Chapter 68:

The Battle for Stonefall (Part 3)

The Children of Eris

The Sons of Tartarus’s main base was located in the biggest estate in the entire White Manor district: Lord Carlson Penwise’s mansion.Bookmark here

Its gardens and grounds stretched half a mile around the main house and had tall stone walls surrounding it. The main house was gigantic and there were over a hundred guards protecting it at any given time.Bookmark here

Carlson Penwise was a prominent and well-respected member of the noble class and he was also the head of the Sons of Tartarus, which made him one of the most powerful men in the Holy Empire.Bookmark here

If Lord Kelsey was backing the Sons and they in turn supported him, they truly might have had enough power to rival the emperor at one point.Bookmark here

With Lord Kelsey dead and the Sons of Tartarus on their last legs, it won’t be long until one of the greatest threats to his majesty is gone, Mimir thought. Bookmark here

Like they’d discuss, Mimir and the others set the Hierophant on fire, as well as a handful of buildings around it, ensuring that the fire would spread, before heading to White Manor.Bookmark here

Then, Mania teleported back to the Dread Keep to bring a few hundred skeletons and forty Machai to help assault the estate as Mimir and his Ravens began quietly assassinating the guards at the gate.Bookmark here

Then, with a small army at their back, the generals charged onto the estate.Bookmark here

The Ravens and skeletons quickly spread across the estate grounds whilst the generals and Machai charged into the main house. Bookmark here

Mania leapt up into the master bedroom, quickly killing Carlson and his wife, before opening a portal to the Dread Keep and calling thirty more Machai to take the upper floors of the house.Bookmark here

Mimir and Fenrir blew through the front doors, quickly slaughtering the guards, and letting the Machai inside. Bookmark here

Before the attack had begun, Mimir had given strict orders not to let any of the servants, slaves or prisoners they found to be harmed. The guards were to be killed without mercy but the buildings were not to be too badly damaged.Bookmark here

All across the estate, the Sons of Tartarus members meet the attackers and engage them in battle.Bookmark here

“Ah, this is so much fun!” Fenrir giddily cried as she killed two guards with a single kick. “I haven’t felt this rush in years.”Bookmark here

“I don’t mind you enjoying yourself, but please do remember we’re here on behalf of his majesty and his orders,” Mimir said.Bookmark here

“I know, I know, I won’t go against my orders or do anything like that.” She grinned when she saw two Machai come flying down the stairs dead. “Seems like we’ve found the boss.”Bookmark here

“Seems like our guests wanted to start the party without us, lads,” Herakles called to them from the second floor. He swung his bloodied club onto his shoulder, then leapt down the flight of stairs in a single jump. “I know we sent you guys an invitation earlier, but didn’t expect to see you so soon.” Herakles chuckled. “Either you’re really confident or really stupid. Maybe both.”Bookmark here

Fenrir grinned and took a step forward. “You don’t seem all that worried about this.”Bookmark here

“Why would I be? Honestly, you coming to us works out great for us. When you’re all dead, then I can finally start working on rebuilding the Sons of Tartarus’s reputation and this time.” He lost his happy demeanour. “There won’t be anyone dumb enough to cross us again.”Bookmark here

“If you can win.”Bookmark here

In the next instant, Fenrir had flown into one of the pillars and the whole house shook from the impact.Bookmark here

Neither Fenrir nor Mimir knew what had happened.Bookmark here

Since they’d arrived in Aangapea, Mimir had never once thought of the residents of this world as a threat to him or any of the generals. Not even to the Machai or Ravens.Bookmark here

Abaddon was strong enough to defeat a fifteen-metre-tall giant alone without getting a scratch.Bookmark here

Mania could cut through forty men with a single strike of her whip.Bookmark here

Mimir was faster than any other combatant he’d seen by a long shot.Bookmark here

Fenrir, one of the generals chosen by the Demon Emperor, whose strength rivalled his own, was launched across the room before either of them could react.Bookmark here

“Like I said, when we kill you,” Herakles said with a big grin on his face.Bookmark here

