Chapter 18:

Summer High Part 1 (Taiki)

Special Fighting Club

It´s finally here: the summer high. We stand together, Manami-san explains us who our first opponents are. “The Tohoshi Team isn´t the strongest so you shouldn´t have to much trouble defeating them, but like always don´t underestimate them, ok?”
We nod. We´re all visibly nervous, can you blame us? We have to win this if we want a spot at the nationals.
I look to Takara. She closed her eyes and is breathing deeply, seemingly concentrated.
“One more thing: In the summer high every round´s on a different day, meaning don´t do anything that could exhaust or injure you at home, got it?” Manami-san says.
Again we all nod.
A car stops in front of us; a young woman lets down the window. “Chiko, I have to search for a parking spot can you take care of Yoshi?” She asks.
He nods. “If I have to.”
Yoshi jumps out and runs to Chiko. He smiles at the rest of us. “Look what Chi helped me make!” He proudly shows us his blue T-shirt with Kyoto-Nami Fight! written on it. “Chi wrote it for me.”
Takara kneels down to him. “That´s so cool!”
Yoshi nods proudly.
Chiko is starting to look embarrassed.
The woman, I´m assuming Yoshi´s mother, also catches up to us. “I´m Ayame, Chiko´s Sister in law. Nice to meet you.” She bows, Yoshi copies her. She wears a similar shirt as her son, only the writing looks like a child made it.
Chiko hides his face behind Akito.
Ayame-san shows off a camera. “Taku couldn´t make it back on time, but he asked me to record it!”
“Not like I have enough pressure on me.” Chiko mumbles.
“Oh not just you, I´m recording the whole match! Your parents also want to see it too.” Ayame-san says.
Akito smiles faintly. “Chi…”
“Chi I´ll cheer so loud everyone can hear it!” Yoshi says.
“Tetsuya you should have woken me up on time!” A black haired woman waddles to us.
“Who´s Tetsuya?” Akaya-kun asks.
“That would be me.” Hisagi-sensei says. Then he turns to the woman. “Etsu, you are on bed rest. I didn´t wake you because you were sleeping so soundly. I couldn’t bring myself to wake you.” He puts his hand on her stomach.
“Oh god she´s pregnant!” Kenta says.
“So sensei not only has a wife but soon a baby too?” Akaya-kun asks.
“Well he is just a normal person at the end of the day.” Katsu-kun says.
Akaya-kun still shocked doesn´t say anything.
Yoshi stares at Etsu-san. “Did you eat your baby?”
She smiles. “No, but that´s something your parents should explain to you.”
He looks to his mother. “Not today, ok. Today´s Chiko´s day.” She answers.
“Good because I have to drive home with you.” Chiko says, his face still buried in Akito´s arm.
“Guys we should get ready! The fight begins in 15 minutes!” Manami-san announces.
Just as we turn around to go inside the building, a familiar voice shouts. “I´ll be watching!”
I turn around. “Dai-nii-sama? What are you doing here?”
He blushes violently. “It´s just payback for the gift.” He says.
Takara smiles. “Onii-sama, I´m not fighting today should we sit next to each other?”
He nods shyly. Takara takes his hand and vanishes in the building.
Kei and I smile at each other and also make our way inside.

“Both schools please stand.” The referee tells us.
We stand in one line opposite to Tohoshi.
“Best three of five! 18 Points to win! Announcing the fighting order:
Fight 1: Kanda Atsushi vs. Tousen Chiko,
Fight 2: Kuchiki Otsuyu vs. Kyousuke Kenta,
Fight 3: Shiba Katsuo vs. Kozato Akito,
Fight 4: Minami Ai vs. Fujima Taiki,
Fight 5: Suzumoto Meiyo vs. Mizuki Nanami.
Fist fighters get ready.”

