Chapter 10:

Random Encounter

Re: Genesis

The entrance of the school was buzzing with noise as students exited and entered the school. Carriages were lined up in front of the school waiting to pick up students just as the man said. The carriages on the right side of the entrance had family crests on them. The ones on the left had the school crest on it. Bookmark here

Every student's attention focused on Deveon as he approached the entrance. Bookmark here

“The runt is running away.”Bookmark here

“Why wouldn’t he? This is a great opportunity to escape since Hercul left for a job.”Bookmark here

“The clown must've realized the immensity between heaven and earth.”Bookmark here

“I didn’t realize crap. I would kill you guys if I had the ability or wasn’t preoccupied with Saul.” Deveon held a composed face on the outside and pretended to not hear anything the students were saying.Bookmark here

Deveon exited the school and approached one of the carriages lined up. The man driving the carriage looked at Deveon with a polite smile.Bookmark here

“Does the young master wish to request my services?” The coachman made a slight bow from his seat. Bookmark here

“Can you take me to Goshen?” Deveon responded indifferently.Bookmark here

“Of course, young lord. That task is of no difficulty. It will roughly take a day's worth of travel to reach there by horse.”Bookmark here

“I chose Goshen because it was the closest village to the school. I don’t have time to waste on traveling, I have to get strong as quickly as possible. Drednogs will be able to reach Goshen in an hour or two. Those creatures are formidable when compared to normal animals.” Bookmark here

Deveon climbed into the carriage “Thank you. I already registered my name at the office, the school knows I’m leaving. Can we set off now?”Bookmark here

The coachman bowed at Deveon then snapped at the reins to get the horses going.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Deveon didn’t try to start a conversation with the coachman throughout the ride. He spent the whole ride in silence deep in his thoughts. Bookmark here

The coachman took note of the heavy atmosphere around Deveon. He tried to speak up then decided against it. “The young man seems to be carrying a heavy burden on him. His manner of speech is too mature for his age and though his childish face may cover it up there is a dangerous malice hidden in his eyes. What has this young lad experienced for him to grow at such a rate?”Bookmark here

Deveon finally reached Goshen after traveling for twenty-four-hours. The town was a resting stop for travelers so it had numerous taverns as well as traders eagerly looking to sell merchandise. The town was slightly smaller than Norian and bustling with activity. There was a large forest a few hours from Goshen so many students from Norian took jobs in the forest and used the town as a camp. Bookmark here

Deveon got off the carriage and thanked the coachman for his help. The man bowed in response to Deveon’s thanks. He stared at Deveon’s back as Deveon walked away before finally calling him. Deveon stopped and faced the man.Bookmark here

“Young master, you should let go of the burden in your heart. A young boy like you should just enjoy your youth.”Bookmark here

Deveon lightly snorted and walked off.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Deveon was currently sitting at a table inside a tavern alone. All the other tables around him were empty because everyone left the area when he entered. A waitress approached Deveon holding a platter that had a cup filled with ale on top. The waitress was quivering when she stopped in front of Deveon. Bookmark here

“H-h-h-here’s your ale my lord.” Bookmark here

The waitress put Deveon’s drink on the table and bowed. “May I leave now?” Deveon, too bothered to speak, just waved his hand. The waitress quickly left after being given permission.Bookmark here

Deveon was deep in thought since yesterday. He hasn’t bothered himself with any of the people around him. Deveon’s usual bright attitude had shifted too a somber, joyless one.Bookmark here

“Killing the animals who took my life away from me may be impossible. No matter how hard I think, I can’t figure out a way to learn magic. I said I would start by learning haki but no matter how hard I think I can’t figure out how I’m gonna do that. I don’t even know what haki is. Will I have to give up my revenge?” Deveon attitude was downcast.Bookmark here

The death of the Gestas members flashed across Deveons face and his cup suddenly broke under his grip. The sound shocked Deveon out of his thoughts. Deveon stared at his right hand in a Daze. Deveon usually felt a surge of energy course through him anytime he exhibited strength above that of children his age but this was the first time this amount of power was released from him.Bookmark here

Everyone in the tavern quaked in fear in response to Deveon’s abrupt action. The waitress that served Deveon earlier and the Tarven owner immediately rushed over when Deveon crushed his cup. They both kneeled on the ground and slammed their head into the floor.Bookmark here

“My lord, I apologize if I have displeased you in any way. Please give me a chance to make up for my misconduct!.” The waitress was shivering in fear and wore a terrified expression.Bookmark here

