril and Icarus screaming in agony, the three also heard other poor souls screaming desperately for salvation. "If you just tell me the truth, I will end your suffering on the spot!", Klaus assured the three, when suddenly Taiki also felt the same torment. Sweat ran down their faces. In some places of their bodies, the blood came out. You could see their nerves as they suffered such pain. They panted for air, as the poison was now somewhat clogging their lungs. The poison caused high fever and chills at the same time. "How do you feel about the demonking! Tell me!", Demanded Klaus. Then Icarus began to speak, spitting blood on the floor: "We have nothing to do with this dirty demonking!"

"Why are you just telling me half the truth?", Wondered her torturer. "Half the truth?", Asked Cyril, who could hardly cope with the pain. Cyril's wings received some cracks, as did Icarus' cat ears. His life juice splashed out of Taiki's right eyes. "We don't know anything, damn it!", Shouted Cyril, as he could hardly stand the pain and was looking for every possibility that it would finally stop. But suddenly the pain got worse. Cyril saw only blackness, as did Icarus and Taiki. Nevertheless, they still heard everything. "Am I blind?", Wondered Taiki. But then they regained their sight. It seemed that they almost fainted. "You are really persistent! I thought that you woud come up with the truth and not come up with a half-truth! I just hate liars, which is why your pain will be so bad, but you won't die! I have a skill called "truthfinder" with which I, no matter who, can immediately find out whether they are telling the complete truth or not!", Explained Klaus.

"If it's true that he has such a skill, the only question that arises is what is not true! Do any of us have any connection to the demonking?", Asked Taiki inwardly. Suddenly, he was torn from his thoughts when the pain rose again. "What's not true? Does Cyril have something to do with.....No! Me neither! Taiki must have something to do with him! I couldn't trust him back then and now I have the proof! If we get it out of here alive, I'll keep it to myself and watch him thoroughly!", Thought Icarus. "Should one of you die, that you finally come out with it?", Wondered Klaus, as he still did not bring out any truth from them. However, none of them could answer anything, as the pain was now so great that they only sat cramped in the chair. "Then it has to be! The dragon boy will die first!", Said Klaus with a slight grin. When their torturer wanted to strengthen Cyril's poison to such an extent that it would have killed him, Osiris, Nodin and the entire wolf pack suddenly broke through the door of the torture chamber. Instantly, two wolves threw themselves at the two guards, who bite their throats with a quick bite. The red juice of their life flowed away. A few seconds later, they were dead.

Without hesitation, Nodin threw himself at Klaus and pushed him to the ground. As a result of this sudden attack, the torturer lost his concentration and the poison in them dropped to the minimum, causing them to feel only a slight tingling inside them that actually felt something comfortable for them. The three were able to relax from their torments. Suddenly, a figure they know, flew in, followed by two other people who were very familiar to them. "Healing ultimate! God healing! Poison absorbtion!", Conjured up the figure, which floated slightly above the ground. The three's vision was completely blurred by the many pains and tears they shed, but they soon realized that Chizu had completely taken care of the poison. Rya and Tsuyoshi looked at the three worried: "What happened? Why did they do this to you?!", Rya wanted to know almost flinging, as her brother had to experience unspeakable suffering again. 

"What are you doing here! That was an order from the king! Go down from me, you furball!", Complained Klaus. But Nodin was not thrilled by the insult of the human, which is why he growled viciously at him. "So those were your last words?", The white wolf asked. Before Klaus could say anything about it, Nodin rammed his sharp, pointed teeth into the head of the torturer, which quickly ended his life. His entire skull was crushed by the immense power of the wolf. Bones broke and the blood burst from his head. Klaus' body gave off a few last twitches before his body lay still on the ground. "How did you find us? And how did you get here? And why did the wolves follow us? I thought you were killed!", Cyril turned to his rescuers. Chizu was the one who replied: "We were attacked by the three demon heads and narrowly escaped with Luvin, who is already in the throne room with his people, to sort everything out. We know about the betrayal of the elventwins. However, they have already left the castle. On the way to the castle we found the wolves, who almost attacked us if we had not appeased them and told them everything. They almost wanted to leave because they don't see you as a leader. However, I was able to convince them when I told them about your actions so far and they believed it. So they see you a little bit as their leader."

