Chapter 20:

Savage Lands of White

11 Kingdoms

Report: Savage Lands of White

Accessing Personal Logs: Fawn Midin

I find it hard to sleep during the day, not only is the sun bright as it reflects off the newly fallen snow. But the constantly changing wind blows the snow on the only exposed part of flesh on my face causing a painful sting across it. The land is quiet around here I look to see if any wildlife or even monsters in the game wander about. But all I see is the trees in the distance blow in the wind, as a bit of their snow from their branches falls. I can't help but wonder where the monsters and wildlife are. It was an adamant part of the creation in Noiox and I thought it would be the same for here as well. Yet as I watch the sun dodging through clouds to avert my gaze at its movement, no life walks past me for a good several hours. I dig through my provisions to locate my copy of a map of the world. It's strange using things like this to me. Years ago my father showed me a travel map from even before my grandmother’s days, before the time of GPS guidelines. I figured this is how the map I now possessed should react. But even though I don't have a screen and buttons before me I can pull out the world map and tap it with my finger and the map magically changes getting closer to the area breaking down landmarks and my location for me. I zoom the map on my location and try to locate the path I took the night before. It takes a few minutes but I can find the cabin where the team stopped for the night. But I can't return. Last night I came to the discovery that the hacker Dark Mistress is out to kill me through any means possible. Now anyone that helps me is also a target of her wrath. So I had to flee from my new allies to protect them. Since the day my memories returned to me I always knew that one day Dark Mistress planned to return and kill me. And while I have survived two threats from her since then I still can’t help but fear around the next turn, over the next mountain there she will be ready to finish what she started that night at the Nook.

I look at the map and see my location, it is an empty valley in-between the mountains I climbed last night. Though not massive peaks of the world by any means I still stand a bit surprised at my skill to get over two of them in my exhausted state. Looking around the parts of the map visible I discover an entrance to a dungeon located near the mountain ridge. While the idea of seeking out monsters isn't inviting I do see the benefit of seeking shelter from the cold elements, any shelter. As an added benefit I doubt Tul, and Jilland, will think to look for me within the dungeon and instead will go elsewhere to hunt for me if they even are. In a few days, I could backtrack and get a ship to Ruire. I grab a hot roll placing it in my mouth for both a futile effort to warm my icy lips but also to add some nourishment for my journey as I begin to put away my things. I look for the sun trying to place the time of day but a buildup of dark clouds hide my trustworthy clock from my gaze. Now the clouds are warning me of an oncoming snowfall. Putting my gear on I make my way across the mountain valley with a sense of urgency to beat the oncoming snow. As I walk I try to keep a lookout for the elusive signs of wildlife and monsters. But still, there is nothing. Now I begin to worry more. The only reason for such a void to exist is either lazy craftsmanship because the area is a town or city where the only interactions are caused by the player doing something to bring trouble to their door. Or the last and very real fear now going through my mind, this is a battlefield for the game. A place in the game created for a group to fight a very powerful extremely dangerous monster boss. But why place a dungeon entrance at such a place.

Caution hits my every step sending me to look about each direction slowing my movements as the darkness of the oncoming storm starts to hit. Watching the first flakes of snowfall I start to hasten my steps giving up on the lookout for a monster that is ignoring my presence and focusing on the location of the entrance to the dungeon. The sound of ice packs, crumble under my feet as I run, their sound echoing across the valley. Then on queue, it starts. The ground begins to crumble under my feet and cracks and fissures give way opening up holes in the ice. I catch myself as one nearly opens up just under my right foot as I dash to the walls of the mountains that surround the valley. A trap field, it must have reacted to the noise of my hastened movements. I watch as a burst of steam erupts from one of the holes that open and soon follows a mechanical hulking beast rises from his hole raising much of its body out. The creature looks to be a cross of a robot, a bear, a mole, and a snake. Not even sure what to call such a creation but it looks very likely to rip my body into pieces and feast on what remains are remaining for it to pick through. After revealing itself to me it dives back into the hole it has created and starts to move towards me, as I can see the steam and cracking ice move about.

