Chapter 23:

Rival Heroes

11 Kingdoms

Report: Rival Heroes

Accessing Personal Logs: Princess Fawn Midin

When I awaken I am laying on a makeshift bed of a door with bedding and a pillow in the ruins of the town. The first face I see is the creepy yet reassuring face of Jilland looking me over. "Take it easy now. I did what I could for you, but this isn't like I can work on you with full clarity as if you were on my operation table at work." I let out a small smile.

"Jill, why are you here now?" I ask in my foggy-headed state.

“They figured it would help you if you had someone with actual medical skill look you over. I guess I am just lucky you have a human character. If you were like me, I wouldn’t have a clue where to start.” He jokes as he pulls off a section of his gelatinous form, holds it then returns it to where he took it and it shifts back in place. “I kind of wish the game put surgery in play. With all the crude methods I had to resort to getting all the shrapnel out of you. I am just thankful the healers cast a sleep spell to keep you calm through it all." I start to laugh and then the moments that passed before my blackout hit me.

"What of the dragon, Min Gang, and Silvy?" I question, as the last thing I recall seeing was a flash of white light then Min Gang severing the dragon's head from its zombie-like body.

“He showed up at the last minute to save you and Silvy from the dragon, but you sure did a number on that thing on your own. The whole web is going crazy at your amazing return to them. They are in love with you again. The warrior princess of the midnight star has once again graced the skies of heaven!” Jilland forms a proud smile. “And best of all you found your courage. I am proud you didn’t give in once during the fight.” My smile fades as I know what he says isn’t true. I had given up just before the mysterious flash of light. I feel the tight squeeze of a bandage wrap around my stomach. I find it kind of surprising considering how most healing of wounds can be made with the touch of magic or the drinking of potions.

"What are these for?" I ask looking at Jilland, with all sense of puzzlement at his handy work.

“Well normally I would say instinct, but if it turns out that the infected creature's wounds to you don't heal as quickly with magic. Given the wounds are vastly better off than they were when I started to work on you. But the healing will take time, I believe. It's best to help your healing by keeping it clean and dressed. I have no idea what kind of actual diseases you can contract should your infection worsen. This is all new territory but I would rather play things safe than risk your life. I have Silvy gathering the supplies I need to maintain your treatment till you are better." My face turns sour on this statement as I turn from my doctor to a member of the Ruby tower staff who just joined our party. Worse she with no doubt in my mind called Min to rescue me. Who to my honest surprise has let me live in my downtime. Perhaps I tell myself, is to have me near full strength before he challenges me to a rematch since his last loss before the Beta launch. Jill must have been watching me as I stare at my rival and his cheerful expression drops. "Look I am sorry about not telling you about Silvy, but she is a trustworthy soul. I mean I watched the feed she didn’t leave the battle once or even call it into others. My guess is others at Ruby tower were waiting for an opening to show off their skill."

I have to agree with Jill there, she did stay with me throughout the battle and never even took a chance to kill me. She even risked herself to heal me in the end with the potions she was carrying. My sour face turns into one of depression when I think of my comrades and the battle. Then I ask Jill the hard question on my mind. “What of Tul, and the other players that were attacked?” I can’t even bring myself to say the word dead. Deep pain in my gut tells me I already know the truth.

“I have been trying to reach Tul through the contact info I got from him, but I haven’t received a response yet. I am worried but we cannot fear the worse. He is alive I am sure of it. The attack he took wasn't enough to kill him and he was logged out. I wish I could say the same for the members of Ruby tower. I am sure your friends at Onyx will find out soon and maybe the world but Silvy told me, three people died in this battle at Ruby tower. Seven others are pretty badly injured. From the descriptions, she gave me I expect the death toll may raise by two before the night is over." Jill sighs, turning his gaze to the now clear sky. “How I wish I was actually in your shoes right now, trapped in the game, looking at this horror, in every way smelling, feeling even tasting the battle in new ways.”

I turn and give Jill a combined look of worry and disgust. “Why on earth would anyone want to see this? The whole scene makes me want to vomit the healing potions I drank earlier. The smell is the most disgusting combo of rotting meat and heated iron all among the sweet smell of wildflowers and fish left drying out in the sun. The touch is hard to even describe, as my body is too cold from the several trips in the water I have taken and too sore from the fight itself. What could you possibly get from being here with me?”

