Chapter 15:

Chapter 15


Monday 08/10 7:05.Bookmark here

Opening the door with everything in Akemi's room, Ryusaki and Souta arrives.Bookmark here

-IT´S SHOW TIME!! (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Ohhh you managed to get there early. (Akemi)Bookmark here

-Yes, at that time we would be at school so we were able to get up early. (Souta)Bookmark here

-And the class, decided to skip? (Akemi)Bookmark here

-Actually, classes were suspended for today. It seems like they hear an infestation of ticks from nowhere inside the rooms and they had to call the insecticide team there to get rid of them. That's why the area is quarantined until the effect wears off. (Souta)Bookmark here

-I see, but an invasion of ticks like that out of nowhere? (Akemi)Bookmark here

-Yes, it's really weird that happens... (Souta)Bookmark here

HUUUGHHHHHH!! (Akemi and Souta)Bookmark here

-Ryusaki what did you do? (Souta)Bookmark here

Souta looked with a frightening expression at Ryusaki making him scared.Bookmark here

-Hehehehehehehe. What are you talking about? It's not like I threw hundreds of ticks into classrooms just to cancel classes. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-SO IT WAS YOU!! (Souta)Bookmark here

-But... if I hadn't done that, you wouldn't have agreed to help us, even though we've certified, you wouldn't miss class. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Because I want to pass this s*** different from you! (Souta)Bookmark here

-Calm, calm. There's nothing we can do, better let it go and get on with our investigation.Bookmark here

-OK. (Souta)Bookmark here

-YEIIIIII!!! (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

In front of a necklace store for Akemi's car and the three of them come out.Bookmark here

-So this is the place that Yosuke gave us? (Souta)Bookmark here

-Yeah, looks like it's here. (Akemi)Bookmark here

-Ooshhh! Lets go in. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

Entering the store they see several luminous things and some cheap jewelry that didn't even have a shine.Bookmark here

-Good afternoon. Could I help them with anything? (clerk)Bookmark here

-We are detectives man, we would like to know what happened here! (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

Ryusaki shows his detective badge to the clerk.Bookmark here

-Sorry?... (attendant)Bookmark here

Akemi embarrassed shows hers to the attendant without Ryusaki noticing.Bookmark here

-Ahhh sure, this way please. (clerk)Bookmark here

-People really recognize a true vigilante when they see one. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Hey! Isn't it better to let him know his badge is fake? (Souta)Bookmark here

-I can not do it. (Akemi)Bookmark here

The attendant takes them to the camera rooms.Bookmark here

-This is footage from the day he robbed here. (clerk)Bookmark here

-He? Wasn't it a group? (Souta)Bookmark here

-It seems that the day was just one acting alone. (clerk)Bookmark here

On camera it showed a man without a mask entering the store, he was acting very suspiciously, he snuck up to the window and put his hands on the diamond, he was very happy that everything was working out until he looked up and realized that there was a camera filming him, in desperation he put the diamond back and ran out of the store. A while later a man with a bag on his head enters the store and goes to the diamond, he picks it up and runs away from the store.Bookmark here

-What poh* was that? (Souta)Bookmark here

-This is worrying... (Akemi)Bookmark here

-Yeah, really worrying. He was wearing a mask, so we have no way of finding out who he was. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-IDIOTAAAA!! (Souta, Akemi and attendant)Bookmark here

-I'm sorry to ask this, but... is he really with you? (clerk)Bookmark here

-Actually he's like our leader... (Souta)Bookmark here

- This is... incredibly disturbing. (clerk)Bookmark here

-But what about the stolen diamond? (Souta)Bookmark here

-Ahhhh, don't worry about it, it seems that the thief was just a novice in the group of “brilliants”, he didn't even know how to differentiate an original from a replica. What he took must have been worth about 5 reais. (clerk)Bookmark here

-I understand. (Souta)Bookmark here

After seeing the cameras, they left the store.Bookmark here

-Who are you calling? (Souta)Bookmark here

-I'll check something. (Akemi)Bookmark here

-I understand. (Souta)Bookmark here

-Hi! Can you check it out for me? I sent the data by message. Thank you, I will hang up now. Ready now just wait for him to send the files of what I asked for me. (Akemi)Bookmark here

