Chapter 2:

This Is Isekai Without Magic Looks Like (Part 2)

There’s No Magic In This World!

I just hope there aren't overpowered characters/protagonists suddenly appeared on this planet.

Hopefully, he will come here assigned to be a Hero, but what if he was assigned here to be a Demon Lord?

Yet that bad scenario can be eliminated if he or she is a good person in their previous life, then that demon lord can be assumed to be a good demon lord and we don't have to worry about them.

But what if he or she were mentally ill from the start?



Then all he/she can do is "fix" this world as he/she pleased.

This world literally can be called "Game Over" if that son of a beach exists.

That thought keeps circling in my head. Keep reminding me that this kind of possibility can happen anytime, and don't even dare to forget it!

Oh, I just realized this.

I haven't asked people whether there is a Hero here or have there has ever been a Hero in this world.

And yeah, that kind of hero summoning and stuff like that too, has that also been done here?

I'll put that on my to-do list.



Dang it ...

Am I starting to be senile?

I just remembered that there's is no magic in this world.

How do they do the hero summoning when magic doesn't even exist?

Ugh, whatever.


In this Aglev Kingdom, I was born into a low-ranking noble family.

I am the fifth child and our family is one of the landlords who take care of the territory granted by His Majesty, Aglev IV, with an area of ​​approximately 5 square kilometers with a population of approximately 400 people.

We have troops/army/guards or whatever it's called, with a total of approximately 80 people, and most of them are farmers.

They were tasked with guarding access in and out of the territory, and a quarter of them guarding the mansion and the rest is walking around the territory to enforce the public order.

But that was 5 years ago.

Now they work full-time in the fields, etc. because crime does almost not exist here.

Instead of them just wandering around looking for crimes that don't ever show up, they are told to work by Lord (my father), so that they also have other uses other than just walking around with no results, for them and of course for this territory.

Their income as legal officers is only enough to make a living, so they gladly accepted the job.

My father in this world wasn't too worried about a crime going on. Even if there is, they can be beaten on the spot by the entire territory without needing the officers to go down the mountain to take action against them, because the possibility of legal violations that will occur in this territory is just something trivial, such as shoplifting like stealing food (bread, etc) and so on.

Well, it is a trivial matter but it can be fatal if these seeds of evil are allowed to continue. So my father (in this world ) also made a policy to overcome this. One of which is like ... The family concerned have to kick their own family members out of this territory if the behavior of their family members continues to commit the crimes again and again and not learning their lesson.

Most of the authority of these policies is left to the families concerned so that they can manage their own affairs.

It would be a problem too if the loli and shota (kids) in the territory who are still young, who are still innocent, are affected by them, and then come to think that act of stealing, was normal.

Our territory may be called the village of thieves by other territories if this act still continues.

These rules may feel weak in your mind, but believe me. Until now, no complicated cases like those in detective stories arise because of this policy.

Yeah, like the person who was kicked out, for example, committing bad deeds such as taking revenge and so on.

It doesn't exist yet.

But if they mess up. My father calmly said he would set them as an example.

What kind of examples? I don't know.

But when he said this during the harvest feast, the people who heard him turned pale.

Oh, what about monsters? You mention the monster earlier too, right?

Ah, right.

Hmm… as far as I can remember, my father once told me that a group of goblins attacked when this territory was just opened, then a group of graywolfes attacked too.

They attacked because knowing that our population was not as much as it is now.

It was said that monsters like goblins and graywolfes, were smart enough and they wouldn't attack if they had more of their targets than them.

They rarely come anyway, and all those who attack are small monsters or wild animals and that can be handled by every men in every family in this territory.

Hoes, shovels, or wooden spears were enough to kill them.

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