Chapter 1:

First week, Monday

Three weeks long story short

When I woke up in my soft bedding yesterday, the sun was hight in the clear sky. My parents and sibligings were already up making noise and the national volleyball team was winning easily the Olympic match. I did not remenber how nor when did I fall asleep, the only clear memory was that written paper laying besides me. I took it in my hands and started reading: it was not a blank paper like I had thought during the night, instead it was that page full of anxiety and embarassment in wich I had written my thoughts some time before. From all the papers I could have chosen, did it have to be that awkward one?

Such an unconfortable memory... Luckily I received a joyful invitation for today and here I am waiting in front of the fast food restaurant. I love getting nicely dressed up even though I am just meeting my friends (actually that is the only reason I usually go out anyway), but today is even more important since I do not think I will get much chances to see them again anytime soon: I am going to get my driver licence!

My frieds have arrived in the mean time, bringing some new acquaitances: Jackie and Lorence. Maybe I should have worked harder in keeping them as just that, acquaitances... but they are such interesting people! You know, Jackie is such a mature girl. I mean, she is indeed a year older than me, but it's still not easy to find such a good connection with someone and keep up a good conversation from the first meeting. And Lorence: he's so funny!

I didn't think much about him at first since his greeting seemed a bit odd, but while sharing a meal and spending some time chatting, he started to look a bit attractive...

Anyway, we are now heading to the cinema and I'm so relieved we are fewer that expected because this way we all got the chance to know each other. Jackie is very clever and her eyes shine whenever we start talking about maths. I like it that even though she may not look like it, she's an earnet student. I admire her passion and the way she looks so confident in that sexy dress. She may not be a beauty, but she is much more charming than many other women I've met before.

During the play I was sitting besides Lorence. We had agreat time commenting the movie scenes together. I like it that he doesn't mind conversing while watching a film: we actually watched it together!

I thought about that one time I invited my middle school friends at the cinema... Everyone was so focused on the play that every time a stupid comment almost came out of my mouth, I kept it for myself in case I ruined the mood. Considering it now, maybe it was not necessary to shut my mouth, but at that moment I felt the distance between me and the others. I thought it may have been the same or even better if I just went there by myself... Since then I've only been to the cinema with my family and one, special friend.

I enjoyed today more that i could have immagined. I should make some time regardless of my busy schedule...

It's time to say goodbye. The movie was great and all agreed on it. I raise my hand and in an istance I'm in Lorence's embrace. I don't even know what I've said to him while hugging him back, but I hope it was “bye. See you soon”...

I was taken aback. I hardly ever hug my female friends! Besides he only hugged Me. Don't you find it strange? It is strange, isn't it?

I walk blankly towards my father's car. And then I snapped out of it: how could have I forgotten?

O my goddes, o Venus, oVergin Mary, o whoever is up there that can understand a lady's heart, please, help me get it together during the next 20 seconds! If my family get to see my face now, I'm doomed! I do NOT want to repeat that horrible experience ever again...

“ I need to survive this family again today”