Chapter 12:

A piece of truth

Scorpion Grasses or simply, Forget-me-nots

“Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.”— Lao-Tze

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“I need you to do something for me.” He says while working on a computer.Bookmark here

“I’m in as long as I get to explore more than your office!”Bookmark here

“Go down the stairs, to the ground floor. When you pass the reception, on the right there should be a black hallway that leads to an elevator. That’s the point where I could reach. We are not allowed to go there.”Bookmark here

“But doesn’t the elevator go up? I mean you know all the floors already.”Bookmark here

“I also thought this at first, but there is something strange. If it were a normal one, why aren't we allowed to use it?”Bookmark here

“Well, you also have a lot. I don’t see why you need another one.”Bookmark here

“Listen, will you go there for me or not?”Bookmark here

“I got nothing better to do anyways…”Bookmark here

“I will give you a camera so make as many photos as possible, ok?”Bookmark here

“Yeah yeah, whatever!”Bookmark here

Haru gives the girl a purple camera.Bookmark here

“Let me guess, your favorite color is purple?” She says full of irony.Bookmark here

“Wrong. I prefer blue, the pastel version of it.” He winks at her and goes back to his seat. “Take care!”Bookmark here

“Maybe I will run away with the camera. Do you have any ugly pictures of yourself on it? I can sell them for money.” Kibo shows a mischievous smile.Bookmark here

“I look good in any picture, but the memory card is empty. Feel free to do whatever you want. It’s not like you can find your way out of this building anyways.”Bookmark here

“I know where the entrance is!”Bookmark here

“You expect an award or something?” Bookmark here

“Not an award, but a reward.”Bookmark here

Her words make him raise his head and glared at her with interest.Bookmark here

“Is that so? What would you like?”Bookmark here

“A wish.”Bookmark here

“Do you realize I’m no genie, right?”Bookmark here

She laughs at his reaction.Bookmark here

“I won’t ask for eternal youth. I will ask for a favor that will be simple, yet special.”Bookmark here

“And what is that simple, yet special favor of yours?”Bookmark here

“I don’t know.” She says with a boring look. “You never know when the best opportunity comes.”Bookmark here

Kibo turns her back to Haru and leaves his office without adding another word.Bookmark here

“I'm like a spy! Let’s finish the job already!”Bookmark here

When she reached the ground floor elevator she took a photo.Bookmark here

“Nice!”Bookmark here

She gets in and the doors close.Bookmark here

“What an idiot! There are buttons for every floor! It’s a normal elevator!”Bookmark here

The surveillance camera’s light turned red. Then above the buttons appeared a place to scan your id.Bookmark here

She takes other photos.Bookmark here

Suddenly, some loud steps were her from behind the doors. They got closer and closer.Bookmark here

*knock*Bookmark here

As soon as a gentle knock was heard, the steps returned down the hallway.Bookmark here

After a while, Kibo decides to open take a look outside. As expected, there was no one anymore. She still glanced around and found an id on the floor.Bookmark here

“Did Haru forget to give this to me?”Bookmark here

For sure the event was intentional and she knew that the card will help her. It was the missing piece.Bookmark here

“But if Haru had this, why didn’t he use it? What if it was from someone else? But why would anyone help me? No, wait! Was someone able to see me?”Bookmark here

She took a photo of the id and scanned it in the elevator.Bookmark here

Approved.Bookmark here

“Please press the floor number you need to go to!” A robotic voice speaks out of a sudden.Bookmark here

“I’ll go to Haru’s floor.” She says while pressing 3.Bookmark here

After that, she started going down.Bookmark here

“What is going on?”Bookmark here

Kibo felt surprised. Did Haru know about this?Bookmark here

When the doors opened, she stepped out of the elevator without hesitation.Bookmark here

The place seemed abandoned at first, but as she walked more in the hallway, she saw people.Bookmark here

The workers were running everywhere as they were late with something. They were staying in little offices separated only by a wall.Bookmark here

“Here is no window or luxurious furniture. Also, they seem to be isolated here. But why?” She thought to herself.Bookmark here

She approached some desks and took some papers that were staying on the floor, near the trash. The documents were colorful and caught her attention. Bookmark here