I try not to waste time and plow my way through as quickly as I can across the ice. Taking evasive actions where I have to as the ice explodes around me from the strange creature resurfacing time and time again to announce its presence to me, and track my location. I try to keep my footsteps in quick motion matching each step to a heartbeat, however, my heart continues to move faster than my legs are capable to carry me. Trying my best not to trip or fall. However, despite my best efforts to avoid such an action, a quick turn of the beast catches me off guard just about thirty yards from my target of the dungeon door. I am sent dropping to the ground sliding along the ice. Grasping for the first edge I can, I feel a cold pain hit as my fingers scrape and the ice ledge I grasp for cracks away. Flailing about my hands in hopes to grasp another ledge as I slide is my only chance. Daring not to look back at the monstrous growl behind me, I try to find any way to avoid becoming the beast’s next dinner plan.

Away opens when a loud explosion lets out on the beast. I stand in shock. Who is it? I finally grab a new fissured ledge and this time I have a greater grasp. Looking up to see how far from the door I am, I spy the reasoning for the distraction. The last group I want to see saving me. The very gang of players that were hunting me the day before. No doubt about it. While I have met many faces in the game so far it's not hard to remember the faces of those that work hard on trying to kill you. But now these people are saving me. Why? I focus on my magical gauntlet and shift it into a hook letting me dig into the ice and gain a better grip. Pulling myself up I try to stand but find not only is the ice making it hard to gain footing but the fissure I am on is at a steep angle dangling over a cliff. Trying to grab at my cloak for the staff I started to slip down from my grip and quickly become thankful for the magical hook keeping me from falling into a vast unknown. My wheezing and loud heartbeat within my chest make it hard to hear anything other than shouts of glee and celebration from the gang in-between their gunshots and explosions they send at the beast. I try looking for the winged man, surely if this group is helping me out then he will be able to grab me and pick me up. But the snow makes it not only hard to see above me but welcomes my gaze skyward with an eyeball of icy cold whiteness hitting the exposed look I give it. Then I hear his voice nearby, but I am unable to find him likely he has placed himself at my exposed backside. "My, My how the tables have turned. Where is all your fancy magic now Princess?” Instantly I can tell by the tone of the man’s voice that the fact this group is here is merely a coincidence and now my body begins to shake in a new way outside of the searing pain of cold it has been feeling as of late. "No friends to save you this time. So glad I get an attempt to kill you again." I wait for the sting of his spear only it never comes. No instead he smashes the spears end into the icy ledge weakening it. "Way I figure it, you fall here either you die and I collect your prize at the bottom, or you live and I get the Oh so much glory of finishing you off myself. That is unless the Ice giants below don't kill you first." I hear the ice begin to crack more and the hook slips a bit dropping me just a few inches, but the inches may have been a mile long for the feeling my heart gave. "You know I once adored the princess, hell guess most the world did. A great hero that resolved peace in the world with honor and dignity, that always left the door open for negotiations but refused to ever back down from a battle. The people who programmed you did a number cause they got the fighting spirit right, except for one thing. You're a complete coward. I could tell the moment you ran from our earlier battle."

“I am not a program. Stop this. You don’t know what you’re doing.” I try to cry out but an explosion nearby dwarfs my words.

“I know exactly what I am doing. I am becoming a legend and will be treated as a hero both in and out of the game when I destroy your weak cowardly body.” Then the moment I truly feared would occur, happens as the ice smashes away and the sudden thrust of wind and gravity takes over as I fall into the icy domain below.

The sounds of the battle above begin to fade. As icy ledges wiz by my body as I make futile efforts to grab at the edges, watching the crushed holes from the monster's claws where it had climbed about the edges. The impact of the ice wall jolts my body and snaps my bones but the sudden flash of pain tells me I am fortunate to still have life in me at the moment. The gusts of the wind continue however as despite my crashing in the side of the tunnel I find I remain on an incline and continue to slide downwards further into a vast growing dark icy maze of tunnels. The slide-down tears at the fur cover and despite the cold of the ride the heat pulls through the outfit, causing me to break out into a sweat on the decline. Then as suddenly as the fall began I stop in one final thrust of my body into a stone floor of a room. The already broken bones of my body resound in more pain of new broken bones and severed nerves as I come to my sudden stop. The pain is so mind-numbing I just lay there for what surely is hours before even thinking of rising to a position where I can reach for the potion in my supplies.