It’s like his majesty warned us, Mimir cursed himself. There are threats to us.Bookmark here

With a ferocious scowl, Fenrir pushed herself onto her feet and spat blood.Bookmark here

“I’m going to kill him.”Bookmark here

“Fenrir, stand down.” Mimir stepped in between them. He drew his sword and held two knives in his other hand. “He’s mine.”Bookmark here

Herakles grinned and swung his club back onto his shoulder. “Even after that, you still think you have a chance?”Bookmark here

“Funny. I was about to ask you the same thing.”Bookmark here

“Mimir-!” Three people jumped down from upstairs and surrounded her.Bookmark here

“You can play with our resident A-ranked adventurers, wolf-girl,” Herakles said. “I’ll be with you once I’m done with your friend.”Bookmark here

Mimir scoffed. “Don’t kid yourself.”Bookmark here

He’s strong and possesses a sound mind. Had we the option, I would have gladly tried to bring him into the fold. However.Bookmark here

“There’s no place for people like you in our master’s world!”Bookmark here

“Oh, and what sort of people is that?”Bookmark here

Mimir disappeared from sight and reappeared behind Herakles. “Those who are too free.”Bookmark here

He sliced at Herakles’s neck, but Herakles ducked beneath it, then spun on his heel and swung his club at Mimir. Mimir easily bent to the side of the strike, then stabbed at Herakles’s face with his knives.Bookmark here

Herakles blocked them with his shield, then kicked Mimir away from him before leaping back a few feet himself.Bookmark here

Mimir threw his knives at Herakles, but Herakles easily knocked them out of the air with his club. Herakles kicked off the ground with great power and flew across the room at Mimir with his club wound back. Bookmark here

Mimir dodged the attack but, just before Herakles slammed into the wall, Herakles twisted his body mid-air, kicked off the wall and leapt at Mimir again.Bookmark here

Mimir’s eyes widened in surprise at the follow-up attack and he blocked the club with his sword. The impact from the blow, however, sent him flying through the dining room doors towards a window.Bookmark here

Mimir adjusted himself mid-air so that his feet landed on the frame, then jumped off it before it shattered. He landed on the table just as Herakles burst into the room with a nasty grin on his face.Bookmark here

Herakles roared and slammed his club down on the table, launching it and Mimir high into the air. Bookmark here

Mimir clicked his tongue and threw six daggers at Herakles. Herakles blocked them all with his shield then jumped into the air in pursuit of Mimir. Mimir twisted his body and narrowly dodged Herakles’s attack, then kicked the man in the ribs.Bookmark here

They cracked as Herakles was launched through the ceiling and into the roof of the building.Bookmark here

Herakles coughed blood and landed roughly on his knees, but his smile still remained on his face.Bookmark here

Mimir leapt up into the bedroom Herakles landed in and the two clashed again.Bookmark here

Herakles parried Mimir’s slash, then bashed him in the stomach with his shield, knocking the wind out of Mimir and sending him flying through the bedroom doors and out into the corridor. Bookmark here

Mimir landed in a crouched position and rolled out of the way of Herakles’s follow-up swings. He leapt up onto his feet and threw three daggers at Herakles, all of which the man caught in his club.Bookmark here

Herakles shattered the daggers using his shield, then hastily moved to block Mimir’s flurry of slashes. A couple lightly scratched Herakles, but they only drew a few drops of blood.Bookmark here

Herakles caught Mimir’s sword in his club and wrenched it free of Mimir’s grip, then, he launched a spinning kick at the side of Mimir’s face.Bookmark here

The strike was so strong that the entire house shook.Bookmark here

Mimir was sent flying down to the very end of the twenty-metre corridor and collapsed onto his knees.Bookmark here

Herakles spat blood and wretched Mimir’s sword from his club before breaking it in two against his shield. Bookmark here

Despite the intense rage and humiliation that Mimir felt, he didn’t let it show on his face.Bookmark here

His majesty always exercised caution and advised us to do the same in case we ran into someone as strong as Herakles, Mimir thought. He stood back up and brandished his daggers. We generals had no fear of these people because of our confidence in our own strength.Bookmark here