-I know... (Souta)Bookmark here

-Wait a minute, where's Ryu? (Akemi)Bookmark here

-Huh? This is weird, where did he go? (Souta)Bookmark here


-AHHHHHHH!!!! (Souta and Akemi)Bookmark here

-Hey idiot what are you doing?! (Souta)Bookmark here

-I thought it would work like in the video. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-No, no, no. That definitely didn't work. (Souta)Bookmark here

-I'm sorry sir, it's our fault for taking our eyes off him for a second. (Akemi)Bookmark here

-HUNNFF! I'll forgive you, it looks like he was as dumb as the assailant that day and took a replica too by mistake. But next time this happens I will call the police. (clerk)Bookmark here

-Thanks. This will definitely not happen again. (Akemi)Bookmark here

-These young people... (attendant)Bookmark here

-Whew, I'm glad everything worked out. (Souta)Bookmark here

-Yes. What luck. (Akemi)Bookmark here

-Yes, how lucky for us that he didn't realize that I had stolen the original too. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

Ryusaki shows off the original diamond that glowed intensely, making Souta and Akemi's faces of relief turn into totally dead and lifeless faces.Bookmark here

-AHHHHHHHHHHH!! (Akemi and Souta)Bookmark here

-IDIOTAAAAAA! (Souta)Bookmark here

-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

Souta starts hanging Ryusaki out of anger.Bookmark here

-YOUR MER**! WE GO TO JAIL NOW. (Souta)Bookmark here

-UGHHHHHHAAA, I AM-TA... I CAN'T... CAN... (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

Souta releases Ryusaki.Bookmark here

-Buaaaaaaahhhhhh. Wow wow wow wow. What was that, why did you do it? (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-I'm asking this, why did you steal a DIAMOND?! (Souta)Bookmark here

-If we want to catch these bandits, we have to think like them. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

A message arrives on Akemi's cell phone.Bookmark here

-Looks like he discovered the location of the bandits by following the shop robber through the city cameras. (Akemi)Bookmark here

-He? Mr. Yosuke? It's really nice to have him as an ally. (Souta)Bookmark here

-Yes. (Akemi)Bookmark here

-I wish I could say that about a certain someone. (Souta)Bookmark here

-Hmmm? (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

Some time later Ryusaki and Souta were sneaking into a gap in the middle of two buildings, the place leaked wires and was quite dark, as the sunlight couldn't penetrate that place.Bookmark here

-Are you sure this is a good idea? (Souta)Bookmark here

-Relax, has one of my plans ever gone wrong? (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-You just tried to steal a diamond and got caught. (Souta)Bookmark here

-But I didn't get it? (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Ahhhhhh, why didn't Akemi come with us? (Souta)Bookmark here

-She better take care of other things while we solve this. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Hey, Ryu! I think that's it. (Souta)Bookmark here

-Yes, it can only be that door. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Are you sure about that? (Souta)Bookmark here

-Yes, we'll try to talk to them. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Trying to talk to who? (?)Bookmark here

Souta and Ryusaki turn around and see two very scary men staring at them.Bookmark here

-What are two children doing here in our territory? (scary 1)Bookmark here

-Actually, we came to make a deal. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-An agreement? (scary 2)Bookmark here

-Yes... a deal... tell them Ryu... talk about the deal. (Souta)Bookmark here

-Not! I won't talk until I see their leader, these two won't solve anything, I need to talk to the person in charge here! (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Hyyyyyyqqqq! What are you doing? Do you want to die? (Souta)Bookmark here

- What did you just say kid? (scary 1)Bookmark here

-Did you just say that we are nothing? (scary 2)Bookmark here

Ryusaki doesn't back down, he stares at the two without saying anything.Bookmark here

-Hmm! You have courage, we will show you the way, if you try to escape our friend who is waiting at the entrance, they will kill you, so I think it is good that you do not go back to what you are talking about. (scary 2)Bookmark here

-Impressive Ryu, even he was staring at you so close you didn't even move. (Souta)Bookmark here

-Souta... (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Hmmmm, did you say something? (Souta)Bookmark here

- Pinch me. I was so scared that my body just froze and I couldn't run away. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

Souta's face of pride turned to one of disappointment and he slapped his face in order to help Ryusaki die again.Bookmark here

-Ouch! (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

Inside the hideout, the two pass many people staring at them, until they reach a blonde woman, full of tattoos and piercings, who was sitting in an armchair.Bookmark here

