Chapter 11:

Chapter 11


I would say this week was filled with strange happenings, but they were finally over. At least that's what I thought as I was leaving the station before being approached. Bookmark here

-STOPPED!! (?)Bookmark here

-Who could berrrrrrr! (Souta)Bookmark here

What is it? Such a beautiful woman and these... these...Bookmark here

-Glubb. (Souta)Bookmark here

My god in heaven they are huge.Bookmark here

-What was it? (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-You got into a big mess. (?)Bookmark here

-Hahahahahaha, we really went in, but don't worry about it, me and Ryu have already solved everything, so there's no need... (Souta)Bookmark here

-I'm not talking about that! (?)Bookmark here

-Huh? (Souta)Bookmark here

-You! Let me see your license! (?)Bookmark here

-Ugh! (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-What is she talking about Ryu? (Souta)Bookmark here

-My lawyer's license. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Shit! (Souta)Bookmark here

I had completely forgotten about that part.Bookmark here

-Then? (?)Bookmark here

-I don't have it! What are you waiting for me to show you, my underwear? (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Frankly, in addition to pretending to be a lawyer in a highly respected court, you guys came in wearing such garb. You know that what you did was a very serious offense, right? (?)Bookmark here

-Yes, we know. (Souta)Bookmark here

-But despite all this I'm willing to forgive you. (?)Bookmark here

-Ohhhh, that's really great to hear, now let's go away Souta I'm shitty hungry. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-However, there is a small condition for me to spare you. (?)Bookmark here

I knew she was hiding something, it doesn't make sense to start saying all that and forgive us out of the blue.Bookmark here

-What's the condition? (Souta)Bookmark here

-You'll have to work for me. (?)Bookmark here

-Not worth. (Souta and Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Which? Have you ever heard what I've been talking about all this time? (?)Bookmark here

-You didn't like it, sue us then! (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-We heard, but why would we accept to become your slaves? In the end you can still report us. (Souta)Bookmark here

-I won't do that! Besides, when I said work, I meant about the jurisdiction itself, with a formal contract and all that. (?)Bookmark here

-You mean you have a business? (Souta)Bookmark here

-Yes! I saw what you two did here today, I can't let you go without trying to recruit you. (?)Bookmark here

-Hey Souta! Let's just let her talk there alone, I'm really going to die if I don't eat something. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

So she saw us at the trial and is looking to hire us for what we did at it.Bookmark here

-That really sounds weird. But first of all, who are you? You come with these chats without even telling us your name. (Souta)Bookmark here

-Let's go home soon, Souta. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Forgive me, that was really rude of me. I was so excited trying to recruit them that I even forgot to introduce myself. (?)Bookmark here

She said she was elated because of us. Hehehehehehe. Unlike Ryu who has shit in his head, I don't mind wasting my time talking and looking at this beauty. A situation like this only happens once in a man's life and look there.Bookmark here

-I'm Akemi Fumiko! (Akemi)Bookmark here

-Akemi? Where have I ever heard that name... wait! By chance this Akemi is... (Souta)Bookmark here

-Exactly. I am the director of my own world-renowned firm, the Akemi law firm. (Akemi)Bookmark here

-Ahhhhhhhhh, I don't believe it. (Souta)Bookmark here

-If she is recognized worldwide why don't I know her? (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-YOU FOOL! Take that finger out of your nose. I'm sorry Miss Akemi for his carefree behavior. (Souta)Bookmark here

-What are you doing Souta? That slap hurt like hell. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Have you really never heard of the Akemi corporation? (Souta)Bookmark here

-Ahhhhhh! That Akemi. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Did you remember? (Souta)Bookmark here

-Not. I have no idea what it is, is it a food company? (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-MORON! It's not a food company, she just mentioned law in the name, stop trying to get the mad. This company is simply the largest law firm in Japan, they say that only the cream of the cream are called to work in this firm. (Souta)Bookmark here

-If this is really true, why were we called? (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Cough cough. (Akemi)Bookmark here

-Ahhhhh! Sorry for whispering to my friend and leaving you out of the conversation. (Souta)Bookmark here

-No, actually I heard everything, you really weren't whispering, that's why I would like to answer the last question. (Akemi)Bookmark here

-About why you want to hire us? (Souta)Bookmark here

-Yes, to tell you the truth, when I saw the trial and the evidence presented in the report I already knew it was a lost case, that you would be accused of murder no matter what they did. However in the end when the trial was about to close and I was about to leave. (Akemi)Bookmark here

“-OBJECTION! (RYUSAKI)"Bookmark here

-That's when you said those words, everyone in the jury, including me, we thought it was just a cry of despair, but then you started to present evidence one after the other. Trials are often boring and dull, after all they are always rigid and based on very complex laws, but for some reason in that trial, my heart... it was beating so fast, I was just acting as a spectator, however, I managed. feel the heat of emotion from above. I had never felt this in my entire life. It was at that time that I realized the promising future you would have if you worked in this area, I knew I couldn't let you go without bringing you into this world. (Akemi)Bookmark here

So she was impressed with Ryu's skills, so she's looking to take us to her company.Bookmark here

-What do you think? I'm sure it's not a bad deal for you, after all I pay well and many would kill to have the opportunity you are having to work with me. It's not a bad deal. So what will the answer be? (Akemi)Bookmark here

-Nor. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

Well I already expected it.Bookmark here

-But... but... (Akemi)Bookmark here

-It was bad, but I don't think it will happen. When Ryu decides something he doesn't want to know anything else. Besides, we're still college students and we have classes, we can't go out and kill them to work. (Souta)Bookmark here

-What... I was dismissed... (Akemi)Bookmark here

-My bad. (Souta)Bookmark here

-Wait, please rethink it! (Akemi)Bookmark here

She desperately grabbed Ryusaki's leg.Bookmark here

-Ahhhhhhhhh! Don't touch me! (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

Why with me it's always a weird guy, but when it's hot does it have to happen to Ryu?Bookmark here

-Please I beg you, think about it. You don't have to accept it now, but someday. (Akemi)Bookmark here

She really is desperate to hire Ryu.Bookmark here

-Wait! What is that? (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

No, no, no, she's one of the biggest minds in Japan, it's impossible for her to fall for that...Bookmark here

-Where? (Akemi)Bookmark here

SHE FELL DOWN!Bookmark here

-I'm not seeing anything. (Akemi)Bookmark here

When she looks forward again, Ryusaki has already left with Souta.Bookmark here

After a long walk, Ryu and Souta finally arrive at Souta's house, where their mother is patiently waiting for their return.Bookmark here

-Son... (Yoko)Bookmark here

Souta after hearing these words just smiles and poses with his fist to her. Seeing this scene, his mother kneels and begins to cry with happiness.Bookmark here

-That's good, that's good. (Yoko)Bookmark here

All the weight of worry that her mother carried had finally gone away, giving way to the tranquility that now inhabited her emotional face.Bookmark here

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