Chapter 9:

Chapter 9


The second witness leaves the court.Bookmark here

The court with the departure of the second witness was well divided, some people were whispering to each other, others were completely silent and some of Saiko's family members were crying in the middle of the court. But they all had the same opinion, Souta Watanabe murdered Saiko that day in the middle of the alley.Bookmark here

-Well, I think there aren't many more things to be said. Witnesses have already given their accounts and it appears that neither side has anything more to say. (judge)Bookmark here

-Damn... drug, drug, drug. (Souta)Bookmark here

Souta knelt down and burst into tears.Bookmark here

-So I condemn Satou Watanabe as a cul... (judge)Bookmark here

-OBJECTION! (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

At that moment the entire court was surprised by Ryusaki's scream in the middle of the judge's speech, however they understood that it was nothing more than an act of despair.Bookmark here

-I hope you're not planning to make any more jokes. If you really have something important to say, continue. (judge)Bookmark here

-Ryu... (Souta)Bookmark here

-Your Honor, on the way to court, I heard some onlookers commenting that yesterday the alleged murder weapon was found. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-What? (extra 1)Bookmark here

-A weapon was found? (extra 2)Bookmark here

-I thought they said there was nothing else in the place? (extra 3)Bookmark here

-SILENCE! Is what you're talking about really true young man? (judge)Bookmark here

-Yes, from what I heard it was a very large knife that contained remnants of the victim's blood, but as it was found in the nick of time it wasn't included in the reports. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-I understand, from the cut in the victim's stomach region, it is quite possible that it was a large knife. (judge)Bookmark here

-That! Please bring this knife here, we have to analyze it first of all. (Souta)Bookmark here

-Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha... (Hiroshi)Bookmark here

-Mr Hiroshi? (judge)Bookmark here

-Yes, you're right, we can't end this trial without first seeing this weapon, but Your Honor, I believe that won't change anything... (Hiroshi)Bookmark here

-Since the DNA remnants left in it match Souta's, that's what you were thinking. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-... (Hiroshi)Bookmark here

-Mr Ryus... (judge)Bookmark here

-You really set everything up very well until the end, but I'm tired of this game. Not being able to run anywhere, with no clue to prove Souta's innocence, with nothing else we could do, we were at rock bottom and suddenly, a clue appears at the last second. So we would put all our last hopes on it, but in the end we would discover that it only proved Souta's crime. All our last hopes that we placed on that clue would be shattered and would cause us to be broken, with no desire to keep trying to prove otherwise, just accepting the crime. That's what you thought would happen right Hiroshi? (Rhyusaki)Bookmark here

-What... WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! (Hiroshi)Bookmark here

-Hmmf. If anyone here stops to think it's really weird, right? Investigators and law enforcement officers wandered around that area for days without finding anything, when on the last day of the investigation a weapon magically appears. There is no way a suspicious person could have entered the scene and left it there, unless the person was not a suspect, if he was someone the police believed in and who was participating in the case of the investigations. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Mr Ryusaki, are you insinuating that... (Judge)Bookmark here

-Yes, the real culprit who killed Saiko and who framed Souta to get away was Mr Hiroshi. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Ohhhhhhhhh. (all people at court)Bookmark here

-This is impossible. (extra 1)Bookmark here

-Why would Mr Hiroshi do such a thing? (extra 2)Bookmark here

-He must be making things up to try to get rid of his friend. (extra 3)Bookmark here

-First, why don't we bring such a weapon to court? (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

Soon after, inside the plastic and with some detailed papers about what the forensics discovered about the object, they were delivered to the court.Bookmark here

-Now I will prove that what I had said was correct, in the DNA tests left on that weapon, on this paper it is written that the print matches Souta's. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-THAT DOES NOT MEAN ANYTHING!! (Hiroshi)Bookmark here

-That's right! Even if you got it right doesn't prove it wasn't him! (Hiroshi's wife)Bookmark here

-My dear... she is right, Your Honor, why incriminate me when this is not proof that Souta is the real culprit? (Hiroshi)Bookmark here

-Calm down, it's not time to draw conclusions yet. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Do you have anything else to say? (judge)-She's already coming, the definitive proof. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

What can this proof be that will save my life?Bookmark here

Everyone at court was silent, no one could say anything about what was going to happen. People were in extreme anxiety waiting for the definitive proof that would prove Souta's innocence. When she finally makes it to trial.Bookmark here

-The wait is over, I'll finally prove Souta's innocence and here's the proof. This empty milkshake from Maki-chan! (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-... (cut)Bookmark here

-This is really disappointing, when I thought you were taking the trial seriously was just another one of your cute. (judge)Bookmark here

