Chapter 36:


Master Of Rejections But Beginner At Love

Woosh.Bookmark here

As soon as the third round of the brawl was announced, Shiho swung her leg at her which Kyouko was able to dodge by jumping to the back.Bookmark here

Woosh.Bookmark here

Woosh.Bookmark here

Shiho did not stop and continued to kick her despite Kyouka avoiding every single one.Bookmark here

"I see..."Bookmark here

Bam.Bookmark here

This time, instead of dodging again, she countered Shiho's kick with her own kick. However, she had to use her left leg due to her right one being injured by Kazuma.Bookmark here

"Were you trying to separate me from Shin-chan? You sure are a bright bitch." Kyouko stated impressed.Bookmark here

After a few attacks by Shiho, she realized that she was getting further away from Shinya.Bookmark here

"Seems like you're also not as dumb as I initially thought." Shiho replied with a challenging smirk.Bookmark here

"So let's get serious." she added.Bookmark here

"Hmph." Kyouko groaned.Bookmark here

While the two girls were about to get started, Kazuma and Shinya still did not move an inch from their spot.Bookmark here

The air around them even became thicker and more tense.Bookmark here

Drip. Drip.Bookmark here

Apart from blood and sweat dripping down, nothing was heard.Bookmark here

Both of their bodies reached their limits, however, their minds did not allow them to get defeated. Kazuma still had to get his revenge, therefore he could not lose yet whereas Shinya could not afford to lose here because his pride would not allow him to get bested by Kazuma of all people.Bookmark here

The delinquents in the area, who acted as bystanders, also did not make a sound. They only watched the two, who were currently in their fighting stance, with suspense and nervousness.Bookmark here

Kazuma breathed deeply before he loosened the tension in his body.Bookmark here

He began to approach Shinya casually while Shinya's body got stiffer.Bookmark here

Then, Kazuma stopped walking after Shinya was in arm reach.Bookmark here

"You took everything I held dear from me." Kazuma said coldly.Bookmark here

"Are you still-"Bookmark here

"However, looking back, I must admit that it was my fault."Bookmark here

"!"Bookmark here

Shinya's half open eyes got bigger in surprise.Bookmark here

"It was my fault for creating this group. Thus, I'll take responsibility today and eliminate you."Bookmark here

Kazuma formed a fist and prepared to launch a punch.Bookmark here

In response, Shinya also did the same.Bookmark here

The two wanted to finish it with the upcoming attack.Bookmark here

Pow.Bookmark here

Thud.Bookmark here

"Ugh..."Bookmark here

Shinya fell on his knees.Bookmark here

His gaze was too focused on Kazuma's fist and thus neglected the rest.Bookmark here

It went all according to Kazuma's plan. The punch was only a bluff. So he snatched the opportunity and gave Shinya a knee in the stomach.Bookmark here

Shinya, who was suffering from the pain in his stomach, tried to stay conscious.Bookmark here

Crack.Bookmark here

"Aaahhh!"Bookmark here

With the same knee, Kazuma struck him in the face, breaking his nose.Bookmark here

Thud.Bookmark here

As a result, Shinya fell immediately on the soil while he held his bloody nose.Bookmark here

"Still conscious. huh?"Bookmark here

"!"Bookmark here

Seeing that Kazuma was about to attack again, Shinya rolled away to create some space between them.Bookmark here

"Why... I trained so much and fought countless numbers of brawls... So why are you still stronger than me?!" he asked with despair written on his face.Bookmark here

Kazuma turned stern.Bookmark here

"Why? It's simple. These fists carry my great thirst for vengeance while yours seek power." Kazuma looked at his hands.Bookmark here

"In the end, your thirst for power couldn't match my thirst for revenge. That's everything." he added and started to approach him again.Bookmark here

"Wh-what?" Shinya was skeptical.Bookmark here

"It doesn't matter how much you train. For crying out loud, you can even have the title of the strongest man alive and it would be still meaningless. I will still beat the shit out of you, no matter what." Kazuma elaborated as he emitted a strong killing intent aimed at Shinya.Bookmark here

"Bullshit!" Shinya raised his words and tried to get up again.Bookmark here

But it was as if he was sticking to the ground. He had no strength left to stand up.Bookmark here

Bam.Bookmark here

"Ahrg! Get off me!"Bookmark here

Kazuma stomped on his stomach and started twisting his heel on it.Bookmark here

But surprisingly, he lifted his foot after Shinya told him to.Bookmark here

In that moment, Shinya had hope in his eyes.Bookmark here

Bam. Bam. Pow. Crack. Pow.Bookmark here

Reality betrayed him quickly though.Bookmark here

Shinya had to endure the same torture as Hirata.Bookmark here

Without a break, Kazuma was stomping on and kicking Shinya's head like a wild beast.Bookmark here

"Mnnh!"Bookmark here

Only muffled sounds were heard from Shinya's mouth.Bookmark here

As Kazuma continued to beat him up, Shinya's consciousness slowly but surely began to leave him.Bookmark here

Tok.Bookmark here

"?"Bookmark here

Almost finishing Shinya off, Kazuma was suddenly hit with a small stone on the head. So he turned around and saw that Kyouko was the one who threw it. She had a panicked expression.Bookmark here

