Chapter 1:


The story of a certain demon

“Ah I want to have emotions.”Bookmark here

This was my first request of god. Bookmark here

You must be confused right? Well let’s rewind time a bit.Bookmark here

A couple of hours earlier~ Bookmark here

I (Yamada Joujirou) am 18 years old and a senior in high school, I won’t say that I’m very popular at school and that’s because of my lack of emotions I don’t know why but apparently I can’t show any emotion and I can’t feel anything and that’s the reason I don’t have any friends in school or even have anyone to talk to, my parents died when I was 7 years old in a car crash so I can’t remember their faces that clearly .Bookmark here

My uncle who is 37 years old and single took me in and treated me like his own son so I’m grateful for that and that’s everything about me.Bookmark here

Since graduation was right around the corner, my school decided to have a little school trip as a celebration for third years and i didn’t want to go but my uncle kicked me out of the house saying:Bookmark here

“Go and have a little fun since it’s your last year of high school”Bookmark here

So here I am walking towards school from my uncle’s house.Bookmark here

And on my way there I suddenly see a little girl probably around 3-5 years old trying to cross the street to get her ball which was kicked there by her a few seconds earlier.Bookmark here

And when she finally had the courage to cross the street a truck could be seen coming close to her and from what I can see the driver is…drunk?Bookmark here

Who drinks this early in the morning? And while driving a car as wellBookmark here

“Ha~h”Bookmark here

Well? I sighed out of disbelieve.Bookmark here

That’s when I noticed that he’s not slowing down at all, if he doesn’t slow down soon he’ll hit the little girl.Bookmark here

But apparently he was so drunk he didn’t see her at all.Bookmark here

“Hmm…”Bookmark here

If I help her right here and now I maybe will be able to show little bit of emotions.Bookmark here

Or so i thought.Bookmark here

I successfully jumped behind her and pushed her away, but the problem was that I could not avoid the truck that was speeding in front of me.Bookmark here

“So here’s where I die huh”Bookmark here

Those were my last words before the truck hit me.Bookmark here

Everything went black for a moment and when I tried to open my eyes again I noticed that I was in a strange place it was like I am above the cloudsBookmark here

Oh and I also noticed that there was a beautiful girl standing in front of me.Bookmark here

She was at least 160Cm, she looked like she’s at least 20 years old, she had long golden hair which matched her gold colored eyes perfectly.Bookmark here

Oh I know who she might be.Bookmark here

“Are you an angel?”Bookmark here

I asked her that since I’m sure the truck hit me and I died on the spot.Bookmark here

“Close, but wrong”Bookmark here

She replied.Bookmark here

Close?Bookmark here

She said my answer was close but it’s not right, so then is she?Bookmark here

“Are you a demon?”Bookmark here

If she wasn’t an angel then of course she’s a demon who came to take me to hell even though I don’t think I did anything wrong.Bookmark here

“No, you were close the first time but now it’s entirely wrong”Bookmark here

She said that she wasn’t an angel or a demon, so what is she?Bookmark here

I tried thinking about it for about half a minute that’s when I came with the prefect answer.Bookmark here

“You are god aren’t you?”Bookmark here

Yeah that was it.Bookmark here

There’s no way she’s something else.Bookmark here

“Ding ding, finally you came up with the right answer and here I was thinking you might be an idiot.”Bookmark here

Well I tried my best okay?Bookmark here

Well let’s leave that aside, what does she want from me?Bookmark here

“You must be wondering about what I want from you right?” Bookmark here

How did she know?Bookmark here

There’s no way it was showing on my face since I was completely lacking emotions like being surprised. Bookmark here

“Hello~ I can read your mind since I’m a god remember”Bookmark here

Oh right I forgot.Bookmark here

“That’s not important right now I summoned you here because I wanted to talk to you.”Bookmark here

“Talk to me?”Bookmark here

What does this Supreme Being want to talk about with someone like me?Bookmark here

“First of all my names is komi, and yes talk with you about the reward.”Bookmark here