When moving finally seems a viable option in my life again, I take steps to drag out the last of the potions I have placed in my bag. I quickly down it and feel much of the broken limbs restore. While not fully healed if I can find a quiet spot in the dungeon to rest I will be able to heal the rest of the way. Normally the game doesn't allow resting in dungeons but then as I would care to guess I had somehow just pulled off something the game already didn't allow. With walking into the boss monster field that I can now tell was most likely blocked off by the program, from players being able to enter from the outside of the dungeon. I now found myself in some strange location of the dungeon that likely is a place to play out in the background alerting the players of the oncoming monster battle, with the animation of the monster in some way. Sure enough, my theory is proven moments later when a wounded not yet defeated beast returns to the lair, causing me to roll out of its path trying to stay within the shadows my panicked breath possibly alerting the beast's senses to a possible new threat to his domain. The sudden return of the creature sends me to quickly jump to my feet despite the unnerving fear that I now stand in a closed room with the creature. I look about for a hope of a way out of the room despite the way I came in. Taking a single step the beast quickly turns its head twisting to react to my presence in its domain. No longer constrained by the need of grasping for a steady handhold I reach in my cloak and produce the magus staff. The creature quickly responds by biting down hard on the staff trying to rip it from my grasp. I take its distraction with the staff as a moment to cast a spell blasting the creature with a hit of fire which melts away at the icy wall behind him. The heat does little to the beast who shakes off the damage. Its foot drops into the pool of water from the icy wall and it lets out a massive fume of steam from its foot.

The fire had no real reaction on a creature of the ice because it does not fire it's weak too. No the game programmers of this kingdom did a switch up on players making them think that there would be no reason for such magic or attacks in a dungeon so no one would have water magic to face the beast on the surface of above. But I am not above. Just the opposite I stood in a small cavern of ice and while my fire magic had no power on the beast, it did the dungeon walls. Like my warning to the winged player before, the game was designed with reaction-based fighting in mind. Reaction-based fighting is under the concept that not only are you fighting a designed creature. But the area you fight in the way you store or display weapons like the gang member that proudly showed off his dynamite on his character, all are open for attacks to affect them in some alternate way.

The beast whips the staff and me along with it into the icy wall I melted as it growls in pain. I return the favor throwing another fire blast this time above the creature causing a collection of melted slush to fall upon the two of us. The beast howls in pain causing my staff to break free long enough for me to turn it back to the thin ice wall where the players can witness the beasts in safety. Just as the beast turns to face me, I split the fire spell sending one blast to repeat the last blast, while a second burst through the ice wall opening a hole through to a drop-down what I now can see is a volcanic river below. Steam fills the room and instantly what little chills still hit me is warmed from the volcanic heat. While I do not doubt my survivability in the stuff at being completely lost, the beast is another story. Still, the heat is enough to help with the melting of the room causing the beast to go crazy and work hard to escape its own nest from the attacks it is receiving as the room fills with water raining down on the two of us. But it's too little too late as the beast lets out one last cry of pain before falling apart and breaking into a collection of squares leaving a large treasure chest behind in its wake.

Opening the box I find an array of items inside. First, a few weapons, while I hold no skill in any of them I place them in my bag as possible bargaining tools for more vital supplies for later travels. I also find two health potions and add them to my bag with the great relief of restocking my used supply. The typical collection of gold coins is found that any player should be willing to place in their bags. Next, I find a pair of strange gauntlets that are bladed. I have no idea if any of the items are magical and unable to research the items with the games catalog I am left merely guessing but to place them in my bags anyway. The last items are a scroll containing a new magic spell, along with some gears and fur from the creature, possibly as a trophy, or even a quest item to turn in. I finish gathering the treasures and turn to face my new doorway in the ice wall only to see it already has been restored to normal. I slam my fist in the wall in frustration of having to reopen the way. I decided however to take a moment and look around the room for a better spot to blast this time. Moving along the wall I soon find a strange wavy area of the wall and discover the illusion doorway of a haven of the staff players to enter the room with the monster. Of course the backstage area for the game staff to work. These alcoves are dotted throughout the world for game staff to enter an area and work on issues. The areas tend to go unwatched unless an issue is reported then staff will appear in these alcoves and move about anywhere in quick time to fix the issue. The perfect spot for me to head in for a few days of rest away from the threat of wandering monsters and gangs of players out to kill me. A hideaway from both worlds.

