Chapter 11:

The first Day

Blue in the sky

When I returned to the universe of dreams it seemed that was changed, the blue scenery returned to crimson, the aristocratic place returned to ruin of the city, the same girl with cherry blossom hair was in a black short dress, danced and hummed a melody of its own and only stopped when it approached me.Bookmark here

— Finally, you came back, I thought it would take longer.— I was surprised when I saw her face, it looked a lot like the face of Junjoumaru’s mother, only younger and with a scar on her right side almost blinding to her eye, but she seemed happy to see me, happy to see someone dear who long ago you did not see, even though I dreamt about her the night before that day.Bookmark here

— You haven't fully woken up yet, although I can feel my cousin, it's just that I've never talked so much about my family, but it was my personal choice, after all, you hadn't even revealed what happened to your parents, at least you remembered from them— Her speech seemed negative with my "progress", but quickly her mood cheered up while staring me in the face Bookmark here

— Who are you and what do you want with me?— For the first time I spoke so clearly in a dream when talking to her, she was now surprised by it so whirling back she continued to talk, only this time I’ve skirted my face with his hands, which looked like the hands of a dead person with black veins adorning a skin almost baby blue, passing a cold not condescending to his approach to my body— It's quite funny that you don't remember that person who saved you in the Bloodynight, who gave you this gift that's on your arm and mainly gave you life again, isn't it ########?— When she tried to say my name, the scenery began to unravel, creating a hole just where it was and the last time I looked at it was just decaying at her feet, in the final seconds, her face changed from surprise by my fall to sadness or perhaps living normally from loneliness, I woke up to the sound of the alarm, it was 8 a.m., Junjoumaru was already in the bath, so he did not see my phosphorescent arm in blue, But then I tried to hide him under the bedsheets when Junjoumaru came out of the bath.Bookmark here

— So, go take a shower, no, we're already late for breakfast, let's get something to eat there and then go to class, the Hall monitor has already knocked on the door saying that this week the absences will have light punishment.— He was already wearing the uniform as he looked into the mirror to help him get ready, I used the duvet as a cloak to go around my torso as I passed him, but he quickly noticed and soon asked— Are you cold? If you were, just take a hot shower, because the day will be full.Bookmark here

With a simple nod, I confirmed the assumption and when entering the bathroom soon locked the door and used the comforter itself to cover the breaches of the door, when I had just put the top of my pajamas quickly removed and saw that those blue veins were more branched in my body, almost covering the right side of my body, however different from the last time, many of them were coming out of my own arm, just where she touched me with her hands, then I went under the shower, in the coldest temperature, to see if the thermal shock could hide these marks, a feeling of urgency arose in me, it was like I wanted to hide evidence of an extremely violent crime, but the shock worked, lucky for me it was just the shower faucet could change the temperature by reversing it and watching the water dripping down the shower reminded me of a rainy day, I was all wet under a streetlight, a man was approaching me and when he entered the lamppost lighting field I was able to affirm his identity: it was me, with an umbrella coming towards me and when I put my hand on the body I realized that my body was bleeding, When I moaned in pain, it was the voice of the cherry-colored girl.Bookmark here

The siren of the school that informed me the beginning of the classes woke me, then I ran with all strength, put on the uniform without drying completely, locked the door of the room almost knocking down the keys, messy I crossed the lobby, the courtyard and when I saw myself I was in the middle of a heap of students, each one wearing a different color tie, I who took my things in haste took the brown tie out of my pocket and put following a group of young girls who wore the same color in their ties, The division was simple: brown tie for the first year, purple for the second year and red or blue for the third year, there were people with a green tie, but I didn’t notice because I immediately entered in the girls’ classroom, on seeing the room there were a few dozen school desks already occupied by pairs, all dozens had two students and the combination varied according to placement, but with the imminence of the beginning of classes, I quickly sat down at a place next to the window, However when I saw my neighbor with a school card, the teacher was already entering the room, so I quickly took a pen, but I had not brought the notebook, so I would ask my neighbor some papers to write the subject of the day, but looking at it I had a surprise since Victoria would be my double, both were overwhelmed by this accident, but we had no time to greet each other properly, as the professor had already put his material on the table and was writing his name on the whiteboard.Bookmark here

