Chapter 4:

Hero Pose

Forbidden Words


I felt a surge of power. I felt stronger and lighter, but my muscle did not improve, nor I lose some weight. This is a first to me.

This is the effect of my forbidden word. After lending some supports on Plash and paying it back to me, I'll gain triple of what I lent. But this power will lose its effect after the same time Plash ended the power he borrowed.

It's a simple power but with pros and cons. The cons to me were on the first effect, the time whenever I lend my strength, at that time, I'd feel wanting to rest, but that was just it, which compared to the person I would lend to that is worse. They'll be limited to a time, if they paid me back before 1 minute, they would feel the same I did, before 3 minutes, they would lose all their strength to even stay awake, but after 3 minutes, their body won't be able to even function well, they would lose the strength to even breath.

I did not expect Plash to stay longer, but luckily, he managed to pay me back before the worst punishment. I let him rest, but we still needed to move so I put him on my back. I never once met my blood-related family, so I only knew it from what I saw on others, but this felt like I was holding my little brother on my back.

I continued walking just like that, but because of my upgraded strength, I did not felt tired at all. Not a long time passed, I already saw Mahika who was near an open door that lead to outside.

"Hahahahaha! That's right, tell them my name! Tell them my might!"


He turned in my direction. "Oh, Yoona andー Hahahahahaha what's that baby doing on your back?" He pointed to the baby that was loaded on my back. The baby cutely sleeping soundly even with the loud laugh echoing throughout the hallway.

"Shush, Plash is sleeping. He got tired after his battle."

"Hah! Truly a weakling. We haven't yet been in here for long and he's already tired? I'm even sure there were only a few who went to his direction." Mahika crossed his arms as he scoffed.

"Hmmm I'm sure this won't help him regain his position but he did not get tired because of them, he's mostly tired because of me. I used my power on Plash." My smile was a little forced, after all, I wasn't happy for that reason too.

"To think that he would even bother you to borrow some power he wasn't chosen." Mahika walked for a second, looking at body trophies he just won. "But wait, you used your power as support? I did not think of it like that."

I know we were nearing three minutes since I got the added strength, which after that, I'll surely start coming back to my original ability so I searched for a stair and slowly laid Plash on it. "Yeah, I did not think of it like that too but it was Plash who vaguely gave me the idea."

"Hmm so if you let me borrow additional strength from you, then I'll have half of my original ability added. At that short time, then I really might be able to punch a hole on any armor." His nasty grin grew wider, making his face scarier than what I've seen so far. But knowing his intent, I just let out another smile.

I sat beside Plash who had his whole body fit in one of the steps on the stair, it was wide enough to fit his petite body, and placed his head on my lap. "I wonder what's happening above now."

"I'm sure I've already forced all the guards to go down here just with my charisma. All of those weaklings shouldn't be able to stop themselves from being drawn to me, making Shu's job easier on the floors above."

Before I could give my reply "hopefully it did", a sudden noise of footsteps burst on the other stair. A group of employees stopped before going down.

"There's someone in here too!"
"Look! The guards!"
"Oh God did those kids did all that?!"

There were several more who commented showing that they didn't have a united thought. But it all ended when the scary man stepped forward in their direction, just one step.

"Oh look, our mail! So do any one of you have any message for us?" He only asked them but they already looked intimidated, some were cowering and nearly fell on their knees.

"W-what do you mean?" Someone bravely stepped up.

"Nothing much, I'm just asking if my friend gave you a message for us, so were there?" This threatening aura was the same when he tried to befriend me when I was still new.

They all looked at each other searching for someone to answer the question of the man standing beside the bodies bathing in their own blood. Waiting wasn't really his forte, so those silence only irritated him. He stepped one more forward. "I'm asking here, you know!" He started slow then terrified them as his voice raised. It did not help that his last step made one of the bodies a platform.

"N-nothing! We don't know anything!" Someone, at last, manage to answer him, then followed by "yeah", "that's right" or "please let us be". Some held onto each other and some backed off for some steps.

"Well if that's the case..." Since I've known him for a long time now, and it's not like he's hard to read, I knew that he's enjoying this. "Then I'll need to dispose all of you here Hahahahaha!" He laughed like an evil villain terrorizing a group of villagers.

But before he could start his villainous act, a hero suddenly appeared from outside of the building to stop him. "Stop right there villain! Get ready as your days are numbered! For I am finally here! The hero who will save the people from the crisis of this wartime. It's me, Red Sting!"