"I have been a doctor for a few years, Fawn. I have performed surgeries both with Nanobots like many do today, and I have been trained to do far more barbaric surgeries of the last century. I did my best with you today with the latter but all I could rely on is what the monitors showed and what the speakers told me. They weren't my own eyes, my ears, and not my own hands trying to help save you. There is a distant connection, which one only gets as they work remotely from the threat and danger of the surgery could get. If I was in the game then I may have been able to help the other injuries, maybe even have had a chance at saving a person’s life.” My expression lightens up and I reach out and grasp the slimy hand of my friend.

“You have saved one life today Jill. And that life will move on to try and save many others from the same fate.” I watch as Jill smiles understanding my statement. I begin to laugh but stop as the sting of pain hits me from my injuries. When I open my eyes from the pain as the light of the day darkens, I look up to see why. There standing in front of me is the reason for many questions on my mind since being trapped inside. A man that had the strongest link to the hacker, if not, he could be the very person I am out to confront. Min Gang stood with his clean-shaven spiky hair mimicking the fur-lined collar of his armor. I am sure if I took hours overlooking him I doubt I would even find one speck of dirt on his armor which was astounding considering the game is programmed to add dirt and grime on characters over time. Making bathing and changing clothing a worthy task if you wanted to show off one's prestige and title in society, or just wanted to look clean. He wasn't a tall man but given my sitting up position on the makeshift bed he didn't need to be to block the afternoon sun from me. Though I can't make out the features of his face I can tell an arrogant smile is ruling the space of his face, as he finally gets to see me in such a humiliating position.

“You shouldn’t be here, whore.” The typical jerk as always Min, I swear the roles could be switched with him lying on a bed healing from a bloody mess, and yet he would use the little strength to still use the same words to me in the very same strength and veracity in his thoughts as he did now. Of this, I am sure of. “Couldn’t handle a weak monster like that. It’s a surprise you lasted this long. But then since you decided to do what you do best in hiding from the world I guess it should be no surprise.”

“I had the creature defeated. You just came in and stole my kill.” I shoot him a grin as I wince from the pain. For the second time today since returning to the living, I begin to regret that the game doesn't have an anesthetic for me at hand. Perhaps I should risk using the Genesis power to create an IV bag of it for me now.

"We have serious business to discuss, woman when you're done lying on your back that is." He snaps at me in a way I can tell the grin he had earlier is long gone.

"Look this isn't ideal conditions for her to rest in. It would be a big help to get her to a town where we can treat her wounds." Jill speaks up but never raises his body to meet Min face to face. Surely in the world, while many ruled their kingdoms with respect, Min ruled Ruire in fear. Fear that he was the strongest in the kingdom. Or at least he was till I crossed his borders undetected.

"We are working on gathering a mode of transport for her. You doctor, are to stay with her and make sure nothing happens to her injuries. We need her healthy before we take her to trial in Xain Lu. The emperor is eager to see the legendary princess in her best health before she is to face her judgment.” I watch as Min turns and walks away, I turn to face Jill to see if he understands what Min meant by facing my judgment but a head shake and shrug of shoulders proved he knew little of what was happening as well.

“Fawn I know I am not as skilled in the game. But do you know any reason why they have a reason to place you on trial?" Jill asks with sincerity flooding his words.

“My only guess is that they plan to somehow put me on trial for the deaths of the players and others in the game. While in many ways the case is based on evidence that the game attacked them, I am sure some countries are hunting for a person to blame and make a martyr.” I try to swallow but find the lump in my throat push it back and cause me to cough at the attempt. “Of course they have all right to blame me.”

“Oh no you don’t, you are not going back to your old ways. You are not to blame. The hacker infected the dragon, and released it here.” Jill shouts at me.

“But the hacker wouldn’t release it if I wasn’t here. I brought the dragon down on these people. I risked their lives, and now three people are dead and perhaps Tul is dead as well.” I begin to let tears fall from my face as I cry out the words.

