Chapter 9:

The Escapist

Villain of Technology

The first mission of every squad was finally over. We head  to AVA to get our next mission.Bookmark here

"Out of the 10 squad in this room, only 3 succeeded for capturing my fello---, for capturing villains.", Prof. Kurayami said.Bookmark here

[Lizzy becomes suspicious when Prof. Kurayami made a mistake]Bookmark here

"Squad 4 captured a high tier villain, Mr. Jack Zaizen aka Villain of Games.", Kurayami said.Bookmark here

"Yes, but we couldn't capture the other game characters because their too strong.", Squad 4 member said.Bookmark here

"Squad 5 captured a low tier villain, Ms. Marie Sakamoto aka the deadliest assassin in the world.", Prof. Kurayami said.Bookmark here

"She is alone, we lost some of our member but we captured her.", Squad 5 member said.Bookmark here

"And last but not the least, Squad 7 captured 2 high tier villains, Mr. Roman Inoki  aka the Wrestler Villain and James Gushiken aka the Villain of Mutants.", Prof. Kurayami said.Bookmark here

"We capture the Wrestler Villain but didn't get any information and some brutes escape, we also capture the Villain of Mutants, the mutants and we got the information.", Lizzy said.Bookmark here

"Squad 2, 3, 6, 8 and 10 let the villains escaped.", Prof. Kurayami said.Bookmark here

"We are so sorry for not capturing a villain.", Squad 2 member said.Bookmark here

"We are disorganized in battle so we didn't capture him.", Squad 6 member said.Bookmark here

"Some of our members have fear in killing people and they die.", Squad 3 member said.Bookmark here

"I know we lost but we still gonna do our best to capture that villain.", Squad 10 member said.Bookmark here

"Everyone on my squad died.", Squad 8 leader said.Bookmark here

"You don't have to feel bed, we all make mistakes. We will capture those villains in the future. They probably lay lowing right now so lets just move on." Prof. Kurayami said.Bookmark here

"Squad 1 and 9 have died already.", Prof. Kurayami said.Bookmark here

[Everyone is shocked]Bookmark here

"You mean, they actually dead.", Neil said.Bookmark here

"Yes, they got wiped out by villains. Anyone can be the next to die so be sure to think, plan and be responsible.", Prof. Kurayami said.Bookmark here

"Their deaths are not in vein, we need to make their deaths have meaning.", Sam said.Bookmark here

"We need to capture every villain there is.", Hera responded.Bookmark here

"The captured villain are in separate cells. For your next mission, you'll gonna need an injection.", Prof. Kurayami said.Bookmark here

"What is that injection for?", Lizzy asked.Bookmark here

"I'll explain later when I get back.", Prof. Kurayami said.Bookmark here

Everyone got an injections on our shoulders, we don't know what's inside of it but we just take it. It might be some sort of a monitoring microchip so I can't say something to Margo or my identity will be revealed.Bookmark here

"I hope the next mission would be a little bit easy.", Eugene said.Bookmark here

"We got this injections so this might help us.", Sam said.Bookmark here

"There's something suspicious about Prof. Kurayami but I don't know why.", Lizzy said.
[it feels like Prof. Kurayami is friends with those villains]Bookmark here

*Alarm* *Alarm* *Alarm*Bookmark here

"One of the villains escaped their cells, we are closing every way point where that villain can escape.", cleaning squad said.Bookmark here

"It's Ms. Sakamoto, hurry everyone form a group of 4 and find her.", Prof. Kurayami said.Bookmark here

*Everyone group themselves into 4 and started searching for the assassin. Hera, Lizzy, Sam and Alice go together and Anthony, Neil, Leo and Eugene go together.Bookmark here

[Anthony, Neil, Leo and Eugene]Bookmark here

"Lets check the kitchen. ", Eugene said.Bookmark here

"I just recovered, I love doing missions.", Neil said.Bookmark here

"I thought that AVA has a high security system and got bypass by a low tier villain." Anthony said.Bookmark here

*Leo didn't say anything.Bookmark here

[Hera, Lizzy, Sam and Alice]Bookmark here

"Lets check the basement.", Lizzy said.Bookmark here

"If it is an assassin, we need to be careful of our surroundings because she could be anywhere.", Sam said.Bookmark here

"How can she escape when AVA has advanced technology.", Hera said.Bookmark here

*Alice remains silent.Bookmark here

*Hera, Lizzy, Sam and Alice got jumped by Ms. Sakamoto. Sakamoto is so fast that makes it hard for them to hit her. They can't shake Sakamoto off.Bookmark here

"Your punches are annoying.", Hera said.Bookmark here

"She's definitely the best assassin there is.", Sam said.Bookmark here

"We might die if we loose focus.", Lizzy said.Bookmark here

"Let me take care of this.", Alice said.Bookmark here

*Alice pull a fight over Sakamoto. Alice has the same level as Sakamoto that it become the battle of resistance. Sakamoto's beginning to get tired and Alice pinned down Sakamoto. Alice captured her but Sakamoto escaped and launch an attack to Lizzy but Hera killed Sakamoto.Bookmark here

*Sakamoto and Alice eyes met and Alice is shocked about Sakamoto's death.Bookmark here

*Hera reported what happened.Bookmark here

"We try and capture her but she almost killed one of our member so we have no choice but to kill her.", Hera said.Bookmark here

"Well that's fine as long as everyone is alright.", Prof. Kurayami said.Bookmark here

[Alice is still shocked]Bookmark here

"Anyways, lets moved on to our next mission.", Prof. Kurayami said.Bookmark here

*Prof. Kurayami started giving out papers.Bookmark here

"Why papers, AVA has advanced technology but why papers?", Eugene asked.Bookmark here

"Technology is our weakness in this mission because our next target is one of the best villain in the world and it's the Villain of Technology.", Prof. Kuruyami said.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Extra Information:Bookmark here

Villain of Games - (Jack Zaizen) a former gamer and a biologist who want to create a game character into real life. He perfected his work, combining programming and mutation is one of his best creation.Bookmark here

Assassin - (Marie Sakamoto) the best assassin in the world. She is Villain X right hand. Villain X wanted her to teach other people to become assassin but she refuses. She only teaches one person to become an assassin like her.Bookmark here

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