He was wearing a red costume that covers his whole body. There were some yellow lines that kept it from being boring, and as for his face, was a yellow symbol that lined up his possible eyes, nose, and mouth that reminded me of a wasp. And lastly, his voice was loud, but in a good sense, something that would attract distressed people.

"Huh? A weirdo." A comment coming from someone who's only wearing a weird leaf-shaped outfit.

"Don't worry people, I'll slay this villain!" From his back, he drew a double-edge sword, or obviously to me, a magic sword, and quickly dashed to Mahika and waved it.

"Mahika!" I shouted to alert him, but it looked like it wasn't needed. He skillfully evaded the slash and backed off.

"So you choose to attack me..." Mahika cracked some of his joints.

But instead of replying to Mahika, he switched his attention to me. "Hm? So are you his accomplice? Then that just means I should slay you too."

I was surprised at his words, and even more when he jumped towards us, but before he could harm us, I managed to get away by climbing higher while holding Plash. But to different to what I thought that I managed to get Plash away from the harm with just my own strength, he actually woke up after I shouted and just evaded at the same time I held on to him, the reason that he felt lighter.

"Red Sting?" He managed to jump upward too, but I guess my power still had a lingering effect on him so he hasn't still fully recovered since he quickly fell to his knees as we landed to a higher landing.

"You know him?" I asked.

"Personally, no. But I know his trademark, that very costume he's wearing. He's a well-known one-man cleaner."

I had more questions on my mind but we were interrupted by an attempt to attack by the Red Sting guy, but luckily for us, Mahika was already there. Mahika kicked him to his sides that resulted in him being forced away from our sights.

Like nothing happened at all, the hero jumped back to his feet. "And other than the mastery of his sword, he's also quite sturdy." Plash continued sharing his knowledge as he stood up.

Unexpectedly, Mahika was the one who clicked his tongue. "Then he is gonna be troublesome, I saw it behind him, he has the new weapon, the same we have just recently gotten."

Both of us were surprised. From what we knew, the weapon was supposed to be new, and no one should have it except for us and maybe the creator of it too. So to think that an infamous 'cleaner' has it too was shocking news to us.

"I won't be of any use here, Yoona sis's exchange magic surprisingly drained me and makes me require a good rest even until now. So for now I'll just call Shu and his group to join you later and leave you here to deal with him. Just do any of the three options." After no more explanation, he quickly ran upward, but it was visible that he was just forcing it.

"Huh? Oi! What do you mean by three options? Don't run, come back here!" Mahika was confused about what did Plash meant there. His brain tried to think about it but then the Red Sting suddenly forced himself to him and made him occupied.

"Don't worry, I won't let him escape from here. After I'm done with the two of you, I'll do him next." Wielding the sword with his two hands, he swung the sword downward.

Compared to the knife Plash used, the sword that the hero used was broader and longer. It meant that if it ever hit Mahika, then it really will leave a big wound. So almost all Mahika was doing for the moment was to evade, but thanks to his long reach, he was able to counter too, which was being blocked too.

"I think I know what he means by three options." I waited for him to reply or even just give me a glance, but instead, I got it from his enemy.

He tried to get on my place by jumping but as soon as he left the floor, Mahika grabbed his free foot and used it to slam him to the floor.

"You know?"

"Mm! The first would be to fight him without talking. The second would be to fight him while talking as we try our forbidden words, which would give us a chance to find out his forbidden word. And third, might be to use my power on you and defeat him as soon as possible."

He wasn't able to give his reply since his enemy immediately stood up again and dashed on him again. Actually, he did not even groan when he hit the floor.

It was a series of relentless attacks that made Mahika on full defense. It started with a thrust, then slashing it upward, that followed by a right kick to his mid as he quickly twisted his body and ended it with a slash down of the sword. Mahika fell back, then blood dropped from his abdomen.


"I don't want to gamble with your power, I don't want to be useless later like that insect earlier. But he's talkative for a cleaner, so we might as well use that to have a dialogue with him."

"Gamble? Gambling is a bad act! I shall correct you from your wrongdoings!" Like he was a robot, he overlooked our planning in front of him and only focused on the word that might hold a bad meaning.

"Correct me? Then try it!" This time, it was Mahika who initiated the clash. He quickly crouched and swiped his foot to trip the Red Sting but he was able to dodge it by jumping and as he landed, he immediately swung the sword down. As an answer, Mahika reacted quickly by turning to the side and followed by a tackle that successfully connected.