— Because you're here, you should be with my cousin, the class here is a Boolean algebra, you should be watching the Introduction to crisis management.— she tried to lower her voice to talk to me, however, the teacher listened to our whisper and soon we became the example for who to talk to while the teacher explained something, as was his presentation, basically he explained that the student would choose his school schedule during the week, but obligatorily he has to study all subjects during the week, so I could study with Victoria or Junjoumaru, but I would still have to see the facets of all teachers during the days of the week, this my first class was just the presentation of Boolean algebra, with the explanation of the use both for Holdfighter and for Cloudloading and we had a small presentation of an abecedarian being transformed into binary, it was two hours enough informative and not tiring since the teacher managed to greatly simplify his discipline, making everyone pay attention to his speech.Bookmark here

— So where are you going now?— When class was over, she packed her things to go out of it, but when I questioned it to her, an expression of surprise took her, however, she still seemed afraid to talk to meBookmark here

— Well, I'm going to Mechanics class, you can stay there, I know the way very well— when she finished speaking there arose slight pomp as a child wanting to imitate an adult and being praised for it, but when I stood up that little pride of hers became an expression of surprise —Ok, I'll go see where your cousin, then we'll have some time to talk— then we left that room, despite my speech, we could not exchange words, because when we exchange looks we remember precisely last night, however, I remembered a question, a question that I could not keep in my mind.Bookmark here

—What are you going to want to work with?Bookmark here

—Why... why are you asking this?— She was surprised by my question that caught everyone’s attention around us, but we quickly explained the situation to everyone— Cloudloading, because that's what she wanted to be one of them to be able to see the stars, it's weird to want that when you can see the stars from here on the ground, but when she explained it, you want to see what the sky really looks like, feel like a cloud flying through the skies, seeing the stars up close and seeing the earth from above, it would be a feeling that only those who have already flown, at least that's what she said, she said it with a vivacity that made me jealous, so I won’t confirm that this is true.— She altered her more withdrawn mood to something firmer, she spoke it with security that her quivering speech was replaced to a firmer tone and I continue, it surprised me that I heard all her talk and when she finished speaking, the surprise transferred to her face, Junjoumaru found us chatting near his classroom and when he saw me near his cousin he sped up his pace and quickly interrupted our conversation.Bookmark here

— You finally left the bathroom in? We're still having physics class.— He took my arm and took me directly to the room where would be physics class, we sat next to each other, this time we were near the exit door— What she said, I hope it's not from our childhoodBookmark here

— Man, why are you worried about it, I didn't do anything with your cousin or anything like that to talk about your childhood, so relax— I was amazed at how assertive he is with something, like when I talked to your cousin— So what were you talking about?— the relaxed tone of voice typical of Junjoumaru was changed to a more threatening tone with that question, even though the teacher entering the room soon answered him. Bookmark here

— I just asked her what she would like to work on and she replied that she would become a Cloudloading, that's all.—My response apparently calmed his temper, which only responded right after physics class, which was basically the basic introduction of always, giving the example of how physics is in our day-to-day speaking as our planet, which is much smaller than our previous home, He can have the same amount of hours from our ancestral home because of the sun that the planet orbits, showed the effects of the seas caused by Nike and everything, it was at the end of class that he finally answered me, as we head to the cafeteria.Bookmark here

— So she hasn't left it yet, look what I'm going to say is just something personal.— When I said confidentiality, he started talking— This was my sister's idea after hearing several stories from our grandfather, father of our father, he was a Cloudloading at the end of the Pioneer Era, so he saw how continents were before cities, he saw the beauty that our planet has and even the beauty of our star, he always showed us the photos he took during his patrols and that always inspired her to become a Cloudloading, she was always imagined working as one of them, crossing the sky, maybe she has said this to Victoria in their conversations.— Our conversation ended soon when we arrived at the full cafeteria, muffling his voice, even with the sound of multiple parallel conversations, after we picked up our meal we noticed that all the tables were occupied, but there were two places ironically close to Victoria, who was already having lunch and was startled when we sat in these places.Bookmark here