"Stop it, Fawn! He is alive! He knew the risks and he will return! But I won’t have you give up on life now. Not now that the world is finally learning about your struggles of these last few days." I look up at the sky and try to imagine the camera shooting for my feed and how it is sure it's focused on my beaten bloody body. As the world is tuning in at my tears for the lives lost today. “You can’t go back into hiding anymore Fawn! You are the strength this world needs to face its troubles. The inspiration, the beacon of strength and courage of one person against a world out to destroy her, you’re for the first time truly royalty. Not just of a fictional kingdom in a videogame, but the honorary princess of the hearts of all that seek hope for a better day in the darkness. You have taken a stand against a beast that everyone said there was no chance of surviving and you did. You beat the odds, now you can’t go back to hiding from the world now that you stand so tall. I know how your body and heart hurt so much but your soul is the strongest there is. You must lead us onward to our destiny.” I watch at drops seeping from Jilland’s blank facial features form from the dark spots that I can only make out as possible eyes. I raise my hand and catch the drops on my hand.

"Thank you for believing in this mess of a soul before you, Jill. Your right I need to keep moving forward and I have questions for our dear friend, Min. Till then I think I could use some time to rest and let the sorrow fade over time." Jill smiles and nods at my request and the two of us say nothing more for the day. By night the staff of Ruby tower has brought forth a cart and horses and load my makeshift bed into the back. Jill has to sign off to return to his duties in the real world, but he leaves Silvy in charge watching over me with several healing potions in arms reach should my wounds open up, or the cart be attacked on its journey. He logs off in the cart allowing him to travel along with us in the journey even if he isn’t with us. And despite the infrequent pain of a bump from a rogue stone in the road, I find the night ride very peaceful.

But despite the peaceful night, the pain that remains in my body kept me awake for the ride. Yet my efforts of finding any words to speak with Silvy, seem useless so the two of us just watch the computer-generated night sky. I play a game with myself thinking of Jilland's quest in Perloud, to see if the snowflakes truly had the names of the design team. I look at the stars trying a collective game of connecting the dots to line up names or personal images perhaps left behind. But eventually, I find the constant moving is confusing my start and the idea that a team of thousands would have their names in the stars makes it was a fool's errand to try my new pass time. I turn to look at Silvy, quietly gazing at the night sky then I gaze at what has her mind so captivated. “You sure like to look at the moon.” She smiles and laughs.

“When I was young I wanted to go there. Given this one is fake, far bigger than the real one. It’s the romantic’s version of the moon. The guardian, watching over all within the shadow of the world, as the night passes.” She says.

"That's a nice view of it!" I reply

“What is it like in your eyes, deep in the game that is.” The question she asks puzzles me at first but I think it over anyway. As sleep isn’t likely to hit me till we come to a stop.

“Not much different, but I guess it’s a little bit comforting knowing that on some nights I can look up and see a familiar face from the other world. Guess it is part of the reason the team working on it thought to use the 3d maps of the Moon’s surface. They wanted a piece of the real world in this land of monsters and make-believe.” I close my eyes and let out a sigh. “But it’s no longer make-believe, not to me anyway.”

"I am sorry for your misfortune Fawn. Life must be hard on you in ways I can only guess in this world. All everyone else sees is this realistic take on the imaginations of the designers spread throughout the world, with pixels and wireframes." Silvy's words of pixels and wireframes only conjured one image. The image of a figure I have only glanced at once, the one that has filled my nightmares since.

"Silvy, do you know if Min is involved with the hacker that attacked me?" The question sits hard on my tongue to ask this of a person, who just lost fellow teammates hours ago, for me to accuse one above her for causing this whole mess in some part.

"No, Min isn't like the man he plays in real life. He is not been the same man since the days since your accident. He is kinder in person and truly carries the burden of people's lives on his shoulder. He even has a warm spot for you his rival. That is why he brought the anti-virus your team developed into our battle." Silvy gives a second warm smile much in the same way she looked at the moon when talking about Min. "I know he comes off strong on you but in many ways, he's jealous of you. He wanted to be a designer in the game but his skill as a hacker had him better suited to work on the security of the game. It's been eating him up to the point he has gone to the hospital for poor health constantly over trying to personally find out how the hacker got in the system. But don't tell him I told you. He is kind of pig-headed when it comes to showing weakness openly."

