Chapter 20:

The Wizard of London

The Creator

"Let me rephrase your report; you two have entered the castle, you then were locked in by the gate, afterwards you entered a building which had a cellar filled with caged animals, and you entered this cellar," Appel looks at Kalmar and JDG below him, "am I correct so far?" Appel asked.

"You are sir." Kalmar says with his hands behind his back.

"Yeah sure." JDG says without looking up at Appel and instead staring at the wall to his right.

"You two then stumbled across a hybrid between a human and some sort of wild wolf. That hybrid spoke to you. In scientific terms we refer to these types of creatures as 'chimera,' and what's odd about this case is you stated that the chimera told you he was once a normal human who was fused with an animal. This is odd, chimeras typically can only be created by fusing early embryos, there has never been a case where one was created from an already matured human and animal." Appel sighs and then stands from his seat slowly, "We had a rare case!" Appel began to shout, "You two shot it dead! What the fuck were you thinking?!" Appel begins to point with his left hand, "You shot a rare specimen dead, we could have studied what the hell the wizard did to create something like that!"

"With all due respect, the damn thing asked to be killed." JDG quickly looked up at Appel and took a step forward, "I wasn't going to allow him to be turned into some sort of lab rat for the Council. He was already suffering under the hands of the wizard!"

Appel points firmly, "You listen to me boy, you both need to understand something clearly." Appel slams his right hand in a fist on the furniture in front of him, "We are trying to solve a puzzle here, we have no time for pointless morality! If the damn thing suffers, then let him suffer, at least we will be one step closer to understanding where we are." Appel explained.

JDG then scoffs and turns around to take a step back, Kalmar then steps forward, "What puzzle are we trying to solve?" Kalmar asked.

"We have reason to suspect that this recent upbringing of wizards has a connection with itself." Dagovich stands up to speak, "Many years ago in the Far East, we had dealt with a Wizard Uprising before, this time we suspect that this uprising will be closer to the home of the Council. We want to know what their plans are, who are they led by, and how much they have progressed." Dagovich explained.

"They are practicing magic to find a way to beat the magic of the Council." Pirou added while still maintaining a composed expression.

"With the ability to create chimeras from already living creatures, and the ability to manipulate the anatomical structure of the human body, these wizards are already making great progress." Range explained and slams his hand on his desk as well.

"Nobody wants to help us, I say we declare an international emergency and take supreme authoritative action. We can conscript the people." Nano said.

Appel raises his hand as he takes a seat, "Be careful of the words you speak my fellow councilmen, we have low ranking guests." Appel sweeps his hand to showcase JDG and Kalmar who stand before them, "For now, I propose we learn more about our situation before taking decisive action. JDG, Kalmar!" Appel called out. JDG then slowly turns around and has his arms crossed on his chest while Kalmar stands straight, "Your next mission is a bit ad lib, you will be 'escorting' the Sorcerer of London to bring him before the council. He has not violated anything on the doctrine that I know of, but from here on out he shall be classified as the 'Wizard of London' and you shall bring him forth."

JDG takes a step forward and throws his arms to his side, "So, now we are arresting those who are innocent?" JDG questioned.

"As far as I'm concerned, he is no longer innocent. The Council has deemed it so, thus you must consider it the truth." Appel sighs, "I believe the Sorcerer has been employing apprentices which is normally within the legality of the Doctrine. However, I believe we must impose a new clause that states no apprentices for the time being." Appel said to himself.

"What if I refuse to go?" JDG asked.

"You don't have a choice." Appel answered, "Unless you want to be trialed yourself as a wizard then you will listen to any request we ask for." Appel stated, "The wizard resides in the old Kensington Palace, he should give you no trouble, go now."

JDG then sighs and looks away, "Fine then." JDG walks toward the door.

Kalmar looks at JDG and then back to Appel before sighing himself, "We'll capture the Wizard of London." Kalmar said before turning to follow JDG.

In the corridor the two are walking fast away from the Board room of the Council. JDG continues a quick pace while keeping his hands in the pockets of his slacks while Kalmar soon catches up to walk beside him.

"I don't get it, we did the damn right thing, but the Council seems to have us playing dirty now." JDG stated while keeping his head facing downward.

"It's not our place to do much about it. I'm just content that we killed the poor thing before bringing him here." Kalmar responded.

"A 'chimera' they said, what the hell is going on with this world. I never knew what I truly wanted to be in this life and all I thought was climbing to the top. However, this world is too sick, I can't let it go on like this, I will have to give it mercy as well." JDG expressed.

The drive to Kensington is a short one, the two stay silent throughout most of the ride as JDG looks out the passenger side to observe the crowds of Populi in London going about their daily business. The two park across from a walkway which leads into the palace property.