Chiko takes a deep breath and makes his way to the ring.
Chiko immediately turns into a griffin charges at the gray unicorn in front of him and gets a few good hits in with his talons.
“Point gain Kyoto-Nami 0-7!”
Kanda body slams Chiko. While turning around he hits Chiko with a hoof.
“Point gain Tohoshi 2-7!”
They have a quick back and forth until Chiko seems to have had enough. He flies into the air and dives back down so fast Kanda can´t react, he´s hit with a wing.
“Point gain Kyoto-Nami 10-14!”
Kanda turns back into hybrid form, grabs Chiko´s wing and slams him into the floor. He kicks him a few times.
“Point gain Tohoshi 14-14!”
Chiko, now also in hybrid form, grabs Kanda´s arm, throws him over his shoulder and kicks him in the stomach.
“Point gain Kyoto-Nami 14-16!”
Kanda grabs Chiko´s arm back, pulls him onto the floor, jumps up and quickly turns back into unicorn form. He shoots gems at Chiko, who manages to doges a few.
“Point gain Tohoshi 17-16!”
Chiko punches Kanda in the face.
“Point gain Kyoto-Nami 17-17!”
Chiko smiles. He grabs Kanda´s hand, pulls him towards himself and lands his knee in an unsuspecting Kanda´s stomach.
“Point gain Kyoto-Nami 17-18!”
Kanda manages to punch Chiko before landing on the floor again.
“Point gain Tohoshi 18-18!”
Now Chiko turns back into griffin form, grabs Kanda with a talon, throws him with all his might on the floor again and in a swift motion turns back into hybrid form to punch Kanda in the face a last time.
“Point gain Kyoto-Nami 17-20! Point win for Tousen Chiko of Kyoto-Nami, 0-1!”

Chiko sits down on the bench.
“You really liked that floor didn´t you.” Kei laughs while giving him a water bottle.
“Was it obvious that I had no plan?” He asks out of breath.
I nod. “But you still won, that´s all that counts.”
“I´ll get the next one.” Kenta smiles.

Kenta, in hybrid form, charges his opponent and lands punch after punch, like a boxer. What did I expect? He was a boxer.
“Point gain Kyoto-Nami 0-8!”
His opponent, a female griffin, grabs him jumps into the air and let´s go so Kenta falls. He lands on the floor with a loud thud. Before he even has a chance to get up she does it again. And then she does it again. On the forth try Kenta doges her but she just charges at him with her talons.
“Point gain Tohoshi 8-8!”
She pecks at him.
“Point gain Tohoshi 10-8!”
Kenta smiles too, just like Chiko did. He readies his fists and a nice upper cut hits Kuchiki in the chin. Followed by a hook and a few jabs.
“Point gain Kyoto-Nami 10-12!”
Kenta doesn´t give Kuchiki a chance to do anything. Jab after Jab hits her. Kenta ends the fight with a right hook.
“Point gain Kyoto-Nami 10-18! Point win for Kyousuke Kenta of Kyoto-Nami 0-2!”

He comes back to us. “How was I?”
“You just boxed against her!” Akaya-kun says.
“Akimoto-san had that idea during training camp. Nobody would expect that, he said. And as you can see, she didn´t expect that.” Kenta answers.
I nod. “He´s right. Kenta you did really well.”
He smiles. “Well I boxed for all three years of middle school so why not use those skills, right?”
“Then I´m off. Wish me luck for my first official fight after a year.” Akito says smiling.

He didn´t need anyone to wish him luck, but his opponent did. The fight ends in a K.O. before it even really started.
“How long did I need?” Akito asks. He doesn´t seem the slightest bit exhausted.
“Two minutes 52 seconds.” Manami-san answers.
“First round K.O.” Kenta says.

And with that rather fast match we made it to the second round.
“You beat us pretty good.” A young brown haired man says, presumably Tohoshi´s coach.
He offers Manami-san a hand. “Win the next round for us, ok? So we don´t seem like the absolute losers.”
Manami-san takes the hand. “That was the plan from the start.”

Takara comes running down the stairs of the stand, Nagisa-kun right behind her. She jumps and hugs our three winners. “You did so great!”
They smile.
“We made the promise to win the first round so you can fight in the second.” Akito says shyly.
Takara wipes away a tear. “You guys are great.”
“I don´t want to interrupt this touching moment but I have a few things to say, so listen: Go right back home, don´t do anything reckless…”
“You told us that before the fight already.” Akaya-kun interrupts.
“I know but it´s very important. We’ll fight Usagichi tomorrow, like Tohoshi not the strongest but we don´t underestimate our opponents. Same time as today, don´t be late!” Manami-san continues. “You three did really well.” He adds.
“Chi, Koto that was awesome!” Yoshi comes jumping towards them.
“You´re dismissed!” Manami-san says.

Takara, Kei and I decided to walk home.
“Get inside.” Dai-nii-sama says sitting in his car.
We get in. That´s the first time he ever offered to dive us.

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