Chapter 27:

Just looking after them!

Having Trouble Coming up With a Decent Story

“‘Takayama-san, you’re so beautiful!’, ‘Takayama-san, you’re so good at sports!’, ‘You’re such a nice person Takayama-san!’ those toadies get in my nerves!” Hayami Takayama smacked her own head, “They’re such a pain in the ass!” it was one of the times in which she managed to get away from the crowd that mobbed her (her usual tactic was to feign a stomachache and then jump one of the bathroom windows) “I just feel bad for leaving Etsuko alone in the bathroom all this time.”Bookmark here

“It’s alright! You have to get some fresh air by yourself.” Etsuko soothed Hayami, “I’ll be fine in the bathroom.” she then picked something from her bra and showed it to Hayami: “I have my phone, after all, I can just do that while I’m waiting for you.”Bookmark here

“You know that if you say it in this way people might get the wrong idea, right?” Hayami already had half of her body out of the window.Bookmark here

“I know! I know! But it’s not time to talk about it yet!”Bookmark here

“Okay, do whatever you want.” and with that, the girl escaped the bathroom once again. Bookmark here

“Maybe it just can’t be helped.” Hayami thought while walking through the corridors, “I just can take that ‘WOW! So you also have stomachaches??! That’s so cool!’, ‘Hey guys, Takami-sama has stomachaches as well! Just like us!’, ‘Oh! But I bet she’s the best of having it!’ seriously, what in the fudge does that mean?” Bookmark here

The girl continued to walk through the school, managing to dodge and avoid all the lemmings of the place, and making her way to the first floor, “I had my fair share of smiles and ‘No you’re the cutest!’, ‘No, you are the best!’, ‘No, you have better stomachaches!’ for today.” (indeed her face was already aching from so many smiles, so she constantly touched her cheeks to prevent them from stretching any more times). On the first floor, she left the main school building and passed around it, going to its back, so that she could verify something…Bookmark here

“Koshiro idiot!” a small girl was yelling at a boy.Bookmark here

“So, they are here again.” Hayami was hiding while observing the two. The first time she had seen them eating there she was looking from a window on the second floor, but from there she could be easily seen by others, so now, she decided to watch them from the first floor, which was a place with a surprising and suspicious lack of students. “I’m here just because I’m worried about Kuma-chan and that little girl! That guy can’t be trusted!” Hayami wound up being the “Guardian Angel” of those two for several days. She would take every opportunity to look after the two from afar, even when they went to the roof looking for the boy.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

“I just talked to Katayama-Sensei.” Hayami pulled Etsuko to the side when she arrived at the school gate, “About Sawada-san.”Bookmark here

“Oh, what did he say?”Bookmark here

“All I can say is that now I’m relying on Suto-Sensei.”Bookmark here

“Suto-Sensei?” Etsuko tilted her head.Bookmark here

“Yes. I told her to tell me if she finds anything.”Bookmark here

“Okay!” Etsuko gave Hayami a thumbs-up, “But, why are we hiding again?” she asked while the two settled on a bush.Bookmark here

“I’m pretty sure he’s up to something.” Hayami whispered to Etsuko while looking at the school gate through binoculars.Bookmark here

“Who?”Bookmark here

“Koike.”Bookmark here

“Koike…?” Etsuko tilted her head, “Up to what?”Bookmark here

“Something obscene, something depraved!”Bookmark here

“Hmm… I don’t think t…”Bookmark here

“Shhh! He’s coming!” Hayami started to peer, “Oh my god! Look at that Etsuko! He’s coming to school with Kuma-chan!”Bookmark here

“This might m…”Bookmark here

“What?! He’s coming with Sawada-san as well!”Bookmark here

“Sawada-san?” Etsuko picked the binoculars from Hayami, “Oh, that might be the case… but isn’t she avoiding him?”Bookmark here

“That’s it, I’m going to beat the shit out of him.” Hayami rolled up her sleeves and stood up.Bookmark here

“No! Hayamichi, wait!” Etsuko tried to stop her, but it was too late, suddenly a crowd formed around Hayami.Bookmark here

“Good morning Takayama-san!”Bookmark here

“Good morning Takami-sama!”Bookmark here

“You’re as beautiful as always!”Bookmark here

“We love you Takayama-san!”Bookmark here

"I brought the bread with banana I told you before!"Bookmark here

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!” Hayami smiled and started to greet them: “Oh! Hello guys!” “Good morning!” “Thank you! But you’re the cute one here!” “I love you all!” "I'll eat the bread right away!"Bookmark here

At the end of the day, she wasn’t able to give Koike what he deserved.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

It was Saturday, Hayami was on a train on her way to Etsuko’s house when she saw it, “Shit.” Koike was on the train as usual, but this time he wasn’t only keeping the cute black cat as a hostage, this time, a girl that seemed a little younger than Hayami herself was with the boy as well. “That’s bad.” she quickly picked his phone and typed to Etsuko:Bookmark here