Even though he was taken down, the Red Sting was still holding his sword and using it, he tried to slash Mahika who was on his top, but Mahika used his left arm to take the slash. Because of his position, he lacked the force to make the slash deeper on Mahika's arm near his elbow.

Mahika punched him with his free right fist that he immediately dodged, and like he was just waiting for it, he timed it by raising his pelvis, turning to the right, escaping Mahika's mount position as Mahika fell to his left. But instead of following it up, the Red Sting backed off and stood.

"Escaping? What a coward hero!" Mahika stood up by rolling backward.

"I'm no coward! I'm only careful, saving my body for my next heroic battles!"

"Do you really think you'll still be able to fight others after a fight with me? That's where you're wrong!"

"No I'm not, cause, after all, I'm no weak!"

Mahika clicked his tongue.

They continued their fight that surprisingly showed Mahika struggling to overpower the hero. Watching that, I decided to finally help him, I ran to the lying bodies and looked for someone who still had a beating pulse. The reason was that, I was thinking of using their magic guns, but to be able to do that, I'll need to use the owner's hands.

This was also the reason we don't have any magic guns on our arsenal because the other feature of most magic weapons was that it has a user identification. Magic weapons were registered to its user (and other several people in case of unexpected problems) and even detects if the user is alive to prevent using their dead bodies from using it.

"What are you doing there!" The hero checked out what I was doing, showing that he still had the time to keep me on his watch while still fighting our strongest fighter.

"Can't you let her off? She's just helping the dead bodies."

Red Sting used his sword as a support to lift him up and kicked Mahika with enough force to blow him away for some distance, then he started running to me. "Villains are not kind enough to do that!"

He said it, my forbidden word, but I had two problems. First was my activation, I needed to touch his hands first to lend him half of his strength, but I believed that I'll be cut in half first before I could do that. The second was my lending itself, he could already overpower Mahika with just his skills and sturdiness, so giving him a strength that could be on par with Mahika will just make it faster, our defeat was.

"Just use it! I'll manage after!" Mahika ran after the Red Sting.

I didn't have the time to ponder for a better choice, so I just followed him for now. "Of course! Because villains became villains after their kindness was taken away from them!"

A faint light lit up between my chest. It meant my power is already turned on and ready to use at any time. But the next problem came, how should I activate it on him.

In an instant, he was already in front of me, and his sword was already on its way to rip me apart. I rolled on my sides so it only hit the dead body I was holding earlier. It was already dead but as the sword struck it, blood was still fresh enough to splatter.

Before he could follow it up, Mahika already came up and quickly held his arms and knee kicked his back. "Now!"

I stood up and grabbed his right hand that was still on hold of his sword. "Bonds!"

He actually felt the damage on his back and gasped for some air, but as soon as I used my power on him, it looked like he writhed more than earlier. 

"Uuugh, the power, it's surging within my body. I'm transforming!"

While he was still busy with his skit, Mahika let him out of his hold and grabbed me instead. "I'll stall him for three minutes, then try to get back the thing you lend him." I felt tired after activating my power so I did not have enough energy to oppose his strength as he threw me away from them. There was no object that could act as a cushion so he only threw me to an open space where I could just roll out my impact.

The hero hopped to a pile of bodies, elevating him from the ground. "Transform! Suuuuuuppppppeeeeeer Red Sting!" He took a pose with his right hand that was holding his sword raised and with his left hand on his waist.

"You damn weirdo." Mahika picked up one of the guard's bodies and use it as a shield as he hold it on his left arm.

"Begone evil! Hyaaah!!" The hero jumped from atop the bodies and struck with his sword on which Mahika guarded with his meat shield.

"You've already powered up with that? Weak!" Since the sword was still deep on the guard's body, he used it to put the sword aside and make an opening to punch his face.

He tried to follow it up with another right punch but was stopped when the Red Sting kicked his foot to lose his balance and instead the one to follow it up with another kick. The added power finally showed up as the kick blew Mahika away from his place.

"Don't belittle my new power, the power to defeat a greater evil!"

"Tch. I'm getting fed up with your bullshit. Talking like an ally of justice when your actions are in the complete opposite."

"Justice? Yes, Justice will always prevail! So prepare yourself, big bad villain!" Again, talking like he was programmed to follow up the certain specific words he would hear.