-Boss! We brought in two guests who said they had business to talk to you. (scary 1)Bookmark here

She simply raises her left hand and swings it, it seems that it was a sign and he made the two men who were accompanying Ryusaki and Souta to move away from them.Bookmark here

-So... (chief of the bright bandits)Bookmark here

-My name is Ryusaki and I have an agreement to make with... (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-How daring your young woman, she barely knows me and is already asking my name. (boss)Bookmark here

-I'm sorry, but I just like to know the names of the people I talk to. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Crazy didn't even want to know our names. (scary 1)Bookmark here

-Miserable. (scary 2)Bookmark here

The boss is a little embarrassed.Bookmark here

-Hey Ryusaki! Just say the plan. (Souta)Bookmark here

-Yeah, I think it's better not to stall too much. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Not! You told me your name, so I'll say mine. (boss)Bookmark here

-Boss, you don't have to do this! (henchman)Bookmark here

-Shut up! I can do it, I've been running away all my life, but I'll finally say my name to a complete stranger like it's nothing. (boss)Bookmark here

-Boss... (henchmen)Bookmark here

She started sweating and getting redder and redder.Bookmark here

-...dy Pu... (boss)Bookmark here

-Hmmmm? I'm sorry I didn't hear. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Lady Pu... (boss)Bookmark here

-Is it just me or is she talking too low? (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-AHHHHHHHHH! MY NAME IS LADY PUFFY! (Lady Puffy)Bookmark here

-I see, so your name is Lady poof... BUAHAHAHAHAHAHH. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here


Ryusaki looks towards Souta.Bookmark here

-Lady Poof-puffy. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-YOU idiot, THAT'S NOT... BUAHAHAHAHAHAHA. (Souta)Bookmark here

Everyone in that room looked terrified at the two, while the leader looked like she had been hit by a surprise attack.Bookmark here


-But you also heard her name didn't you? (Ryusaki)Bookmark here


-Brother what are you doing? (scary 2)Bookmark here

-It was bad, but when I said the name in the middle of a sentence it seemed so lame. (scary 1)Bookmark here


It didn't take long for all the men in that place to be laughing along with Ryusaki and Souta.Bookmark here

-YES I KNOW! IT'S A TOTALLY SHAMEFUL AND IDIOT NAME! BUT WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT IT? IT DIDN'T CHOOSE IT, MY PARENTS CHOSE IT. It's not my fault... hiff... none of this... hiff... (Lady Puffy)Bookmark here

Puffy said this while trying to hold back the tears, however the shame was so much for having been humiliated even by his henchmen that the tears ran down her face. At that moment everyone who laughed broke inside, they realized that what they had done was something terrible, so they all knelt down.Bookmark here

-Forgive us! The name Lady Puffy is nothing shameful, it is an honorable and noble name. (all)Bookmark here

-Forget about it and let's get down to business. (Puffy)Bookmark here

-Yes, my lady Lady Puffy. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-DO NOT SPEAK THAT NAME! (Puffy)Bookmark here

-No, from now on I'll carry him with me. Whenever I am in danger I will remember the Honorable Lady Poof... (Ryusaki)Bookmark here


-Ryu, I think you'd better just tell soon. (Souta)Bookmark here

-OK. Very well, I just learned that you tried to steal the luxurious diamond from a jewelry store here in the area. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Not only do we try, we steal. Despite being just a rookie he performed the mission well. (Puffy)Bookmark here

-I hate to report this, but what he stole was just a copy. (Souta)Bookmark here

-Which?!! Newbie come here and bring the diamond with you. (Puffy)Bookmark here

-Yes ma'am. (noob)Bookmark here

She takes the diamond in her hand and watches it, until she drops it to the ground and steps on top of it, causing it to shatter into several pieces.Bookmark here

-Hunf, looks like it was fake. (Puffy)Bookmark here

-Hyyygggg! Forgive me leader. (noob)Bookmark here

-It's all right. (Puffy)Bookmark here

-Yes, because I stole the original. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

Ryu shows the diamond to everyone.Bookmark here

-Incredible. I thought you two were just two scared rats, but I see you guys have some skills. So what do you intend? (Puffy)Bookmark here