Alone and safe at last I find a room where a player programmed a living room-like setting and take advantage of lying about on the couch of the room. Sleep doesn't take long to claim me. But my dreams make me begin to wish they did. They are filled with the regret of the past events I have come to learn about. Dreams of Lily and Karen being killed by the hacker Dark Mistress, then she turns her blood play to the others, as Rick joins her in the dance. Melissa, Gavin, and Moses all fall along with their game counterparts. I watch as Tul and Jilland, are torn apart by Rick just before he cuts off his head. I am saved by Riex, from a new claw attack of the hacker. Only to have her divide into the gang of players that hunted me for the past few days. The winged player impales Riex as I stand by unable to fight back against them, hearing the words the player said to me. “The people who programmed you did a number because they got the fighting spirit right, except for one thing. You're a complete coward." Can it be! Am I that different than before? No, I am the same person as always the normal anxiety suffering Jamie. Powerless to the world before me, trapped in a new cage but a cage as always.

When I finally wake I curse that I am resting in a location far from the sun's glimpse to tell about what time of day it is. Still, I am stiff but the look of my body showing no new signs of damage makes me thankful that the beast and the fall were not infected by the plague virus. Otherwise, I would surely be suffering a long time of rest maybe even require true healing spells that I had no clue in using. Despite the lack of sun, I find the light of the room to be fairly decent and reach to my bag for a meal to start my new day with. When I see the little creature at my feet, waiting for me to respond to its pecking at my feet, the strange blue and yellow bird with a crescent of red, the message bird sits at my feet pecking at my boots. Someone is contacting me again. I look down and pull out two new letters from the bird, who responds to me by flying off right after I gather the letters. Unlike last time I don’t feel like playing a game of guess with them so I look at each one in the order they arrived. I pull out a cup of hot chocolate and a cheese biscuit to have as a stable meal before I open the first letter. The first letter is strange, all the in-game messages show the name of the player that sent it but this one just says, guest. I open it fully expecting a fan letter or death threat from some new player with their eyes locked on the prize for killing me. But instead, discover a letter from my real-life mother.


Sorry, I am writing to you so late. I had some issues arise that I am not proud of. But the issue has been resolved and I wanted you to know your body will be kept safe till the day we can return you to it. Melissa has told me that the company is in the meantime building you a temporary replacement. This is for you to go into when they can safely find a way to extract you from the game. She doesn't tell me much about the dangers you are facing nor do I think I would even care to know. My heart would surely break if I had to see such actions play out before me where you are risking what remains to survive the world. I need you to be safe and to return to me. I don't like thinking about this crazy mess you are in. I only see my daughter's lifeless body lying in a hospital bed while some part of her remains in a world of dangers. Despite the hope the doctors and scientists try to instill in me, I know very well that it is likely my daughter is truly dead and I just am sending messages to her ghost haunting this virtual world. I don't know how much longer I can hold on to hope, that you will return. Your father is trying to be strong as well but the two of us can't remember a night this year where we haven't gone to bed crying over the loss of you. In many ways, it hurts us worse knowing a small part of you remains clinging to life, fighting for a chance to return but with no doors to return you home any time soon. I don’t know. We tried to teach you never to give in and give up with your condition I know you struggled so long with it all your life. But now how can you possibly carry on in this void of hopelessness. How can we? I love you, your father loves you and with all being, we would love to see our daughters face life again. But I am writing to you to let you know for now we must let you go. To heal over our loss, Jamie I pray you to find a way back to us or find peace in the next one.


She has given up on me. But who can blame her? I have been trapped in this game for months now and still have no way out. No plan and worse now I have both a twisted hacker after me along with a sizable proportion of the game's players. The fact that I am still alive now is a miracle in itself. I try to cry but my tears won’t come. Perhaps it’s the already cold feeling I have gained from my mother over the years of disappointing her plans for me. Or the fact that every fiber in my being knows what she says in the letter is the sensible thing to play through. But it doesn’t make it hurt any less. I try to pull through and look at the other letter. This time a name does appear but it’s one I fear far more to open when I see the name. King Valspur Midin. Rick. He must have sent me a letter before the end. Could it be some letter of reason, or one about the killings, but then why am I receiving this now and not later in the dungeon. Perhaps it’s a trap from Dark Mistress who I know controlled him to kill his daughter under the orders from the hacker, in a failed attempt to kill me. I look about. Stillness, the haven perhaps will help mask the room from any threats the letter may contain. As I carefully open it. It's not a formal letter addressed to me. No instead it starts unusually.

I am so sorry I couldn’t be the rock I promised. Jamie, when you read this letter I will either be dead or in prison for the crime I have just committed. I have no clue what went through me. But I don’t wish to trouble you with the words of a mad man. So instead I want to tell you about the hacker after you. Here is what I have been able to figure out with the aid of the team.