Showing weakness openly, so that is his problem with me, I am everything he hates to see, a stronger person that shows their weakness out in the open. But if what Silvy is saying is true then. Is Min yet another dead end on this lead as well? Leaving the only heartbreaking conclusion for clues to be with the man behind this world, Kinchrou Masaru, who surely by now if not before. Knows the truth about me as the info I am sure has gone public since my reveal. I can imagine how the net has exploded since then, as Jill told me the reaction of the public to my announcement. I can see the edited video mixes people create with their systems running in my mind. And more wonder at what fate lies ahead as I watch the beauty of the night sky get drowned out as the cart rolls into the gates of the capital city Xain Lu. I am sure that the lively capital has many beautiful wonders for me to take in. That is if I could see them but the moment the gates came into my view the city guard threw a sack over my head blinding me from the travel, but it wouldn't do much for hiding me from those watching my feed. The motion of movement shows that they had taken to moving me by foot over the cart and the slow incline tells me that we were likely climbing a staircase to a building for this trial. When everything comes to a quiet stop I try with great effort to reach up and remove the bag but a shout to halt and the sharp poke of the end of a pointed edge gets me halting quickly, on pursuing my efforts on seeing but not my questions I had about what was going on.

"Hey, I just want to know what it is that I am being charged with here!" I ask with a bit of panicked preparedness for a possible answer with a very painful edge.

The room is full of mumbling that is blurred by the bag till one voice speaks up and I instantly notice its Silvy’s voice. “You are to be placed on trial for spying and infecting the world with a virus that is threatening the citizens of several Kingdoms.”

“Silvy, you can’t honestly think I am responsible for the virus.” My voice begins to crack as I struggle for the words to free me from this latest threat to my safety.

"I am sorry Fawn. But this is a call from several countries that are hosting the game. It is not a call I am making." I hear her let out a sigh of disappointment in her voice. "This is a call from a collective of governments, not Black Clover. You are to be placed in a digital trail of the United Nations and they will determine what to do with you. It would have been better if you stayed in your kingdom, I am sorry."

So that was it. The countries hosting the game needed to find someone responsible for the deaths of the players and injuries others have occurred along with any other losses. And one face truly came to their mind. Mine. I find that tears begin to build up in my eyes but I fight them back with my newfound courage. No, I won't stand trial for this. I am a victim here as well and they have no right to threaten my life the way they are trying. I hear a set of doors open and the movement begins again but it stops almost as fast as it started. Suddenly my eyes are blanketed in the light as the bag is removed from my head and I am forced to squint and look away to let my eyes adjust. A loud booming voice fills the room. "Can the girl stand on her own yet, Min."

“No, I fear her injuries are far more severe than estimated by the medical professional we had earlier.” I listen to Min’s words but refuse to let him make my calls for me and I feel around for the edge of my makeshift bed and rise from it unsteadily. I stumble once but soon rise on my shaky legs still worn from the battle with the dragon.

"As always the Princess of Noiox, proves you a fool, Min." I hear a disgruntled grunt from Min as a new softer voice hits my ears.

Soon the voice of Min touches my ear as his grip grasps my arm keeping me standing straight for support. “Quit showing off, you stupid girl. If you want to live to make them feel sympathy towards your plight then I suggest you not reopen your wounds in a show of pride." He jerks me around and I see the makeshift blob of shadow begin to bring in color to his form as he pulls forth a chair for me to sit. Which my weak legs gladly accept, plopping down into my seat but placing great effort to sit upright. "Now stay there while I try to keep you alive." Though I can't see his face the sound shows me that the fury in his voice is placed behind the grit of his teeth.

"Very well then I believe we are all here, we shall carry on." Explains the first mystery voice I heard. I look around as my vision clears. The room is small but glows all white except the very corners of the room that have a slight shadow cast. Min stands in front of me and that's it no decoration or even images of the mystery voices that echo the room. Just a square room bathed in white, with a chair, my broken form, and the stout form of Min. "We have gathered this collection of countries to deal with the international threat of this virus. In the past few months, there have been a reported twenty-seven incidents that have led to the death of Black Clover employees and one case of a player in Australia. Another three hundred and sixty-four reports of serious injury. What appears to have been created here is a weapon that attacks us without so much a care for the lives placed in danger."

