Chapter 1:

It's not easy to exist

Existence Tax

 Once upon a time, there was a very poor country.

 Since there was no money to finance the country, the king was troubled and imposed a "existence tax" on all the people.

 At first, the people wondered if it was safe to tax existence itself, but since it was the king's idea, they reluctantly complied.

 The king was so pleased that he decided to raise the tax rate even higher.

 Of course, the king's pocket became even warmer and warmer.

 He got a taste for it, and day after day, he enjoyed sumptuous meals, good wine, and fun dances.

 In this way, only the king enjoyed himself, while the people's lives became increasingly difficult.

 One day, a group of angry people gathered and stormed the palace.

"It's ridiculous that only the king is getting a good deal while we are being taxed for our existence!"

    They shouted.

"I am the king. My life is great. My life is big, my existence is big. My life is big, my existence is big, and that's why I'm better off than anyone else. Isn't that obvious?"

 The king replied.

"Then you should be the one to pay the most taxes."

 Someone muttered.

"Don't be silly, I don't want to pay a cent."

 The king replied.

"That's tax evasion."

 The people began to rant and rave.

 The king was getting more and more pissed off, and was arguing with the people all the time.

 Then the minister came trotting in.

"Tax evasion is punishable by death, my king."

 And so the king's head was beheaded.

 The king no longer existed, and the country returned to normal.

 The End.

Existence Tax