Time passed as they fought and talked. Continuing but to our disadvantage.


We were already on the first floor but we did not saw Mahika and Yoona. After all, we came down on a different stair leading to a different hall.

"Plash said it was near the door exit, it should be in there." Leto reminded us of what Plash told us.

"Let's go."

Before we could reach the place, we already heard a hint that they were there.


A sound of a body slamming on the floor echoed in the hallway we were on. And following that, a voice came next.

"Justice is served! Now to finish this upー"

At last, we saw them, but it was not what we expected to see. Red Sting, as we're told that which it looked like it was him, was stepping above someone, our strongest fighter, Mahika. On his right hand was a double-edged sword, a magic weapon that was currently burning and was pointing downward.

"Stop there!" I shouted. At the same time, I threw an old combat knife to the guy atop Mahika.

He easily deflected it, but at least, he stepped out of Mahika and changed his attention to us. "Accomplice? Then I shall bestow you a proper judgment too!"

"Then give me if you can!" I stopped just I came in contact with his sword as it slashes down then immediately jump forward and slashed his face with the knife that was already let out from my wrist.

I did not stop there, as I landed behind him, I quickly followed it with a kick on the back of his leg, but to my surprise, it did not even budge him. That made me decide to back off first.

"Shu!!" As I turned to my back, I saw Yoona, a little teary-eyed. "It was my mistake, I should have forced Mahika to use my power on him instead."

"Yoona, what happened?"

"No, I'm fine." This time, it came from my front. Rolling to get away from the Red Sting, was Mahika. "Maybe I could have finished him earlier if I used Yoona's power, but I also believe that he can stall me so I chose not to gamble."

He had some large wounds and burns, but they started healing. It showed that he already activated his power against our enemy who was just standing in front of us.

"More enemies, but in the end, I will still stand victorious!"

"Red Sting! W-we saw him earlier, he quickly killed some of us!" It came from one of the people who were on the stair, employees that we did not stumble on the upper floor, but I was still familiar with some of them from the security camera.

He said my trigger word, but I didn't really care about it, but if it would make the Red Sting to say it too, then that's really favorable to me, after all, I've already wounded him earlier. If I manage to activate it against him, then I can activate my instant-kill power.

"Quickly ki..." But instead of replying to the guy, he only murmured something that I wasn't able to hear clearly.

Domino and Leto finally caught up to us. This way, we were effectively surrounding him. Leto soon reached on his backpack while Domino only made a fighting stance without any hint of using a weapon.

"Where's Plash?" Maybe being confident that our whole group, except for one, was already there, Yoona got out and joined us.

"He's really tired, so he requested to let him join with delay," I answered without looking back. "Anyway, so what's the situation?"

"We all have activated our powers."

"Both of you? Wait, do you mean this guy right now has his strength upgraded by you?" Leto was truly surprised by Yoona's announcement. "And by all, he does too?!"

"He speaks too many unrelated things that it made hard for us to pinpoint what was his trigger word. At first, I was still able to hurt him, but after some time, my attacks started to feel weak against him, but I don't feel weak myself. The only damage he reacted was my full power blows."

So that was the reason Yoona started with an apology. This Red Sting guy was already skilled enough to go toe-to-toe with Mahika, but with Yoona's help, he just became an enemy that needed our full attendance to be able to defeat him.

"Time to act!" The first to move was the red-costumed guy. He swung the burning sword around that made all of us back off more, but as soon as we did, he immediately dashed forward to his first target, Domino.

The sword slashed down but it only hit the air since Domino was quick to dodge even in the middle of the air. From his side, Mahika kicked him forcefully that it made a sound, but the Red Sting did not show any reaction and only held on to his left foot and attempted to chop it.

We knew that Mahika's healing power is so effective, but at the same time, we also knew that he could still feel his wounds. So Leto threw an exploding magic bomb to get Mahika away from him. Again, it wasn't a big explosion so Mahika who got caught from it did not really take much from it.

"So how many minutes now?"

"It's already been past 3 minutes."

So it is really possible to use Yoona's power even after three minutes, but as she told us, getting it back will surely kill him instantly. "Okay, let's not waste more energy here, we just need Yoona to get back her strength from him and he'll surely die."


"Well then, I'll put him into any lock regardless of what damage I may receive, just support on any way you can and if I succeed, quickly touch him, Yoona!" In a way, Mahika was offering his body to be our shield.

