Chapter 30:

This is How I Fight [End of Vol 1]

The Consequence of Saving the World

In front of the two Heroes fighting in front of me, I was no different than a speck of dust.Bookmark here

I had no strength, no speed, no abilities. While they wielded sword and gun, the only thing I had was my necklace.Bookmark here

But that was enough.Bookmark here

Because one thing that the strong never realise was how the weak fought. It was time to show Remus exactly how dangerous it was fighting against someone with nothing to lose.Bookmark here

Sereya’s attacks were aggressive and desperate. Despite that, it was her opponent who held the upper hand. Remus, who was not affected by injury or attrition whatsoever, exerted tremendous pressure on her. It was taking her all just to fight against him on even footing.Bookmark here

“Princess, I don’t wanna kill ya. We go way back. Just gimme the—where’d he go?!”Bookmark here

Sereya’s blade barely met her mark, grazing off the skin of his cheek as he momentarily turned away.Bookmark here

“Getting careless, Whiteaxe!”Bookmark here

The sound of battle grew louder as did Remus’s frustration. Bookmark here

Where’d he go?’Bookmark here

The strong who fought on their feet would never consider those lying flat on the ground as a threat.Bookmark here

I didn’t mind the taste of the dirt as my face kissed the earth. The grass was just tall enough to completely obscure me. Tall enough for me to crawl my way to my distracted foe. Bookmark here

I was no different from a speck of dust. That was why only I could do this, because no one would notice a speck of dust, especially when they were busy fighting instead of cleaning.Bookmark here

My body inched closer, unperturbed by the bullets whizzing past me. Fear, anger, sadness—all my emotions were suppressed. Against a foe like Remus who could detect bloodlust and probably other emotions, I had to get rid of them.Bookmark here

This was only possible because I had fully accepted who I was.Bookmark here

The tune of the instrument of the Gods no longer frightened me. My hatred towards Remus no longer clouded me. The regret of putting Melyeze and Sereya in harm’s way no longer tormented me, for I cried so much, my tears were dry.Bookmark here

Sereya only had two swords left. It was definitely not enough to stop Remus’s regeneration. He probably realised that himself at this point. I was no warrior, but even I could sense the anxiety and panic in his attacks.Bookmark here

‘What was going on? What was she up to?’Bookmark here

That was where your thoughts were wrong, Remus. It wasn’t Sereya who you should be afraid of, it was me!Bookmark here

Emerging from amongst the pastures, I pounced at Remus from his back.Bookmark here

The split second when he turned around—my eyes met his. Bookmark here

At that very moment, Remus Whiteaxe, one of the Seven Heroes who was Blessed by the War God himself, had fear in his eyes.Bookmark here

He wanted to say something, but my necklace being pulled hard around his neck didn’t let him.Bookmark here

He could regenerate from any injury, but he still needed to breathe!Bookmark here

This was the most important lesson from my Memory Dive. Ten years later into reality, he was still bound to human limitations of age, drink and most importantly—air.Bookmark here

The last time I did this, my necklace was the end of me. This time around, he would not have anything to hold onto to throw me away!Bookmark here

His hands were clawing into his own throat, nails digging into his own flesh in a pathetic effort to free himself. His body flailed around wildly like the cornered beast he was.Bookmark here

My teeth dug deep into the back of his neck. I didn’t care if I stooped down to his level of an animal—I needed to hang on as much as possible!Bookmark here

At that very instant, I saw him materialising that same spherical object which nearly took our lives. The lick of flame which would lead to its explosion suddenly vanished.Bookmark here

“I won’t let you!”Bookmark here

That’s right. This was different from the Memory Dive. Sereya was on my side. Bookmark here

Her surgically accurate slash prevented the object from exploding. She severed his wrist and drove her blade into the forearm, taking it out of the fight.Bookmark here

Sereya drew her final sword, just in time to stop Remus from cutting his own head off with a blade that he summoned. Bookmark here

I could feel it. The once invincible Remus was growing weaker.Bookmark here

He dematerialised his sword and tucked his hand into his chest, probably to stop Sereya from cutting it. Bookmark here

I was wrong.Bookmark here

The warm blood spilling from my stomach was proof of that.Bookmark here

“EVAN!”Bookmark here

I heard my name called out by Sereya as Remus impaled himself just to stab me. Surprisingly, I felt no pain. I knew my time was growing short, but as long as I didn’t let go, it would not be as short as his!Bookmark here

This was a race. A race to see who held onto life longer. Bookmark here

As my vision darkened, I felt Remus dropping to his knees. I summoned the last bit of strength within me to pull even harder.Bookmark here

Pull as hard as I can!Bookmark here

Pull harder.Bookmark here

Pull...Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

It was freezing.Bookmark here

There was no snow or blizzard—I couldn’t see a thing. All I felt was the immense cold enveloping me.Bookmark here