— Why ... Why did you sit here?Bookmark here

— Because there were no other places to sit, do not be ashamed to eat with us, after all, we are known— Junjoumaru seemed not worried about our conversation, after which he told some jokes making her laugh and improving the mood between us when we finished our meal practically at the same time as the alarm for the next class.Bookmark here

— Where are you going now, physical, chemistry, or mechanics?—I asked her who was already leaving the place, taking the tray we used to take our meal to the table—Academium, at least today we will only have the introduction of the Field Tools, then I will go to chemistry class.Bookmark here

— Okay, then we'll go there, let's take a look at mechanics class.—he grabbed me to take me where they collected the trays and so we said goodbye to her, I would question him about it, but after we returned the trays he grabbed my wrist and took me running to that garage that unlike yesterday didn’t have those HF Armors carcasses, only a small cluster of students, all looking at Berna, who was wearing an orange jumpsuit, then finally figure out why he wanted to go to that class, when she saw me quickly waved and everyone in my class looked at me, which generated a shame, but that feeling automatically ended when she started talking.Bookmark here

— Welcome to the discipline of mechanics, I see that there are enough boys here is quite common, but see girls interested in mechanics, so I hope you have not come here just for the weekly obligation, anyway I'll show you what it's like to know about HF Armors— Her facet was lively, after all she was a teacher motivated by the arrival of new students, then soon spoke about the origin of the HF Armors at the hands of the founder of the order to match the strength of the Ghosts and that the mechs used both for the troops of Holdfighters for the aviators of the Cloudloading possess similarities, but on depending on the specific use, the unit is modified, the field utensils we used for the practice examination were miniature models used in the battlefield, in fact it is not difficult to pilot an HF Armor, after all the cockpit uses multiple sensors to pick up body movements and send commands to the central system to get the information to the rest of the machine, that is if there is no mental diving device, to simplify you could stay static inside the cockpit, different from the first example, but you must connect your nervous system to a specific device, causing you to lose your senses if your armor is damaged, so this type of model is used in units intended for Cloudloading seen the high number of hours that they stand in high meters of height, although it can be used for battles on the ground, here comes the Field Tools, because the multiple classes are used to formulate strategies to defeat hordes, after all common weapons do not work against the Ghosts, but the union of the classes would allow defeats the multiple types of Ghosts.Bookmark here

When the class was getting excited with new information about these battle units that we were discovering at the time, but the alarm had rung, breaking our euphoria, we were leaving together with the other students, but Berna had called us — So boys, liked class, had some doubt? — Junjoumaru would want to speak countless words trying to conquer her, but I just said no, I said goodbye to her and taking him out who with a crying face, also said goodbye to her.Bookmark here

— Dude, because you did it, I had a lot to talk to her.Bookmark here

— About discipline or something of her?—When I said that, his anger facet was soon switched to a withdrawn face of shame.Bookmark here

— So why do not you let me try something with her?Bookmark here

Because she would want a meeting with a novice studentBookmark here

— You only lived with her for seven days, you did not become her childhood friend— In spirits were beginning to become exacerbated when Victoria found us, soon she appeased our discussion and took us to where the chemistry lab would be, the teacher allowed the three of us to stay together to attend her class and while she explained about her subject, also passing examples of the use of their science in our lives, but the example of the time was to explain the importance of the Cities for the human development since the process of terraforming of Zaurus is decentralized because if a City failed, there would still be housing for the pioneers to have a shelter, in this case, the Capital City, then showed us how a warrior can survive outside the City, thanks to the black jumpsuits that has a technology that simulates the environment of the Cities within them, but inside they become orange for a more direct exchange with the atmosphere created within the Walls; Junjoumaru seemed rather withdrawn, thinking of something for later, with the end of the class Junjoumaru was the first of us to leave and seemed to go to the teachers' room, I would follow him, see if what he wanted there, but his cousin stopped me holding on to my left arm.Bookmark here