“Despite the actions of the company and the American Government, the actions continue and now the largest threat to date had occurred in the designated area of Ruire." The softer voice picks up where the other lets off. "In many of these cases, one thing is clear that the one responsible wants one thing. The death of this girl before us today, we must not misjudge her appearance before us. In the American capital her human body hangs on to life barely and it is only a small fraction of herself that remains locked in the system as we see her today. We will ask you our fellow leaders of the world to decide the fate of this girl. Should we sacrifice her to appease this new threat?"

The room fills with countless other voices shouting one another down this room is being broadcast elsewhere. But I find the shouting to be too difficult to lock in on one of the voices. But I get uneasy each time I hear one of the voices clamors for my death. "Computer, fade the sound of the crowd." I hear from the unmoving form of Min as the voices fade. "Ladies and Gentleman, before you cast your decision perhaps it's best you know a few things. Yesterday's actions of the hacker, while a threat showed us the success of the anti-virus program, that Black Clover teams have worked on. This proves we have a way to fight back. But efforts still need to be done to reload the corrupted files for the anti-virus. In addition, recent events have proven that this young woman before you holds a unique glitch on her side that allows her to perform actions outside the designs of the game. This ability from what we can understand is something that not even the staff has been able to lockdown. Thus I think if we eliminate the princess of Noiox then we must be prepared to let this threat continue as we destroy our best fighter against the virus."

"Min, this is not your place to neither decide nor affect the outcome of this trial. I suggest you keep quiet on the matters of state and public safety. This is a digital hostility case. The Nations of the world are set for a new kind of threat. This is a very grievous issue this girl is on trial for." The explanation coming from the soft-toned mystery voice, which echoes across the walls of the room sinking my heart a little as the words sway over. I hear a grunt and watch Min walk to a wall where he leans and pouts. "We cannot afford to risk the lives of many for the single life of one." My blood that a few hours ago was seeping out, boils and I can't take any more of this joke of a trial.

"Shut the hell up. Who are you to judge me on the actions of others? For these past few months, I have struggled in ways I never thought I could. I have risked my life for friends, strangers, and even enemies. And you sit there and judge my life is a fitting sacrifice for you to avoid more suffering. Then you all haven't learned a damn thing since the War of Ideals. Throwing blame on the victims all to protect what little power you hold." I turn to look at Min then return my gaze to the wall in front of me. "You want to kill me then do it. But if you succeed then you have nothing stopping the hacker from killing more of the people. Let me live and I will personally see to it the hacker becomes known to the world and both her and the virus are destroyed. But don't you dare look at me and claim it's an act of justice to kill me. All those that stand behind killing me are nothing more than cowards. It is one person that has affected your lives this way that is harming the lives of countless others. One life may be nothing against a world held hostage unless that one life is the one hope that can save your world. So go ahead and kill me if that is what will save your world. But if you have the slightest doubt then judge your actions first before taking steps you surely will regret in the end." I hold my posture in my chair glaring down the wall that I can only guess that they are watching through my feed.

All is quiet for quite a while. Then the first voice breaks the silence with its echo. "Well, leaders you have just heard the words of the defendant on trial. Do we let her live or do we carry through with her deletion?” The quiet returns and I figure the reason it’s so quiet is that Min muted the voices of the gathered observers. It takes several minutes to reach a decision. "A decision has been made. Fawn Midin, also known as Jamie Eve, This tribunal of countries have decided on, death." My heart sinks. So this is where my courage lands me. Further down to the executioner's block when the voice returns I feel less inclined to listen but do so anyway. "Death, you are to proceed to Pangai and deliver the anti-virus as you destroy yourself and the hacker Dark Mistress. Should you be able to live through the attack but clear the world of the threat then you will be granted a pardon of this crime and a stay of your execution." So that's their plan, to use me as a suicide bomber with the cure attached to the bomb. I turn to look at my rival whose sour face shows he isn't quite pleased with the outcome.