“My lord, I apologize if anything wasn’t to your liking but this lowly one doesn’t have the capabilities to meet your standards. I beg for your forgiveness!” Though he was much older than the waitress the tavern owner wasn’t faring any better.Bookmark here

Deveon stared at the two kneeling on the floor like he was watching an obscure clown performance. “What are these two doing?”Bookmark here

Deveon left money on the table and got up. “Thank you for your service. I left money for the damage I caused too.”Bookmark here

The tavern owner suddenly picked his head off the floor and frighteningly yelled, “No my lord. How can I make you pay me?!!Please accept the humble hospitality I attempted to serve you.”Bookmark here

Deveon gave the tavern owner a sharp stare. “Eon always told me I should never be in debt to anyone. But if they are willingly feeding me for free I don’t see a problem with accepting their hospitality. Being a tavern owner, this man has definitely met plenty of people, I thought that he would be someone I had to watch myself around.”Bookmark here

Deveon took his money off the table and walked out the store. Every person he walked by held their breath as he passed. The tavern owner and waitress remained kneeling on the floor till Deveon left.Bookmark here

Deveon sunk deep into his thoughts once more after leaving the tavern. “I guess I should go buy equipment next. But what after that? I’ll figure that out after I buy what I need.” Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Deveon walked out an armory with two knives strapped to his left and right thigh. “What’s with that man? Why do I have to be the one insisting so much to give you money for your product? Was he planning to hold me accountable for taking them for free?” Bookmark here

The irritated look on Deveons face was replaced with helplessness. “Just having weapons isn’t enough for me to defeat the students at Norian and facing Saul like this would just get me killed. What should I do next? I’m sorry Eon, I have no idea what to do.” Bookmark here

Deveon started reminiscing his memories with Eon.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Deveon was laying on the floor heaving while drenched in sweat. Eon was standing in front of Deveon with a stern face while his arms were crossed. Bookmark here

“Eon, I can’t do this. This is too difficult, I give up.”Bookmark here

“Sit up boy.” Eon had a calm even tone, the expression on his face didn’t change.Bookmark here

Deveon lazily sat up and stared at Eon in the face..Bookmark here

“Deveon, everyone reached roadblocks in life. No one has completely lived their life without one struggle. The more you struggle the more success is waiting for you at the end of the road. If you ever feel like there is no way forward just take a step back and reinforce your strengths. It will help you regain confidence and you may possibly find the answer for your current dilemma by doing that.”Bookmark here

“I see. In that case I will go all the way back to step one by practicing to identify the different plant life in this forest.” Deveon flashed a big grin at Eon.Bookmark here

Eon’s temple started twitching and he smacked Deveon on the head. “Who do you think you’re tryna fool? That's child's play for you. You're just trying to get out of training.” Deveon looked at Eon as if he wanted to say something. “Say something stupid again and I’l make you regret the sensation of feeling during this training session.” Bookmark here

Deveon’s face immediately paled and he jumped off the ground and took his fighting stance. “I’m suddenly feeling motivated again, let us immediately get back to my training.”Bookmark here

“Damn right:” Eon grunted. Eon's face softened up while watching Deveon shadow box.Bookmark here

“Deveon. You're a bright child and someone I put all of my trust in. In the future you are surely to face a multitude of challenges, but if you remain calm there will be no challenge in this world you can’t overcome. If you ever truly feel completely helpless, remember that I believe in you. No matter how difficult the situation you’re in is, I'll never be disappointed as long as you give it the best.”Bookmark here

Deveon looked at Eon with a confused expression. “Sure whatever.”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Deveon chuckled dryly after remembering Eon's lesson. “When I looked at the map there was a large forest about an hour or two from here, guess I’ll go there to practice my knife skills and clear my head. Now that I think about it, some of Eon’s lessons sound like they were preparing me for this moment. What was all that for? Was he not training me to take over the Gestas but rather to learn to live on my own? Or possibly in case the Gestas vanished. Some of those teachings did seem out of place for a bandit like me.”Bookmark here

While Deveon was thinking, Saul's speech about Deveon being Eon’s preserved hope flashed across his mind. Bookmark here