Hayami: He’s here! And he made a new prey! Bookmark here

It didn’t take long for the reply:Bookmark here

Etsuko (replying to Hayami): What are you talking about?Bookmark here

Etsuko: BTW, you’re late!! Erity-chan is already here!Bookmark here

“Ugh. Doesn’t she see that something important is going on here?”Bookmark here

Hayami (replying to Etsuko): I’m already on my way, okay?Bookmark here

Hayami: I was talking about Koike, he’s here and he has a hostage besides the cute black cat!Bookmark here

Etsuko: Isn’t she Sawada-san?Bookmark here

Hayami; No, it’s a short girl with reddish hair and eyes.Bookmark here

Etsuko: Hmm...Bookmark here

Etsuko: Erity-chan is saying she might know her. Can you describe her a bit more?Bookmark here

“Don’t they know that describing characters is hard?” Hayami mentally complained, but glanced at the girl again and continued anyway:Bookmark here

Hayami: Her hair is braided on her right side and I have to hold back jumping on her to hug her.Bookmark here

Etsuko: Hey! No need to flatter me! I already love you Hayamichi!Bookmark here

Hayami; I wasn’t talking about you.Bookmark here

Etsuko: You sure?Bookmark here

Hayami: Yes, since when do you have a braid?Bookmark here

Instead of a reply by message Hayami received a photo, “Oh, Yasutake is braiding her hair right now.” Hayami got just a bit jealous, “I’m definitely not jealous, good for them.”Bookmark here

Hayami: It actually looks nice on you.Bookmark here

Etsuko: Thanks!Bookmark here

Etsuko: I’m sure it would look good on you too, Hayamichi!Bookmark here

Hayami: I’m not sure about that, but thanks.Bookmark here

Etsuko: Let’s try it when you arrive!Bookmark here

Hayami: I don't know. it wouldn't look goodBookmark here

Etsuko: Of course it would!Bookmark here

Hayami: Hmm...Bookmark here

Etsuko: C'mon!Bookmark here

Hayami: Hmm...Bookmark here

Etsuko: Pleeeeeease!Bookmark here

Hayami: Okay, whatever.Bookmark here

Etsuko: Nice!Bookmark here

Etsuko: What were we talking about?Bookmark here

Hayami: Hmm…Bookmark here

The girl looked around, when she spotted Koike and the mysterious girl, she promptly reminded Etsuko:Bookmark here

Hayami: About that Koike! And his hostages!Bookmark here

Etsuko: Oh, that’s right! Erity said she might know her, but she doesn’t remember who she is exactly ‘Are you sure she is not someone famous?’ is what she said.Bookmark here

Hayami: Yes, I’m sure.Bookmark here

Etsuko: Maybe a rented girl...Bookmark here

Hayami: Hey! Better to not text this!Bookmark here

Etsuko: Why?Bookmark here

Hayami: We never know when we can get copyrightedBookmark here

Hayami: Besides, I’m sure she’s not one.Bookmark here

Etsuko: Hmm...Bookmark here

Etsuko: You sure?Bookmark here

Hayami: Yes!Bookmark here

Etsuko: Hmm...Bookmark here

Etsuko: Can you call us?Bookmark here

Hayami: No, what if they hear us?Bookmark here

Etsuko: Oh, that’s right. So can you take a picture?Bookmark here

Hayami: I’ll try.Bookmark here

Hayami opened the camera and tried to point it at the girl, but she froze with what she witnessed:Bookmark here

“Don’t worry princess, we’re almost there.” Koike said to the girl.Bookmark here

“Yes, master. I can’t wait to have tons of fun with you.” the girl replied as she reached for a bag between her legs. “With this.” she pulled a thing that almost made Hayami drop her phone: cat panties.Bookmark here

Hayami: She may be something worse than a rented… you know what.Bookmark here

Etsuko: What?Bookmark here

Hayami: Well… I just saw her showing him…Bookmark here

Hayami: Cat panties.Bookmark here

Etsuko: CAT PANTIES??!Bookmark here

Hayami: Yes.Bookmark here

Hayami: With… Bookmark here

Hayami: Strategic openings…Bookmark here

Hayami took her eyes off of the phone and observed Koike and “Princess” again:Bookmark here

“...take care when you use it.” Koike advised the girl.Bookmark here

“Okay, master.” Princess replied.Bookmark here

“Anyway, so we’ll find Nobu in the shopping district, right?”Bookmark here

“Yes!”Bookmark here

“Huh?” Hayami tilted her head with puzzlement “Are they going to meet other people??!” she then noticed something odd: a dreadful figure was approaching Koike and Princess stealthily. It looked like a man, he was wearing a hood covering his face, leaving only the gloomy gleaming of his glasses.Bookmark here

“Oh no! Oh no!” the cute black cat tried to call for help.Bookmark here

“Oh no!” Hayami was the only one attentive to the situation.Bookmark here

“Shhh.” the figure looked at Hayami and gave a terrifying grin.Bookmark here

“He’s going to do something to them?!” she had a desperate look on her face, “I might have to intervene…” the girl bit her lips, “Do I really want to help those two promiscuous? No… I’m sure Koike was the one to take the girl to this dark path… so I should help her!” with that, Hayami bolted forward, towards the man who was about to… pinch Koike’s nipples…?Bookmark here

