Chapter 6:

Chapter 6


After leaving the bathroom running, the two head to the room where the trial would take place. Before getting there, Ryusaki overhears a conversation between two lawyers on the way.Bookmark here

-Hey did you hear about Saiko's case? (lawyer 1)

Wait, that's not the name of the girl Souta murdered. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-I wasn't, what happened? (lawyer 2)Bookmark here

-It seems that they found the murder weapon yesterday, in the same place where they found the body, it was a huge kitchen knife and it had blood remnants that matched the victim's blood. (lawyer 1)Bookmark here

Was a murder weapon found yesterday? (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Hey! Ryu! What are you doing standing there? We have to hurry. (Souta)Bookmark here

-OK. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

After that, they arrive at the door where the trial would take place.Bookmark here

-And now. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Yes. We are ready. (Souta)Bookmark here

At that moment, Ryu and I opened the door that would doom my fate.Bookmark here

-Ahhhhhhhh! A pervert! (women)Bookmark here

-Pervert? At where? (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-She's talking about you. (Souta)Bookmark here

-An? (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Silence! Mr. Souta, could you tell me why your lawyer is wearing such vulgar pants? (judge)Bookmark here

-I would like to know too. (Souta)Bookmark here

-Your Honor, are you sure this is the time to discuss a knight's attire? I believe we have more important things to do. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Actually I hate to report it, but I believe I can't allow this trial to go ahead with you using... (judge)Bookmark here

-Your HONORABLE! This young boy ended up being the target of a big scheme. This poor fellow was guilty of a crime he didn't commit and no lawyer wanted to protest in his favor. Don't you find this very strange? (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-It's really curious that this happened. (judge)Bookmark here

-Your HONORABLE! We are an example for the country, we cannot allow this. (women)Bookmark here

-Yes you are right. (judge)Bookmark here

-Your HONORABLE! Will this innocent young man be wrongfully accused and locked up, all because of a dress? Are you sure this is the lesson you want to leave people with? If they can't afford to buy a suit will they automatically be sentenced? (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-It makes no sense. Your Honor, this young man is using his lip to try to convince you. Don't fall for it. (women)Bookmark here

-Silence in the court. Frankly, the trial hasn't even started and I've had to ask for silence twice already. Ahhhhhhh, for personal reasons I will allow Lord Ryusaki to remain with us in this place, despite his attire. (judge)Bookmark here

-Yes! Suck there vein. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-What did you say? (women)Bookmark here

-However, this will be the only time. If in the future Mr Ryusaki comes to this place again in such a garment, I will not be able to let this situation go unnoticed. Got it young man? (judge)Bookmark here

-Yes Yes. This will be the last time. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

I can't believe he actually let this asshole stay in place wearing nothing but a boxer shorts. Plus I just noticed it now, but he's not even wearing a shoe he came in here wearing flip flops!Bookmark here

-Okay, so we just need Miss Saiko's lawyer to be present so we can start the trial. (judge)Bookmark here

Hurriedly opening the doors, Mr. Hiroshi enters the courtroom making a lot of noise.Bookmark here

-Your Honor! Forgive my lateness. (Hiroshi)Bookmark here

-You're on time, no need to apologize Mr. Hiroshi. (judge)Bookmark here

-Thank you, Your Honor. (Hiroshi)Bookmark here

Damn, these hooligans these days stole my suit while I was in the bathroom. Good thing I'm an exemplary worker and I always bring a change of clothes with me in the car in case something happens. However because of that I ended up late to arrive early and show everyone how exemplary I am. Those brats, if I ever find them, I'll chop them up. (Hiroshi)Bookmark here

Hiroshi looks towards Ryusaki who was in front of him.Bookmark here

-AHHHHHH, MY SUIT! YOU SON OF A... YOU STOLE MY SUIT. (Hiroshi)Bookmark here

-Hmmmm, I don't know what you're talking about, this suit is mine. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-You bastard. My name! My name is written on the suit tag. You just look at the tag and you'll see my name on it. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Hmmm, I don't see anything here. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

Ryusaki shows everyone the place, there was a hole in the suit where the tag should be.Bookmark here


-Would you... could you please stop screaming in this courtroom so we can get this trial started soon. (judge)Bookmark here