This time, the Red Sting turned in my direction and started attacking. I was able to dodge each of his slashes, but the flame gradually started affecting me and made it harder for me to breathe.

"Here's the main villain, idiot hero!" Mahika stomped the floor loudly, I felt like the ground actually shook for a second.

"But mobs come first!" He locked his left foot with my right to take out my balance and followed it with a slash from the top going down. My back slammed down and the blade followed me on which I guarded with my personal knife.

Given his strength, the gravity, the flame, and that it was a sword against a just knife, it was a clear defeat of me. Little by little, I could see my blade cracking.

"Then are you saying it's fine to let your back open against the main villain!" Mahika kicked the back of his right knee with full force, making him kneel and losing some pressure on me.

"But to be honest, he's not just lowly mob!" Domino came next with a roundhouse kick to the side of his head.

I quickly rolled back. "Thank you."

"What you're doing right now is bullying, how truly evil of you!" He talked while his head was still on the side. And as he returned it back, we heard some cracking noise from his neck. "But it doesn't mean that I'll stop. It just pushes me to punish all of you!"

"Wow, he's irritating." Surprisingly the comment came from Leto.

As he turned, he swung his sword again. "Prepare yourselves!" He relentlessly swung his sword on Mahika. "Rapid thrust!" From swinging, he changed his attacks to numerous thrusts.

Mahika had thick skin and muscles, but it was nothing against the burning sword. He could only guard his head with his crossed arms. Now this made it clearer to me that he could really overpower Mahika.

I came to Mahika's aide thinking of wounding him again, but as soon as I waved down my knife, he immediately parried my attack. But it did not only got parried, my knife finally crumbled. "Whaー" And he struck me with his foot so powerful that I flew away.

"Can't you tell us if you'll just focus on one or if you'll have your other eyes open!?" Mahika shouted as he gave him a body blow then a knee kick to his head. It did not faze him though and stood up like nothing happened at all. "Tch."

"Then how about this." Leto took out a taser, an old weapon that doesn't rely on any magic. Just like Domino's combat knife, it was a weapon we bagged from the old research facility we were in.

He hasn't shoot yet, just aimed, but we already got a response from the Red Sting. "No!" He fell down to his back.

"Too late!" Leto scoffed. He clicked the trigger... But nothing happened. "Huh? Have we use up its battery life already?"

The costume guy was breathing weird, he only stared at Leto. Seconds passed by and he finally came back to his sense. He gripped his sword hard again then stood up by jumping. "That's right, I'm a hero. All of you are villain that needs to be defeated! Here I go!"

But when he was in that state, Mahika who was just standing in front of him only stared at him too. Maybe because it surprised him when he saw the hero's uncharacteristic reaction to Leto. He finally came back to his senses too when he was almost stabbed with the burning sword.

"Don't space out!" Domino stopped the Red Sting's attack by doing a double kick to his hands that were holding his sword. Still, his grip on his sword did not let go, but it was enough for her, his hands that were raised opened his face, so Domino followed with another roundhouse kick to his face. As expected, he was sturdy enough to stand even after that direct attack, but this gave us a glimpse of our chance.

Domino followed it up with a swipe on his foot, just for him to end her momentum by standing firmly and not budging again. "I won't fall from that! As a hero, I shouldn't let any weakness shows!" Before Domino could even back out, the hero's foot manage to stop her by stepping on her leg. "You're done for!"

"Not on my watch!" Before he could even strike his sword down, my flying kick landed on his cheeks first. Maybe it was just my weight, but I managed to put him on the floor again. But instead of striking him while he's down, I chose to help Domino stand up. "He's more troublesome than I expected." I signaled Mahika and we all stepped farther from him.

"You have a plan?" Domino asked.

"All of our power has limitations. Like Mahika can still be killed if both his heart and brain would be damage at the same time and like mine that can be survived if the target is somehow resistant to my poison." We backed off until we got near the center of our current plan. "So Yoona, how many can you handle?"

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"Depending on your answer, I'll lay out my plan accordingly."


"Huff... huff... huff..."

I kept breathing funny for half an hour now. The result of me forcing my weak body to run the three floors as quickly as I could.

It has been a long time since I felt this. I could still remember when I was training myself to enter the military. Something like forcing my limit.

I was seating in a quiet hallway, leaning on a cold wall. "I only borrowed for less than 3 minutes but even now I'm still recovering. I did not expect this." I spent more time looking at the ceiling while still catching up on my breath. "I wonder what happened to Yoona sis."