-Huuhhhh, isn't this for little kids? (extra 1)Bookmark here

-Are you serious what an adult would do with a cup like that? So crude. (extra 2)Bookmark here

Ryu if I could go back in time I would kill you before we enter this court, you really have no way...Bookmark here

-Not! Wait a second! (Souta)Bookmark here

-Looks like you noticed. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Your Honor! I know this sounds more like Ryu's bad joke, but this is without a doubt the definitive proof of my innocence. (Souta)Bookmark here

-Which? A glass of Maki-chan? (judge)Bookmark here

-I know this sounds a lot like a joke... (Souta)Bookmark here

-Very good! I think it's time to explain to everyone what happened. I bought this milkshake to get a skin from Maki-chan... (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Rough! (extra 1)Bookmark here

-Sick! (extra 2)Bookmark here

-You should treat yourself! (extra 3)Bookmark here

-They're right, you really should stop this... (Souta)Bookmark here

-But I didn't want to take it, I just wanted the code that was in it, so I gave it to Souta who held it and then threw it in the trash after taking it. However, when we were discovering the location of a suspected suspect at the police station, on the way back I find a discarded glass of milkshake in the trash. Isn't that a little weird? Who in such a serious and respectable business would buy a children's business? (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-That's right, you sick! (extra 1) Bookmark here

-Did you happen to realize that this was the same question we asked when you said you bought it?! (extra 2)Bookmark here

-This s*** must be a f***** pervert! (extra 3)Bookmark here

-That's why that caught my attention! (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Don't ignore them! Realize that they are speaking for your good! (Souta)Bookmark here

-I got close to that trash can and looked at the product code, it was the same as the one I had bought. Someone was following us and when Souta threw them away he took them with a glove so as not to leave any impressions, copied and transferred the impressions left there to the weapon he had prepared and then simply discarded them in the trash. But this person made a big mistake in this whole process, a mistake that any amateur in the field could make. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-And what mistake would that be? (judge)Bookmark here

-The prints left on the glass are from his right hand, however, Souta is left-handed. When I was shopping he said he had to send a message to his mother, so his left hand was busy when I went to hand him the cup, so he held it with his other hand. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-IDAH?!!! I din’t give a s*** if he held it with his right hand what does that have to do with it? (Hiroshi)Bookmark here


-Like I said, an amateur wouldn't notice it right away. Let's think about it then, if you were about to kill a person and you had to do it in just one blow so they wouldn't have time to react like they did in Saiko's case, which hand would you hold the gun? With your hand with motor coordination or one you are not used to? Stopping to think like that, it's even ridiculous to think that someone would use a hand that has no coordination to do such painstaking work. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-I see, it doesn't make sense that the fingerprints on the gun are from Souta's right hand, since he's left-handed. (judge)

-Exactly, besides that I would like you to analyze one last thing. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

Ryusaki points to the TV screen and everyone looks at it, it showed the fingerprints of the two objects.-They're exactly the same. (judge)Bookmark here

-Correct, even the smudges of some fingers and the lack of impression of the others by the drop of water running out of the glass has faded a little. All this, the compatibility of these two prints is 100%, that is, they are the same, so there is no way to say that someone did not put the prints left in the glass in the murder weapon. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-That's true. (extra 1)Bookmark here

-Look even has a smudge on the index finger in the two images and in the same region of the finger. (extra 2)Bookmark here

This is amazing Ryu. Since that moment you saw that empty glass in the trash, you already suspected that someone used it to frame me, didn't you? I know I should be glad to have you by my side, but my body, my brain and my senses can't stop thinking about how scary you are.Bookmark here


-Ahhh, but I was about to reach that point. Let me ask your wife something. Did you happen to know he's seeing other women? Because this noose was found in his car. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

Ryusaki shows a piece of yellow fabric.Bookmark here

-HIROSHI! YOU ARE CHEATING ON ME? (Hiroshi's wife)Bookmark here

-No my dear, I can explain myself. (Hiroshi)Bookmark here

-IF ONE****! What were you doing with our daughter? (Saiko's father)Bookmark here

-It is true! I believe you and you recognize that. Actually my dear viewers this is not a bow, this is a piece of bikini that Saiko bought and even showed her parents a photo. Can you tell me Mr Hiroshi, what was this doing inside your car? (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-How did you get it? (Hiroshi)Bookmark here

-In the parking lot of the police station, you left your car to wash and that was found among other things. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-It cannot be. (extra 1)Bookmark here

-So, it was him? (extra 2)Bookmark here

Hiroshi was bewildered, amidst all the speeches from the audience he found himself lost, his plan had gone awry and his life was about to end.Bookmark here

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