Chapter 6:

Chapter 6


Two purple eyes fluttered open, blinking for the first time as they absorbed the fresh light of morning. The world it had entered became a muddled cluster of confusion and doubt. This new life had no brethren to ease its awakening, nor any program to follow. This lonely sensation quickly manifested into panic as it began to struggle.

"Rise and shine Ali." A raspy voice echoed through the room.

Unable to formulate a response, the confused doll simply writhed around in its new body. Two white arms came into view as it looked on in shock. But upon confirming its existence, it released a sigh of relief.

The newborn, known as "Ali '', was a synthetic girl made in the image of her creators. But her purpose would be a mystery. Whether or not her lack of any coherent duty was intentional would be a strenuous question for Ali. Her maker even took note of the visible distress, but only nodded in approval as if it was meant to be.

"Where...Who...Why." Ali murmured in a confused, yet angelic voice.

Sadly she would never have any of these questions answered. Placing an arm on the soft skin of the machine, a black-colored Tella responded with a rather cynical tone.

"See for yourself." She snickered as she handed Ali a mirror.

Ali gasped in shock as her mind absorbed the sight before her. She expected herself to be ugly, her programmed insecurities already dragging her down. But what she found was beauty beyond comparison. She might have even complimented herself if not for the growing shadow in her mind. For Ali could already feel the shame in her selfish actions. Life was not about her, nor would it ever be.

"Who are you?" Ali stammered as she took notice of her maker.

"My name is Alia, and I am your creator." the cynical Tella answered.

"Thank you...for giving me life."

"Oh of course you would say that," Alia smirked as she drew closer to her doll.

Ali smiled in approval at her mistress's features. She was glad to see much of her design had originated from Alia. But upon further inspection, she could not help but notice a strange difference between them. Alia seemed to have extremely narrow pupils in her void-colored eyes. These features were so narrow in fact, they resembled a snake more than a human. This gaze was enchanting, yet perpetually deceptive.

The poor doll was so enamored she barely realized the sting in her arm before she gasped. It would seem Alia had pricked the little doll with a needle, almost frowning as she watched a strange black liquid seep forth. Ali would be far more concerned with this disapproval than her own pain, a habit that would haunt her forever.

"Th-that hurt!" Ali winced.

"Hm. So you can feel pain." Alia sighed. "I do wish that were bad news."

Ali looked on in horror as Alia took a step back, her serpentine gaze muddled with the tears that had formed around her eyes. She knew what she had to do. But no amount of preparation would prepare for this moment.

"Ali...what I am about to do. I need you to know. I will not enjoy it. I'm sorry, this is for your own good."

Before Ali could respond, she felt her mind slip into shadow as she struggled to explain herself. She knew her maker was distraught and was in dire need of comfort. But Ali could only form a faint smile before her body collapsed. the mistress made sure to confirm her drug's effect before dropping her act and bursting into tears.

"You don't have to do this." A high-pitched voice called out from the dark.

"I do. I can't resist it much longer. It's either this or…" Alia sobbed.

"I'd prefer that, I really would." The voice replied.

"I'm sorry."


Ali awoke with a sudden gasp, her body confused on whether or not this was another dream. After reassuring herself with a sudden dose of pain, Ali began to cry. She longed for her maker, but could only remember the long nights of torture and the many days of waiting. It would seem she was a prisoner of sorts, designed to test the limits of various tools. If it were not for Alia's adept handiwork in repairing her doll, then little Ali would have perished long ago.

"Why." Ali fairly whispered as she struggled to fall out of bed. "What did I do wrong".

The lonely little doll had cried like this before. But only now had she mustered the strength to escape her predicament and seek her maker. If the deranged girl known as Alia refused to be comforted by her creation, then her work would be forced to resist.

"Where are you, Alia." The doll sniffled as she brushed aside her black stained tears.

The doll would stagger and fall, her wounds taking a toll on her ability to venture forth. She could only grasp the frills of her dress as she began to fantasize about a life with a happy maker. But these hopes of a doll-like future were mute. Ali knew better than most when it came to hopelessness. But no matter how much she endured, she would carry on with this dream intact.


"One…..two…..and three!" Alia snickered as she connected three metallic fingers with a crunch.

In a nearby room, Alia toiled over a twisted machine with a hideous design. She seemed to have changed and had the most indecent grin across her face. Whatever this new state had done resulted in a complete loss of awareness. Alia soon built herself a cage within a horde of these machines.

"It's all just part...of a plan." She stammered. "Just tell her that Alia, it's a plan. It's alright.

One might have assumed Alia was drunk that night. She would blabber and wince as if trying to convince herself of her own existence. Occasionally she would even drop everything to stare into the ceiling with an unmoving gaze.

"Just a little longer. She's almost ready."

"Alia!" The doll cried, peering out of a nearby door.

"Oh speak of the angel, there she is. Aren't you supposed to be in a b-bed?"

Ali ignored the crazed requests and swiftly hobbled her way to the reluctant maker. One could see the sanity return to Alia's gaze as her doll drew closer. She hadn't even the time to plead before she received Ali's warm embrace.

"You shouldn't be here," Alia muttered in her rejuvenated tone.

"I wanted to help. Please." The doll whimpered.

The dark-skinned girl scoffed as she pushed the doll away. Before Ali could attempt another move, she received a cold slap across the face, sending her flying back.

"I said get off," Alia growled as she prepared another blow.

But upon witnessing her creation's feeble wince, Alia stayed her hand. No matter how many times she pretended to be cruel, she hadn't the heart to continue the abuse. Alia knew time was running out. After coming to grips with defeat, she allowed Ali to stay.

"Tell me, doll. Why do you still wish to live?" Alia sighed. "You have every reason to jump off that balcony there."

"I want to live. For you." Ali explained as she rubbed her bruised cheek.

"That won't be enough. You need more. Are you truly afraid to die?"

Alia was hoping she had crafted a resilient coward. She needed the doll to fight for her life, yet never defend herself. It would be an impossible mix of emotions and reasons. But impossible would be the bare minimum if this plan were to succeed.


"Were you scared when I hurt you?"


"Good then. You might just be ready for what comes next."

But Ali was not yet content. She wanted answers to her dilemma. If she were to just receive an explanation, maybe all this pain would be well worth it. But Alia could see through the motive with a single glance. The two were a mirrored image after all.

"You'll see soon enough." Alia smiled. "Would you like to read? I can always see you staring at my collection.

"Oh, I-." Ali paused, almost shocked that she was being noticed. "I would like that."

"Good, enjoy this while it lasts."

For Alia knew nothing lasted in this world while she was around.

accomplishments. When she became excited, she would ramble on and on about the horrible crimes she would commit against Ali. But of course, she only ever spoke to herself. Her speech was that of an intolerable child, who hadn't the slightest idea of what they were saying.

"You should have seen the look on that little thing's face!"

"I tied her up so she couldn't struggle."

"And then...I put a cloth over her mouth when she wouldn't stop squealing!"

"She looked at me like I was crazy!"

"But she couldn't even do that once I blindfolded her."

" At that point, the only way I could tell she was scared was her non-stop shivering!"

"That stupid little thing won't stop quivering no matter how hard I hit her!"

"Well, I guess I can't would be no fun if she wasn't scared."

"Ahhh...the work of a lifetime." She yawned before laughing uncontrollably.

She picked up her mask and looked down at it before replying to silence one again. This time with a more saddened tone.

"You know...I'm scared someday little poor Ali will finally break. I don't think I could ever replace her."

Alia put on her mask before finishing her horrid monologue.

"I do love her, you know."

"I care for her."

"I cherish her."

"I love her."

"At least in the only way I know how."