“There’s no time to be thinking about this now.”Bookmark here

Deveon immediately traveled to Goshen's forest. Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Luckily on his way to the forest Deveon ran into a group of hunters and they hurriedly offered him a ride. Deveon spent the whole journey in silence deep in his thoughts. None of the hunters dared to disturb him during the journey. Devon was able to reach the forest in two hours due to the Hunters offering to take him. When he got to the forest he separated from the hunters. Deveon traveled deeper into the forest and started practicing with his blades. He spent minutes relentlessly swinging and running the different drills. Deveon became drenched in sweat and minutes turned into hours. Midday came and Deveon stopped practicing, he seated himself on the floor to take a breather. Bookmark here

“I need a drink. I have to travel deeper into the forest to find a water source. That may not be safe though. There are definitely plenty of ferocious beasts here. I keep hearing loud roars deep in the forest.” Deveon chuckled at his cautiousness. “Eon did tell me to always proceed carefully but I’ve been hunting animals since I was five. There’s nothing in this forest I have to be overly wary about.”Bookmark here

Deveon got up and started traveling deeper into the forest. He used the clues around him to guide him towards a stream, he also noticed traces of a large animal passing through the area recently so he started moving forward carefully and putting thought into each action he took. Deveon eventually found a stream, he knelt on the floor to take a drink from the stream and immediately halted in his action. Deveon saw a large animal that looked like a bear with tusks on all four of its limbs staring at him. Bookmark here

He placed his hand on the knife strapped to his thighs and slowly got up. Bookmark here

“I’ve seen that animal only once. Eon made me run back to camp and fought it on his own. From him to make me leave his side while fighting must mean that the creature is extremely dangerous. Should I try to leave, no. This is the perfect chance for me to sharpen my skills.”Bookmark here

Deveon drew his knife and the animal immediately charged at him.Bookmark here

Deveon dogged to the left, evading the animal's attack. He diagonally slashed upward the same time he dodged the animal’s attack but his blade snapped upon coming in contact with the animal's fur.Bookmark here

“#@*$”Bookmark here

The strike Deveon evaded from the animal cracked the floor where he was standing a moment ago. The impact generated so much wind it sent Deveon flying five feet. He lost grip on the blade he was holding in his other hand.Bookmark here

“What is this, my blade snapped?!? It’s worse than that time I fought that man during the raid.”Bookmark here

The animal stood up and let out an enraged roar. The animal was five feet tall. The animal swiped it’s paw at Deveon. Deveon felt a surge of energy coursing through his legs and he instantly dogged the animal's attack.Bookmark here

BOOM. The ground where Deveon was cracked under the pressure of the animal's paw. Bookmark here

“If I get hit by that once I’m dead.” Deveon's face contorted in reactions to the creatures strength.Bookmark here

Deveon got up and tried to run but the animals instantly got on all fours and charged at Deveon.Bookmark here

“What!!??! I can’t outrun it. What the hell is this creature??”Bookmark here

Deveon doged to the side right before the creature was able to impale him with its tusks. The animal's tusks lightly grazed Deveon ribs, opening a shallow wound. The animal slammed into a large tree getting its tusk stuck into it. Bookmark here

“My chance.” Deveon got up and removed the third blade from its strap. He attempted to stab the creature in the eye but it shook its head and immediately broke free from the tree. Deveon’s attempt failed, he grazed the creature across it’s right eye with his blade but got knocked back from the creature's radical movements as it broke free from its predicament. The creature got up onto its legs and let out a ferocious roar. It immediately sent a strike at Deveon. Devon tried to get up but immediately fell back down. His own blood drenched the side of his clothing.Bookmark here

“$@!%, this is how it ends?”Bookmark here

“Watch out.”Bookmark here

A female suddenly jumped between Deveon and the bear. She had brown braided twin tails and wore simple clothing. She looked a few inches taller than Deveon from the back. She deflected the bear's claws with a knife then reset herself, taking up a defensive stance.Bookmark here

__________________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

I don’t really have many readers so I don’t know who exactly I’m saying this to but I would still like to apologize for my lack of content recently and explain myself. Recently I had to travel to Africa for family reasons so that ate into a lot of my time, in addition to that when I got here I couldn't get access to the internet for a while. I haven’t been able to upload any chapters for a while due to these issues. On top of that this is my first time writing a web novel, which I’m pretty sure has been made apparent through my current work, so I’m kind of slow when it comes to writing; I’m still giving it my best though. I doubt there is but if there is anyone who has constantly been reading my work firstly I don’t know how you’re able to put up with my amature writing secondly I want to personally thank you for reading my work up till this point and I promise you I’ll get better as time goes onward. I think I’ll be able to post normally now and I have a lot in store for this story. Thank y'all for reading this chapter.Bookmark here

Re: Genesis

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