Hayami held the man’s wrist in the nick of time. “Huh?” the man looked at her and his hood fell, revealing a handsome young man with wenge hair that was parted in the middle. “Is she your friend, Koshiro?” he asked the boy beside him.Bookmark here

“Hehe! So, you were planning a surprise attack??!”  ignoring the man, Koike singled on his nipples, “Take this!” and started trying ferociously to pinch them.Bookmark here

“What the fudge is he doing?” Hayami followed the onslaughts with her eyes.Bookmark here

“Thanks, Takayama-chan! Hehehehe...” Koike had a smile on his face while looking at the man, who was having trouble defending against his brutal attacks.Bookmark here

“Takayama-chan?”Bookmark here

“...I love you!” the boy uttered.Bookmark here

“Aaah?” Princess tilted her head and looked at Koike.Bookmark here

“Aaah?” the black cat stared at the boy from her carrier.Bookmark here

“Aaah?” the young man stopped defending.Bookmark here

“Aaah?” Koike’s smile vanished, and so did his attacks when he realized what he had voiced.Bookmark here

“Aaah?!” Hayami blushed and let go of the man’s wrist, “WHAT?”Bookmark here

“Thank you for that.” the young man shook his now free arm and took advantage of the situation: “It has been some time, brother!” he nipped, squeezed, pinched, compressed, grabbed, grasped… he did it all with all his mighty, and all to Koike’s nipples.Bookmark here

“AAAAAAAAARGH!” Koike yelled, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” then let a defeated growl, and finally perished, falling to his knees.Bookmark here

“Daichi-nii!!” Princess quickly jumped into the man’s arms, “Nyoko-chan congratulates you for your victory!”Bookmark here

“Oh! Thanks, Nyoko-chan!” the young man hugged her and smiled, “It has been a long time.”Bookmark here

“Nyoko-chan is happy you’re here now!” Princess left the man’s arms after some seconds.Bookmark here

“Hey Scar!” he crouched down and pet the cat,Bookmark here

“Hello, Daichi!” the cat appreciated it.Bookmark here

“Are you seriously going to greet your brother last?” Koike stood up.Bookmark here

“What are you talking about? You were the first to be greeted.” the young man looked at the boy, “Do you want me to remind you?”Bookmark here

“Hmm… no, thank you.”Bookmark here

“Besides, you didn’t even bother to send me a message while I was gone...”

“You said that you’d be back quickly!” Koike protested.Bookmark here

“...and I see that you’ve been busy.” the man turned to Hayami, “Is she your girlfriend or something?”Bookmark here

“Are you?” Scar turned to her as well, “Because I don’t think he could be with someone as beautiful as you. Damn girl!”Bookmark here

“Nyoko-chan wants to know as well!” Princess followed them.Bookmark here

“Of course not!” Koike exclaimed but stopped there.Bookmark here

“OF COURSE NOT! ME? WITH A PIECE OF SHIT LIKE HIM? DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.” is what she wanted to yell, but “No…” was the only thing she could murmur. Having a person say that he loves you is not an easy thing to recover from.Bookmark here

“Looks like you might have a shot.” the man looked at Koike, “But what is she, after all?”Bookmark here

“She is gone.” was Koike’s reply.Bookmark here

“Huh?” the young man looked to where the girl was. He then searched for her with his eyes until he found out that she had just bolted out of the train.Bookmark here

Hayami stopped and looked at the train she was in just a few moments ago, “What in the fudge was that?” she held her chest and panted. “Huh?” the girl realized that her phone was vibrating:Bookmark here

Etsuko (replying to Hayami): Strategic openings???! What do you mean?Bookmark here

Etsuko: Hayamichi, what do you mean?Bookmark here

Etsuko: Hayamichi...?Bookmark here

Etsuko: Hayamichi???!Bookmark here

Etsuko: Hayami Takayama, this isn’t funny!Bookmark here

Etsuko: Please, give me a sign of life! ;-;Bookmark here

Etsuko: I’ll tell your parents that you actually loved them…Bookmark here

“Ugh. Why does she have to be so dramatic?” Hayami frowned at the phone.Bookmark here

Hayami: I’m here, stop exaggerating.Bookmark here

Etsuko: Hayamichi! Is everything alright???!Bookmark here

Hayami remembered what happened at the train and blushed a bit.Bookmark here

Hayami: Of course! Why wouldn’t it be?Bookmark here

Etsuko: If everything is alright, then alright! Bookmark here

Etsuko: What happened over there?Bookmark here

Hayami: Just come meet me at the station, I’ll talk about it there.Bookmark here

Etsuko: Okay! But where are we going?Bookmark here

Hayami: To the shopping district.Bookmark here

Etsuko: Yeeeeah! I’m on my way!Bookmark here

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