Chapter 5:


Little green apocalypse


Why… is my body so hot…?


It’s not going well at all.

No light…

… I mustn’t panic…

My thoughts will alert Hiko…
It’s late… I don’t want to wake him up…

… I have to go to the bathroom.

I still can’t use my body’s left part.

It’s not normal.

Something is preventing my nervous system from working properly.

I have to drag myself on a wall to gain support…

I’m in really bad shape…
… I risk being disabled for life.

I could use some herbs to cure this.

I think…
… But I don’t have that kind with me.

For now, I must already reach this bathroom.

He said…

… Where was it, already?

When did he tell me that?

My thoughts… are messy.
It had to be there…. I think.

Yes, on the left.



… Before that, I’ll close the door.

… How do I turn this on?

Ah... What a joy, being able to feel water on his body.

I revive.
… But I would like to feel It on my other part as well.
Am I possessed by something?
Did someone take half of the use of my body?
…. No, no, no, no.
That’s impossible.

I don’t like this.
Too many unknowns have popped up when I can’t take care of them.

Lean’s card…

Hiko’s behavior…
…. His ability.

And… my paralysis.

It’s the latter that worries me the most right now.
I feel different since I jumped.

Did I use too much energy?

No, it should have come back with some time.

Even the experiments I did in the garden, I recovered in less than eight hours.

… Is something preventing my regeneration?

Yes… It’s like this time with Lean.

Me too, I think I’m transforming into an hypno-plant.

… It’s a miracle I’m alive, isn’t it?

I still didn’t realize what happened at this point.
I came back from the dead.

I was dead.

… My body shouldn’t have been able to take that much.

My heart was pierced.


Yet, it beats under my right hand.

… I’ll worry about that later.

I have to figure how to fix this.

It’s not Hiko who’s going to help me.

*Gulp Gulp*

Never enough water for this body.

My clothes.
Where did I leave them?
I was…

I was in the shower.

So, they must be here.

Why do my thoughts get tangled up…?


What’s going on…?

That’s strange…

There’s something really weird about my body.


… No.

Absolutely not.

Absolutely not?

Why that?

Why have my thoughts suddenly become so illogical?

I’m lost.

It annoys me.

Nothing is going the way it should be.
I need my body to continue doing my duty, find my mother and protect Hiko.

Hiko. Hiko. Hiko. Always Hiko. I must stop thinking about him.

Ah! My clothes are here.

“Uh… Is everything okay here?”



Don’t come in!

Why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why?

Someone helps me… I don’t know what to do.

“I can help you if…- “

Don’t come in!

I don’t want… You can’t!

I need…

I’ve got to…

Wait two minutes. Please.

I couldn’t put my clothes on properly…

Covering myself with towels will do the trick.

… Come in.

“… Hey.”


Stop looking at me like that.

… It annoys me.


Sit down in front of me.

I want to check if you’re the reason of my actual state.

*Take a deep breath*

Don’t move.


So, it’s really…

It’s not by looking at the ground that will help me find the solution.


This disease, the reason for transformation into hypno-plant.

It’s this one.

My regeneration system is blocked by this.

… It must have happened when I was stabbed by the plant.

This is also why I struggled to grow her.

… Although my power was also weakened.

In that case, if that’s really it…

It’s hopeless.

I failed to remove it… From your brother.

Or rather… I succeeded but he died.
If I do the same, I will die for sure.


It was a good dream.

I shouldn’t give up on him.

I have no reason to give it up.
But… I’m heading towards death.

I will protect you Hiko, until my time is up.

When i…

Do what you want.

You don’t owe me anything.

You shouldn’t be here.
There’re surely others survivors hiding somewhere.

You should go find them. You are quite resourceful…


Don’t be stubborn, fool!

“I won’t leave you. I’ll find a way.”

I couldn’t find any way, neither you’ll do!
I won’t have time to find it. Save your life while there is still time.


What are you doing?!

… No, stop…
Don’t steal it…

My heart…

“I will make it… I will remove the corruption in you.”

No! Don’t do that. You don’t know anything about your power!
What if something bad happens? I couldn’t save you!

“… I have to concentrate.”

“Not like this time.”

“I won’t take your energy. I can do it.”

“I’ll do it, Lyre!”

“I promise you.”

When you want to…

You can be…



This thought has been running in my brain for some time.

This time the ivy withered away.

It wasn’t me.

It was him.