Call Name: Dark Mistress

Identity: Unknown

Known threats:

Plague virus, a computer virus that is a distorted safety protocol of Black Clover technologies, automatically sends a shock that will fry the tech of the Neuro-link and chair making the technology useless. In its altered form, it can send the electrical charge through the neuro-link releasing a programmable electrical discharge through the body parts of the victim. This is done by tapping into the game's combat system where players receive a slight shock to their body when their characters receive damage. Charges can also be used to gather and build info on the victim's brain patterns making an identical copy of thoughts and memories of a person right down to memories of tastes and smells. It is also likely that the electrical charges can plant programs and distort granting false reasoning or memories to the victim. Lastly the most severe cases the charge can be released in massive feedback killing the target instantly by cooking them internally.

The hacker can spread this virus and send monsters to a set location anywhere throughout the game world. Recent cases also show she may be able to infect players of the game as well.

Despite her ability to send the virus-infected monsters she cannot personally leave the server of Pangai allowing some safety from her strengths.

In the game, we find the character is resilient to any known form of attacks and possesses powers that are not part of the game's listing. The power resembles the same abilities of Genesis players. Though it is determined to not be as well regulated as the type designed for the players, thus it is a suggestion that it's a copy program to the Genesis program.

Possible ways to combat:

Find the player in real life and remove their presence in the game from there. Or finding the server housing her data and destroy it. Confronting her in the game is dangerous and should not be performed under any conditions.

Final Note:

While her target goal is to restore the world to her vision, her main goal is to rid the world of Fawn Midin. Oddly the hacker altered Fawn in trying to test their skills on her. The hacker is showing a fear about some power Fawn discovered since her battle on the ship.

Jamie, I know you have a difficult time confronting the world of risks. We all have fears in life. While hiding from some fears can help us at times. It also keeps us from growing and maturing. It's the fears we face that we learn how far we can reach in this world. While it may be difficult at times to look like a lone figure standing against these fears. We are never alone. We have friends at our side to help us face our fears and be willing to walk arm and arm in danger. Jamie, you showed so much strength, since the day Masaru first came and met with us in the early weeks of the game. You became the symbol of the game but more you became a symbol of hope and courage. I think that the real damage the hacker did to us was to take that symbol of courage away from us. To hide you away from the world of the living and hunt you in a world of programs and pixels, Jamie, I know the others said for you to remain hidden from the world. To hide away from the game, the hacker and the players are sent to hunt you. But if you stand with the courage you showed at the beginning of your journey. Then I have no doubt the world will stand with you.

You're fallen friend still rooting for the grand hero to rise again.

Rick Mathers

Good-bye Jamie.

The courage I am lacking. Rick believes in me yet feels it may be better if I stood ready to fight with every last breath. But how can I? I am always having to suffer from the anxiety, of each new threat and thought of what is to come? Why should I even listen to Rick he was driven mad by the hacker. But I can't hide away here forever. Perhaps it's best to just move on already. To make my way to Ruire, on my own. I once again gather my things and head down the hidden hallway, following my map to the best discernible entrance that won’t be granting me a repeat of the battle with the beast from earlier. I stand a bit puzzled at two lights that appear on my map as I make my way. The lights move along with me. Then as I reach the end of the hidden passageway and pass through the illusionary wall. I find out what the two lights are. Tul and Jilland stare me down as I appear before them. In my haste to get away, I failed to recall I was at a party with Jilland and I had no way of turning off the connection on my end without Jilland's help in its cancellation. But as my in-game therapist, he wasn't about to let me wander off without him in tow. "You had us worried. We have been waiting for hours to see if we could find a way to get to you." Tul says nothing but instead grabs me and hugs me with no sign of letting me go. "I had no choice but to let Tul in on your secret, Fawn. Why did you run away from us? I thought we agreed to help you."

"That is the problem!" I say just listening to the heartbeat of Tul as his strong muscular form is squeezing into my ear. “The hacker that’s after me won’t stop at hurting those that get close to me. I couldn’t have you two risking your lives for me. We just met and," I am stopped at the already red-faced Jilland turns a deep shade of scarlet.

"Fawn, that is our call on if we risk our lives or not. You can worry about us, but Tul and I are our people. We can make up our minds, and take our risks." Jilland retracts a bit from the argument as Tul finally releases his grip and I catch a free moment of breathing.

