Chapter 3:


King Stone: The Sacred War

"Sacred War?" Thomas asks. He is incredibly confused, and a little tingle of fear runs through his spine. He looks up at Takae. "Am-" He looks down, "Am I getting drafted? Are we joining the war in Europe?" He asks. The tone of his voice indicates his fear. Takae stares at Thomas for a second, before laughing. Thomas looks at Takae. "Wha-what's so funny?!" He yells.

"Kid! You're not getting drafted for that war! You're getting drafted for our war! Hahaha! I forgot that you weren't a wizard!" He laughs some more. "That's the funniest response I've gotten in the past 3 days!" Thomas looks at Takae like he's delusional. 

"Wizard? Drafted for your war? What war?" He asks. Takae quickly stops laughing. 

"Oh, yeah. I need to explain. Ya see, kid, a really long time ago, god came down to Earth and told the humans that we were apart of his bloodline and that the Earth needs to have a leader or some bullshit like that. So us humans started to have a tournament every once in a while, which eventually turned into the Sacred War!" Thomas just stares at Takae. 

"Uh, I'm confused. God really exists?" He asks. 

"So those bastards say..." Takae answers, rolling his eyes. "Anyways, heres the rundown. You're part of god's bloodline and so am I. So we can use this thing called magic. However, its not my job to explain how that shit works, so I'm gonna leave it alone." He says, with a sigh. 

"Magic exists!?" Thomas asks. He thinks for a second. So this means that if I'm a part of "God's" bloodline, I can use magic? But there's always a huge chance that this guy is lying... He looks at Takae. He certainly doesn't look like a lunatic...but he does sound like one... Takae groans. 

"Look, kid. You don't need to believe me, I don't really care. I'm just gonna finish my explanation, and then go, you understand me?" He asks. Thomas slowly nods. Takae takes that nod as a sign to go ahead with his explanation. "So, the Sacred War works like this: We get 20 wizards, basically anyone that has the potential to use magic, and then we throw 'em into some country. Then they fight it out to the death until only one guy is left. Got it so far?" He asks. Thomas nods once again, before his eyes widen and he opens his mouth to speak. 

"Wait, but how does this war even start? What's the reward?" Takae sighs once again. 

"I was just getting there..." He says. "So, remember how I told ya about the fact that the wars began in order to choose the "king of the world?" He asks. Thomas nods, but his eyes widen once again. 

"Yeah, but then how-" 

"JUST SHUT UP AND LET ME EXPLAIN!" He screams. Thomas stares at Takae. 

"But- but you were the one-" 

"JUST SHUT UP!" He screams. He sighs one more time, before continuing. "So, the king of the world protects the world from the shadows. For example, stopping wars and crime. However, when he dies a new Sacred War starts up to elect a new king. So a few weeks ago, the previous one kinda just got murdered while tryna kill that Hitler guy. So now this new war is starting up, understand?" 

"I guess I get it...but is there no reward...?" He asks once again. Takae groans. 

"I was just getting to that shit...listen the reward at the end is this thing called the King Stone. It only appears when just one guy is left. The winner can then get one wish granted by the King Stone, and it can be anything, and there's no drawbacks to it. Or so they say..." 

"Who's they?' Thomas asks. Takae stares at Thomas for a few seconds before looking down at the floor, and opening his mouth. 

"The bastards on the council. They're wizards that work for the king. If you wanna learn more about all of this, you should probably head to them." He explains. He looks back up at Thomas. "From the look of things, you're gonna need it." He says, with a grin. He turns around and begins to walk away. 

"Hey! You can't just walk away like that!" Thomas yells out. "I want more of an explanation! I want to know more about magic! Do people seriously die in this? Will I die? I don't even know understand that much about this!" He screams. 

"Look, kid. That wasn't my job. I just gotta tell you the basics. As I said, you should go to the council. They're on Independence Street, in a gigantic building. Can't miss it. Just go into the elevator, and click the 15th floor's button 20 times. it'll take you up to their floor. Got it? Good." He explains. He then begins walking away. Thomas grits his teeth. 

Is this guy joking?  He just springs this up on me and then just leaves? He thinks, fuming with anger. But then, Takae slowly turns around and looks at Thomas. 

"Oh, and I'll do ya a favor..." He says. White gas begins appearing all over the area, and it slowly makes Thomas more and more tired. Takae smiles. "Take this seriously, or you're gonna die! I'll see you around, kid!" He yells. That's the last thing Thomas saw. 

Because a few seconds later, he found himself at the front of his house. 

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