-I want information on who you have made an agreement with, as well as the details of the theft of the gold bars. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Unfortunately, we cannot pass on sensitive customer information or details of our plans. (Puffy)Bookmark here

-It is a pity. So it looks like you can never get your hands on that diamond. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

While Ryusaki threw the diamond up and took it, a henchman ended up taking it.Bookmark here

-What, this one? (scary 1)Bookmark here

-AHHHHHHH... (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

IDIOT... (Souta and Puffy)Bookmark here

Monday 10/08 11:30.Bookmark here

Inside Yosuke's company, Akemi and he discussed information about the case.Bookmark here

-So you didn't discover many things? (Yosuke)Bookmark here

-Yes, unfortunately the investigation is not going very well. (Akemi)Bookmark here

-Damn, you know that the trial happens tomorrow morning right? (Yosuke)Bookmark here

-Yes... but still I didn't get anything useful. (Akemi)Bookmark here

-You huh... (Yosuke)Bookmark here

-Excuse me. (Butler)Bookmark here

-I came as you asked. (Maki)Bookmark here

-Thanks. (Akemi)Bookmark here

-No need to thank. I came because it would help me, just for that. (Maki)Bookmark here

-I understand. (Akemi)Bookmark here

-Who is he? (Maki)Bookmark here

-This is the director of this company, a colleague of mine. (Akemi)Bookmark here

-Do not play with me. I bet it's a kid you called to make fun of me. (Maki)Bookmark here

-Huh damn! The only child here is you. (Yosuke)Bookmark here

-Hunf, I may be a child, but I already act as a respectable adult. (Maki)Bookmark here

-I know... (Yosuke)Bookmark here

-Let's leave this discussion aside and go to the questions. We don't have much time, we should enjoy every second. (Akemi)Bookmark here

-OK. You can start asking them. (Maki)Bookmark here

-Have you noticed anything strange happening around you lately? (Akemi)Bookmark here

-Nothing out of what you already know. The only strange thing was my meeting with Mr. Yamato, but the Baka-Ryu must have already informed you of this. (Maki)Bookmark here

Maki then realizes something. She looks around for something, but it doesn't seem to be found.Bookmark here

-Where are the two idiots? (Maki)Bookmark here

-The truth... is that Ryu set up a plan. I believe you've already heard of the "bright bandits". (Akemi)Bookmark here

-And what about them? (Maki)Bookmark here

-At this moment, Ryu and Souta are invading your database looking for data. (Akemi)Bookmark here


-Huh? And why not? (Akemi)Bookmark here

-You know very well what can happen to them if they are caught. Their lives would certainly be in danger, so it's completely impossible for a normal person to take that much risk just to help another get out of a complaint. (Maki)Bookmark here

-Yes, I agree... a normal person would never do any of that. I may have spent little time with them, but I think I understand them a little already. Souta is a person who has been wronged before and more than anyone else he knows how much people in front of this injustice want someone to come to their aid. As for Ryu... well... (Akemi)Bookmark here

-Let's say he just doesn't hit his head right. (Yosuke)Bookmark here

-Yes! He is definitely not a normal person. (Akemi)Bookmark here


-We can not. Not interfering was a direct order from Ryu. (Akemi)Bookmark here

-But... (Maki)Bookmark here

-Do not worry. I know how worried you are, but don't worry. I'm sure they're both completely fine right now. (Akemi)Bookmark here

-Hey Ryu! (Souta)Bookmark here

-Speech. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Why are we trapped inside a cell? (Souta)Bookmark here

-Hahahahahaaha. I was also thinking the same thing. How did we end up here? (Ryusaki)Bookmark here


-HAHAHAAHAHAHAHA. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Shut up! Don't make any noise I'm trying to sleep. (henchman)Bookmark here

-Tssk. And here I thought we could have a good conversation. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

-Too bad for you. (henchman)Bookmark here

-Hey! Answer me one thing. Where did the large amount of gold you stole go? Since I came in here I haven't seen her. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

True, this is strange, the stolen gold was nowhere.Bookmark here

-I do not know. (henchman)Bookmark here

-Ahhhhhh. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here

What is Ryu thinking. Surely he thought getting arrested was a possibility, he wouldn't come here without a backup plan.Bookmark here

-Well, there's nothing we can do then. Good night Souta. (Ryusaki)Bookmark here


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