Chapter 2:

chapter 2


                                                                Chapter 2

“As salamu Alaikum brothers and sisters”, all we hear as we walk into the academy.

“Brothers if you’re in 5th grade or up go to the right down the hall and in the mosque area. If you’re 4th grade or down you can go to the left and down the corridor until you reach the end and you’ll see your class. Sisters to the left as well if you’re in 5th grade or above enter the mosque area from the elementary corridor. And to my sister’s 4th and down go down the same hallway and you will see your class.” Says the security guards posted along the front hallway .

As told me and all the other boys 5th grade and up went right, down the hall and entered the mosque. We put our bags on the hangers and took off our shoes. We face the north east and offer a prayer to our lord, our master, our king, Allah.

After I finish my prayer I scout the boys side of the mosque to see if I recognize any of my classmates from last year. So far I don’t see anybody in my grade yet, I guess I’m the first one here. No figures since my mom works here and had to be here before her students arrived.

“Damn, Amir, you’re in 5th grade already?” I turn to see who is talking to me and it is Sideeq. One of the ninth grade boys he’s in the same class as my sister.

“It sure seems like it.” I responded.

“That mouth of yours gon get you in trouble your sister can’t help you on the brothers side.”

As I walk away I respond saying, “Good thing I don’t need my sister to help me.”

I take a seat on the rug with my back against the wall, I close my eyes because there’s always time to catch some extra Z’s. Hopefully they will let us chill out here for a while.

“Bro it’s the first day and you're already taking naps.” I open my eyes to see who’s talking to me this time and it’s my boy Shakur. We’ve been cool since kindergarten and when it comes to school he’s the laziest guy I know and I’m pretty lazy myself, at least that’s what Grandpa says about me.

“You’re one to talk.”

“I know right, I’m bout to take a nap myself.” We both chuckle.

“Why did they tell us to come here anyway?” He asks.

“I don’t know, I’m guessing the principal is probably going to give an announcement once everyone gets here.” I say.

“Well until he gets started I’m bout to get like you and take a nap.”

Shakur throws his hood on and leans against the wall beside me and for me it was back to our pre scheduled programming. I sat there in a half sleep half up state of mind as I waited for the principal to start his speech for what felt like 5 minutes.

“Assalamu alaikum teachers and scholars.” The start of the announcement that shook me and shakur out of our nap.

“Wa alaikum mussalam Dr. O.” says all the students and teachers including me and Shakur who are still getting ourselves together.

“Welcome to another year at Barzakh academy, where we steer you on to the right path. Many of you may be just enrolling here with us and many of you have been with us for a while. Regardless of your time here the rules remain the same. In school we should uphold proper etiquette and portrayal of the sunnah. We should be respectful to our fellow brothers and sisters. All students should come to school in uniform. For the brothers that is your hooded thobe either black white or blue. For sisters it is your Khimar as well as your overgarments. You will not be allowed to enter if you do not have these on. Sneakers should only be worn in the gym and pants should always be above the ankle. Furthermore , school starts promptly at 8:15. You are considered late by 8:25 and will have to get a late pass from the office prior to going to your first period class. If you would like breakfast, breakfast is served from 7:30 to 8:00. After that the dining areas will be cleaned by the student reps while everyone else heads to the first period class to wait for their teachers to begin instruction. All further information will be provided to you by your first period teachers such as your schedules and school guidelines that were not mentioned. I welcome you all to our first day of the year you are dismissed you may go to your first period class. “

Everyone gets up and starts heading to their first period class.

“You think they really gonna be on us about wearing sneakers?” Shakur asks.

“Nah, they try but if everyone comes to school in sneakers they can't send us all home.” I responded.

“ As long as we wear our thobes and our pants are over our ankles we’ll be fine.”

I add.

“Where's our classroom anyway?” Shakur asks.

“It’s on the south wing above the elementary hallway.” I answer.

“Ohh over there, I think my mom's classroom is over there too.” He says.

“Aw man, I feel your pain bro my mom right down stairs she’s not even that far from the stairs.”

As we turn the hall we see a line next to our class and join in the back. A few more students line up most I’ve been with before others are new to me. Not long after the teacher comes out and calls us in.

As we walked in the classroom the board had written in big letters “Welcome 5th grade to Sister Deena’s class of wonder.”

“Good morning my name is sister Deena, brothers are to the left , sisters to the right.I will explain the schedule momentarily until then just pick your seats and get ready to learn,it will be a fun year.”