It is that arrogance that has betrayed me.Bookmark here

“I won’t let that happen again,” Mimir whispered.Bookmark here

Just as Herakles was about to charge down the corridor, Mimir struck.Bookmark here

He threw eight knives down the corridor, but not a single one was aimed at Herakles.Bookmark here

Instead, the knives hit the walls and the ceiling, reflecting off them and then bouncing off whatever they impacted next. Bookmark here

One knife went from the walls, to the floor, to the opposite wall, then to the ceiling, all the while gaining speed and advancing towards Herakles.Bookmark here

Just as Mimir hoped, Herakles’s attention was drawn to the daggers, giving him the chance to close the distance. Bookmark here

Herakles knocked three knives out of the air, but one landed in his shoulder and another in his waist, and the final three he caught in his shield. Bookmark here

Before Herakles could properly recover, Mimir threw another eight knives in the same manner.Bookmark here

However, this time, Herakles didn’t focus on the knives.Bookmark here

He charged directly at Mimir, not realising that he had fallen into a trap once again.Bookmark here

As Herakles ran past the knives, Mimir skidded to a stop, then wretched his hands backwards, pulling the blades with them on their wires. Herakles realised what was happening too late and the daggers stabbed and cut at his exposed back. Bookmark here

Mimir then spun forwards, whipping three of the daggers around with him, and sliced at Herakles in quick succession several times.Bookmark here

Herakles bit his lip and tried to block the slashes, but he had been badly wounded by Mimir’s last two attacks, and his reactions were getting slower as his arms grew heavier.Bookmark here

Herakles roared and caught Mimir’s wires with his shield-hand, ripped them from his grasp, and swung his club at his opponent.Bookmark here

Mimir rolled beneath the attack, took out Herakles’s legs, then ripped the two knives from Herakles’s back. Mimir stabbed them repeatedly into the man’s back as Herakles moved his shield to protect his neck and skull. Bookmark here

Herakles’s body twitched and jolted with every attack and Mimir didn’t relent.Bookmark here

Herakles rolled onto his back, knocking Mimir onto his side. Then, with all the strength he could muster, Herakles swung his club at Mimir’s head. Mimir tried to move out of the way, but Herakles wrapped one of Mimir’s legs between his own, holding him in place.Bookmark here

Mimir quickly assembled a net out of his wires before him to catch the club, but the strength behind the attack was so great that he felt himself being slowly pushed back. Bookmark here

Mimir had to act fast. If he didn’t, then there was a very real chance he could die.Bookmark here

Mimir’s wires dug deeper into the club, splintering it in a few places, then, with all of his strength, he pushed the club to his right and moved his head left, narrowly avoiding the club’s impact. Bookmark here

The impact destroyed the wall and several chunks hit them both as they fell to the ground, but Mimir had the chance he needed to end the battle.Bookmark here

He retracted all of his wires, dragging with them two still intact daggers, and then he stabbed Herakles with both of them; one pierced his heart and the other dug into the centre of his chest. Bookmark here

“You fought well, Herakles, but we who serve the Dark Lord are not permitted to lose,” Mimir said, pushing the dying man off him. Bookmark here

When Mimir stood up and looked down at the dying criminal, he expected to see a look of fear or horror on his face.Bookmark here

However, the look on Herakles’s face was of pure satisfaction.Bookmark here

Herakles chuckled, blood drooling from his lips, and he cracked a massive smile. “That…was the…best death…I could’ve…asked…for.”Bookmark here

Mimir grunted and shook his head. “Absurd. You and Abaddon probably would’ve been the best of friends.”Bookmark here

Herakles laughed and coughed up blood. “If…your…this…strong, then…I’d have…loved to fight…your Master.”Bookmark here

Mimir picked up his half-broken blade and held it right above Herakles’s eye. “I assure you, you wouldn’t have lasted ten seconds.”Bookmark here

He drove his blade down and silence descended across the mansion.Bookmark here

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