Chapter 22:

Chapter 22- We meet at last! A Meeting to Die For

The Husband and Hero

As the sun begins to set, I can feel the heaviness in my heart become stronger.

This is. 

Possibly the last battle we will ever have to face.

Beside me stands Fern, with a subtle but determined face. Aside from the rest of the knights, who look relentless, Fern looks delighted.

I feel as though I can understand both of their feelings. If the queen is there or shows up, we can finally return home to our families and no longer have to face this devious kingdom.

Before I can notice, I find myself breathing out a sigh relief.

Fern: "We'll move out in 5 more minutes. I wish the horses didn't take so long to set up."

Glancing backwards I noticed Erebus is standing without a weapon in hand near the infirmary camper.

Devilynn: "Is Erebus not coming with?"

Fern nods her head back and forth in an effortless movement.

Fern: "Until I see the outcome of this battle, I have no need for traitors like him to join. "

A sense of discouragement crosses its way into my chest but quickly fades. I have been relying on Erebus and his strength for too long. It's finally my turn to prove that I have what it takes to be a hero.

As a sound of the last horse, exit the stable, Fern expresses a look of joy that dazzles within her eyes.

Fern: "Men it is finally the time to strike! We have been terrorized by the Robal forces for too long! Tonight, hopefully that all ends!"

Wavering her hand over to me, Fern gives me a go ahead to speak. Swallowing hard, I find my mouth opening on its own.

Devilynn: "I know all of you have families waiting at home for the miraculous day that the bells of victory ring. And today will be that day!"

Switching back over to herself, Fern continues telling the knights different forms of encouragement.

While she is, I look over at Erebus who's standing with a displease look on his face.

As our eyes meet, I realize how darken his eyes are and how unwell he looks. It is clear that he has been stressing over this battle all last night.

Fern: "Now then let's get straight to the fun part. Our plans for this battle."

Grabbing a handmade map out of her back pocket, Fern points over to different parts of it.

Fern: "Intel has told us that this is what the location looks like. You've all been assigned units with a unit leader within all of them. Each unit is responsible for a target we are aiming to kill. Your unit lead will let you know who your target is soon during our travels. However, should you see the queen, switch your plans to only target her."

I glance down at the passively written note in my hands. As suspected, I'm the Unit A lead responsible for targeting General Richi.

Thinking back about our battle, I realized I've been underestimating him. But now I'm prepared for whatever he brings at me.

Wearing a smile full of pride, I take in one last look at the people around me. This is it; this is the day that everything will change.


After countless miles and complete silence, the outline of a base station makes its way into view.

Bringing over the men in my unit, I glance around the rest of the area. When it's time for everyone to ambush, Fern we'll release the signal.

Sitting quietly hunched behind a bush, I notice that there are some guards watching the area. General Willowcrus is one of them. Despite seeing her quite frequently, she is still frightening to see; she's almost as scary as Killian.

The silence implores itself within the station, until the loud sound of a bird whistle is heard.

The signal has been released.

The guards around the base quickly put on a dazed expression and makes their way to alert other troops. As my unit slowly makes the way out of our hiding spot, I noticed guards being shot by arrows nearby.

Devilynn: "Men let's move out! Fight with everything you've got and come home alive with pride!"

Almost like the sound of a stampede, you can hear all of our units moving out. Quickly their base station begins to look chaotic.

Campers have been ripped from the inside out. Their knights are lying dead on the floor after being woken up in a haste. Some are running and escaping the mess, while others are poorly battling with derived sleep.

Tracing my eyes around the base, I finally catch a glance at my target.

I knew he wasn't the type to be a runner, but it's interesting to see him fighting with such passion despite being so exhausted and unprepared. His clothes are a shamble and his hair is intertwined.

Making my way over a smile rushes itself over my face as the thought of Fern being pleased with completing my objective comes to mind.

Since when have you been excited about killing a person?

I push the thought out of my mind and continue moving my feet in a quick pace.

Finally, I find myself standing with my sword to my side in front of General Richi.

General Richi: "This is just monstrous! How dare you and your people attack such a small station in the middle of the night?!"

Although his worried expression and somber words pull a tiny string of my heart, it quickly fades away knowing that they would do the same.

Devilynn: "You should feel lucky that I'm the one that gets to take your life. After all, Fern would have tortured you."

The defeated look he's giving me is one that I've seen once before in a dream.

But it truly doesn't matter to me.

In the end, we’re enemies of different sides. Should the situation be turned around, I'm sure he would have no struggle to slash me with a sword.

His tiny hands wrap tightly around the wooden sword he has. In the matter of moments from the sound of the signal, that must have been the only object he could find to fight with.

General Richi: " I will not die quickly. And I would never let myself be killed by someone so arrogant as yourself!"

Bringing my sword forward, I began taking a fighting position. And at once the two of us begin swinging and throwing hits at each other.

Based on his movements that have always been smooth and quick, it is clear to see that he is fighting with little stamina.

This is my chance.

As he swings his sword over to me, I tighten my grip and swing heavily down onto his wooden sword breaking it in half.

With a bewildered look, he can clearly see he's out of options. With a chuckle so much different than my usual one, I take a step forward and my position my sword into a swing ready to gouge his chest.




The sound of blood rings in my ears.

And the cold color of red paints the ground underneath us.

The fading of their eyes begins to slowly make its way visible.

Taking my sword away, I'm always in disbelief of her quick reflexes.

Standing in the middle of Richi and I is Willowcrus with the slash meant for Richi going through her chest.

Despite just receiving a fatal injury, she is giving off a look of determination.

General Richi: "Wi-Wi-Willowcrus!"

Ignoring my existence, Richi finds his way over to her. He's bawling from the eyes and looks as if he's about to break.

Slumping down from her posture, Willowcrus falls hard into his arms.

General Willowcrus: "Looks like I made it just in time."

With a smile she gestures her hands over to him with a kind hearted voice.

General Richi: “You should have escaped! Why did you come back here? You shouldn't be like this, You shouldn’t-"

As tears drip down off of his face onto hers, Willowcrus voice becomes softer and harder to hear.

General Willowcrus: "I'd never leave you here. I'm... glad I came back."

For but a spilt second, the scene in front of me reminds me of Crowriff and I. The embodiment of death is a harsh and cruel one. But for an enemy it doesn’t matter to me at all.

Picking up my sword, I decide that now is the time to strike both of them. Sorry, but in war there's no time for these types of moments.

Bringing my sword down onto the two them, my swing is stopped intermediately. The sound of metal clashing ring up into my ear.

Shinkyo: "Willowcrus and Richi, escape through the eastern entrance! Reinforcements are here!"

Standing in front of me, is the women I'm here for.

A malicious smile crosses over my face.

This is it.

This is my chance.

Devilynn: "The Queen has finally appeared! Just who I wanted to see! "

My chance to be a hero.