Chapter 19:


Bible 2: The Sequel to the Bible

Vorelando sat across from Kristaps Vorezingis in the school counselling office. Voregia state didn’t have a sports psychologist, the position had been retired after one too many people got eaten on the job but they’d kept the office around for situations just like this.Bookmark here

“Jones.”Bookmark here

Vorezingis gave Vorelando his infamous death stare, to see if he could get him to crack. Vorelando wasn’t much of a cracker.Bookmark here

“Vorezingis.”Bookmark here

He stared back.Bookmark here

“Do you know why I called you here?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, I do.”Bookmark here

“Then why don’t you explain it to me?”Bookmark here

“It’s because I’m too real with it, because this school, nay, this society can’t handle a man with ideals. You want compromise, I can’t give you compromise, I can only give you me.”Bookmark here

Vorezingis let out an almighty sigh. It shocked Vorelando, not because it had happened but because it sounded so sad.Bookmark here

“That’s not what this is about.”Bookmark here

“What is it about then? Is it because I vored Cayenne?”Bookmark here

“Of course not, you were well within your legal and moral rights to do so, extra curricular vorings on campus are tolerated if they’re done in good faith.”Bookmark here

“So there should be no problem.”Bookmark here

Vorezingis said nothing, taking his wallet out of his pocket and procuring a polaroid picture from within.Bookmark here

“Vorelando, I am about to show you something I haven’t shown anyone in many years.”Bookmark here

“What is it?”Bookmark here

“The love of my life.”Bookmark here

Vorelando took the picture and turned it around. Captured within the white border were a shining, beautiful, immaculate pair of feet. Feet beyond anything Vorelando had ever seen, ever even conceived.Bookmark here

“Who is she?”Bookmark here

“Francine. And Laurie. Francine is the one with the distinctive mole.”Bookmark here

Vorezingis bore a sad smile as he reminisced about the feet from a time long passed.Bookmark here

“What happened to them?”Bookmark here

Vorezingis’ smile turned sour.Bookmark here

“Reality happened. That’s the worst thing about feet Jones, they usually come attached to a person. She only wanted me for my Big Vore Status, she never loved me like I loved her feet.”Bookmark here

Vorezingis took the photo back and placed it carefully in his wallet before continuing.Bookmark here

“That’s why I said it isn’t about that. I get it. This isn’t a world for the likes of you and me, it’s a vorers world and we’re out on our feet just trying to survive in it.”Bookmark here

“Then why am I here?”Bookmark here

“You’re here because I can see you’re hurting. You’re hurting like I was back in my prime. All that love, all that anger with nowhere for it to go. You can’t be yourself in public, if you do, you’re labelled a freak, if you bottle it all up, the pain will eat you alive.”Bookmark here

Vorelando felt the tears welling up in his eyes. He was seen, for the first time in his life he felt truly visible. His father had forced him into vore, made that his identity but that was never him. He didn’t love vore, he loved feet, and he wanted to be allowed to do that in peace.Bookmark here

He started sobbing, the warm tears flowing down his face and into his mouth. They were salty but psychologically refreshing as he hadn’t tasted tears in years.Bookmark here

“Vorelando Jones, you give me hope. When I saw the way that you manhandled the scorpion boys, I knew I was watching something special. It took me back to my childhood, a time before Voran Magic changed everything...”Bookmark here

“What do you mean?” Vorelando said as he wiped his eyes.Bookmark here

“Naturally you wouldn’t remember, but there was a time before Vore dominated our culture. A time when the people elected their leaders, when they still taught history in our schools, when fetishes outside of vore were accepted as commonplace.”Bookmark here

“There was a time like that?”
“Yes! And there will be once again! The spirit of democracy will never die, history will never cease to be and alternative fetishes will always prosper within the boundaries of our minds!”Bookmark here

Vorezingis wheeled himself around his desk and laid his hands on Vorelando’s shoulders.Bookmark here

“Once I was a young man too, Jones. I got into vore not because of a love of the game but because I wanted to change the world. I wanted to defeat Voran Magic and tear down his monopoly on culture. But I was careless, one minor slipup and I lost both my legs. From that moment on, I never had a chance and I knew it. I continued on in the cage, letting that dream slip away into the recesses of my mind.”Bookmark here

“What does that have to do with me?”Bookmark here

“Don’t you want to defeat him too Jones? Is it not the role of the son to defeat his father within the cage?”Bookmark here

“How did you know that?”Bookmark here

“Sometimes I just know.”Bookmark here

“Bu-“Bookmark here

“Do you want to defeat Voran or not?”Bookmark here

“Of course I do.”Bookmark here

There was no hesitation in Vorelando’s voice. Not only did he want revenge but now he wanted revolution. He wanted to tear down the society hat Voran helped propagate, a society where one’s personal worth was derived from their relationship to how well they ate their fellow man.Bookmark here

“Then you need to make it to the pros, and you’re not going to do that by screaming about feet all the time, as righteous as it may be.”Bookmark here

“Bu-“Bookmark here

“No buts.” Vorezingis interrupted. “If you truly love feet, you’ll shut up about them. You need to take down the system that oppresses them from the inside.”Bookmark here

Vorezingis patted Vorelando on the shoulder before wheeling himself out of the office, leaving Vorelando to contemplate things. Bookmark here

“Play the game kid, make the world your own.”Bookmark here

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