We were so worried about you!", Rya then objected as she took Cyril tightly in her arms after freeing the three boys from the chairs. "I don't want to disturb this reunion, but we have to go to the throne room to clear up the misunderstanding and to finally find out what is actually going on here!", Interrupted the half-demon. Shortly thereafter, they sprinted quickly out of the castle's torture cellar, through the corridors, where she had to knock out heaps of soldiers until they arrived at the throne room, where the magician Eliphas looked angrily at Taiki, Cyril and Icarus. "What are they doing here? They should be tortured until they come out with the the truth!", The magician enraged. "My right hand is right! So you're also in cahoots together with the demonking?!", The king now raised his voice. 

In addition to the adventurers, the king, the wolf pack, the magician and Bertinoff was also in present in the room as a guard, as he got wind of the escape from the dungeon. "You dare to come before the king and ignore his judgment!", Enraged the main commander, whereupon he raced forward, but he was stopped by Chizu with a spell, without her even having to say anything. He was stopped in the air and swept away to the side, where he fainted. "This is so outrageous, isn't it my king! These traitors more than anything deserve the death penalty! Let them suffer!", Eliphas whispered in the king's ear. "So you were the one who is in cahoot together with the elventwins? Was it you who manipulated the entire royal court with an influence spell? You made them believe the story of the elventwins! But if the elvenking lfigure this out, then you, Leika and Leiko will deal with the conseuquenses! I've already seen their father in action!", Shouted Taiki, still slightly exhausted because of his torture. But Eliphas just giggled. "You mean Leiko, don't you? He's the elven king!", Replied the magician. "What?!", Frightened the entire group. "He took the throne and joined with the demonarmy! He will now attack the humankingdom in a week!! I can confidently tell you, because you can't stop this storm anyway!" laughed Eliphas.

Taiki, Cyril, Icarus, Rya and Tsuyoshi then attacked the magician, but he used a spell, whereupon all fighters were sweeping away with a slight hand movement of Eliphas. Even Chizu, who wanted to perform a spell, was stopped by Eliphas and pushed to the ground with another spell, as was the wolf pack. Eliphas laughed at this sight. He never thought that Taiki, who is apparently supposed to be the spirit of revenge, and Chizu, the strongest fighter in this country, are so easy to defeat. "Now I will crush you, you maggots! You will atone for the fact that you stepped in front of me like this!", Said the magician. He then pushed all the fighters further to the ground. They felt that they would no longer be able to stand it. They felt that their bones were slowly giving way. "And now you shall perish!", Grinned Eliphas. Out of thin air, a storm of flames hissed through the throne room, which hit Eliphas directly.

"What....the!", The magician coughed when he saw an old figure at the entrance, who at the same moment used a healing spell on all those who where affected by Eliphas spell before. "Release the king from your spell, brother!", The figure demanded. "Never! He is mine and you can't do anything about it!", Snorted Eliphas back. But then the person raised a hand and said: "Undo curse!" As a result, the king fainted. "What?! How?! You can break the spell just like that?! How is this possible!? I was always stronger than you!", Complained Eliphas. "I trained a lot in my absence and I also watched you! I wanted to know if you changed or not, but unfortunately my expectations were too high! I would advise you to leave because you would not stand a chance in a fight against me!", Said the figure. "Master!", Cyril, Rya, Icarus and Taiki rejoiced at the same time when they realized who saved them from Eliphas spell.

But suddenly Eliphas, since he simply did not want to hear, shot a fireball at the old master, which was repelled by him and who then threw back another fire spell that pushed Eliphas against the wall. He quickly realized that he had no chance against his brother, so he bowed and said: "I'm sorry, but I have to leave you now! We will certainly see each other again soon!" All at once, he disappeared into a cloud of smoke. It was as if nothing had happened. The king was still powerless. Shortly thereafter, the old master turned to those he had saved: "We have no more time to lose! The king must wake up as quickly as possible! We must prepare for war! The elves and demonsarmy have mobilized themselves! They will reach this castle within the next five days! The war of this world has just begun........just as it was prophesied!"