Chapter 6:

The admiration of a botanist

Little green apocalypse


He succeeded where I failed.

… I want to know

“How did you loo it?”



… I want to die.


“Nobody will die here.”

“We’re going to do it, Hiko.”


“… How did you do it?”

I can’t watch him.

I don’t understand.

Why are you watching me?!

“… Isn’t that normal to watch somebody you’re talking with?”

“Ah… Yes.”

I don’t know how I should think.



“Stop reading my mind.”

“But I don’t know how did I do this…”

“You managed to cure me. You should be able to do that too!”

“Ah… Yes, maybe.”

“Eh! You told me not to look away when talking to each other.”

“Yes… Sorry.”




“Tell me… how you did…”

My thinking doesn’t reflect my speech anymore.

Somethings wrong with me.

“… I do as you told me. I’ve concentrated my power, I think.”

“What do you mean ‘I think’? You certainly have the ability to be able to transform everyone back. You know how you did it, right?!”

“Yes… But I think the bathroom is not the best place to talk about this.”


“Ah! Got it, got it… Stop pushing me!”

“I took the opportunity to wash your clothes.”

“I thought this was a good timing… Since you were in pain.”

“Don’t take it wrong.”



Tell me you took the card.




“The only lead we had…”

“It just went back to normal paper…”

The worst day of my life, second part.

No, that’s not the best title.

It would better like this:

“I decided to travel the world, I escaped death twice and now I don’t know where to go, so I decide to listen to my friend talk to me as I metaphor about my life.”

Not that I didn’t actually know…

But what I’m doing…

I want to go home…

Go home.

He knew my mother.

There must necessarily have papers in my mom’s office.

My initial goal still to save the world.

But… I still should have rummaged through her stuff.

… At least now, I know where we will go on our next trip.

If only I know when we are…

“So… No need to explain what’s next.”

Since you’re already reading my mind.

“Haha, sorry.”

“No need to apologize.”

“It’s my fault if these things happen to you.”

“And, I beg you, don’t say otherwise and don’t apologize.”

“I’m responsible for everything that has happened in the past few days. My actions and my words have had an impact on you. I’m truly sorry.”

“But I need to know, how did you do this?”

“I need every detail, it’s crucial. This is what will allow us to move forward and maybe even be able to treat everyone.”

“But I told you… I just focused…”


“I did the same for your brother, it didn’t work.”

“Show me. Do it in front of me.”

“Try on…”

“This ivy on the terrace.”

I’m going to focused too.

“Go ahead.”


It’s not that.

“You didn’t do it like that.”

“You absorbed some of his contamination and some of his energy.”

“When you did it on me, you just took all the contamination.”

“You even give me some energy!”

What’s the difference?

Plants are organisms, as are humans.

There is no reason for this to change.

“Do it on me.”


“Do it on me.”

Maybe my judgement is wrong.

“But, I…”


“I swear, do it.”

“Don’t worry about me, my energy doesn’t matter.”

“… You don’t understand.”

… Eh?

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I can’t…”

“I absolutely mustn’t…”

I understand.



It’s hard for me to explain.


It’s what’s retains a part of your power.

That and you own will.

“So, you can do it.”

“You just have to… Imagine I’m this ivy.”

Close your eyes.

And hear my thought.


I can feel you, Hiko.

I trust you.


You’re truly a hero, Hiko.

Sorry but…

I can’t stop my body.

You deserve this…

Let me take you in my arms.

You did a good job, Hiko.