Chapter 0:

Prologue: Look Back

It Only Took the World Ending for Me to Finally Get a Love Confession

Two children are walking to school together, a girl and a boy. The girl is a few years older and walks slightly ahead of the boy. She looks back at him every now and then, growing more annoyed as he struggles to catch up with her. Between breaths he calls out to her to slow down. She starts to walk faster. Just as they approach the school the boy suddenly trips and falls to the ground, skinning his knees. The girl turns around and looks at the boy. It seems like she hesitates for a moment before turning back around and walking away. The boy's eyes well up with tears, his face completely crestfallen and filled with pain. The girl, continuing to walk, briefly glances back over her shoulder one last time. The sadness in the boy's face is heartbreaking, but she never stops or looks back again, leaving her brother behind.


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