—Why is he acting like this?—Her worried face showed surprise with her cousin’s action, I quickly spoke about his desire to her who quickly understood the situation.Bookmark here

He was always like that, when I visited his house, he always wanted to be close to me, we always played knight and princess, while I was the princess, he was the knight, the game was always him saving me to get married, he always kept saying that we were going to get married, but since the Bloodynight he stopped acting like that, at least with me he acted in a friendly way, but try something with someone older?— After arousing her curiosity, we went after him and when we were near the teachers' lounge he was already running from there, Berna was outside the room, worried about his reaction, so we approached her and soon asked what happened.Bookmark here

— I told him I couldn't date him precisely because of our relationship as teacher and student, but he just said yes and ran away.— So Victoria stayed with her while I went after Junjoumaru, I searched for him almost all over the Academy and I couldn’t find it, but as I returned to the dorm I saw him near the entrance to ours with a facet wanting to show certain confidence, but his face was full of crying, so I tried to think of something to regain his excitement, but I couldn’t think of anything, for I had never seen him with such low morals, I could talk to him normally today just because I remember that conversation at the field hospital, his desire to talk to a lot of happy people, then I remember just the day of the theoretical exam how relaxed he was about my sister’s presence, yes, that’s what Lauricea would do, maybe she would try to raise her spirits with a joke, but what joke, that’s when he realized me, tried to wipe his face and approached me.Bookmark here

— What's up Little brother, you can laugh at me, a rejected guy, honestly I should have known I couldn't do anything with her, relax I won't be crying from the bedroom, I'm just leaving here, tell Victoria my father called me back home and...— When he showed his letter of withdrawal in the same hand as he carried his backpack, but upon seeing this, my first feeling was to just prevent this escape by grabbing his arms, but when I tried to speak some catchphrase, but words did not come out in my mouth, words that could save Junjoumaru from this escape, but nothing came out, however when he broke free with a force that unconsciously he released his backpack and she stayed away from us— Sorry but I can't, I will do something almost heroic like being a Holdfighter but if one of them is impossible for meBookmark here

— So because you tried to become one of them, you’ll give up by hearing a no and then by something like a romantic rejection, what your sister would think of you for doing this?Bookmark here

— She would laugh at me, she was always superior to me, but she got caught that night, I wanted something to protect and when I saw Lt.col Berna I knew I would be the mother of my children and I needed something strong to protect her.Bookmark here

— So because you want to protect everyone in this City, I'm sure, the love of your life must be among the millions who live here.— Berna overheard our conversation when she arrived with Victoria, the two of them were also tired, maybe they were also looking for him— everyone here has a goal, some want to become a great hero and make their name in history, others want to be popular to conquer everyone, some people dream of becoming a Holdfighter to discover new locations, or being a Cloudloading to fly over the skies, but everyone wanted to be something, I know you want to become a knight for someone, so become a knight for everyone—When she reached out her hand to him after performing to emphasize his speech, he was thrilled with her, but trying to keep the facade of a solid man he tried to hide his face, but seeing his cousin by his side he had nowhere to run, so you took up her challenge.Bookmark here

From here it was six months without a major incident, in the three we got closer, because the learning skills of Junjoumaru, together with the athletic skills of Victoria facilitated our difficulties during this first semester that was of discoveries, we do well in traditional disciplines such as mathematics, physics and chemistry, as the technical disciplines of the order such as crisis management, mechanics and first aid, outside academic disciplines, or as it is called: Acaderium, a discipline consisting of hand-to-hand fights between students to simulate battles with HF Armors, so we used the Field Tools, fights would in fact stay for the next unit would stay for the next semester, we managed to go well between disciplines, But Junjoumaru almost flunked mechanics for the absurd amount of school breaks, but he still passed the final test, which almost happened in Victoria’s crisis management discipline, because in the final presentation she could barely perform properly and I, I almost failed Acaderium for the incompatibility of my right arm with these items, because I am right-handed and they all created a reaction to my arm, but manage to pass by using an English Punch on my left armBookmark here

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