“The feed is disconnected in this room. You can stay and rest if you want.” Min says as he makes his way to the door. “The outcome here is disappointing, they want to pin the deaths on Black Clover, but too many of them fear losing the support the company provides them. So they decided to use you as a scapegoat in all this mess. Your doctor friend will be sent here to check in on you tomorrow. Once your strength has returned to you we will gather our forces with our plan to head to Pangai."

"Wait, I can't go there yet. We have one last person on my list to investigate as a possible source behind the hacker." I state figuring on the story Silvy told me about Min doing his search.

“It’s a fool’s errand. The IP addresses that the attacks have been using are broken up addresses of all the towers. Whoever this hacker is, they either know the system very well or found a long-ago buried back door into the system." Min says with a sigh of regret.

“The last person on my list could do it. It’s Masaru. Our research shows he was very frustrated at the way the game came out.” Min shakes his head to rebuke my curiosity in the background of the game’s creator.

"I doubt it. Masaru is upset at the fact the hacker can cause such a problem in his design. Besides he hasn't logged in since the night of your accident." I think back to the last letter I received from Emi. Surely by now, she must know what is going on, but at the same time, I am sure my actions and silence have hurt her and the others. I may have found a way to stand on my own but now I can't help but fear it's too late to have my friends stand with me. I watch as Min opens the hidden door to the room. “I will be accompanying you from now on. It’s not for you, it’s for the lives of my teammates. They need vengeance and I will see to it that you make it to the hackers’ hideaway to bring forth that vengeance.” Min’s strong stern look shows me while I lack my friends I have gained the assistance of a very powerful comrade in arms with my rival at my side. As the door shuts I relax my position sitting in the seat and try to find a way to gain both comfort and reduced pain. As I prepare myself for my final journey out in this false world.

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Accessing Link Materials

Security footage Onyx Tower Floor 47 meeting room.

The team finishes watching the footage of a hacked feed, of the trial of Fawn and hangs their heads in a collective sigh.

“What the hell was that crap.” Screams a more than irate yet sober Melissa

"Looks like the world has decided to take action and force Fawn's hand!" Alex says scratching his goatee. "Of course that's saying they could delete Fawn from the game." The group looks puzzled at Alex's words. He, in turn, takes note of their expressions and tries to clarify his words. "When the cleansing program was first activated to destroy her from the game you all had Mr. Howser install a protection program for Fawn to prevent the system from trying to delete her. Perhaps we can build on this program to protect her from deletion. Still, it would have been better if those damn stones I got us to Ruire. At least Min took the anti-virus and saved Fawn."

“This would all be simpler if they just kept the game inactive for a while. Just leaving Fawn and the Hacker to be active then it is an easy way to find the hacker." States Moses.

“Couldn’t they just disconnect the game and players?” Gavin throws in his own choice of words.

“Sadly no the threat of the game being halted at this point is too great, many countries are relying on the support they gain from player rankings. Along with that many countries and businesses have been trying to adapt the neuro-link technology to their government networks along with some businesses. Hell, the Bureau had its field agents like myself get one two years ago. They help with using our Canary drones in raids and pull camera feeds. Just slap on a communication uplink and we can control the grid, upload files of a location, process maps and even control the actions and weapons of the drone. All from just the mental links we have. If this virus ever were to escape the game it could be used to hold much of the powers of the world as a hostage or even just wipe them out in one blow." Agent Estaban shows off his little white box at the base of his skull. A small logo of the FBI seal is appearing on it.

"We need a way to find this freak!" Melissa growls at the table, resembling more her in-game personality of a werewolf than her normal state of emotions twisted by alcohol.

“What we can gather is that the hacker is using a false location of the former tower in San Francisco to cover their tracks, and as Fawn is pointing out only Masaru remains a suspect on our list.” Says Alex.

“So we get her to confront him.” Melissa injects.

“That won’t be easy she is in Ruire, and while I have a port for us it only takes us to the train station. We won’t be able to get close enough to get Fawn and get her to head to Arguo instead.” Alex tries to calmly talk down Melissa’s building rage. “We need to sit back and wait for our chance to grab her when they are leaving the tower to take her to a shipping port. If we can get her on the train we will be jumping servers too quickly for them to have enough time to lock on Fawn for deletion. Till then we hold our cards close to our chest, so we don’t show that part of our plan to the people at the trial. It's best to even Fawn is unaware of our plans. Meanwhile, we need to track down the central and Pangai servers to be able to lock on the hacker's true location."