Reward?Bookmark here

“Komi-sama can I ask, a reward for what exactly?”Bookmark here

I seriously didn’t do anything that deserves a reward from god.Bookmark here

“For helping the little girl of course.”Bookmark here

AhBookmark here

“So she didn’t die?”Bookmark here

That’s great she probably is going to be someone better than me anyway.Bookmark here

“Yeah even though she was supposed to die you prevented that.” Bookmark here

Oh that’s great.Bookmark here

“But since it wasn’t your time to die yet I felt a little sorry.” Bookmark here

A little?Bookmark here

“And with that I’ll help you reincarnate in another world.”Bookmark here

Hmm…another world adventure…?Bookmark here

Before I died I was a huge otaku and a book worm since I didn’t have anyone to talk to besides my uncle.Bookmark here

So basically this is my dream right now.Bookmark here

“Yeah yeah I know it’s your dream.”Bookmark here

Seriously that’s creepy.Bookmark here

“I’ll ignore that comment for now, so since I’m going to throw you in another world do you have any requests for your new life?”Bookmark here

Requests huh? There weren’t many things that I wanted to have in my life, but what I wanted the most was.Bookmark here

“Ah I want to have emotions.”Bookmark here

This was my first request since I was always the outcast because I can’t show any emotions.Bookmark here

I always got made fun of, or bullied because of my lack of emotions so I don’t want the same thing to happen again in my next life.Bookmark here

Of course that wasn’t my last requestBookmark here

“Also I don’t want to be a human.”Bookmark here

Well my reason for this is pretty simple…I tried being a human before.Bookmark here

There isn’t going to be anything special about my next life if I stayed human.Bookmark here

And since this is another world there are definitely a lot of different races.Bookmark here

“Ho~h, I honestly didn’t expect that second request, but oh well since it’s like that I’ll have to make you special right?”Bookmark here

She said that while winking at me.Bookmark here

It seriously sent shivers down my spine, stop.Bookmark here

“Oi I’ll ignore that comment too but that’s the last one or you’ll be reincarnated as a slime.”Bookmark here

Sorry sorry.Bookmark here

Being reincarnated as a slime should be something that no one wants to experience.Bookmark here

“Kuhm”Bookmark here

I coughed to recollect my thoughts.Bookmark here

What else do I want?...oh that’s it.Bookmark here

“I don’t have anything in mind right now, but what type of power do you plan on giving me.”Bookmark here

There is no point in being reincarnated as an ordinary person like a farmer, or a villager.Bookmark here

“you don’t have to worry about it, I’ll leave it as a surprise.”Bookmark here

That’s komi-sama for you.Bookmark here

But I’m really curious about what she’s going to give meBookmark here

“Will that be your last question?”Bookmark here

Hmm…I don’t think have any other questions.Bookmark here

“Yes that’s it.”Bookmark here

Yeah there should be no need for other questions.Bookmark here

“Okay then I’ll start right now, good luck in your second life.”Bookmark here

It seems finally I’ll be able to live life to the fullest.Bookmark here

*clap*Bookmark here

“Oh right.”Bookmark here

She clapped her hands as if she remembered something.Bookmark here

“the world you’ll be reincarnated in is named edolas, it’s a world that resembles Europe in middle ages with magic of course, and you will be reincarnated as a child of a pure blooded demon since pure bloods are rare especially demons, will I wish you luck, bye bye now.”Bookmark here

She said that while waving her hands.Bookmark here

Suddenly a huge whirlwind formed around me and it let me see the most magnificent view of my life.Bookmark here

“Black.”Bookmark here

It was komi-sama’s panties. Bookmark here

When I looked at komi-sama’s face it was flushed red.Bookmark here

So even komi-sama gets shy by a guy seeing her panties.Bookmark here

“Next time I see you I’ll make sure to make you pay for that.”Bookmark here

It wasn’t even my fault.Bookmark here

Oh well at least I can keep that memory.Bookmark here

“Not for long.”Bookmark here

She whispered something under her breath but her cold smile gave it away.Bookmark here

Ha~h, it’s going to be tough.Bookmark here

Well I’m sure it’ll be okay, I just have to make sure I apologize next time I see her.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

And that’s how my first life ended and my second life began.Bookmark here

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