Chapter 1:

Quest 0: Prologue

Souls of Legends: Online

   The hall where we were traveling through was long and large that there wasn’t any light coming in due to the lack of torches around us. The hall looked like we entered another realm inside the game. We were lucky since we had someone with magical support in which she used light magic as a source of light for us. Just as we were getting closer to the boss room, we were started to notice that there were more torches around us lighting the place that we got on guard in case, mobs started to spawn.

   They were all orcs. I guess this meant that the boss would be an orc too. With our weapons out, swords started clashing, a few of low level spells were summoned to take out or at least lower the orcs’ HP. I didn’t knew how this would go for us since we were a small party of four players.


   “Eiko, behind you!” As I screamed as I dashed to protect her from the orc that was behind her ready to attack her. “Uh?...Ah!!” As she realized, she quickly kicks the one in front of her away from her and moved to the one behind her. The orcs, a barbaric humanoid race with their skin typically a shade of green, grey, black, brown, or sometimes red or sandy tan. Orcs are generally ugly and filthy, with prominent fangs and facial features tending toward a mixture of the ape-like and pig-like. As her swords and the orc's axe clashed, she did a parry and send him back. With her out of the orc’s eyesight I was able to swoop in and take him out with a special attack. "Thanks" Eiko said after the last two orcs taken down.

" Is that all of them?" After I spoke, fifteen more orcs started to appear near us, five of them were sergeants which were stronger than the normal ones we see.

“Ha-ha, great; more of them, hey Merlyn can you use a spell on them?”

“Ok, but you have to get them away from us”

   “Ok” I said with a thumb up in my hand. “HEY, OVER HERE” I said to the orcs as soon I started running away from the others getting the attention of all the orcs. Being away from a distance Merlyn screamed to me saying “That’s great”

“[Great Lightning Fall]”  After she said called out this spell, thousand of lightning bolts started to appear around the orcs and me.

   “Oh shit, [Protect]” I called out this fast to survive from this spell's damage. [Protect], a basic defense skill that everyone gets since they start. at the call of this skill, it creates a shield around the player to protect him. The strength of this skill mostly depends on the class the player has. For example, for a paladin class player, the shield is more stronger and bigger which it would be helpful to protect the other party members. As for me, it held enough to protect me from my sister’s spell. 

“Kazuma, are you okay?” Eiko screamed at me with a worried face

“Yeah” I responded to them coming at them while seeing them with a smile in their faces. “Awesome, I believe that's all of them; ok, upfront is the door to the boss”

   After we opened the door, the room was dark that we couldn’t see anything not even the boss itself. We were a party of four; it had me Kazuma, a male level five player came back after being suspended and I play the role as tank, Eiko, a female notable level four female player with her role here is damage dealer, Merlyn, a female level eight player who also happens to be my older sister who helps us on magical support, and finally Aquila, a female level three player who is also a transfer student from England that is our healer, she also my childhood friend of mine. 

   After we all entered the room, the room started to light up and the doors started to close. We were able to see a silhouette of him while we were at the door. He was an orc same as the ones that we recently encountered, but he was two times bigger than the regular orc. This one had more armor than the last ones since it was a general class. The class system for the orcs are based on the feudal system having the chief class on top and strongest.

"Welcome" He spoke to us with a rough menacing voice.