Was this how death felt like?Bookmark here

I couldn’t feel my body even more. Did I even have a body? Bookmark here

I was floating. Floating in a cold expanse of nothingness.Bookmark here

Then suddenly—warmth.Bookmark here

I felt heat caressing me. A hand was holding me.Bookmark here

It was a hand that I felt before. Even though the skin was soft, its grip on me was hard, never wanting to let me go.Bookmark here

“Sereya.”Bookmark here

I uttered the name that appeared on my mind just as I opened my eyes.Bookmark here

It was the woman with the gentlest smile on her face. Her single lone hand was wrapped around mine. Bookmark here

“Hello there.”Bookmark here

As my vision got clearer, my heart grew lighter. She no longer had the burns and bruises that I last saw her with.Bookmark here

Even though the ceiling above me and the bed underneath me were completely alien, I didn’t feel any sort of panic at all. It was all thanks to her, my pillar of strength.Bookmark here

I wanted to prop myself up, but she stopped me.Bookmark here

“I don’t think that’s smart. You previously had a hole in your tummy, you know?”Bookmark here

Yeah, I was beginning to recall now.Bookmark here

“How’s Melyeze?”Bookmark here

I owed her big time. If it wasn’t for her buying time for Sereya, I’d probably still have a gun pointed at my head.Bookmark here

“She’s already up and about, back at her knightly duties. It’s all thanks to your first aid, Evan.”Bookmark here

On the contrary. I felt that she would be a lot healthier if it wasn’t for me.Bookmark here

Wait a sec—Bookmark here

“How long was I out for?”Bookmark here

“A week. You woke up pretty fast, though. The doctor said it should be another three or four days.”Bookmark here

“Sereya, don’t tell me you were here this whole time?!”Bookmark here

“Do I look like I have anything better to do?”Bookmark here

Her gaze was filled with affection. I caused her so much worry. I even went against her during the summit. Yet, there she was, ever by my side. I had to be the luckiest man alive.Bookmark here

“I’m back! Got the fruits—”Bookmark here

“REMUS?!”Bookmark here

I took it back. My luck was cursed. Crap, I shouldn’t have got up—felt like I took a punch in the gut. Better get back down.Bookmark here

“Kid! You’re awake!”Bookmark here

“I killed you!”Bookmark here

Why was he still alive?! Wait, why was he carrying a basket of fruits?! Bookmark here

“You did knock me out cold, crushed my windpipe, even, but it regenerated before I became braindead! Hahahaha!”Bookmark here

“Sereya, why the hell is he here?!”Bookmark here

“Kid,” Remus placed the basket on the end table beside me, “you forgot something.”Bookmark here

He stretched his arm outwards, materialising my necklace right in front of my eyes.Bookmark here

“Never in a million years would I think that the War God would consider somethin’ like this to be a weapon. I had it checked, and this is just an ordinary necklace. Yet, this was the thing that was closest to endin’ my life more than any other weapon.Bookmark here

Take it kid. A real apology gift. Not like I know how to wield it.”Bookmark here

I slowly reached out to my necklace, its condition exactly the same as I last used it.Bookmark here

“Why are you doing this? Aren’t you trying to get Hanasuke back?”Bookmark here

Remus pulled a nearby chair close to him. Instead of sitting on it normally, he sat on it with the back of the chair in front of him.Bookmark here

“You see, kid, I ain’t someone sentimental, like the princess over there.”Bookmark here

The grip on my hand tightened briefly. Thanks for triggering her, Remus.Bookmark here

“The real kid, not you, was somebody that I admired. He was stronger than anyone else.Bookmark here

You, on the other hand, are weak as bread. But what you did back there that night—it really felt like I saw the real kid again. I got what I was lookin’ for.”Bookmark here

“And you called me sentimental. Hmph. You’re just lonely, Remus.”Bookmark here

“Shut it, princess. I’m havin’ a moment here y’know?”Bookmark here

Remus got up and started walking towards the window. Was he...crying?Bookmark here

“There you have it, Evan,” Sereya smiled.Bookmark here

“What about you, Sereya? He used an explosive on you!”Bookmark here

“Oh that? He did worse before.”Bookmark here

I had trouble trying to understand all this. The three of us were fighting with our lives on the line, then suddenly everything was okay? What?Bookmark here

Hanasuke…Bookmark here

Your friends were just flat out weird.Bookmark here

“Evan, I know you've just woken up, but since you can’t move anyway, now would be the perfect time for a lecture on the mess you made in the summit, yes?”Bookmark here

Ah yes, karma.Bookmark here

“Alright! Time for me to leave. See ya, kid! Lemme know when you’re headin’ to Breven!”Bookmark here

Right. I did say to Sereya that I would take her to Breven with me to see mum.Bookmark here

Being forced to listen to Sereya’s lecture might be tough, but the thought of seeing mum and Evelin again filled me with anticipation.Bookmark here

Mum, Eveline, wait for me.Bookmark here

I’m coming home.Bookmark here

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