The quiet atmosphere was disturbed by a ring, or rather, a vibration on the floor. It came from my contact device in my back pocket. "So they finally decided to contact me again."

I took out my contact device, put it near my mouth, and clicked something from it.

"What's under the cloak." A voice came out from the device. But instead of saying hi or hello, it asked a peculiar question.

Still, I answered. "A scythe." After that, neither the voice on the other side nor me spoke for 3 seconds.

"... So you're still alive." The voice scoffed.

"Well, of course. They wouldn't call me a grim reaper if I'm that fragile."

"Still arrogant, aren't we?"

"Still condescending, aren't we?"

Then again, no one spoke for some seconds. In the end, the voice on the other side was the first to break the silence between us. "Forget about it, report."

"Okay. Right now, I'm still with the young peeps. Still as energetic just as we first met." I laughed by myself for a second.

In response, the voice seemed irritated. "That's not what I wanted to hear. Or have you forgotten our goal here?"

"Ahahaha, of course not. It's just more enjoyable doing my mission with them but I'm still doing it, don't worry. I've already explained this in the past, aren't you noting?"

"Yeah yeah. Being rogue gives you more options, blah blah blah, I know. But what about now?"

"Well, I have good news for you. I was right, their target crosses with ours. The one they targeted right now, Dr. Tokuichi, holds a special communication device the same as my past victims. I've looked inside his attaché case, other than the key, there was also the familiar ID."

"Hmmm. Are you saying they weren't limited to military personnel, but there are also researchers in their ranks?"

"It's more like, their ranks had more researchers on them. I'm guessing people related to the military were just there to protect them, but given that I've already disposed of most of them, they are little by little being forced to come into the light."

"I see, we'll look into that too. Any other more?"

I raised my shirt, revealing my stomach that had a gauze pad on it. I took out the forbidden word, the magic weapon, that was given to me and chose to keep it. I tried to stick it one more time but just like earlier, It did not stick to me. But I was expecting it, after all, I was sticking it the part of my body that was covered with gauze.

"It's not a report but, I want to ask something."

The voice did not reply immediately. "...I'm busy you know. So make it short."

"Cool! Well... Do you know a new weapon that was being tested recently?"

"Why do you ask?"

"Sigh. Can't you just answer me? I can't stop my curiosity. Can't you answer? Can't you? Can't you?"

"Enough! Okay. It's not like you're prohibited from learning this, but yeah, I know one."

"Really?! So what is it?"

"Hmmm, the maker is unknown, but from what I know, it's already been sent to many groups of soldiers or individuals. But they said that it was hard to use so not many tried to get their own of it, even though it was proven that the effect can be so effective that even one soldier with it would be enough to take a group."

"Individual? Perchance, is one of those the Red Sting?"

"Oh, How did you know? Have you seen him personally?"

"Not just seen, I've encountered him! Actually, my group is fighting him right now." I put some hint of bragging on my voice.

I couldn't see the person behind the voice, but I could imagine his surprised reaction. "Wait, that Red Sting? The one who could annihilate an entire building of his enemies?!"

"Yeah yeah. I'm sure that he's definitely the guy." I said nonchalantly. "The red costume, the dual-edge sword, and shouting his own proclamation of being a hero, yep, definitely the guy. And I don't think anyone would want to copy the person that harbors plentiful hatred towards him."

"Eh, so have you defeated him? What did you do, did you tie him up or something?"

"I'm not with them right now so I'm not sure. But I'm confident to say that they can do it. And with our leader on the scene, he'll surely kill him." Just imagining it made me smile. Cause if they definitely did it, then we'll be a star. Not positively though.

"Hey, what you're doing right now has many possible negative effects. Like your group dying before him or all of you being well known and might be looked like a threat. But between those can the worst result for you. You said that they're able to kill him, but if they did it, a bomb implanted on the Red Sting will explode."

My happy demeanor went away after hearing it. "A bomb?! You mean there's more to him other than his skills?"

"Of course there is. They built Red Sting a sure cleaner, not letting him fail his missions."

The voice was right. It was obvious that they'll add it on the guy, but I just can't accept it sooner. "Okay, I'm turning this off now." I quickly stood up and returned all my things to my back pocket.

"Waiー" I rushed and ran as fast as I could again, not minding the voice that was trying to say more.

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