"Stop it!" she shouted.Bookmark here

Her face and body was clad in bruises and injuries. However, Shiho was worse off which was no surprise due to her facing a national champion in kickboxing.Bookmark here

Bam. Bam.Bookmark here

But Kazuma did not listen and continued.Bookmark here

"I said-"Bookmark here

"The police's coming!" one of the many spectators yelled.Bookmark here

"What?!"Bookmark here

"Kazu-kun, let's run!" Shiho said.Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

He did not care.Bookmark here

"Hey-"Bookmark here

"Tch. As if I would leave without Shin-chan! Give him back!" Kyouko stated as she ran to Kazuma and Shinya.Bookmark here

Shinya's fingers flinched.Bookmark here

"Kazuma..."Bookmark here

"?"Bookmark here

He took something out of his pocket and tried to hand it over to Kazuma. It was a silver shining sharp object. A knife.Bookmark here

Kyouko was close enough to also identify the knife. She stood still due to her gut feeling telling her that it would be too dangerous to come nearer.Bookmark here

"You resent me, right?" Shinya said with a weak voice.Bookmark here

"Then, why don't you go ahead and stab me?" Shinya suggested with a suspicious smirk.Bookmark here

"What are you saying?!" Kyouko asked perplexed.Bookmark here

Despite his ridiculous request, he remained confident. Shinya knew that it was inevitable to escape from the police and that he would be taken into custody by them.Bookmark here

Today marked the downfall of Shinya and 'The Owls'. However, he was determined to take Kazuma down with him.Bookmark here

If Kazuma would stab him, then the police would not be able to overlook his action and had to issue some sort of punishment, too. The stigma of stabbing someone would follow him for his entire life.Bookmark here

One would think that Shinya was tired of living but he was not. Just like every other person, he feared death. Despite that fact, he still was willing to get stabbed.Bookmark here

Shinya bet that Kazuma would try to keep him alive even though he would stab him. That's because Kazuma wanted Shinya to suffer as much as possible. Bookmark here

He assumed that Kazuma would most likely stab him in the stomach. And when he would do it, Shinya would grab his hand so that Kazuma would not be able to let go until the police arrived.Bookmark here

His confident smirk widened.Bookmark here

"Fine. As kind as I am, I'll end it swiftly." Kazuma said plainly as he took the knife.Bookmark here

"Huh?"Bookmark here

Shinya's expectations betrayed him again.Bookmark here

He began to sweat bullets and his body and lips were shivering badly.Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

Kazuma took one last look at Shinya, his former best friend and his current target of his hatred, before he was about to stab him.Bookmark here

In that moment, Shinya lost his consciousness due to the great amount of fear he felt.Bookmark here

"Don't!"Bookmark here

"Stop!"Bookmark here

The blade stopped right in front of Shinya's stomach after Kazuma got stopped by Shiho and Kyouko. The two clutched his arm with their arms tightly.Bookmark here

"Let go." Kazuma ordered in a still cold tone.Bookmark here

With the two around his arm, he could not move his arm.Bookmark here

"Only if you let go of the knife!" Kyouka replied tensely while she had to give everything she had to hold him back.Bookmark here

"Please, stop it!" Shiho begged him.Bookmark here

"Why should I? He wished it himself."Bookmark here

His arm started to move slowly further, pulling the two girls along.Bookmark here

"Noo!"Bookmark here

"Kazu-kun!"Bookmark here

The blade already poked Shinya's shirt.Bookmark here

"Ichinose."Bookmark here

A familiar voice called out to him.Bookmark here

"Drop the weapon."Bookmark here

Kyouko and Shiho turned around and were surprised to see that a police officer was already right behind them.Bookmark here

"Please don't stop me, too, Ikari-san." Kazuma said softly without facing Yousuke.Bookmark here

"You know what will happen if you do it, right?" Yousuke's tone and expression were stern and grim.Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

Not heeding his words, Kazuma still tried to push the knife into Shinya's belly.Bookmark here

At the same time, the crowd full of delinquents quickly dissolved as the other police officers reached the main scene.Bookmark here

"I'll say it one last time. Drop the weapon now or I'll have to force you to do it."Bookmark here

"H-he won't stop!" Kyouko cried frantically.Bookmark here

"On my signal you two will let go of him."Bookmark here

"What?"Bookmark here

"Are you crazy?!"Bookmark here

The girls could not comprehend his order.Bookmark here

"Geez, just do it. Let the adults do the work now." he sighed.Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

They did not respond and silently decided to listen to him.Bookmark here

Yousuke grabbed Kazuma's other arm.Bookmark here

"Now!"Bookmark here

"!"Bookmark here

Thud.Bookmark here

When the two let go of his arm, Yousuke pulled him to his side so that Kazuma fell on the ground.Bookmark here

"What are you doing?" Kazuma asked in a silent and yet enraged tone.Bookmark here

He looked at Yousuke like a growling dog. In response to that, Yousuke cracked his knuckles while he stared at the cloudy sky.Bookmark here

"Sorry Yuki-san and Atsushi-san. I have to teach your son a lesson."Bookmark here

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