"He said it would be easy, so I don't think we need to take any weapons, plus it would be best since there are so many people about." Kalmar said as he exited the car.

JDG followed Kalmar outside of the vehicle, "Palace Avenue." JDG recited to himself as he read the sign across the street.

The two walk across to the walkway titled, 'Palace Avenue' and begin to make their trek through the grassy area. It was like a large open park with a giant brick building seen in the very center. The two make their way down the concrete path before making a right turn to stop in front of the giant brick building. The two then continue to walk to make a left to find themselves in front of the main entrance of the palace.

"Looks like this is the spot." Kalmar commented. 

JDG then takes a step forward, "No better time than the present, let's get this over with so we can have a nice fucking shower." JDG makes his way to the center of the three front doors to the palace.

They stop right before the door and JDG then gives a loud knock once Kalmar catches up to him. The two look inside the windowed door to see mostly empty spaces with some chairs scattered about.

"This is just as empty as last time." Kalmar mentioned.

"Yeah, but it's less unsettling, at least we are not locked in here either." JDG responded.

The two wait a few minutes before they realize nobody was going to open the door for them. JDG then attempts to turn the door knob however it's no use since it's locked.

"I should have brought the gun." JDG said as he took a step back from the door.

"This door is so old I bet you can kick it down." Kalmar commented, "I know you barely learned how to control your blood flow and you have probably been too hesitant to use any of your Keeper abilities, but I think this is a good time to practice." Kalmar places his hands on his waist, "Focus blood flow on your legs and give the door a good kick where the lock would be." Kalmar points toward the doorknob.

JDG then takes a deep breath and another step back. It's been a long time since he was able to unlock his soul so he begins to tremble slightly as he takes another deep breath. JDG then goes through the motions he had learned over a week ago to unlock the ability to control his bloodstream.

JDG keeps his eyes closed as he feels a sudden rush in his legs, JDG then looks up and runs for the door to give it one good violent kick. The kick caused the old lock on the door to completely shatter and the wooden windowed door slams open cracking the glass and wood.

JDG stands straight again and closes his soul as he catches his breath. Kalmar walks up to JDG and puts his hand on his shoulder.

"That was very impressive for someone who just learned that move. Next time you get injured, try to use your blood control to save yourself so I don't have to." Kalmar grins.

JDG grins back, "You're right, I don't want to have to owe you."

The two then walk forward with caution in the building, they make more haste as they trust this won't be as stressful as last time however they sill want to move with care in their steps. All of a sudden loud footsteps ring the wooden floor and the two stop to face whoever is coming toward them.

Appearing from the hallway in front of them is a young woman, a familiar young woman to JDG as he has only personally spoken to one in recent times. It's Masami.

"You." JDG stated as he points his left finger, "What the hell are you doing here?" JDG questioned.

"Who is that?" Kalmar asked as JDG begins to walk forward pointing at the girl in front of him. Kalmar then begins to follow.

Masami turns herself to face the two in uniform before them. She herself is still wearing the academy uniform that JDG used to sport as well.

"I'm a Sorceress Apprentice." Masami stated as she crossed her arms as JDG comes closer.

"You're a fucking rat." JDG responded, "You have no business being here."

Kalmar then stopped following and leaned his head toward JDG, "Is that the girl?" Kalmar questioned, "Oh my god, that's the one who fucked you over and brought you to this job." Kalmar concluded.

"I didn't fuck you over, I am no rat, you did everything to yourself." Masami snapped back as JDG stopped his advance.

"I thought you were cool! I trusted I could speak to you!" JDG shouted.

"It was your fault for being so easily trusting." Masami looks away from JDG as he stares directly at her.

"You are so full of it, I had to kill something because of this job I am forced into." JDG explained as he lifts his chin and tweaks his eyelid.

"You are fortunate to get a job, I thought they would have imprisoned you, or worse..." Masami then looks to JDG as his entire body begins to twitch.

Kalmar then pushes JDG to the side to confront Masami, "We are here to bring the Wizard of London before the Council."

Masami then stomps her foot, "That's the Sorcerer of London for you! I know damn well that he has not violated the Doctrine, my apprenticeship is perfectly legal."

"Miss, I regret to inform you that your apprenticeship is no longer legal, and thus we have to apprehend the both of you." Kalmar explained as he made a little chuckle.

At that moment an old man appeared behind Masami, it was the Sorcerer of London himself, "What's this I hear." The sorcerer asked.

"The Council wants to speak to you, there are new revisions to the Magical Doctrine, please come with us, I promise you that you will not receive any real punishment." Kalmar explained to the sorcerer.

"Please just come with us." JDG added.

The sorcerer then sighs and nods and the entire group begins to walk toward the front door of the palace.

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