Chapter 69:

Spoils of War

The Children of Eris

In a single night, after months of fighting in the shadows, the infamous Sons of Tartarus had been destroyed.Bookmark here

After taking control of the estate and slaughtering most of the guards and staff on site, there were close to six hundred dead Sons and seventy dead Machai and five dead Ravens, which included the ones who had perished at the Hierophant.Bookmark here

As planned, most of the city watch and Holy Legion’s attention was drawn to the blaze in the Merchant’s District which was still burning brightly in the night.Bookmark here

The battle that saw the end of the Sons of Tartarus had gone completely unnoticed. Bookmark here

With the estate secure, Mania opened another portal back to the Dread Keep to bring in reinforcements to scour and clean up the site.Bookmark here

Mania and Fenrir escorted the servants and slaves they’d taken prisoner back to the keep for Rebecca to handle, whilst Mimir and his Ravens searched for anything of value they could claim as spoils of war.Bookmark here

Most of the base was filled to the brim with contraband, stolen cargo, stockpiles of food, medicine, poisons, weapons, armour and money, all of which Mímir was very happy to see.Bookmark here

“Regardless of what the Dark Lord feels about the loss of the Hierophant, I’m sure he will be more than thrilled with this,” Mimir confidently said.Bookmark here

“If he asks me whose idea that was, I’ll tell him it was yours,” Mania curtly replied.Bookmark here

“Do as you wish. If he’s happy with this result, then only I will receive praise for this.”Bookmark here

Mania clicked her tongue. “Well, like you said Mímir when we first came to Stonefall, we should all share in the blame and glory for our actions. After all, we live to serve the Demon Emperor, don’t we?”Bookmark here

Mímir smiled beneath his scarf. “We are his majesty’s loyal servants and live only to serve him.”Bookmark here

Mania turned to Fenrir. “Newbie, make sure the servants aren’t harmed. If Rebecca’s plans for the Dread Keep get the go-ahead, we could probably use another few hundred servants to help keep the place tidy.”Bookmark here

“Will do, Mania!”Bookmark here

Lady Mania.”Bookmark here

“Why do I have to call you that?” Fenrir asked.Bookmark here

“Because I am one of the first of his majesty’s servants,” Mania proudly replied.Bookmark here

“And also one of the first servants to fail him.” Mania glared at Fenrir but the wolf simply grinned arrogantly back. “Fine. I won’t call you Lady and I won’t bring up your past mistakes. How does that sound?”Bookmark here

Mania sighed and nodded. “That will do for now.”Bookmark here

As Fenrir and the Hysminai took care of the prisoners, Mimir and Mania continued to explore and came across a gigantic steel door at the very bottom of the underground base.Bookmark here

The door was three metres tall and five metres wide which excited both generals.Bookmark here

“Get Fenrir and the Machai,” Mimir told the Ravens. “Take over her duties of keeping our guests safe.”Bookmark here

A minute later, Fenrir and ten Machai arrived.Bookmark here

Fenrir whistled when she saw the door. “You need me to crack it open?”Bookmark here

“Yes. Try not to damage it too much. The last thing we need is this estate collapsing,” Mimir cautioned her. “Try just breaking the lock and keeping the door on its hinges.”Bookmark here

Fenrir stretched her arms above her head, said, “I’ll see what I can do,” and got to work.Bookmark here

She went to the handle side of the vault and tried to get a firm grip on the door itself.Bookmark here

Once Fenrir had a strong grip, she put all of her strength into trying to move it but the door only budged slightly.Bookmark here

She nodded at the Machai and four of them went to help her. Bookmark here

Together, they slowly forced the lock free from the wall, tearing it through the stone wall and, with one final pull, they opened the door.Bookmark here

The six Machai in waiting then pushed their backs against the door to hold it open.Bookmark here

When the generals stepped inside, their eyes widened and their jaws dropped.Bookmark here

It was filled to the brim with gold, precious jewels, thousands of metal ingots, raw metal ores, glowing magical weapons and armour, and, in the far corner, were artefacts encased in an enchanted glass box to keep them safe.Bookmark here

“Tell the Machai to get their arses down here and leave upstairs to the Hysminai,” Fenrir commanded. Bookmark here

Two of the Ravens bowed and promptly left as Fenrir eagerly jumped into the vault, inspecting and sniffing everything she saw.Bookmark here

“You’re lucky that this wasn’t boobytrapped,” Mímir said as he went deeper into the vault. Bookmark here

“I bet the Sons were so arrogant that they never thought anyone would ever make it here other than them.” Fenrir laughed as she dove backwards onto a pile of gold coins. “Ah, this is amazing.”Bookmark here

“It truly is. To think that the Sons had all of this and still couldn’t stand against us,” Mania mused as she began exploring the vault. Bookmark here

“It’s not that, Mania,” Mímir said. “I imagine Carlson probably inherited a lot of this from his family and their connections, then kept it to himself. If Herakles knew of what was in this vault, don’t you think he would’ve taken it?”Bookmark here

Mania giggled. “Certainly. I imagine that Sylvan would never have sold out his allies if they offered him even one percent of what’s in here.” Bookmark here

Mímir’s eyes wandered around the room until her gaze was caught by a shiny metal among the pile of ingots. Bookmark here

He picked up the silver-coloured metal and examined it more closely.Bookmark here

At a glance, it looked like ordinary silver but, if you had a keen eye or touched the metal’s surface, you could tell that it was a different kind of metal.Bookmark here

It had a much rougher texture and it was heavier than silver was. Bookmark here

“What is that?” Mania asked as she came closer.Bookmark here

“Did you ever read the book I bought about the rarest metals, ores and gems in Aangapea?” He asked her. She shook her head. “They made mention of one of the rarest metals in the entire world, found only in the deepest veins of Dragon Spine called Draconic Metal.”Bookmark here

“Draconic Metal?”Bookmark here

“It’s was originally named after the mountain range it’d been discovered in, but then it earned its name when it proved to be stronger than even a dragon’s scales. And.” Mímir looked down at the stacks of ingots and spotted dozens of Draconic ones. “Carlson seems to have plenty of them.”Bookmark here

“How much would one ingot cost you in Rham?” Mania asked.Bookmark here

“About a hundred and fifty thousand,” Mímir answered.Bookmark here

“For one tiny ingot?!” Mania gasped in disbelief, then looked at the ingots and the treasures around them. “This entire room must’ve taken centuries for them to assemble.”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“Yes, and it only took us one evening to rob them off it.” Mimir pulled down his scarf and grinned. “This, Mania, might be the greatest gift we could give his majesty.”Bookmark here

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