“1000 people unlocked the feeling of love.”Bookmark here

“500 people were corrected from the feeling of confusion.”Bookmark here

“2000 people have been restrained in their houses because of their intensity level of emotions.”Bookmark here

She read those things out loud while her heart started to feel heavy.Bookmark here

“What is wrong with this society?”Bookmark here

She kept the papers and took some photos of the surroundings. While she explored the place, at the sound of an alarm, a lot of armed soldiers made their appearance. Bookmark here


Everyone looked terrified and they were shaking in fear. Bookmark here

“Check everyone’s id!” A general orders.Bookmark here

“YES SIR!”Bookmark here

“Someone that was chosen for the Freedom Festival has entered this place.” The higher-up adds with a harsh voice. “When we checked to see if he is missing, he was still in the cell. One of you stole his id and used it.”Bookmark here

Everyone was whispering and after some time, a woman spoke:Bookmark here

“It’s not fair to treat us all like this! We didn’t do anything wrong!”Bookmark here

*bang* Bookmark here

For Kibo’s terror, the woman fell to the ground dead. Even if she didn’t know her, she started crying. She saw Aiko in that lifeless body.Bookmark here

“Does anyone shares the same opinion as her?” The general says with a smirk on his face.Bookmark here

“Bastard!” The girl whispers to herself.Bookmark here

The workers were being pulled aggressively and hit if they weren't cooperating. Bookmark here

Kibo must do something, but every object she touches becomes invisible. What can sly do?Bookmark here

“Does Hajime Daichi sound familiar to any of you?” A soldier asks.Bookmark here

Everyone shook their head.Bookmark here

The girl felt the sudden urge to look at the id she found. Bookmark here

“I’m screwed!” She says after reading the exact name.Bookmark here

The person who left it for her in front of the elevator wanted to frame her. This means he or she knew about her existence. Now Kibo has to find that mysterious someone.Bookmark here

Until then, she had to find a way of saving the workers. What if she frames someone? Bookmark here

“I can put this id in a pocket from the general’s jacket. But that won’t work… The only ones that would be believable would be the workers.” She lets out a groan of frustration. “It would be worse if the id isn’t found, but I also need it. What should I do?”Bookmark here

After some minutes she finally decides to do the best thing she could think of. She steals a mobile phone and calls Haru. She used the number written on the card he gave to her at the fountain.Bookmark here

“You better answer or else-“Bookmark here

“Representative-“Bookmark here

“Shut it! We have a serious matter here!”Bookmark here

He stays silent for a few moments.Bookmark here

“Aiko?”Bookmark here

“Disappointed?” She sighs. “You were right. There is something under the building, another 6 floors. I’m currently at the third one, but the army came in.”Bookmark here

“ARMY?”Bookmark here

“Stop yelling! They are searching everyone for a stupid id. But the problem is that I have that id…”Bookmark here

“How did you manage to get one?”Bookmark here

“That’s another problem, but I don’t have time to explain. The thing is I don’t know what to do to save the workers… I need your help!”Bookmark here

“You can’t do anything. Return to my office!”Bookmark here

“Yes, I can’t do anything. But you can. So do something if you want to see the pictures and papers I took.”Bookmark here

“This was not part of the deal, Aiko. Don’t put me in a difficult situation.”Bookmark here

“You think you are in a difficult situation? What about all these people that are getting bullied? Not to mention that the bullys were supposed to protect the civils.”Bookmark here

“It’s you who put them in that situation, so get over it.”Bookmark here

“You’re a heartless bastard! You’re not better than this general who shot an innocent woman! I will solve this matter myself!”Bookmark here

“Wait-“Bookmark here

She hangs up and runs towards the elevator. Her attention falls on a red button made for emergencies. Bookmark here

“Just you wait and see! I’ll save everyone!” She says while anger flows through her veins.Bookmark here

The fire alarm starts playing and the fear dominates again the atmosphere. The panic takes over everyone and the silence is replaced by screams.Bookmark here

“THERE’S A FIRE!”Bookmark here

“WHERE?”Bookmark here

“WE HAVE TO GET OUT!”Bookmark here

“I’M GOING TO DIE!”Bookmark here

“HELP!”Bookmark here

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