"No luck there, the higher-ups keep refusing to reveal the location of ether server. They are sitting in secrecy in keeping the inner working and unknown to the world. Hell, wouldn't be surprised if the hacker isn't some nut case working on one of those servers." Moses looks about seeing most of the group nod except for Alex, and Estaban.

"We have an idea of where one of the servers is!. And why it’s kept from view, along with who they have working on it, neither is a viable option." Estaban replies.

"From what Rutashi, was able to gather by doing some hacking of the game herself, is that the central servers are not actually on earth. We now believe that the company has them located in a collection of satellites all operated by a robotic collection that Masaru and other higher-ups have the only control over. Leaving only Pangai servers a mystery that we can't get the people upstairs to reveal, if we can find that server then perhaps we can activate a wipe or cleaning and destroy the Hacker’s army of infected monsters at least.” Alex says with his head down to the ground as a sign of pretty much giving up on that possibility.

“My team will continue to see if we can locate that server and leave that as a final option for us if we have to. In the meantime Mr. Dello, we could use your skill in building an escape program for Fawn. The company has sent us a possible way for her to return to this world in some form, but for it, I need you to find a way to transfer the full version of her to a single system." Estaban looks at Moses who cracks a smile.

“So the suits need my help on this one.” Moses shows a lot of teeth in his prideful smile.

"Yes we need you to finish a program Mr. Mathers was working on and Ms. Rutashi is too busy to handle it and hunt for the hacker at the same time." Estaban's words completely remove Moses's smile from his face.

"Well team, we have our plan now let's try not to screw it up. Now if you excuse me I have a long-overdue face-to-face meeting scheduled with the Gail Force upstairs." Alex slaps the table and he quickly bounces up with new energy walking out of the meeting room.

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Accessing Linked Material

UN World History Lesson: Rebuilding Effort after the War of Ideals

During the War, China stood out of the way of letting the war go on after the missile strike on New York destroyed the United Nations building. It was decided that due to its strong forces in both military and politics China would now house the UN in Hong Kong. Along with its new headquarters, it was decided that new world laws would be put into place to prevent another disruption and threat of nuclear attacks on the world. With the necessary needs of the world in food as the current freezing temps restricted the food production of many countries, it was decided to forgive the US debt. In exchange, the US would be forced to submit to the UN's new laws and give aid to all countries in need. With the help of Black Clover Technologies the food production and sustainability could be met, they also offered military technology, and medical technology to aid the world in the rebuilding efforts. While the USA’s power was weaker in politics from its combination of rebuilding from the damage the missile strikes on New York and Washington DC along with its internal political corruption. It was the strength of the combined technology and finances of the American company Black Clover that keeps the US a vital country with the illusion of power in the world. It was said the greatest loss of the war was the American ideals of freedom for which it was founded as the idea was proven to be a mistake that bred corruption and violence. Under the new laws of the World, the lives of the American people became less free.

While they had the freedom of choice for their future lives they must submit a small portion of the population to work food production in the Midwest. All others had to live in urban cities allowing only a few select people allowed to live outside the cities to meet the needs of the people in food production. This would become known as the first world law called the Law of the needy.

In turn over the following of the first decade, new laws would be placed many of which threatened to pull power from the US and profitable nations of the world. Laws banning tools of self-defense, income restrictions, internet free speech, and pirating digital, hostility, and laws of fortune where people who do not create the wealth themselves are not entitled to anything to be passed on to their family or others. The new world laws would trump the laws of many nations and it was clear which nations the laws were looked on lightly by the UN. Nations that held the higher power in the collective of countries would be free to vote themselves out of obeying the laws, while smaller less developed countries thrived to again, more powerful than before. Many African countries and the rebuilding Arab states were the ones to best profit and even turned to profitable nations themselves in food and energy production around the world. In twenty years since the War of Ideals, a new look for the world was forming. These are the days of the Utopia we now live under in peace and harmony.

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