“If what Jill says is true then I will be honored to be a Knight of the Princess. To protect you till the day you can find a way out of the game.” I well up at the words of the man I just barely met that has proclaimed his love for me so easily. He now states he will lay his life down to help me escape the prison of the game and the threat of the hacker.

Jilland rubs his cold slimy hands across my face wiping the tears away. "Have courage princess we will see to it you get to the kingdoms you need to go safely." My body begins to shake from my nerves. How can these two be so uncaring of their lives, to risk them for a stranger? Just some girl that they think they know through a promotional campaign of the game. How is it they can still forgive me after I left them and they still want to help me out? The tears that started to well out now give way and I break down crying in full force.

"You can't risk yourselves for me. How do you think that will make me feel if you both die helping me. If the hacker attacks you as they did with Riex and the king. I can't face that problem." I weep and suck air as I cry out my words. Neither speaks up for a while but Jilland is the first to break the silence that only my crying resounds in.

"We can't control what may come. You will drive yourself crazy worrying about things that may come. From what I understand it doesn't matter if we help you or not. Either way, we are at risk from the threat of the hacker attacking us. Sure our chances are increased in traveling with you." Jilland stops as Tul picks up from where the slime human stopped.

"If you need to be weak right now, then be it. But in time you will need your strength and till then let us be that strength for you." Tul offers his hand to raise me from my squatted position on the cold stone floor of the dungeon entrance. I take the hand of the dark man who responds with a friendly smile towards me.

"Okay well if you don't mind we need to head back to town if we want to catch the next ship for Ruire. Will you accompany us, Fawn." I look at Jilland and give in to their demands, I don't want the two of my friends hurt but I can't stand by and ignore the threat to the players from the hacker. Plus the letter of Rick gave me a slight bit of hope in discovering that I am not the only one with a bit of fear in my eventual confrontation with the hacker again. No, she fears a small part of me as well. And for now, that is enough to carry on in my journey.

File Source End

Accessing Linked Files

Cameras of Floor 47 meeting room.

Melissa, Moses, and Gavin sit dressed all in black. Each sits quietly about the events of the past few hours. Moses begins to remove his tie and looks out the door at the window across the hall to the fading light of the day.

“It was a good service. Too bad Jamie and Rick missed out.” Moses sighs looking at the other two, despite the pep talk of the other day and the blessing of having the company support their actions the mood isn’t improving.

“I want a drink.” Melissa stretches out.

"Yeah I'm sure you do, that's why we aren't at the wake. Hell Gail made sure to have Gavin and I toss our supplies of alcohol out. Sorry, Melissa but you need to dry out. And we all need to cheer up around here. God knows we could use it." Moses moves over to a chair and plops down in the seat.

“Any idea how to do that?” Gavin states picking at a string on his shirt.

"Well how about you two try to find Fawn for the next few days. I will handle the duties in the Kingdom till then. I can get the staff below to help out around the castle.” Moses laughs a bit trying to cut the somber mood from the room.

“Fine, so long as she isn’t facing death again I think it would be nice to see her. It’s been over a week now since the game launched.” Melissa retorts with a bit more enthusiasm than before.

“Yeah, it might be good for you two to have some time with her. And I know it will help her attitude improve. Just keep the issue with Rick under wraps it might break her heart you know.” Moses sighs.

“She hasn’t heard yet has she?” Gavin asks and gets a response from the other two shaking their head to acknowledge that none of the group has informed her of it.

“Well, send her a letter and lock down a place to meet up. She could use the friendly voices at these times.” Moses responds

"That's if she bothers to respond." The other two glared at Melissa. "What it's the truth? If I know Jamie at all she isn't likely to stick her neck out with these threats crawling about."

“Her anxiety, does she still have it?” Gavin asks.

"Sadly it's likely she does and it could be worse than how it was before the accident. But she is our friend and we have to try. So let's get to its team." Moses grabs his tie and walks out of the room leaving Melissa and Gavin alone in the room. Gavin gets up and begins to follow.

“You coming, Melissa?” Gavin queries.

“Yeah, I just need a little help getting up. If you have a drink hidden away that might help out.” Gavin walks over and grabs Melissa’s arm and drags her to her feet.

“Let us go, help Jamie." Gavin places his rotund body under Melissa's shoulder and begins to walk her out of the room.

Report end

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