-Your honor, forgive me. (Hiroshi)Bookmark here

Damn it! That asshole of a dick, he pays me, I'm going to make him swallow the taste of defeat today and end his life. Just wait you idiot, you will meet the most capable salaryman in all of Japan. (Hiroshi)Bookmark here

-Very good. So now I, Kuro Yamagami, declare that the trial of Souta Watanabe who is accused of killing Miss Saiko Hayashi begins! (judge)Bookmark here

At that moment everyone who was standing there began to sit down to begin the trial.Bookmark here

-Very well, I will start describing the circumstances to the jury. (Hiroshi)Bookmark here

-Permission granted. (judge)Bookmark here

-This Wednesday, August 5th, at 2 am, it was reported that the young lady's body was found dead inside the dumpster, in a remote and dark alley. According to the police reports, it seems that the lady had been stabbed by someone in the stomach area and died soon after. The body had a large perforation in the stomach region and a small lesion in the head region. About suspicions and having seen some videos of regions close to the site, we can confirm that the suspect Souta Hayashi had passed that spot around 6 pm the day before. (Hiroshi)Bookmark here

At this point Hiroshi puts the video on a TV for everyone on the jury to see.Bookmark here

-Ohhh, really. (jury helper 1)Bookmark here

-From the footage he was heading towards the alley. (jury assistant 2)Bookmark here

-Since in the videos we didn't detect any person who could have passed through the place besides him, the murderer can only have been the accused in question. (Hiroshi)Bookmark here

-OBJECTIONNNN! (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Ahh... (Hiroshi)Bookmark here

-Hey Souta, I didn't look super cool now. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Ryu you idiot, why did you scream and why are you with your foot on the table? (Souta)Bookmark here

-To look confident. Listen The most important thing in a discussion to convince someone is to make it sound like you're absolutely sure what you're talking about, even if it's the biggest idiocy of all. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Mr Ryusaki would like to tell us something? (judge)Bookmark here

-Yes! Hitoshi's theory has one big flaw. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-It's Hiroshi. Hi-ro-shi. (Hiroshi)Bookmark here

-And which would she be? (judge)Bookmark here

-You told us that Souta had appeared on camera and that's why they concluded that he had stabbed her? (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Correct. (Hiroshi)Bookmark here

-So, in this footage, Miss Saiko must also have appeared? (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-... (Hiroshi)Bookmark here

-Correct? (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-No, in the filming she didn't appear, but that doesn't indicate that she wasn't there. She could have gotten there the other way around without appearing on camera. (Hiroshi)Bookmark here

-Just as anyone could have taken the same path and not have appeared on camera. Therefore, accusing Souta of having been the only one who appeared in them is without the slightest foundation. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Mr Hiroshi, do you have anything else to add? (judge)Bookmark here

-Not. (Hiroshi)Bookmark here

-Therefore I declare the evidence through insufficient filming. (judge)Bookmark here

-Damn it. (Hiroshi)Bookmark here

-Good Ryu! (Souta)Bookmark here

-Hahahahaha. Don't worry Souta, as long as I'm here you won't have to worry about anything. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Now I give the turn to the defense to talk about what happened. Lord Ryhusaki. (judge)Bookmark here

-Beauty. As you all know, my client ended up appearing on camera footage on the same day Saiko died, but that can be explained easily. My client goes to that place every day after school to cut corners. If you take a look at the previous recordings you can see him using the same route, so he was just following his daily flow. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Ryuu, good move, now everyone will think I passed there by chance and not to kill someone. I knew I could count on you. (Souta)Bookmark here

-However, even if he used that route, we can't rule out the option that he took advantage of it to kill Saiko and prove his innocence. He might as well have used it because he knows her well and knows that there is no camera or person passing by in it, so if anyone blamed him he would just say he was coming home and nothing else. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-... (Souta)Bookmark here

-Hmmmmmm... Mr. Hiroshi would like to add something in Ryusaki's defense. (judge)Bookmark here

-Not your honor... I don't think it's necessary. (Hiroshi)Bookmark here

-Very well, then I declare that Mr Ryusaki's defense argument is insufficient to prove anything, so I invalidate it. (judge)Bookmark here

-Damn, these people are really difficult, I don't think it will be as easy as I thought. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-You're really an idiot right? (Souta)
Bookmark here

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